GOT7’s ‘If You Do’ Music Video & Song Review

got7, if you do
Is Park Jinyoung (founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment) prepping Got7 into becoming the next 2PM? The probability is high considering the guys of Got7 are stepping away from their cute and somersaulting high kicks concepts into a more mature and sexier phase in their careers with their latest music video and song “If You Do”. Let’s see if Got7 is successful at channeling this new profound sexy concept!


“If You Do” is considerably the most “low energy” and closest to a ballad that Got7 has promoted as a title track. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! If anything, this is probably their best song to date. It starts off slow as Jr. slowly reels you in with his lustful voice, to a distressed JB in the chorus, an aggressive rap shared between Mark and Jackson, then to a sorrowful Youngjae who’s afraid of getting close to love. It doesn’t matter whether or not the members of Got7 have encountered the problematic situations with relationships like the lyrics are stating because you can feel the raw emotions and genuine feelings in their voices.

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With so many great vocalists in Got7, the distribution of lines tends to get a bit teetered, going usually to JB, Jr., and Youngjae. So it was great hearing Got7’s maknae (youngest member) Yugyeom getting more than the one whimsical line that he usually gets. If you know Got7, then you know that Yugyeom is a dance maniac — their energetic dance machine — but he also gets cheated of lines, especially with their last track “Just Right.” Surprisingly enough though for someone who is as hyperactive as this 17-year-old is, he has a notably tender voice, which was quite pleasant to listen to. Read more

Best Of The K-Pop B Tracks Pt. 4

Are you ready for yet another installment of our Best of the K-Pop B Tracks series? It’s been almost a year since our last article, but no worries; we’re back with a fresh and manly list, consisting of some older and newer songs for the latest installment of our series!

Artist: GOT7
Album: “Just Right”
Song: “Nice”

It can easily be said that 80 percent of GOT7’s albums usually consist of dance tracks. They’re young guys bursting at the seams with explosive energy, so why not, right? Straight from the get-go, “Nice” had a hypnotic beat with semi sensual lyrics. Not only have the members of GOT7 grown physically, but their voices have also matured a great deal since debut, with member Youngjae being the most noticeable with his honey-like voice. With the release of each mini album, there always seems to be that one track — how should I put this? — that puts you in the mood, makes you feel some sort of way, and “Nice” just so happens to be that particular song.

“Nice” is filled with what has a sophisticated level of ecstasy and has a contagious chorus and yet I can’t seem to wipe off this smile from my face, unable to take them seriously because I’m already so used to them acting like silly kids. I wonder what it’s like having these guys in the recording studio; it’s hard trying to image their level of seriousness when they’re always acting so goofy. Am I the only one that feels this way about GOT7? Regardless of all that, take a listen and I promise you’ll be singing bam bam bam bi dam bi da bi dam bam for the remainder of the day. Read more

Breaking Down KCON ’15 LA’s Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet fashion is always fun, but when it comes to a K-pop red carpet, we never know what we are going to expect. With no assigned dress code on KCON’s red carpet, the interpretation of fashion was open to the imagination of the artists’ stylists. Some opted for classic suits, while some looks seemed to come out of fashion editorials and others simply wore their performance outfits for that night of the “M! Countdown” concert. Here is this year’s break down of KCON ‘15 LA Red Carpet looks.

The Classic Suits

The easiest look for men on a red carpet is to go with a classic suit, but there are always some things you can add to make you stand out. Roy Kim kept it simple with a navy suit and paired it with a grey mandarin collar shirt and white sneakers. It was a very safe choice that transitioned perfectly onto his performance in the concert.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Son Ho-Jun, for his part, opted for a classic dark navy suit. The jacket had black detailing under the lapel that offered a modern take on the classic look. He paired it with a white shirt that featured a black collar and kept it crisp with a white skinny tie. The actor looked very happy and confident with his outfit, and made all the fans of “Reply 1994” scream and shout for him.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

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Eric Nam’s bright and contagious personality really shone through his clothes. He wore a blazer and dress pants, but sported them with a casual shirt and sneakers, making him look fresh and modern but still appropriate for a red carpet. Eric is known for this kind of look, so this was no surprise for his adoring fans. Eric looked sharp and very handsome and created a great atmosphere on the red carpet that made everyone in the audience have fun and enjoy his three minutes in the spotlight.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

In SHINHWA’s case, the group’s stylist made bolder choices. From Eric’s red jacket, and pairing black trousers with blue blazers on Jun Jin, the choices were daring but very fun. The member’s perfectly tailored suits looked incredible on them and made all of the Shinhwa Chanjos (SHINHWA’s fans) go crazy after their long wait to see this legendary group.

