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Top 5 K-Fashion Moments of 2015

Fashion is always an important part in the Hallyu wave. It not only inspires fans around the globe but it also sets trends and makes an impact in Korea’s fashion industry and even abroad. Without a doubt, Korean fashion in 2015 had amazing moments. From tour wardrobes to dramas with amazing styling, we couldn’t miss […]

f(x)’s “4 Walls” Album Review

After abruptly ending promotions for their last album, “Red Light”, and becoming a quartet instead of a quintet, f(x) is back. The four members Luna, Krystal, Victoria, and Amber are ready to show their new sides with their latest album, “4 Walls.” It’s an album full of experimental pop, deep-house, EDM, techno, and even some Latin […]

5 Fantasy Collaborations with Non K-Pop Artists Pt.2

Having Korean artists collaborate with your favorite non K-pop artists is something that K-pop fans dream about. We imagine our fantasy collaborations in our heads and even become producers in our dreams for them, imagining what sound they could create together. Some collaborations have started to happen and one can dare to dream that anything […]

Red Velvet’s Conceptualization & Formidable Fashion

There’s no doubt that SM Entertainment is gearing up Red Velvet to be their next girl group sensation. Their fashion and music has evolved fast in their short career, but they’ve always maintained the playful feeling set in “Happiness,” their debut track. Since liveliness is their overall style, without a doubt, Red Velvet has shown […]

K-Pop Inspired Back to School Trends

Mostly everyone around the world is already back to school. And the best part about going back to school is getting a new wardrobe. You can showcase a new style or an upgraded version. All the options we give you on this list are interchangeable, meaning you can play with almost every suggestion and make […]

Breaking Down KCON ’15 LA’s Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet fashion is always fun, but when it comes to a K-pop red carpet, we never know what we are going to expect. With no assigned dress code on KCON’s red carpet, the interpretation of fashion was open to the imagination of the artists’ stylists. Some opted for classic suits, while some looks seemed […]

K-Pop Stand Out Remixes Pt. 3

Remixes can sometimes change the original songs completely. With the creativity and talent of many K-pop fans out there, the Internet is bursting with amazing remixes that stand out from the rest. This particular list is curated from remixes that bring a new light to the songs, and even making us wish that the remixed […]

Summer 2015 K-Pop Fashion Trends

Fashion is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Every season the trends change, but usually they take inspiration from the past. Koreans are known for being fashion lovers and early adopters of trends, making them their own and becoming trendsetters. Moreover, Korean magazines always showcase the trends in amazing editorials that feature some of our favorite […]

Album Review: SHINee’s ‘Odd’

SHINee is finally back after their successful “Misconceptions” saga and the hit song, “Everybody.” The quintet came back with their fourth studio album “Odd” on May 18. The whole “Odd” album makes it clear that SHINee is clearly unafraid to experiment with both old and new sounds in order to show us a mature side to the […]