K-Beauty review: Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment

etude house silk scarf damage protein ampoule Treatment

I was in Seoul last summer and bought far too much K-beauty products so I’m still discovering random items in odd corners of my bedroom. I recently found a vial of Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment. When I had seen it at an Etude House store sitting there in a hot pink box and looking like I should inject the product directly into my head, I was already sold. Now, months after a botched dye job had left my once virgin-dyed-hair insanely dry at the ends, it was time to test it.

So what is an ampoule anyway? When I bought it, I just liked the shape of the product and assumed they were trying to say, “This will be a fun way to make your hair feel nice.” So I bought one for me and one for my little sister. After a quick Google search, I discovered that Wikipedia defines an ampoule as “a small sealed vial which is used to contain and preserve a sample, usually a solid or liquid.” The Etude House one is a vial in the form of an injection needle, so the Ampoule Treatment is, in fact, technically an ampoule. According to Etude House’s website it “contains 9 kinds of protein other than keratin protein and 17 kinds of amino acids that fill up dry and damaged hair with both moisture and nutrition and coats hair for firm and volumized hair.” (Does it contain keratin plus nine other kinds of protein? I have no ideas based on the English blurb…)

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It smelled really nice! Since I sat with the ampoule on my hair for about 20 minutes, this really mattered to me more than the actually feel of the product, which itself was actually more dense than I expected. Because the ampoule is limited in size rather than in a tub or tube, I didn’t really feel it before putting it in my hair so I thought it may be a gel or liquid, but once I pressed on the pump it turned out that it was a really silky cream. The pearly white color of it gave the product a luxurious, girly feel that’s typical of Etude’s products. Sometimes I feel like the company spends too much time on packaging in a disservice to the product itself, but once I put it in my hair it felt like it was doing its job. I’ve used a few argan oils and conditioning treatments before, but this somehow combined both of those things into one: the Silk Scarf Ampoule Treatment was dense enough that I felt it had some weight (and I could act as if it was really filled with the vitamins it claims to have,) but it seemed to melt in my hair. Kind of reminded me of melting butter on a hot bagel, not going to lie, since it went from being pretty thick to oily slick really easily.

Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment


Because of the vial packaging, I couldn’t actually see where I was squirting the ampoule. I didn’t want to first put it on my hand and then pat it on to my hair since there was a relatively small amount of product, but I ended up squirting far too much out on the top of my head and it was quite greasy the next morning. (It probably wouldn’t have the same result with someone who has thicker hair, but I naturally get greasy relatively easily. Not this quickly normally though.)

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The packaging and product itself was pretty and fun to use, which is always a win. I really did feel like the ampoule helped the bottom of my hair restore itself after the treatment- it’s been knotting considerably less, which was something several conditioners hadn’t been able to do. (I hadn’t tried any treatments prior to this and instead was just trying to drown my ends in conditioner…) A few days later, my hair still feels less dry than it did previously.

Post etude house silk scarf damage protein ampoule Treatment

Aside from my hair’s natural grease going into overdrive when I over-saturated the top of my head, this was a pretty great experience of something I bought on a whim because it looked bizarrely cute.

You can get the Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment on Amazon or the company’s website. (Although the latter has some convoluted shipping fees since it’s coming from South Korea.)

Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Ampoule Treatment

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K-Beauty review: Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

There I was, strolling around Sephora while picking up my long-awaited birthday present (the Marc Jacobs eyeliner is a game changer!) when I happened to notice the Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo. With pretty large pores on my nose, which was once dubbed a “strawberry nose” by a blunt facialist, I’m always looking for new, size-reducing items. I usually doubt their efficiency but I can’t help but be drawn in by their promises of blackhead-clearing perfection. I chose to try this one out since it gave me a two-in-one chance to try products I’ve heard good things about, and it was only $30.

I decided to try it out later that night. Upon first glance, I was a bit disappointed that that the step one pack (aka Blackhead Steam Pore Pack to clarify pores and refine complexion) seemed to be a grainy exfoliating mask, which was supposed to be rubbed around first and then left to sit. Since I like to keep my beauty steps separate (I tend to find two-in-one items usually don’t do either of the things the promise…), I was a bit wary but the overall feel of it wasn’t as weird as I thought. The second, considerably thinner, pack (aka Pore Original Pack with calming and cooling effects) was more like a typical clay mask but once I put it on it seemed to disappear from my face after about 15 minutes, as if my skin was absorbing its moisture.


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I really did feel that my pores looked visibly smaller immediately after, plus my face actually looked cleaner, likely because I had just scoured off a layer or three of my skin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


BEWARE. The burning sensation was a bit much and I got pretty red immediately after using it. I made the error of thinking that if it says “pack,” it’s a mask for my whole face. Apparently that was silly on my part, since the Hot Pack seemed to literally set my face on fire. According to our resident makeup crazed lady, Tammie, that’s precisely how it was supposed to feel but even so… I had actual tears running down my face since it was so intense. It felt like I had just rubbed hot peppers all over my skin. That said, the product overall seemed to work as promised and the cooling sensation of the second step, after burning also a bit, did make my skin feel and look great. So… Yea. Be wary, but the results are worth it.

Also, step two smelled a lot like my niece’s playdoh.

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I definitely am still going to look for a new clay mask with a focus on tightening my overall face, since that was what I was kind of hoping this would be, but I’m definitely going to add the Caolion Pack Duo into my regular skincare routine, particular for my problem eras. My skin looked nearly flawless the next day! I spent a lot of time outside in the heat and humidity of New York City the next day so my pores appear to have gotten a bit larger, but I’m intrigued to see how this product does in the winter. While it did it’s job, the fiery sensation was off-putting. Here’s to finding something that does the job without making me cry!

Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

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4 Modern Takes on Traditional Korean Hanbok That We Love

modern handbook secret kpop idols korean

Music, films, television shows, and food are some of the mainstays of Korean pop culture nowadays. With more and more interest in South Korean society than ever before (just open up Sephora’s website!), it’s hard to avoid some aspects of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) in our daily lives. While Japanese kimonos and Chinese cheongsams being recognized around the world and often inspire modern styles, Korean hanboks (lit. “Korean clothing”) are starting to slip by the wayside. What was once worn daily has become something meant just for traditional holidays and even that is becoming less popular, no matter how many K-pop stars put on hanbok for the Seollal and Chuseok celebrations. But some fashion-forward people, including Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, are looking back and designing clothing that incorporates the flowing styles to create hanbok for the modern-day and age. Furthermore, walking down the Cheongdam Fashion Street is one of the top things to do in Gangnam making South Korean fashion a force to be reckoned with in the modern fashion industry.

1. Modern, Everyday Styles

The designers at the clothing store Sonjjang create the traditional colorful hanbok’s worn on Korean holidays, but also offer updated styles that can be worn every day. Taking the simple folds of hanbok and modifying them to imitate today’s styles, Sonjjang’s Leesle line is simple but sweet and a new take on an old fashion. The pieces often come off as hanbok’s cut down, incorporating shorter skirts (chima) and tighter jackets (jeogori). While many are relatively clean cut and meant for daily wear, some of the hanbok utilize embroidery patterns to make them really pop while others are meant for parties and aren’t all that dissimilar from some prom dresses. Sonjjang even sells hanbok for couples and others based off of dramas, such as what was seen in “The Moon Embraces the Sun.”


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2. Designer, With Time-Honored Touches

Karl Lagerfeld is a big fan of Korean fashion, but it wasn’t until Chanel’s 2016 resort line when he incorporated Korean elements that people realized how enthralled the designer is by Korean clothing. Not only did the fashion show take place in Seoul, but many of the designs showcased that night featured hanbok styles and hairstyles similar to those worn by noblewomen during the Joseon era (1392-1897.) During the show, multiracial models walked down the runway wearing flowing dresses inspired by hanbok, and Chanel even featured multiple modern takes on the hanbok. With a lighter, airier feel than most hanbok, which typically offer full coverage and are made out of rather weighed-down fabrics, Chanel’s take on a classic is an outsider’s proposition on a style of clothing that is starting to get lost over time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.05.57 PM

3. Combination Hanbok

While many guests wouldn’t really imagine wearing hanbok around a hotel, a recent photoshoot for the Four Seasons Hotel Magazine took place at in a South Korean palace, Unyeonggoong, and paired modern clothing items and accessories with modernized hanboks. Throughout the shoot, the model wears an amalgamation of east-meets-west fashion, often putting classically-inspired chima with modern blouses and designer shoes.

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4. Traditional for Today

The hanbok designed by Kim Hyun Jung can’t be worn, but they’re the most modern of the bunch. Kim, an artist, designs art that explores the modern South Korean woman’s obsession with beauty and fashion through a more nuanced, older lense. In her work, women wearing hanbok pose for Instagram photos, talk on the phone, go rock climbing, and much, much more, all while wearing presumably out-of-date hanbok. The drawings, while anachronistic, reveal a contemporary side to the presumably out-of-style garb.

Fortunately, there’s been a resurgence of popularity in hanbok in South Korea recently. Many young South Koreans have been seen wearing traditionally-styled hanbok as they hang out with one another downtown and at Seoul’s tourist hotspots including Korea’s royal palaces. For instance, on my last trip to Korea I was able to rent a hanbok with my friends while we explored the hanok (classical Korean houses) village of Jeonju, where we were just three of many walking around in hanbok that was easily accessible from vendors. It’s socially accepted dress up for adults and is reviving interest in the hanbok industry by giving a fantastical element to the older fashions.


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5 Everyday EXO Looks We Love [+ North American The EXO’luXion Tour Information]

EXO Simple Fashion

As far as K-pop acts go, EXO has kept it pretty simple when it comes to their stage outfits. While SHINee is the SM Entertainment poster boy for colorful skinny jeans, EXO is the company’s spokesperson for varsity prep fashion.

EXO keeps it typically pretty safe with less than shocking outfits (a la VIXX’s “Chained Up”), but they make the least-embellished outfits seem high class with a few key touches. Throughout much of last year, we’ve seen EXO keep it simple in the best way possible.

Jean on Jean

Jean on jean may make you think of Britney and Justin, but wipe that image from your mind and replace it with EXO’s take on the 2001 style. Because during their “Call Me Baby ” performances, EXO showed off a variety of different ways to wear the basic jeans and t-shirt combo.

From the members who kept it simple with a button down shirt paired with their jeans, or the more daring approaching like Xiumin’s vest-shorts combo and Kai’s zippered short-sleeved jacket, this may not be for everyone, but it works for EXO. (Except Chanyeol’s jumpsuit. Nobody should ever wear a denim jumpsuit except under threat of death.)

College Prep

Needless to say, 2015 was a busy year for EXO. So keeping it cozy was probably the best way to play it. They definitely did just that with their promotional images for their Japanese release of “Love Me Right.”

With button down shirts, sweatshirts, denim letterman jackets, jeans, loafers, and white socks, EXO could be mistaken for extras in a 70’s college film (“Animal House,” maybe?) Retro is the trend in K-pop, and this “Love Me Right” promo pic makes it blatantly obvious why. You take the style of the past, make it comfier for the present, put it on nine of the most popular men in Asia, then looking good is easy as 1,2,3.

EXO fashion 2

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Black, Black, and More Black

If other looks donned by EXO this year were low key to the nth degree, their ad campaign for KFC had the members of EXO back in black. This urban take on their jacket and jeans concept had EXO looking a bit like a group of biker wannabes, and that’s okay.

High tops and ripped jeans kept it comfy, but the different styles of black jackets and black shirts showed off the individuality of each EXO member. The detailing is nuanced, but appropriate for each member: Suho (peddled as the most high brow of the group thanks to his family background) still has a blazer on, while the rappers are in similarly draped jackets.EXO KFC

Colorblacked Shirts

Perhaps it’s not color blocking if it’s just a few parts of their shirts, but whatever it is, EXO looks good. Tight leather jeans aside, putting the EXO members in what could be boring button downs is one of the best things SM Entertainment’s stylists have ever done. Offering a new take on a simple, old school style is one of the things that EXO (and their stylists) are the best at and this is a look EXO should hold on to.