When Super Junior came out, everybody in the audience went nuts! The boys looked incredibly handsome and chic in their suits. The black suits fit well on each member, and everyone added their touch of their own personality to it. Heechul added his trademark style with a face mask that read SUPER JUNIOR” and paired it with amazing shoes that featured gold metal accents. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were the only ones that sported red bowties that made them stand out from the other members. Moreover, Ryeowook was the only one who wore a different jacket with a white trim on the lapel, but it still managed to look cohesive with the rest of the group’s styling. Super Junior was definitely one of the best dressed at KCON’s red carpet.

We all already know that Daniel Henney is a gorgeous man. But with the look he sported on the red carpet, he made everybody in the audience fall in love with him even more. The cream suit paired with a white shirt and black patent leather loafers was a risky choice, but it turned out to be a home run for Henney. He managed to look elegant and casual at the same time by opting out of a classic bow tie or wearing a tie. The look was minimal and clean, and it clearly made a fashion statement in the red carpet.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

There’s really not that much to say about Kim Soo Hyun; he is simply perfect! For his very short appearance in the red carpet, his stylist dressed him in a beautiful classic three piece black suit. He looked like a prince out of a fairy tale. His hair was pulled up, letting us see his gorgeous eyebrows and facial structure. Plus, the oversized black bow tie added a little fun to his look.

True To Their Concepts

In comparison to the men who were generally decked out in suits,girl groups usually dressed in costumes or their current concept of the album that they were promoting. SISTAR sparkled in their red carpet outfits. Hyorin, Bora, and Soyou opted for sequin daisy dukes in silver, gold, and emerald green, while Dasom sported a sequined long sleeve crop top, making the girl group look cohesive and performance ready. SISTAR wore these outfits to the concert and, literally and metaphorically, shined on stage.

Following their recent concept for their comeback “Heart Attack”, AOA sported their cheerleading outfits. The orange V-neck crop top with white and black trim was balanced perfectly with the circle wrap skort with orange piping. The outfits flattered each member and the color combination (even if it was a very Halloween palette — made the girls stand out.

The ladies of Red Velvet went a more casual and normcore route in their styling. They all wore tennis skirts in different colors, paired it with school athletic tees. Seulgi and Wendy wore baseball caps that made them look really cool. The pastel color palette looked great on the members and made them look very relatable and down to earth. They managed to look fun and young while still following their “Ice Cream Cake” concept.

The Fashionistas and Avant-Gardists

BLOCK B’s stylist really had fun with each member. Everyone was dressed in a different style that still showed each boys’ personality and fashion sense. Jaehyo wore one of the most coveted fashion items for this season, a Moschino by Jeremy Scott soda sweater. Zico wore a Thrasher jacket full of patches, tank top, and sweatpants, making him effortlessly cool. P.O. looked amazing in his suit and B-Bomb rocked the culottes in a very cool way.

Furthermore, GOT7 graced the red carpet with looks especially created for them by designer Ko Tae Young, who held a mini fashion show with the group during the convention. Bam Bam wore an amazing coordinated bomber jacket and shorts that were styled over ripped jeans a longline T-shirt and amazing Chelsea boots. JB looked very handsome with his hair up, oversized sunglasses, and patched military jacket. Mark stood out in a sleeveless jacket, showing off his arms, and paired with white culottes. While the rest of the members were styled in similar fashion, the group looked cohesive and ready for a fashion editorial.

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MONSTA X is another case like Block B. Each member had a different styling that showed their personalities really well. They had a more urban and streetwear inspiration for their styling, which made them look edgy and cool. The best look was Hyungwon’s long parka with the amazing Raf Simons for ADIDAS sneakers. Wonho and Minhyuk almost looked like twins, but still managed to bring out their personalities through their styling; Minhyuk looked cute, while Wonho looked sexy. Jooheon looked handsome with his red hair and a pink snapback. Shownu, Kihyun, and I.M.’s styling was a little bit more simple than the rest of the members, but still made them stand out and look cool.

Zion T. & Crush were two of the coolest men to grace the red carpet. And even if Crush’s look was a little bit more casual, the one who stole the show was Zion T. We all are accustomed to the amazing avant-garde looks and silhouettes he presents with his daring fashion choices. He looked simple yet fashion forward with his wide legged black culottes, a simple black T-shirt layered with a printed dress shirt (which had the same print as Crush’s dress shirt), an oversized blazer, Vans sneakers.

