• Ces

    Wow thank you for this. This is exactly how I felt the first time I heard about them coming to KCON and finally seeing them. Been a fan since 2004 and will always be.

  • Meaghanne Mack

    I was there too!! I’m a baby Changjo(3 years) but I felt exactly the same. Standing in line waiting for the fan engagement felt like Christmas when I was a kid: anxious, excited, nervous. When they walked into the room, I stopped breathing because I was in the same room as the very men whose songs set my heart on fire, calmed me down and were my soundtrack for the two more.this leading up to KCON. Its very likely I know lady who was breathless over Eric and I know exactly who shouted “my house” lol Shinhwa has created for me and many others a family, and Orange Sisterhood, so to speak.

  • Phi

    such a nice read. I was camping that weekend and kept checking my phone for updates of Shinhwa at KCON hahaha It was awesome because all updates are in English for a change XD