The shirts, each of which is differentiated to highlight each member of the massive group as individuals, are all white bases with black portions. Some come off as being more traditional, with just the collar or arms blackened, while others offer up a post-modern take on the white collar style. In the picture, Suho and Chen are in traditional white suit shirts that have been heavily altered, while Baekhyun’s shirt, with its rolled up sleeves and mostly black portions, looks more like a simple button down than something meant to be worn under a suit jacket.EXO Fashion

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Twenty-Something Chic

EXO’s members definitely don’t pick all of their own clothes out, so it’s nice to see what they wear in between the live shows and in front of the paparazzi. SM Entertainment provides regular photos of its artists behind the scenes, which means that this is EXO camera ready, but on their own terms.

The outfits are all similar to what EXO wears on stage (likely because of personalized corporate gifts and sponsorship). There are the varsity tees, jackets, and button downs. But they look comfortable, and each member of EXO is doing his own thing, looking like the 20-somethings they are. Their personalities are obvious; it’s easy to tell which member doesn’t care at all about being anything but cozy (spot the member in sweats) while other members practice in leather jackets, dress shoes and/or parts of their stage outfits.EXO Fashion 1

Speaking of stage outfits, some lucky North American fans are going to see EXO for the first time next month at EXOPLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in NORTH AMERICA. MyMusicTaste is working with SM Entertainment to bring the group on their first ever North American tour, and tickets are going on sale later this week.

Here’s all the information that you need to know if you’re interested in buying tickets. Seating charts have yet to be released, but MyMusicTaste shared ticket prices through their Facebook page.

All tickets go on sale Saturday, Jan 16 at 8PM EST/5PM PST.

Feb. 10 Verizon Theater [Dallas, Texas] — Tickets on sale through Axs
Section A: 195 USD
Section B: 165 USD
Section C: 110 USD
Section D: 75 USD
Feb. 12 Thunderbird Arena [Vancouver, British Columbia] — Ticketmaster
Section A: 195 USD
Section B: 165 USD
Section C: 110 USD
Section D: 75 USD
Feb. 14 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena [Los Angeles, California] — Ticketmaster
Section A: 195 USD
Section B: 175 USD
Section C: 160 USD
Section D: 130 USD
Section E: 80 USD
Section F: 60 USD
Feb. 19 Rosemont Theater [Chicago, Ohio] — Ticketmaster
Section A: 195 USD
Section B: 165 USD
Section C: 110 USD
Section D: 75 USD
Feb. 21- Prudential Center [Newark, NJ] — Ticketmaster
Section A: 195 USD
Section B: 175 USD
Section C: 160 USD
Section D: 130 USD
Section E: 80 USD
Section F: 60 USD
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Top 5 K-Fashion Moments of 2015


Fashion is always an important part in the Hallyu wave. It not only inspires fans around the globe but it also sets trends and makes an impact in Korea’s fashion industry and even abroad. Without a doubt, Korean fashion in 2015 had amazing moments. From tour wardrobes to dramas with amazing styling, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give you our top five K-fashion moments of 2015.

Red Velvet went retro for “Automatic”

The ‘70s had a revival this year, from bell bottoms to trumpet sleeve blouses, Red Velvet surprised us in their music video for “Automatic” with amazing styling influenced by this particular era in fashion. The girls’ stylist not only incorporated vintage clothing, but they also added modern pieces to the styling like Moschino by Jeremy Scott’s Barbie inspired collection. The whole look from head to toe (even their hair was perfect!) was very successful, it didn’t feel like a costume, it looked very fresh and modern but still very reminiscent of the ‘70s.


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GOT7 went from boys to men with “If You Do”

GOT7 is one of the most fun and distinctive boy groups in K-pop today. Through their short but successful career, they managed to stay with their innocent, young, and fresh look. But when it came to the music video for “If You Do,” the boys looked like sexy men, some might say even look like men they’d like to see on websites similar to teeni.xxx (https://www.teeni.xxx/). With “If You Do,” GOT7 took on a mature sound and also look, which the stylists executed very well. They kept the boys in beautiful fitted suits that had different textures and prints combined. Those dancing scenes with the all black outfits made the boys look extremely sexy. And the best part of the styling are Bam Bam’s chokers, they look incredible and very edgy. Yes, we have seen this look on many other idols and you might ask why we featured it in the top K-fashion moments. Well, that’s simply because it marks GOT7’s path into becoming the sexy men that they are.



CL & 2NE1’s return at the 2015 MAMA Awards

For this years MAMA Awards, we where only expecting CL to perform. When it was CL’s turn on stage, no one could take their eyes off her. Her sexy ensemble not only looked fierce, but it matched perfectly with her ferocious persona and her warm-up American single “Hello Bitches.” Her dragon embelished red pants and bomber jacket paired with that mesh unitard and the infamous Alexander Wang creepers she also wore in the music video for “Hello Bitches” made an incredible outfit. Moreover, Parris Goebel and her ReQuest crew just added to the incredible girl power of the performance. But that wans’t all, we weren’t ready for what was next. CL dissapeared from stage and one by one Dara, Minzy, Park Bom, and finally CL appeared again in matching military outfits marking the return of 2NE1 to the stage. All the girls looked flawless and it was and incredible performance full of female empowerment. It was surely an epic moment, it felt like we were watching the Spice Girls return.


