Got7’s “A” Music Video Review & Rundown

Summer is here and so is Got7 with their latest comeback song A. The song is upbeat and fun, making it perfect for the summer months. The music is reminiscent of the 1990’s boy bands, which is always welcomed by me. There is a part where the beat slows down and strings are added in, but it all fits well together and does not interfere with the overall tempo of the song.

Music Video Setting

The video starts with the boys entering a diner/eatery that reminds me of Johnny Rockets’ in the States based on the decor (jukebox, red and white checkered table clothes, waitress uniform, overall decorations, etc).

After dancing in the diner, the boys take it to the streets and show off their smooth choreography. During the nighttime street scene, the boys utilize the layout of the street to pose behind the girl and of course show off their signature acrobatics. Aside from a fire hydrant and some pillars, there are other civilians in the background and they’re of different ethnicities.

Next is the grocery store. If only I saw these goofs in my local supermarket. During the grocery store scenes all seven boys are practically drooling over the girl. They go as far as to buy the same exact products as her as they follow her throughout the store. There are also just group shots of the boys in their shopping carts wheeling down the isles singing to the camera.

super market Got7

The street/parking lot scenes are the dance scenes. Toward the end of the music video, Jackson raps in front of a trio of classic cars and Got7 as a whole dances in front of a Jeep and other classic cars in a parking lot during a sunny afternoon.

Jackson Classic Cars


The outfits match the boys’ ages perfectly, with t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and vests/coats. They’re all in similar color pallets of blues, whites, and different hues of khaki. As for the shoes, it’s either sneakers or Tims. They aren’t wearing those leggings with shorts or oversized t-shirts. They literally look like any regular guy their age hanging out with their friends.

In the night/grocery store scenes, the boys have an edgier look with black and white themed clothing and leather and more jewelry than before. The clothes are simple, yet noticeable, which is perfect for this video that has a lot of colors, textures, and objects in the background.


As for the choreography the boys are always on point throughout the dance. It’s fun and fits the tempo and style of the song. It looks simple, but even the simple steps would probably take me hours to learn. Toward the end of the song, the choreography becomes more demanding and this is where we see some more of the acrobatics that helped put Got7 on the K-Pop map. The dance is catchy and suits the mood of the song.


I personally think each member of Got7 can hold their own when it comes to singing. As I mentioned in the opening of this article, the song is a fun summer song and therefore does not stress amazing vocals. I’m not saying Got7 does not sing the song well, it’s that this style of song does not require outstanding vocals. The BamBam and Jackson’s raps fit well, in my opinion. They didn’t break up the flow of the song, but added to it.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoy A. It’s perfect to get the summer season started off right. Roll down those windows, crank the stereo and sing your heart out!

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