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The Best Songs At KCON LA 2015

Super Junior KCON 15 LA KultScene Red CarpetSunday’s come and gone, and an avid KultScene reader may have realized that we didn’t publish our usual Playlist Sunday list. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget! We were just busy making sure that we covered every single moment at KCON LA 2015 to make sure we let you in on all the details. Instead, the three KultScene writers who covered the event picked our favorite songs of each night’s M! Countdown concert.

On the first night of the show, Super Junior performed a variety of songs from throughout their decade-long career. As a longtime ELF, or Super Junior’s Everlasting Friend, I couldn’t handle myself the minute I realized they were performing “Shake It Up.” The pump up party song is one of Super Junior’s most fun songs (in my opinion) and it seemed like everyone in the Staples Center on August 1 was stomping their feet and clapping along to the members’ antics.

During the second night, the final song of the first set was my particular favorite (barring Shinhwa, because let’s be honest, Shinhwa is a legend). When the opening chords of Red Velvet’s “Happiness” began, it seemed like everyone immediately began singing and dancing along. The song’s popularity and the relatively easy dance moves reminded me of a lot of circa 2009 K-pop songs, which thrived on their iconic dances, like Girls’ Generation’s “Gee,” Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” and Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me.” As the opening act for the second night of “M! COUNTDOWN Feelz In LA,” Red Velvet got everyone moving and that’s nothing more than I could ask for.

— Tamar

As mentioned in our KCON 2015 in Los Angeles recap, on the first night of the concert, sapphire blue lights illuminated the Staples Center to welcome K-pop kings Super Junior. And since L.A., and overall America, craves the Super Show, Suju treated attendees to a medley of some of their most fun songs. But one of the most random if not mind boggling track choices was Donghae and Eunhyuk’s latest release “Can You Feel It.” Even if it was a quick snippet, the song was completely unexpected but completely appreciated, given that we got to see ALL of the guys derping around doing the choreography. Seeing this performance, along with the rest on the medley, only made us crave a Super Show even more and proved that audiences receive even their less known songs well.

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As an ELF, Saturday completely drained me of everything inside of me. Sunday was going to be a night for me to sit back, chill, and watch performances by groups I wasn’t heavily invested in. Sure, I liked some Block B songs, but I didn’t consider myself a big fan… that is until their sub-unit BASTARZ came out and performed “Zero for Conduct.” P.O, B-Bomb, and U-Kwon, literally, gave me life and got me lit as soon as the opening siren came out the speakers. I was dancing and completely vibing throughout the whole performance even though I didn’t know the lyrics of the song. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is by definition how you put on a great show.

— Alexis

Although the lively Jackson wasn’t in attendance at KCON LA with his group, GOT7 made sure to still put on a dynamic show for the crowd! The anticipation was already high since all the iGOT7’s (GOT7’s fan club name) knew the guys were going to sing “Just Right,” their newest single. But GOT7 took it to another level when they performed “Bounce,” which was the debut track for members JB and JR when they were JJ Project. “Bounce” is always such an enjoyable performance to watch, with all the crazy head bobbing, infectious frolicking as they run wild around the stage, and, of course, the cute “shake it shake it for me” butt shakes. What started as a two-person song and performance has now evolved into a song that the entire group can genuinely enjoy performing together!

Going into Sunday’s night’s concert, I already knew I would’ve been content with whatever setlist SHINHWA played. A part of me expected 80 percent of their set to be songs off of “The Return,” “The Classic,” and “WE,” considering these albums were all released within the last three years, with of course an addition of the song that brought them to their stardom, “T.O.P”. My predictions for their set was rather on par, but what blew my Changjo (SHINHWA’s fan club name) mind was when “Hey, Come On!” started playing. The crowd was already hyped and the energy was already through the roof, so can you imagine what it was like when the beat dropped for this song? The choreography for the songs they performed prior to this were all relatively mellow and synchronized versus the constant jumping and arm waving choreography for “Hey, Come On!” These legendary idols couldn’t have put together a better set list! Let’s just say the Changjo in me sobbed happy tears that night.

— Tam

I have never been a devoted fan to BLOCK B  but I have always liked them due to their aesthetics and their funny, big personalities. After seeing them perform live at KCON LA 2015, I  become a hardcore fan of the group. As soon as they began to perform “Very Good,” I went crazy. I started dancing and singing like crazy along with BLOCK B. Seeing them do all of their funny gimmicks and the unforgettable choreography of the song while commanding the huge stage at the Staples Center was a blast to my eyes and ears. The energy of the night got pumped up by BLOCK B making it a night and performance that I will never forget.

