got7 usa dallas chicago san francisco information tickets fan meeting show

What to Expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 [EVENT INFO]

got7 usa dallas chicago san francisco information tickets fan meeting show

A few months after its first anniversary, JYP Entertainment’s newest boy group GOT7 is finally gracing North American fans by coming to three U.S. cities, thanks to Jazzy Group. JB, Jr., Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom are heading to San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago for the first time since debuting to meet their fans, IGOT7, and treat them to an afternoon of laughs, singing, aegyo, and dancing.

Since this is the first time the boys are in the U.S. as a group, expectations are running high. And since GOT7 are a bunch of charismatic, talented, cute guys we can imagine what will probably happen at these events. That’s why we came up with a few things fans can expect at GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA.

Official Merchandise

Have your expectations ever been shot down hard at K-pop concerts when you realized the group didn’t bring any merchandise to sell? Well, for GOT7’s fan meets, that won’t be the case! You can score an official light stick, postcard set or slogan towel for under $25 if you pre-order them. And since these will be picked up at the events, you can be sure these are legit. So come and get them while they last!

got7 merch merchandise usa fan meets fanmeeting dallas san francisco chicago

Curtesy of Jazzy Group

Jackson Acting a Fool

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson seems to have a very nice personality in real life, but that didn’t get him onto so many variety shows– it was him acting a fool. Jackson’s energy and personality is always jacked up to 100%. Add that he’s in the U.S. with English speaking fans and you know this will quickly turn into the Jackson show. Jackson’s a ball of fun and seems very caring and attentive to fans, meaning we can expect lots of fanservice and memorable moments from him.

got7 fanmeeting usa chicago dallas san francisco jackson

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Jr. and Bam Bam Aegyo Exuberance

Another thing that we surely won’t miss is GOT7’s aegyo, or cuteness, kings, Jr. and Bam Bam, busting out the cute stuff. These two boys love causing fans to swoon and making their fellow members cringe. Fan meets are just an aegyo fest for these two, so get your cameras and phones ready to capture all the endearing moments.

got7 fanmeeting usa

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got7 fanmeeting usa jr

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Yugyeom and Youngjae Forced to Do Aegyo

Despite both members being very cute, they don’t necessarily show cuteness as easily as Jr. and Bam Bam. But since this is their first visit to the U.S. and meeting their fans on this side of the pond, rest assured, everyone will bust out the aegyo, but it’s Yugyeom and Youngjae who will need some persuasion.

Youngjae Forced to Speak English

As seen on their various web shows, Youngjae is often bullied into speaking a little English for the camera. Can you imagine having a whole venue of English speakers present? Of course the hyungs, or older members, will make him say a few words, and he, bashfully, will do so very cutely.

Mark Being Talkative

Well, more like we hope Mark is more talkative at the fan meets since fans will be able to fully understand him in his native language. Because, as seen on his multiple appearances on After School Club, Mark has been easing into talking more when it’s in English. And we know the rest of the boys will need help with translation and we can’t solely rely on Jackson. So Mark better step it up!

got7 usa fanmeeting mark

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Yugyeom Keeping the Hyungs in Check

Any IGOT7 will tell you, affectionately, that GOT7 is a group of dumbasses, especially around fans. The boys are extremely down with fan service, so you can expect them all to be doing lots of aegyo and showing off. That’s why you know the maknae will, at some point, rebel against his hyungs and keep them in check. So expect lots of sass from him, but at the same time, you know JB won’t take it lightly.

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Markson in the Flesh

The Mark-Jackson ship is a real thing, and all GOT7 fans know that. We get to see it anytime there’s a camera in front of these two, so expect to see it live at the fan meets. You will have a hard time deciding whether you prefer Mark or Jackson hugging you, or hugging each other.

got7 fanmeeting usa markson

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JB’s Beautiful Eye Smile

In K-pop, the eye smile is a thing, and one we love at that. GOT7’s leader has one of the most heart melting eye smiles in the industry, so you know it will definitely make more than one appearance meeting fans in the U.S. Ladies and gentlemen (hey, we’re inclusive), prepare to swoon for days!

got7 fanmeeting usa jb eye smile

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Stellar Vocals and Performances of their Singles

Since the events are essentially fan meets, we can’t really expect a full-on concert. However, rest assured, they at least have to perform one or two of their lead singles, A, Girls, Girls, Girls, and Stop, Stop, It. What’s more, audiences will get to witness Youngjae and JB’s angelic voices, Mark’s stunts, and Yugyeom’s powerful dancing. GOT7 is a group of well-rounded performers who put on a great show, so without a doubt, there will be no dull moment during this event.

Jazzy Group is holding the GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in USA 2015 in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago on May 6, 8, and 10, respectively. Tickets range from $55 to $200, with the VVIP tickets including the coveted hi-touch passes and exclusive freebies. To purchase these, go to Etix for the Chicago show and AXS for Dallas and San Francisco. For more information and the latest updates, stay tuned to Jazzy Group’s website and social media site.

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