Irene Kim becomes an ‘It’ Girl

Irene Kim is a Korean-American model, host, and entrepeneur who gained recognition in several fashion media outlets around the world, naming her the next fashion ‘It’ Girl. Her presence in every fashion week around the globe and her fun personality seen in her YouTube show “K-Style” made everyone pay close attention to her. She first started to appear in many street style blogs, and when people started finding out more about her, the obssession with her was instant. Irene is not only knowledagble in fashion, but she’s also an expert on Korean beauty products, that made her land a job as the global embassador of Estee Lauder. She appeared in ALDO’s fall/winter campaign and walked many fashion shows around the world, but the most special and iconic was the CHANEL Resort show in Korea. Moreover, at this year’s KCON, she had a panel about beauty and fashion trends, where many fans and even KultScene staff members were able to meet her. Irene’s distinct style has made her an influencer, which could be lucrative for her as brands will approach her to promote their products (click here for more information if you own a brand and are wondering how influencers could help you). She will be the go-to person when everybody wants to know all the new trends that are coming from Korea, from her fashion choices to her inspiring beautiful rainbow hair, Irene is part of our K-fashion moment for this year. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her in 2016.

irene aldoIrene Kim KCON 15 LA KultScene

BIGBANG “MADE” World Tour Wardrobe

Hedi Slimane’s (a french fashion designer, now creative director of Saint Laurent) influence in fashion is undeniable, not only did he challenge the norms in men’s tailoring and create a slim fit for suits, but thanks to him we have skinny and low waisted jeans (his creations in his time as creative director for Dior Homme). Why are we talking about him? Well, the BIGBANG members are no strangers to wearing SAINT LAURENT, or any pieces that have been inspired by Hedi Slimane. For the whole tour the boys sported skinny jeans with classic chelsea boots, slim fit blazers, animal prints, and bomber jackets, that one can’t deny that their whole look for the tour had a lot to do with Hedi’s influence. BIGBANG, being one of the most influential groups in K-pop, had all their fans wanting to emulate their looks. You could see during the tour how the fans dressed like them to attend their concerts. And yes, the fans might not have been wearing Saint Laurent or Versace or Neighborhood like the band did on stage, but it was a very easy look to copy. The complete looks are very sharp and modern, and gave BIGBANG a very sexy and chic attitude for their “MADE” World Tour.



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Perfect Styling on “She Was Pretty”


Every drama in Korea has really good stylists. The viewer can’t help but feel inspired by the outfits each character wears, but on “She Was Pretty,” the whole cast was styled to perfection. I’ve never seen a drama where there was so much attention to detail in the styling. The main characters played by Park Seo-Joon, Super Junior’s Siwon, Hwang Jung-Eum, and Koh Jon-Hee, had very distinct looks that matched perfectly with each character’s personality.


Park Seo-Joon had the typical flower boy outfits, but they styled him in ways we hadn’t seen before, like wide legged pants with a skinny blazer, or a trench coat with a puffy vest over, and the best part was his signature scarfs. On another note, Hwang Jung-Eum’s styling started very tomboyish and she grew into loving fashion; her style evolved into a boyfriend chic look. The wide pants she always wore created a statement, and who will forget the white socks and black Dr. Martens dress shoes that made Siwon’s character call her Jackson (because of Michael Jackson of course).go-joon-hee-and-hwang-jung-eum

Siwon’s character had the most avant-garde pieces in the bunch, his statement pieces were always amazing jackets and his hats. His styling matched perfectly and created a great contrast of looking tough on the outside while being one of the nicest characters we have seen in a Korean drama. However, Koh Jon-Hee’s character was my favorite in the cast. The way they styled her with men’s dress shirts that made it look like she was wearing an off shoulder blouse was incredibly smart. The drama’s stylist must have had a lot of fun coming up with outfits for her character. All those cute chokers she wore were to die for, and who could forget all the mini skirts that became her character’s fashion statement.

Even the secondary characters were styled always on point. A character in particular that had always over the top styling and sometimes it even looked trashy but it completely worked was Hwang Suk-Jun’s character. I couldn’t wait to see her each episode just to see what crazy look she was going to wear, and once again, it matched perfectly with her personality.

Did we miss any of your K-fashion moments of 2015? If so, let us know in the comments section below. Share your thoughts on the drama in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

Introduction To Korean Masks: 10 Masks In 10 Days

IMG_9787Korean beauty masks are all over the place nowadays. From sheets masks infused with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera or a product like the Jeju volcanic clay mask, which is said to help draw out impurities and reduce sebum, when it comes to Korean face masks, there are so many choices. Even American and other western websites have hopped on the bandwagon, so if you’re not using them already, well, why not? After living in Korea, I couldn’t imagine going a week without at least one mask, but a few days ago one of our writer’s sent me an article about one writer who decided to try two sheet masks a day for a week. That seems like a bit much, but it got me thinking about the fact that I have hoarded way too many Korean facial products for my own good (if there’s such a thing). So I decided to challenge myself: Ten masks in 10 days.

But I couldn’t just do 10 boring sheet masks in 10 days, oh no. Instead, I had to make it harder. Ten different types of masks in 10 days. Not too difficult. I could just use an animal mask one day and plain one another day, right? Not quite. Instead, each day, I wanted to try something new. So here are the sheet masks, the night masks, the hand masks, the masks you never could have imagined… Some are new to me, some I’ve tried before, but everything on here is a type of Korean mask.

Disclaimer: All masks featured in this article were purchased by me for personal use.

First Mask/Day 1: Lindsay Gold Modeling Rubber Mask

Attributes: “Uses colloidal gold extract to calm irritated skin and rejuvenate an exhausted, depleted complexion with a deep dose of hydration.”

Pros: It was a good experience, even though it was my first time using a rubber mask. I really enjoyed how it was like baking; it was like Duncan Hines for my face! After it was all dry, I was able to peel off most of the mask pretty quickly, in large clumps, so it was a pretty quick overall experience. I don’t know if I’ll try the gold one again because I’m afraid I reacted badly to something in it, but I’d love to try other rubber masks in the future.

Cons: My face felt dry afterwards rather than hydrated and it was hard to pull some of the remnants off at the end, although overall I definitely would like to try another rubber mask. The next day, my skin was really soft, but still felt slightly irritated.

Where Can You Find It: $6 at Glow Recipe

Second Mask/Day 2: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Attributes: “The intensive moisturizing sleeping mask makes skin clear, glowing, and revitalized in the morning, as if skin had a restful sleep, with the Sleep Tox function of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.”

Pros: Goes on easy, just like any other cream product. It smells really nice, and when I woke up in the morning, my skin felt pretty supple. This was my first time using it, but I’m going to definitely start using this sleeping mask regularly.