— Alejandro


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Inside KCON LA 2015 [PHOTOS]

Red Velvet KCON 15 LA KultScene Red CarpetIn its fourth year, KCON LA expanded to add an extra day from last year, and headed to a larger venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Between July 31 and August 2, fans and purveyors of Korean culture in the United States kept busy with a variety of different activities.


This year, KCON LA’s booths became a full-on expo. Previously, KCON had featured only a handful of vendors, websites, and fa clubs. But this year, there were many more booths, plus an added business conference on the first day. The expo area was divided into different sections, including CJ Street featuring a variety of CJ E&M booths, the Marketplace where attendees could free up their dollars, the K-ICT Dream Zone featuring technology, and the K-Goods Zone, selling an array of Korean products.

Some of the most prominent booths included Verizon, Asiana, MBC America, Nongshim, and Toyota, sponsors of the event, but Korean beauty and technology brands, like Iope, K3I, The Face Shop, and Kakao, also were spotted throughout the event. People walking around could sing karaoke, try out virtual reality goggles, purchase Korean oriented clothing or ridiculously cute t-shirts, check out booths hosted by Korean channels like Mnet and TvN, buy K-pop posters and albums (and, of course, official KCON souvenirs!), and practically anything Korean wave related. Websites like Soompi and Glow Recipe also hosted their own booths.Glow Recipe KCON 15 LA KultScene

Fanclubs played a big role in this year’s expo, with many K-pop fanclubs organizing fans in a variety of special events planned for artists during the concert. One Super Junior fanclub planned a banner event with the members of the group, while another handed out blue headbands that led to the first night of KCON 2015 appearing like a sapphire blue ocean. Fans of the show “Running Man” set up a Running Fan corner of the expo, where KCON-goers could try to reenact their favorite games of the variety show. Red Velvet fans sold jewelry featuring the members, and even fanclubs of artists who weren’t appearing at the show made themselves known. Fanclubs of groups like EXO and MYNAME were also there, gathering in North American fans.

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Along with the expo panels themselves, there was a central stage that featured performances throughout the three-day event, including Roy Kim, Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys (!), performance group Double The Fire, and violinist and dancer Jun Sung Ahn. GOT7 even surprised the convention on the second day by putting on a fashion show in collaboration with the Korean fashion brand Beyond Closet. Designer Ko Tae Young also appeared at the event, and GOT7 wore the clothes for multiple events throughout the day.


With a whole three days to fill, there were a lot more panels at this year’s KCON, and a lot of interest. Many panels were cram-packed with people who wanted to hear what was going on, with multiple lines wrapping around the corner of the convention center as fans tried to get seats close to their favorite panelists.

Irene Kim KCON 15 LA KultScene

Korean drama producers, fashion icons, actors, YouTube stars, writers, and other sort of industry insiders made their rounds, giving their thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects. Panels addressed the meaning of K-pop, Korean indie music, cultural clashes, behind the scenes of websites and dramas, K-Pop’s LGBT fandom, and a lot lot more.

KCON attendees were also able to learn the dances of their favorite songs, cook food, learn tips about applying Korean beauty products, and a lot more. For more culturally inclined people, KCON-ers could try on traditional Korean clothes, watch a Korean wedding ceremony, and learn about traditional Korean tea.

Adrienne Kdramastars KCON 15 LA KultScene

Several Korean dramas and films also were aired during the convention, including “Twenty,” “Emergency Couple,” and the premiere of “Mr. Baek The Homemade Food Master,” featuring KCON guest So Ho Jun. One event that gained a lot of attention on the Internet post-KCON was an 18+ fan fiction open mic, hosted by KCON’s Hoon Bae.

Fan Engagements

One of the highlights this year for many fans at KCON was the success of the fan engagements. In previous years, there were issues with meet and greets being too limited so that many fans couldn’t attend, poorly timed events, cancelled events, or not enough interaction between fans and their favorite idols. But this time around, KCON LA got everything very right.

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Many of acts who would appear at the M! Countdown concerts, including SHINHWA, AOA, Monsta X, Red Velvet, Got7, and Block B, held fan engagements with their fans. All of the meet and greets featured question and answer sessions, and most featured hi-touch events. After initial confusion on the first day, when two fan meets had to swap their times due to scheduling issues, all of the rest ran orderly and the majority of fans possible were able to enjoy. Morover, attendees also got involved in the KCON meet and greet black market, where you could trade tickets and, maybe, make a bit of cash. It was hard to walk through the convention without hearing “Looking for GOT7 hi-touch tickets!” or “Who wants a Roy Kim audience ticket?”

