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Saying goodbye to KultScene

In May 2014, a few friends launched a blog, mostly so they could share their thoughts on their favorite K-pop stars and maybe get to go to a concert once in a while. After a name change a few months later, KultScene was born, a fusion of “Korea,” “culture,” and “scene,” a website where we […]

K-pop & SoundCloud: An idol’s safe haven

By Rachel Collucci K-pop idols, such as Taeyong, Jay B, and V, are all creatives. However, within their groups, their personal sense of creativity can’t always thrive. The most dedicated fans are already aware of this side of these idols, but it is a side that the general public often does not see. Enter SoundCloud.  […]

Omega X’s ‘Vamos’ mini album review

By Júlia Henn Giving up when something does not go the way we hoped it would might be most people’s first instinct. Well, not for the members of Spire Entertainment’s newest boy group, Omega X. All 11 of them come from the same scenario in the K-pop industry: they were part of groups that are […]

Guide to EXO as soloists: celebrating 9 years together

By Chyenne Tatum As a group, EXO’s built quite the resume over the last nine years: they’re known to be an incredible powerhouse group from their vocal prowess to their catchy pop hits and their elaborate concert performances. But as a mainstay in K-pop, the group has ventured out to multiple fields beyond idol music. […]

Looking back at the legacy of K-pop competition show ‘Produce 101’

By Rachel Saywitz The first appearance of the bubbly trainees on Mnet’s competition program, Produce 101, was a jarring sight to see. At the start of their debut performance, aired in December 2015 on M! Countdown, 20 young girls appeared in a giant stadium synchronously dancing in a pyramid formation, wearing the same school girl […]

50 best K-pop songs of 2020

Hopes were high at the beginning of the year. Different Korean artists were reaching new grounds throughout the entire world and K-pop was starting to see mainstream attention and success. Groups were starting to tour more and in new countries, different music markets were being explored, monster rookies were debuting left and right —  it […]

The legacy of wandering youth: BTS’ ‘HYYH Pt. 2,’ 5 years later

By Courtney Lazore  Released on November 30, 2015 as BTS’ second installment in their “youth” trilogy, The Most Beautiful Moment in life Pt. 2, commonly known as HYYH Pt. 2 in a nod to its Korean title, is both a celebration of adolescence and a consideration of its growing pains. With thematic expressions of restlessness, […]