Cons: I honestly had a hard time getting the packaging open and nearly had to grab a knife to stab through the seal. Additionally, I don’t love feeling sticky when I wake up and I woke up feeling as if my face had been drenched in sweat. Once I washed my face off with cold water though, I felt much better and my skin definitely felt nicer than it does most mornings.

Where Can You Find It: $23 at Target

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Third Mask/Day 3: Olive Young Dreamworks I Am The “Watery” Penguin Hydrogel Mask

Attributes: “The Watery Penguin Hydrogel Mask sheet is the SOS solution for complex skin problems. A whole bottle of Magic essence is in this Hydrogel facial sheet to moisturize, sooth and give the stressed skin its elasticity back.”

Pro: THERE ARE PENGUINS ON THIS. No, but seriously. There are penguins on my face mask! Okay, but as for the actual mask. I really like this sort of gel mask, where there’s a lot of elasticity. I did one recently that felt like I was putting a mask of ziploc containers on my face; the material was that harsh. However, when this one was was on my face, I could feel the mask gradually lose its moisture, so I knew when it was time to take it off. And afterwards, my skin was really soft.

Cons: The hydration of the mask didn’t go so smoothly. Towards the edge of the mask, it was still really wet when the rest of the mask was 100 percent ready to be taken off. I ended up rolling the mask into a ball and rolling it over my face to spread the moisture, which is definitely not written on the directions.

Where Can You Find It: $3.57 at Koreakos

Fourth Mask/Day 4: Missha Home Aesthetic Paraffin Foot Mask

Attributes: “Special foot mask to provide moisture and nutrients to your dry skin to make it soft and sleak.”
Pros: I’ve used this before – usually once a week (thanks NYC streets!) – as well as a similar one on my hands, and love it. It makes my feet feel like they’ve just been massaged with a lot of moisturizers. It reminded me of what my friend experienced after using CBD oil from a store like Blessed CBD (https://blessedcbd.co.uk). I know oils are moisturizing, however, her legs were skinning bright after its use. Anyway, this foot mask has a bonus, because these are like booties themselves, instead of having an extra plastic wrapper that you have to add after the initial bootie, so they’re easy to get on. I wouldn’t suggest walking around the house, but you don’t have to be bound to a specific spot while using them.

Cons: I’ve used these a few times and the stickers that come with the booties to seal them almost are always completely too drenched, so I feel like I’m losing out on a bit of the moisture.

Where Can You Find It: $1.82 at Rose Rose Shop

Fifth Mask/Day 5: Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Mask in Peach

Attributes: “Facial massage pack formulated with fruit and yogurt to soften, nourish, and replenish skin.”

Pros: My face felt nice and clean after using, but I felt like it maybe should have been a exfoliating scrub and not a pack. It was really goopy, which some people may like since it holds in more moisture, but it just seemed heavy to me.

Cons: See above regarding the texture, plus the smell was a bit off-putting since it smelled exactly like peach yogurt (some people may like that too!).

Where Can You Find It: $10.90 for a pack of four yogurt packs Yesstyle

Sixth Mask/Day 6: The Face Shop Tiger Character Mask

Attributes: Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Dual Solution

Pro: This is pretty much a basic sheet mask, so if you have never done one before and want to try your first Korean sheet mask, The Face Shop’s sheets in general, not just the character masks, are a good choice. They contain a lot of moisture and are really easy to unfold. The sheet itself is pretty thin, so even while you feel like you’re absorbing the moisture, your skin can breathe.

Cons: Most Korean sheet masks are similar, but I’ve never had to manipulate a mask as much as this one to cover beneath my eyes and the space between my nose and lips. (I actually pulled quite a big portion of it over my hairline so that the majority of my skin was covered). It may have been necessary for the animal features, though.

Where Can You Find It: $13.30 for 5 masks at Amazon

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Seventh Mask/Day 7: Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Attributes: “Formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes.”
Use these about once a month usually.

Pros: These are essentially sheet masks, pint-sized for just beneath your eyes. Pretty basic and simple to use. I have dark circles under my eyes and they don’t really seem to do much for those, but I don’t see any bags (which is surprising, given my general lack of sleep so I’ll give the eye patches that).

Cons: Do not get the liquid into your eyes; it stings. Also, be careful when you’re taking them out. The first time I couldn’t get both pieces of plastic off of the cotton, so I thought it supposed to add texture. It’s not.

Where Can You Find It: $1.30 at Etude House

Eighth Mask/Day 8: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Attributes: “A clay mask with Jeju volcanic scoria to absorb sebum and impurities for clean skin pores.”

Pros: I have very large pores and I’ve been using this mask for a few years. The clay feels like clay, so I like that instead of some of the liquid “clay” masks I’ve tried in the past. It goes on really smoothly and if you’re careful, you can literally cover your whole face; I’ve put it over my eyes on numerous occasions and it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Cons: It doesn’t come off so neatly, so make sure to use a wash cloth otherwise you may end up with small bits of clay all over your face for the next few hours.

Where Can You Find It: $14 at Innisfree

Ninth Mask/Day 9: Kocostar Split End Therapy Hair Mask

Attributes: “Kocostar Split End Mask repairs, rebuilds, and strengthens damaged hair for softer, shinier, healthier tresses. Infused with a rich concentration of hair-saving ingredients including argan oil, simply wrap your hair with this sheet treatment, leave in, then remove to rebuild and strengthen hair, leaving strands soft, moisturized, shiny, and healthy.”

Pros: I’ve never used a hair mask/wrap before, but I know Koreans spend a lot of time and money on hair treatments, so when I saw this at Urban Outfitters, I decided to give it a try. I don’t have that many split ends, but they’re always a problem in between haircuts.

Cons: Aside from a bit of difficulty to make sure all of my ponytail was in the wrap, I don’t know if there are any real bad things. However, I honestly have no idea if it made my split ends go away after one use, so it’s a bit different than other masks which make you immediately recognize softer skin or, like a clay mask, are meant to be used repeatedly to get rid of an issue.

