5 Things We Want To See At KCON LA – GOT7 Edition

Coming off of their First Fanmeeting in USA earlier this year, and with a recent overwhelmingly show of support for their recent comeback with “Just Right”, the boys of GOT7 are at the peak of their careers. Known as JYP Entertainment’s international group, with members from Hong Kong, Thailand and America’s very own, California, GOT7 garner’s love from every corner of the globe. Here at KultScene we’ve compiled a list of five things we want to see from GOT7 at KCON LA.

1. Bromancing At It’s Finest

GOT7 is the walking definition of “bromance”, which can be defined as a close, emotionally intense, non-sexual bond between two (or more) men (Wikipedia). Sure, there are other male groups that share mutual bromances with each other, but there’s usually some awkwardness that comes along with it. GOT7 is the polar opposite. A lot of it could be the fact that GOT7 has three foreign members who weren’t raised in a reserved Korean culture, therefore they act differently around guys than others would.

The members of GOT7 show major affection towards one another on and off the stage, even if it involves putting one another in harmless headlocks as they try to peck the other ones cheek or slapping each other’s butts, like they do in the NBA. Although it’s been confirmed that member Jackson, the mood maker and biggest bromancer of them all, will not be attending KCON LA due to his filming schedule for Laws of the Jungle, don’t you iGOT7’s fret. Even though the other half to MarkSon couple (Mark+Jackson) won’t be there, there will still be a lot of aegyo (cuteness) and bromances going on between the members.

2. Mark Tuan Speaking English

With one American member whose hometown is Los Angeles, a lot of KCON goers are hoping to see Mark speak in his native tongue. One would think, “well, of course he’s going to speak in English!” but Mark is rather timid and shy, so he tends to let other members do a lot of the talking, i.e Thai member BamBam spoke a lot of English when GOT7 held their fan meeting in Chicago. Seeing how KCON LA will be their 3rd US show this year, and the other English speaker Jackson will not be in attendance, hopefully Mark will have had the chance to prep and prepare himself to openly and confidently speak to the crowd in English. Better yet, what if Mark sang/rapped in English? Let that sink in for a bit and tell me that wouldn’t be anything less then awesome!

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3. Girl Group Dances

Throughout the second half of their careers, GOT7 has solidified their right of way into the covering girl group dances hall of fame. “But what male idol group hasn’t done a dance cover to a girl group?” you ask. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before a male group is seen doing girl group dances on a variety show or at a concert, but it’s pure gold when the members in a group are genuinely and eagerly doing so. GOT7 is known to voluntarily break out in girl group dances; there have been times where they’ve even had in-group wars between the other members to see who does the better covers. With their smaller body frame and flexibility, members BamBam and JR are usually the best with girl group covers, although GOT7’s maknae (youngest member) Yugyeom, even with his taller height and lanky arms, is able to do one mean body wave.

4. A Collaboration With A Senior Group

This might be stretching it a bit considering artist collaborations aren’t usually done at American Korean shows, but considering how a lot of the other groups that will be at KCON are indeed GOT7’s seniors i.e. SHINHWA and Super Junior, there is a small possibility looming somewhere. Whether it would a full song done together, maybe an English song since they’re in America, or even if it’s a mere 20 seconds done together somewhere during the day or at the end of one of the shows, it’d definitely be something worth witnessing. Not only will the audience be in for a treat but also GOT7 as a group would probably be over the moon if given this opportunity if it were indeed to happen.

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5. Derpiness On Full Mode

If you didn’t already know, each and every member of GOT7 has a different level of derpiness, ranging anywhere from a “whoops I made a dumb face” to border line “if I keep this up, my face might end up like this.” I’ll wait while you go back and look up their past fan cams and fan taken photos. Not too impressed with them? Well, then have you see their latest music video for “Just Right”? A part of me wants to believe that they were directed to make the derpy faces that were made during the chorus but another part of me knows that even if they were given directions to do so, the members probably took it upon themselves to make the expressions to be extreme as possible. Considering the average age for GOT7 is 19, this is probably just a phase they they’re going through. Or maybe not. Regardless of all that, I hope that they continue to showcase their derpiness because it makes them unique and loveable.

As a KCON attendee, I’m not only grateful for being able to be at the convention and seeing GOT7 again, but it’ll be the icing on the cake if at least one of these five things listed actually happens!

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