JB GOT7 KCON 15 LA KultScene


Let’s talk about the grub. Along with the standard convention center fare of hot dogs, pizza, and coffee, there were free McDonalds samples being given out throughout the majority of the weekend and Korean cooking lessons from brands like Bibigo, where KCON-ers learned how to make bibimbap, a Korean meal in a bowl. There were also food trucks and stands from several Korean-oriented companies, like Tous les Jours and Shin Ramyun.

Bibigo KCON 15 LA KultScene


While there were three days of KCON LA 2015, there were only two nights of concerts, so for the first day KCON introduced something brand new. Klub KCON opened up in the convention center after the expo ended for the day on July 31, giving attendees a place to party. SISTAR and Monsta X performed at the event, surprising KCON-ers in the intimate atmosphere with tastes of what they were going to perform the next night at the Staples Center.

Sistar KCON 15 LA KultScene


One of the most innovative things at KCON LA 2015 was an app that people could download to their phones, which would alert KCON attendees about events going on and schedule changes. People could look up the location and time of events and even make planned out, personal schedules for themselves.

Red Carpet

The Red Carpet was the highlight for many fans, since artists like Super Junior and Kim Soo Hyun had not held fan engagements, meaning this was the event to get close to them before the actual concert. But let’s not bore you and go straight to the pictures from that day of all of Korea’s top celebrities.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 Things We Want To See At KCON LA – GOT7 Edition

Coming off of their First Fanmeeting in USA earlier this year, and with a recent overwhelmingly show of support for their recent comeback with “Just Right”, the boys of GOT7 are at the peak of their careers. Known as JYP Entertainment’s international group, with members from Hong Kong, Thailand and America’s very own, California, GOT7 garner’s love from every corner of the globe. Here at KultScene we’ve compiled a list of five things we want to see from GOT7 at KCON LA.

1. Bromancing At It’s Finest

GOT7 is the walking definition of “bromance”, which can be defined as a close, emotionally intense, non-sexual bond between two (or more) men (Wikipedia). Sure, there are other male groups that share mutual bromances with each other, but there’s usually some awkwardness that comes along with it. GOT7 is the polar opposite. A lot of it could be the fact that GOT7 has three foreign members who weren’t raised in a reserved Korean culture, therefore they act differently around guys than others would.

The members of GOT7 show major affection towards one another on and off the stage, even if it involves putting one another in harmless headlocks as they try to peck the other ones cheek or slapping each other’s butts, like they do in the NBA. Although it’s been confirmed that member Jackson, the mood maker and biggest bromancer of them all, will not be attending KCON LA due to his filming schedule for Laws of the Jungle, don’t you iGOT7’s fret. Even though the other half to MarkSon couple (Mark+Jackson) won’t be there, there will still be a lot of aegyo (cuteness) and bromances going on between the members.

2. Mark Tuan Speaking English

With one American member whose hometown is Los Angeles, a lot of KCON goers are hoping to see Mark speak in his native tongue. One would think, “well, of course he’s going to speak in English!” but Mark is rather timid and shy, so he tends to let other members do a lot of the talking, i.e Thai member BamBam spoke a lot of English when GOT7 held their fan meeting in Chicago. Seeing how KCON LA will be their 3rd US show this year, and the other English speaker Jackson will not be in attendance, hopefully Mark will have had the chance to prep and prepare himself to openly and confidently speak to the crowd in English. Better yet, what if Mark sang/rapped in English? Let that sink in for a bit and tell me that wouldn’t be anything less then awesome!

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3. Girl Group Dances

Throughout the second half of their careers, GOT7 has solidified their right of way into the covering girl group dances hall of fame. “But what male idol group hasn’t done a dance cover to a girl group?” you ask. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before a male group is seen doing girl group dances on a variety show or at a concert, but it’s pure gold when the members in a group are genuinely and eagerly doing so. GOT7 is known to voluntarily break out in girl group dances; there have been times where they’ve even had in-group wars between the other members to see who does the better covers. With their smaller body frame and flexibility, members BamBam and JR are usually the best with girl group covers, although GOT7’s maknae (youngest member) Yugyeom, even with his taller height and lanky arms, is able to do one mean body wave.

4. A Collaboration With A Senior Group

This might be stretching it a bit considering artist collaborations aren’t usually done at American Korean shows, but considering how a lot of the other groups that will be at KCON are indeed GOT7’s seniors i.e. SHINHWA and Super Junior, there is a small possibility looming somewhere. Whether it would a full song done together, maybe an English song since they’re in America, or even if it’s a mere 20 seconds done together somewhere during the day or at the end of one of the shows, it’d definitely be something worth witnessing. Not only will the audience be in for a treat but also GOT7 as a group would probably be over the moon if given this opportunity if it were indeed to happen.