Where Can You Find It: $5 at Urban Outfitters

Tenth Mask/Day 10: Whamisa Real Kelp Sheet

Attributes: “Instant wrinkle improving/ improving skin brightening/ decreasing swollen face/pore contraction/ improving skin grain/ skin gloss improving/ 72 hours skin moisturizing/ skin transparence improving/ clinical tested by Kyung Hee University, skin life engineering laboratory.”

Pros: I honestly couldn’t think of anything due to…

Cons: The intense smell really disgusted me. The entire time I was wearing it, I just wanted the sheet off my face, which is unfortunate. But it smelled like dead fish and the beach to me. The second smell was okay, the latter not so much. I don’t think I’ll try this one again, unfortunately, because I was really excited to try this out after hearing about the benefits of seaweed. The mask is made out of kelp, which I thought was cool, but I think it backfired for me personally.

Where Can You Find It: $14 at Glow Recipe

Final Result

Ten masks in 10 days seemed like a good idea and my skin is definitely more supple than it is with my normal beauty routine of using one or two masks a week. Trying out new and old masks alike definitely made me realize what I’m looking for in products and what sort of things I’m going to avoid in the future. So if you’re looking to try out a few masks to find the perfect one for you, 10 masks in 10 days is definitely the way to do it!

If you’re trying out 10 masks in 10 days, let us know! And if you have ideas for other Korean beauty products you’d like us to feature, share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

Red Velvet’s Conceptualization & Formidable Fashion

red velvet conceptualization feat

There’s no doubt that SM Entertainment is gearing up Red Velvet to be their next girl group sensation. Their fashion and music has evolved fast in their short career, but they’ve always maintained the playful feeling set in “Happiness,” their debut track. Since liveliness is their overall style, without a doubt, Red Velvet has shown us formidable fashion since the get-go. And now with their first album “The Red” out, the group has finally reached their full conceptualization, look and sound wise.

Let go back to last year, August 4 to be exact. SM Entertainment debuted “Red Velvet,” their newest girl band since f(x). Their look was very youthful and modern and appealed to the overall aesthetics and trends in fashion for that year. The ‘90s comeback was at its peak and SM’s stylist took inspiration from various internet fashion tribes like seapunk, normcore, and health goth. From that, they created Red Velvet’s signature look: a collage of many different ideas merged together.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

Cheerleaders and school uniforms are a must to make a girl group look young, but Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy got upgraded versions and made the uniforms their own. The girls sported tennis skirts that were short in the front but long in the back, asymmetrical skirts, and tops that included sailor motives. The look was girly and fun, but with the outfits paired with creepers and the multi colored hair, the girls had a modern edge (and to the viewers a way to differentiate each member) that was needed to make a new group stand out from the cuteness of the rest.

Photo via SM Entertainment

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However, Red Velvet was still cute in their own way; their fashion made every K-pop fan want what they were wearing. Flash forward a few months after their debut and their concept completely changed. The group released a cover version of the late ‘90s girl group S.E.S. “Be Natural”, and their look took a 180 degrees turn. The four members were dressed in classy, form-fitted suits that gave the girls a mature and sexy look. Coming from the youthful and colorful concept, Red Velvet confused us all with this new image, serving us the direct opposite. But nonetheless, the fashion was still exciting and pristine.


We already knew that Red Velvet’s name had a meaning — red being their sexy side and velvet being their soft one — but until “Be Natural,” we hadn’t seen the group’s duality. “Be Natural” was clearly Red Velvet’s introduction to their red side, and their stylist nailed it with the fashion choices for this track and promotions.

Moreover, with their next single “Automatic,” SM introduced a new member and it was the first time that we got to see the two sides of the group. The fashion was incredible and very on trend for spring/summer 2015. The ‘70s fashion had a revival and was at it’s peak, which the stylist managed to incorporate into the look and still give it the modern spin that didn’t seem costume-y. They even wore one of the most exciting collections for this year, Moschino by Jeremy Scott one inspired by Barbie.


Their next single “Ice Cream Cake” followed, and Red Velvet sedimented what their signature look and sound would be. This time, the group upgraded normcore outfits that followed a similar resemblance to their “Happiness” looks (i.e. tennis skirts and uniforms) and added fun pieces like the light-up faux fur jackets to keep it lively. The sound was a little creepy and crazy and took a few listens before loving the song, sure, but it was clearly their unique, quirky sound. It was a song filed under their “Happiness” concept and not the sultry one from “Be Natural” and “Automatic.”



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When a K-pop band finally releases it first full-length album, it’s when they have a clear picture of their concept. But with Red Velvet, their first album “The Red” was a great surprise that works cohesively with their previous releases instead of differing. With “Dumb Dumb,” the stylist kept playing with the collage of styles that they’ve had since debut; duality extends to every factor of the group. We still saw some normcore and health goth outfits mixed with other pieces that make them very relatable and unique and keeping the concept alive. Even the costumes in the music video play an important role and give them that quirkiness that they are now known for. They even keep playing with different colors for each member, very a la Spice Girls, to distinguish each member.


Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.26.29 AM

Furthermore, the sound of the music really works. It’s all over the place, but still very put together, just like their outfits. And, more importantly, it was an easier listen than “Ice Cream Cake,” making “Dumb Dumb” a winner for Red Velvet. The track has some brass, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic themes in the music, thus making it a very good experimental pop track, something not even SM’s experimental girl group f(x) has played with yet.

The members are still young and have a fresh image that is very suitable for whatever style SM puts them through. But now with their fifth single, it’s clear that if it’s fun, crazy or sexy and provocative, it’s going to be a Red Velvet track with amusing sounds and looks. With “The Red,” the group released a solid album with experimental sounds, and some tracks are even reminiscent of the early Girls’ Generation and f(x) songs. Red Velvet continues to surprise everyone with their talents, and now with their full conceptualization completed, the sky’s the limit. We can’t wait to see what’s next and where their success will take them.

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K-Pop Inspired Back to School Trends

KPop Inspired Back to School Trends FEAT

Mostly everyone around the world is already back to school. And the best part about going back to school is getting a new wardrobe. You can showcase a new style or an upgraded version. All the options we give you on this list are interchangeable, meaning you can play with almost every suggestion and make the look your own. For example, pairing a retro dress with a denim jacket. Remember these are just suggestions you can get your inspiration from. Fashion is always fun and we encourage you to have fun and get inspired with our K-pop inspired back to school trends.

