GOT7’s ‘If You Do’ Music Video & Song Review

got7, if you do
Is Park Jinyoung (founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment) prepping Got7 into becoming the next 2PM? The probability is high considering the guys of Got7 are stepping away from their cute and somersaulting high kicks concepts into a more mature and sexier phase in their careers with their latest music video and song “If You Do”. Let’s see if Got7 is successful at channeling this new profound sexy concept!


“If You Do” is considerably the most “low energy” and closest to a ballad that Got7 has promoted as a title track. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! If anything, this is probably their best song to date. It starts off slow as Jr. slowly reels you in with his lustful voice, to a distressed JB in the chorus, an aggressive rap shared between Mark and Jackson, then to a sorrowful Youngjae who’s afraid of getting close to love. It doesn’t matter whether or not the members of Got7 have encountered the problematic situations with relationships like the lyrics are stating because you can feel the raw emotions and genuine feelings in their voices.

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With so many great vocalists in Got7, the distribution of lines tends to get a bit teetered, going usually to JB, Jr., and Youngjae. So it was great hearing Got7’s maknae (youngest member) Yugyeom getting more than the one whimsical line that he usually gets. If you know Got7, then you know that Yugyeom is a dance maniac — their energetic dance machine — but he also gets cheated of lines, especially with their last track “Just Right.” Surprisingly enough though for someone who is as hyperactive as this 17-year-old is, he has a notably tender voice, which was quite pleasant to listen to.

got7 if you do music video & song review

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Got7’s music videos are immensely entertaining to watch. Although there’s always a signature dance move, the choreography generally doesn’t take away from the actual song and concept, whereas some other music videos out there that are solely based around the dancing. The dance sequences that they did have in “If You Do” was reminiscent of an older Infinite, Teen Top, and Beast; it could very well be the synchronized and fancy leg work that they did versus the dominant upper body moves that Got7 usually does.

In certain music videos when the camera pans out and switches over to a different member in a different screenshot, it can get a bit distracting and cause some confusion as to who’s who because sometimes it’ll switch over a little too quick. However,the individual shots of the members in “If You Do” were perfectly spaced out and were shot at angles which made it easy to pinpoint the members out right away. The lighting and camera angles that were used captured and highlighted the members’ greatest points. Mark walking down that dimly lit hallway as the light shone on his long body, the close ups of BamBam’s high cheekbones, to JB’s strong jawline, and Jr. and Jackson’s mesmerizing gazes, the director sure knew how to highlight their best attributes.

got7 if you do music video & song review

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We’re so used to seeing Got7 in colorful outfits with previous concepts so to see them wearing all black and leather at that made them seem all the more badass. Everything from Mark’s deep blue suit to Jackson’s pinstriped trousers down to the Chanel broach on Youngjae’s blazer was perfection. You can throw just about any clothing combination and hairstyle on these guys, no matter how outrageous and funky, and they’ll still work it. Did you peep how well BamBam pulled off that animal print? Yeah, not everyone can do that.

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Overall Thoughts

A lot of people were a bit skeptical about this “manly” concept that Got7 was coming back with, but I don’t see what all the fuss was all about; this music video showed their maturity and that their adaptation to something outside of the cutesy typical K-pop bubble. These guys have grown a tremendous amount both musically and physically since debuting a little more than a year ago. If they keep going at the rate they’re at now, who knows, they might even outsell their seniors 2PM one day.

Got7 'If You Do'

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