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5. Derpiness On Full Mode

If you didn’t already know, each and every member of GOT7 has a different level of derpiness, ranging anywhere from a “whoops I made a dumb face” to border line “if I keep this up, my face might end up like this.” I’ll wait while you go back and look up their past fan cams and fan taken photos. Not too impressed with them? Well, then have you see their latest music video for “Just Right”? A part of me wants to believe that they were directed to make the derpy faces that were made during the chorus but another part of me knows that even if they were given directions to do so, the members probably took it upon themselves to make the expressions to be extreme as possible. Considering the average age for GOT7 is 19, this is probably just a phase they they’re going through. Or maybe not. Regardless of all that, I hope that they continue to showcase their derpiness because it makes them unique and loveable.

As a KCON attendee, I’m not only grateful for being able to be at the convention and seeing GOT7 again, but it’ll be the icing on the cake if at least one of these five things listed actually happens!

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What to Expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 [EVENT INFO]

got7 usa dallas chicago san francisco information tickets fan meeting show

A few months after its first anniversary, JYP Entertainment’s newest boy group GOT7 is finally gracing North American fans by coming to three U.S. cities, thanks to Jazzy Group. JB, Jr., Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom are heading to San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago for the first time since debuting to meet their fans, IGOT7, and treat them to an afternoon of laughs, singing, aegyo, and dancing.

Since this is the first time the boys are in the U.S. as a group, expectations are running high. And since GOT7 are a bunch of charismatic, talented, cute guys we can imagine what will probably happen at these events. That’s why we came up with a few things fans can expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA.

Official Merchandise

Have your expectations ever been shot down hard at K-pop concerts when you realized the group didn’t bring any merchandise to sell? Well, for GOT7’s fan meets, that won’t be the case! You can score an official light stick, postcard set or slogan towel for under $25 if you pre-order them. And since these will be picked up at the events, you can be sure these are legit. So come and get them while they last!

got7 merch merchandise usa fan meets fanmeeting dallas san francisco chicago

Curtesy of Jazzy Group

Jackson Acting a Fool

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson seems to have a very nice personality in real life, but that didn’t get him onto so many variety shows– it was him acting a fool. Jackson’s energy and personality is always jacked up to 100%. Add that he’s in the U.S. with English speaking fans and you know this will quickly turn into the Jackson show. Jackson’s a ball of fun and seems very caring and attentive to fans, meaning we can expect lots of fanservice and memorable moments from him.

got7 fanmeeting usa chicago dallas san francisco jackson

via Tumblr

got7 fanmeeting usa chicago san francisco dallas jackson gif

via Tumblr

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Jr. and Bam Bam Aegyo Exuberance

Another thing that we surely won’t miss is GOT7’s aegyo, or cuteness, kings, Jr. and Bam Bam, busting out the cute stuff. These two boys love causing fans to swoon and making their fellow members cringe. Fan meets are just an aegyo fest for these two, so get your cameras and phones ready to capture all the endearing moments.

got7 fanmeeting usa

via Tumblr

got7 fanmeeting usa jr

via bangtanboys-got7-imagines @ Tumblr

got7 fanmeeting usa bam bam

via Tumblr

Yugyeom and Youngjae Forced to Do Aegyo

Despite both members being very cute, they don’t necessarily show cuteness as easily as Jr. and Bam Bam. But since this is their first visit to the U.S. and meeting their fans on this side of the pond, rest assured, everyone will bust out the aegyo, but it’s Yugyeom and Youngjae who will need some persuasion.

Youngjae Forced to Speak English

As seen on their various web shows, Youngjae is often bullied into speaking a little English for the camera. Can you imagine having a whole venue of English speakers present? Of course the hyungs, or older members, will make him say a few words, and he, bashfully, will do so very cutely.

Mark Being Talkative

Well, more like we hope Mark is more talkative at the fan meets since fans will be able to fully understand him in his native language. Because, as seen on his multiple appearances on After School Club, Mark has been easing into talking more when it’s in English. And we know the rest of the boys will need help with translation and we can’t solely rely on Jackson. So Mark better step it up!

got7 usa fanmeeting mark

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Yugyeom Keeping the Hyungs in Check

Any IGOT7 will tell you, affectionately, that GOT7 is a group of dumbasses, especially around fans. The boys are extremely down with fan service, so you can expect them all to be doing lots of aegyo and showing off. That’s why you know the maknae will, at some point, rebel against his hyungs and keep them in check. So expect lots of sass from him, but at the same time, you know JB won’t take it lightly.