Tennis Skirts

Red Velvet wore tennis skirts for their promotions for their mini-album “Ice Cream Cake” back in March, but they’re still relevant for the summer and onto fall. They are easy to pair up with anything and versatile since you can dress it down or up. For a casual look ready for school, pair it with your favorite crop top and a nice denim jacket and you are good to go. If you want to dress it up for a party after school or a nice dinner, pair it with a sequin top or a nice chiffon cami and let the skirt be the statement piece.

Photo via SM Entertainment

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Vintage Nostalgia

Girls’ Generation’s newest comeback saw the girls in retro pin-up looks. If you want to stand out amongst thousands of students, you can easily get inspired by their looks in “Lion Heart.” The best part of this is that you can find retro pieces at thrifts store without splurging. A-line dresses or skirts that accentuate your waist, paired with a simple cat eye and long wavy curls will give you the perfect retro look. Moreover, you don’t have to wear heels for this look. Nice flats will compliment the outfit very well, but if you want to transition it into a party look, change into a nice pair of heels and you are all set.

girls generation pinup retro look fashion

Photo by SM Entertainment


You can never go wrong with denim; it’s one of the most versatile items in everyone’s closet and can be paired with almost anything. But if you want to be daring and stand out, a cool trend that is still going strong for fall is denim on denim. No matter what gender you are, this look applies to you. Denim jackets over a denim shirt and denim jeans look amazing, it doesn’t matter if the denim is a different shade as longs as you think the combination looks great, go for it t. A popular item for women are A-line button up skirts they are the perfect nod to the ‘60s miniskirts and look great paired with anything.

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Graphics and Colors

got7 trends fashion back to school just right album jacket

Photo by JYP Entertainment

GOT7’s “Just Right” music video was full of colorful outfits. And if you take a closer look at their outfits, most of the shirts they wore have stripes and graphic words on them. The look borrows from the normcore style but is upgraded with colors and graphics. The looks are very simple yet have so much appeal due to to the multiple colors. This look is perfect for school because it’s comfortable and it’s also effortless chic. With this look, you can incorporate denim skirts or jeans and tennis skirts and will look amazing. Go to your closest American Apparel to get that color fix and have fun with their extensive gamma of colors.

Photo via JYP Entertainment

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Breaking Down KCON ’15 LA’s Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet fashion is always fun, but when it comes to a K-pop red carpet, we never know what we are going to expect. With no assigned dress code on KCON’s red carpet, the interpretation of fashion was open to the imagination of the artists’ stylists. Some opted for classic suits, while some looks seemed to come out of fashion editorials and others simply wore their performance outfits for that night of the “M! Countdown” concert. Here is this year’s break down of KCON ‘15 LA Red Carpet looks.

The Classic Suits

The easiest look for men on a red carpet is to go with a classic suit, but there are always some things you can add to make you stand out. Roy Kim kept it simple with a navy suit and paired it with a grey mandarin collar shirt and white sneakers. It was a very safe choice that transitioned perfectly onto his performance in the concert.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Son Ho-Jun, for his part, opted for a classic dark navy suit. The jacket had black detailing under the lapel that offered a modern take on the classic look. He paired it with a white shirt that featured a black collar and kept it crisp with a white skinny tie. The actor looked very happy and confident with his outfit, and made all the fans of “Reply 1994” scream and shout for him.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

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Eric Nam’s bright and contagious personality really shone through his clothes. He wore a blazer and dress pants, but sported them with a casual shirt and sneakers, making him look fresh and modern but still appropriate for a red carpet. Eric is known for this kind of look, so this was no surprise for his adoring fans. Eric looked sharp and very handsome and created a great atmosphere on the red carpet that made everyone in the audience have fun and enjoy his three minutes in the spotlight.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

In SHINHWA’s case, the group’s stylist made bolder choices. From Eric’s red jacket, and pairing black trousers with blue blazers on Jun Jin, the choices were daring but very fun. The member’s perfectly tailored suits looked incredible on them and made all of the Shinhwa Chanjos (SHINHWA’s fans) go crazy after their long wait to see this legendary group.

When Super Junior came out, everybody in the audience went nuts! The boys looked incredibly handsome and chic in their suits. The black suits fit well on each member, and everyone added their touch of their own personality to it. Heechul added his trademark style with a face mask that read SUPER JUNIOR” and paired it with amazing shoes that featured gold metal accents. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were the only ones that sported red bowties that made them stand out from the other members. Moreover, Ryeowook was the only one who wore a different jacket with a white trim on the lapel, but it still managed to look cohesive with the rest of the group’s styling. Super Junior was definitely one of the best dressed at KCON’s red carpet.

We all already know that Daniel Henney is a gorgeous man. But with the look he sported on the red carpet, he made everybody in the audience fall in love with him even more. The cream suit paired with a white shirt and black patent leather loafers was a risky choice, but it turned out to be a home run for Henney. He managed to look elegant and casual at the same time by opting out of a classic bow tie or wearing a tie. The look was minimal and clean, and it clearly made a fashion statement in the red carpet.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

There’s really not that much to say about Kim Soo Hyun; he is simply perfect! For his very short appearance in the red carpet, his stylist dressed him in a beautiful classic three piece black suit. He looked like a prince out of a fairy tale. His hair was pulled up, letting us see his gorgeous eyebrows and facial structure. Plus, the oversized black bow tie added a little fun to his look.

True To Their Concepts

In comparison to the men who were generally decked out in suits,girl groups usually dressed in costumes or their current concept of the album that they were promoting. SISTAR sparkled in their red carpet outfits. Hyorin, Bora, and Soyou opted for sequin daisy dukes in silver, gold, and emerald green, while Dasom sported a sequined long sleeve crop top, making the girl group look cohesive and performance ready. SISTAR wore these outfits to the concert and, literally and metaphorically, shined on stage.

Following their recent concept for their comeback “Heart Attack”, AOA sported their cheerleading outfits. The orange V-neck crop top with white and black trim was balanced perfectly with the circle wrap skort with orange piping. The outfits flattered each member and the color combination (even if it was a very Halloween palette — made the girls stand out.

The ladies of Red Velvet went a more casual and normcore route in their styling. They all wore tennis skirts in different colors, paired it with school athletic tees. Seulgi and Wendy wore baseball caps that made them look really cool. The pastel color palette looked great on the members and made them look very relatable and down to earth. They managed to look fun and young while still following their “Ice Cream Cake” concept.

The Fashionistas and Avant-Gardists

BLOCK B’s stylist really had fun with each member. Everyone was dressed in a different style that still showed each boys’ personality and fashion sense. Jaehyo wore one of the most coveted fashion items for this season, a Moschino by Jeremy Scott soda sweater. Zico wore a Thrasher jacket full of patches, tank top, and sweatpants, making him effortlessly cool. P.O. looked amazing in his suit and B-Bomb rocked the culottes in a very cool way.

Furthermore, GOT7 graced the red carpet with looks especially created for them by designer Ko Tae Young, who held a mini fashion show with the group during the convention. Bam Bam wore an amazing coordinated bomber jacket and shorts that were styled over ripped jeans a longline T-shirt and amazing Chelsea boots. JB looked very handsome with his hair up, oversized sunglasses, and patched military jacket. Mark stood out in a sleeveless jacket, showing off his arms, and paired with white culottes. While the rest of the members were styled in similar fashion, the group looked cohesive and ready for a fashion editorial.

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MONSTA X is another case like Block B. Each member had a different styling that showed their personalities really well. They had a more urban and streetwear inspiration for their styling, which made them look edgy and cool. The best look was Hyungwon’s long parka with the amazing Raf Simons for ADIDAS sneakers. Wonho and Minhyuk almost looked like twins, but still managed to bring out their personalities through their styling; Minhyuk looked cute, while Wonho looked sexy. Jooheon looked handsome with his red hair and a pink snapback. Shownu, Kihyun, and I.M.’s styling was a little bit more simple than the rest of the members, but still made them stand out and look cool.

Zion T. & Crush were two of the coolest men to grace the red carpet. And even if Crush’s look was a little bit more casual, the one who stole the show was Zion T. We all are accustomed to the amazing avant-garde looks and silhouettes he presents with his daring fashion choices. He looked simple yet fashion forward with his wide legged black culottes, a simple black T-shirt layered with a printed dress shirt (which had the same print as Crush’s dress shirt), an oversized blazer, Vans sneakers.

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How To Get Girls’ Generation’s “Party” Music Video Summer Looks


Summer is here and it’s time to go out to your favorite vacation spot, to the beach, hit those endless pool parties and barbecues with your friends, and have the best time of your life. Summer is the time when you can look effortlessly chic with your fashion and have fun with bold colors and patterns and cool statement pieces. Girls’ Generation just released their new music video for “Party” embodying just that, with the girls showing different looks for this summer. And because who wouldn’t want to look as fresh as them, here’s how to get the Girls’ Generation’s “Party” looks.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

Finding the right bikini can be difficult. But when you find the one that you fell in love with, you will feel like a superstar on the beach or the pool. There are many retailers and online stores out there with great swimwear, like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Missguided, YESSTYLE, and many others, to find tropical and edgy bikinis to mimic Girls’ Generation’s pool and beach looks. In the video, the girls wore different styles, from high-waisted bottoms to ruffle tops, so you can pick the one that best suits you. You can go a little bit more edgy and sexy like Sunny and Hyoyeon with a high waisted bottom and wired cup top. Or be a little bit more feminine and fun with ruffles and tropical motives like the other girls did.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

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Crochet is one of the hottest trends for this summer, and they can double as bikini cover ups or as a cute breezy top for this hot season. Wear your bikini under your favorite crochet dress or with a beautiful crochet top and compliment it with high waisted denim shorts, preferably ripped to give you an edgier vibe that will contrast very well with the crochet top of your choice. If you are lucky enough, you could try to find a beautiful crochet maxi dress like the one that Seohyun is wearing on the music video.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

As far as accessories go, you can’t go wrong with tropical or flower necklaces. There are beautiful options for necklaces that will add that pop of shine and color to your outfit. In the music video the girls wear a lot of flowers not only on their necklaces, but on their hair. If you are going to do a flower crown, make sure it’s subtle and that it looks as if you grabbed some small flowers from the garden and put them very delicately in to your hair. Big Lana Del Rey flower crowns are a no for this season, but smaller flower crowns are a great accent to your prefered hairstyle.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

Speaking of hairstyles, did you notice that all the girls sported a beautiful textured beach hair? It varied from loose waves to beautiful beach braids. Taeyon’s hair was my favorite, with that strawberry blonde shade and pink ombre, which can be easily imitated. If you have lighter hair, color hair chalk will look great, but if your hair is on the darker side, colored hair spray will do the trick. To get that beach texture, a texturizing spray will work the best. One of the best products to get those beachy waves are the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe series, which are made with sea salt and sea kelp. Just spray it after you dry your hair and run your fingers through your hair to get the desired texture. If you can’t get a hold of any of those products, towel dry your hair making sure it still has some moisture and squeeze your hair with your fingers in an up and down motion while you dry your hair with a hair dryer. This will create natural waves but make sure to add some hairspray if you hair is naturally straight.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

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For a summer night party, the girls opted for shiny sequin outfits. The looks were very simple, but the sequin really pops and adds a lot of fun to the outfit. You can choose from a beautiful sequin dress and pair it with your favorite heels, or if you want to be super comfortable, take a look at Hyoyeon with amazing sequin boyfriend jeans and crop top. Not only does she look edgy, but she looks amazing and suits her style really well.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

There are many trends that are in for this summer, and Girls’ Generation’s stylist really nailed it for this music video. Usually, the girls are in coordinated uniforms that seem to come out of outer space or an airline. This time, the girls were styled very naturally with trendy clothes for the summer, which makes the girls very approachable.

Take a look at the items below, they are the perfect match to any of the looks in the music video.

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