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Markson in the Flesh

The Mark-Jackson ship is a real thing, and all GOT7 fans know that. We get to see it anytime there’s a camera in front of these two, so expect to see it live at the fan meets. You will have a hard time deciding whether you prefer Mark or Jackson hugging you, or hugging each other.

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JB’s Beautiful Eye Smile

In K-pop, the eye smile is a thing, and one we love at that. GOT7’s leader has one of the most heart melting eye smiles in the industry, so you know it will definitely make more than one appearance meeting fans in the U.S. Ladies and gentlemen (hey, we’re inclusive), prepare to swoon for days!

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Stellar Vocals and Performances of their Singles

Since the events are essentially fan meets, we can’t really expect a full-on concert. However, rest assured, they at least have to perform one or two of their lead singles, A, Girls, Girls, Girls, and Stop, Stop, It. What’s more, audiences will get to witness Youngjae and JB’s angelic voices, Mark’s stunts, and Yugyeom’s powerful dancing. GOT7 is a group of well-rounded performers who put on a great show, so without a doubt, there will be no dull moment during this event.

Jazzy Group is holding the GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago on May 6, 8, and 10, respectively. Tickets range from $55 to $200, with the VVIP tickets including the coveted hi-touch passes and exclusive freebies. To purchase these, go to Etix for the Chicago show and AXS for Dallas and San Francisco. For more information and the latest updates, stay tuned to Jazzy Group’s website and social media site.

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Top 10 K-Pop Dance Performances of 2014

Dancing is hugely important to a complete K-pop performance. It is what sets them apart from western pop stars and is one of the biggest draws for western fans. So it is appropriate that we celebrate the year in dances and showcase the best K-pop has to offer. There is a great amount of variety on show here from the most personal of dances to beautiful teamwork. Check out our top songs, videos and albums of the year along with this to get a sense of what we thought of this year in K-pop.

10. Got7 A

JYP rookies Got7 start off this list with their bubblegum hit A. While it is not as powerful or intricate as the rest of this list, A’s dance perfectly balances a sense of fun with great choreography. The boys effortlessly move from chit-chatting in a group to their proper moves all while retaining the fun side. The dance moves are simple, fresh but with quick timing. The choreography matches up with the youthful feeling of Got7 seamlessly.


9. EXO Overdose

With a group as big as EXO’s, the positioning of the members is always going to be hard. As they have released more songs though, they have gotten better and better at their use of the stage. Overdose furthers their reputation of delivering original choreography and inspired use of 12 members. Even after the loss of Kris and Luhan, EXO adapted and continued performing this song to the best of their ability. Plus, with someone as charismatic as Kai leading your dance it’s hard not to look good.


8. TVXQ Something

When it comes to choreographic perfection in K-pop you may look no further than the reigning kings, TVXQ. Something adds to this with a gimmick of microphones and strings. Yunho and Changmin are first held by the strings so they can lean back and look cool. They then use them like the strings of guitar in a charming way to start off the song. Apart from the gimmicks, the choreography is performed to perfection as usual. These boys are up there with the best pop performers in the world, not just K-pop.


7. VIXX Eternity

VIXX are known for their imaginative and relevant choreography and this year they delivered that on two singles. Eternity stands out over Error because of the sheer kinetic prowess on display. Everything that the members do seems connected from the lifting of the members at the start to the intense chorus. The energy and physicality VIXX brings to their performances is unparalleled. They even do the scorpion move made famous by INFINITE and make it seem like no big deal.


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INFINITE’s members are easily some of the best performers in all of K-Pop. Of course, they are always helped out by excellent choreography and Back is no different. Their second single of the year marked a return to form in song and dance. They use classic techniques like the shadowing of member Hoya at the beginning and their own techniques like the first post-chorus breakdown, which is spectacular in its originality, to great effect. Also, the drop is EVERYTHING.


5. Nasty Nasty Knock

Star Empire’s experimental sub-group consisting of ZEA’s Kevin, Nine Muses’ Kyungri and trainee Sojin beat Trouble Maker at their own game this year with their single Knock. Nasty Nasty took Trouble Maker’s concept of the co-ed duet to portray a relationship in a performance but added another girl to up the ante. What sounds like a possible conceptual disaster turned out to be one of the sexiest and best performances of the year. The smooth moves are perfectly performed by the three with Kevin exuding charisma he’s unable to show in ZEA, Kyungri maturing into a confident star, and Sojin showcasing great potential.


4. Taemin Danger

SHINee’s maknae well and truly became a man with his debut solo release Danger. Taemin channels his inner Michael Jackson in the song and dance, and pulls it off as well as we might have expected. He brings power and precision to original, intricate moves. The dance moves from bouts of restraint before exploding into powerful actions for the climax. Taemin brought his energy and identity to his solo work and it paid off enormously.


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3. Nicole MAMA

Former KARA member Nicole’s debut song MAMA may not have been a huge hit but its lyrics about sexual frustration and choreography that matches were some of the best of the year. The whole focus of the song seems to be on the choreography, as Nicole knows where her strength lies. The dance plays as a symbolic move from the sweet, innocent Nicole of KARA to the confident, sexy Nicole we now see. She is alluring with the female backup dancers and is sought after with all the male dancers. Her stage presence and execution has only gotten better since leaving KARA. We may have the next BoA on our hands.


2. TVQX Spellbound

If TVXQ are some of the best pop performers in the world then they had to make two appearances on this list right? Both Spellbound and Something were incredible dances but Spellbound wins out because it does away with gimmicks. In it both Yunho and Changmin are given time to shine on their own with the best use of backing dancers in K-pop yet. The two really shine when together though, as in the incredible moves during the chorus and the breakdown that comes three and a half minutes in. This is the best executed performance of the year so what could possibly have beaten it to number one?


1. HA:TFELT Ain’t Nobody

In deciding a number one for this list it came down to measured brilliance or raw personal energy. Ultimately, Wonder Girl Ye Eun’s alter ego beat out TVXQ as she offered up something we had not yet seen before from any idol. Taking cues from Sia’s Chandelier, the choreography is interpretive and full of emotions. Feeling comes out of every slight movement of Ye Eun’s body which coupled with her intense voice makes Ain’t Nobody a truly complete performance. Every aspect of her performance created a personal story which has never been encountered in K-pop. For once, we are witnessing art rather than a product.

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Got7’s “A” Music Video Review & Rundown

Summer is here and so is Got7 with their latest comeback song A. The song is upbeat and fun, making it perfect for the summer months. The music is reminiscent of the 1990’s boy bands, which is always welcomed by me. There is a part where the beat slows down and strings are added in, but it all fits well together and does not interfere with the overall tempo of the song.

Music Video Setting

The video starts with the boys entering a diner/eatery that reminds me of Johnny Rockets’ in the States based on the decor (jukebox, red and white checkered table clothes, waitress uniform, overall decorations, etc).

After dancing in the diner, the boys take it to the streets and show off their smooth choreography. During the nighttime street scene, the boys utilize the layout of the street to pose behind the girl and of course show off their signature acrobatics. Aside from a fire hydrant and some pillars, there are other civilians in the background and they’re of different ethnicities.

Next is the grocery store. If only I saw these goofs in my local supermarket. During the grocery store scenes all seven boys are practically drooling over the girl. They go as far as to buy the same exact products as her as they follow her throughout the store. There are also just group shots of the boys in their shopping carts wheeling down the isles singing to the camera.

super market Got7

The street/parking lot scenes are the dance scenes. Toward the end of the music video, Jackson raps in front of a trio of classic cars and Got7 as a whole dances in front of a Jeep and other classic cars in a parking lot during a sunny afternoon.

Jackson Classic Cars


The outfits match the boys’ ages perfectly, with t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and vests/coats. They’re all in similar color pallets of blues, whites, and different hues of khaki. As for the shoes, it’s either sneakers or Tims. They aren’t wearing those leggings with shorts or oversized t-shirts. They literally look like any regular guy their age hanging out with their friends.

In the night/grocery store scenes, the boys have an edgier look with black and white themed clothing and leather and more jewelry than before. The clothes are simple, yet noticeable, which is perfect for this video that has a lot of colors, textures, and objects in the background.


As for the choreography the boys are always on point throughout the dance. It’s fun and fits the tempo and style of the song. It looks simple, but even the simple steps would probably take me hours to learn. Toward the end of the song, the choreography becomes more demanding and this is where we see some more of the acrobatics that helped put Got7 on the K-Pop map. The dance is catchy and suits the mood of the song.


I personally think each member of Got7 can hold their own when it comes to singing. As I mentioned in the opening of this article, the song is a fun summer song and therefore does not stress amazing vocals. I’m not saying Got7 does not sing the song well, it’s that this style of song does not require outstanding vocals. The BamBam and Jackson’s raps fit well, in my opinion. They didn’t break up the flow of the song, but added to it.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoy A. It’s perfect to get the summer season started off right. Roll down those windows, crank the stereo and sing your heart out!

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