Things Learned at KCON 2014

This past weekend, Los Angeles’ Exposition Park saw the presence of thousands of fans for KCON 2014, looking to delve into different aspects of Korean culture with food, music, and overall entertainment. While most of the panels and workshops gave attendees great insight on several topics, it’s safe to say that everyone who purchased a ticket for KCON did it with the intention of seeing the artists in the incredible two-day lineup for M! Countdown.

But whether it was the concert or the convention itself, KCON was a great learning experience filled with eye-opening facts. Here’s a short list of that:

1. BTS is the new/next EXO
Before inciting EXO-L (exotics?), let’s look at the facts: If you attended KCON last year, you’ll remember the sea of fans wearing EXO apparel at the event and the frenzy the boys created at the concert. They were so arduous that it was even easier to hear the fans singing along to Wolf rather than the group itself.

bts kcon

Courtesy of CJ E&M

This happened again this year, but with BTS. Throughout the day, ARMY could be easily spotted from their fan apparel and cosplay. And who could forget the wails heard throughout the arena once the boys levitated from the platform, or even the fan chants (which don’t necessarily always happen at U.S. events)? This made Rap Monster’s reiteration of their group’s name sound funny when it was clear that half of the audience was there to see them.

2. Eric Nam is the friendliest idol ever
Viki brought Eric Nam to KCON as their special guest, where he held meet-and-greets with fans on each day of the convention. Furthermore, he also served as the host for the two red carpet events (one for each day), where fans and press met the artists for quick questions and pictures.

During the fan meetings, the line at the Viki tent extended well into other areas of the Marketplace. Many fans lined for their chance to get a selfie with Eric, since this was open to everyone and didn’t require a card like the other fan meetings with the performing artists. Eric received every fan with a great smile, seemed genuinely thankful when hearing compliments, and was as chatty as ever.

Furthermore, during the red carpet events, Eric interacted with the fans more so than the featured artists themselves. He responded to their screams, sang bits of Ooh, Ooh, and even stayed behind after the event ended to take many pictures with fans.


3. Taeyeon seemed fazed about her first performance post-scandal
KCON marked Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s first concert appearance since hell broke loose with her dating scandal involving EXO’s Baekhyun. Right from the start, the leader had a somber look and didn’t appear as her fierce self, seeming a bit disengaged when she opened up their set with Mr. Mr. Was she reluctant about the audience’s response? Did she fear another black ocean? We might never know, but what we do know is that, by the end of their performance, Taeyeon had warmed up to the audience. Maybe this was due to fans’ holding up messages commemorating Girls’ Generation seventh anniversary, saying they would always support the group. Or maybe the fans’ reception of them and their songs gave her confidence. But, again, this is only speculation.

Girlst generation kcon

Courtesy of CJ E&M

4. What you see is what you get with Jung Joon Young
Throughout Jung Joon Young’s multiple KCON appearances, the rocker made it a point to separate himself from the idols joining him on stage. How he did this? Well, by being real — or realer, for that matter. During the Danny from L.A. taping and the red carpet event on August 9th, Joon Young repeatedly said he felt sleepy and showed no signs of fake amusement. Even at the red carpet, when Eric tried to get some kind of emotion out of him, Joon Young stuck to his guns and only proclaimed that he was tired, and smiling for fans and photographers briefly. While this kind of behaviour would be seen as rude from idols, it serves the rocker’s bad boy image that we see in similar artists.

Jung Joon young 3

5. IU’s English is very good
Despite IU being pretty well-established in Korea, KCON was the singer’s first U.S. performance. In order to introduce herself to American fans for the first time, IU spoke exclusively in English, apologizing for what she thought was sub-par English. This, of course, wasn’t true. Compared to other acts, IU was a native speaker. While she was hesitant upon every uttered word, her deliverance was spot on and intelligible.

iu kcon

Courtesy of CJ E&M

6. Asian American acts featured were very talented and popular
The Asian American Artists panel at the convention featured rappers Shin-B and DANakaDan, producer Jeff Bernat, and singer Jhammel, highlighting the acts’ popularity among con-goers. They all even held fan meets and performances on the outdoor and main stage throughout the weekend with great turnouts, which showcased not only their innate talent, but their ability to hold their own in an event with foreign language-speaking headliners.


7. Video games are Korea’s number one cultural export, not K-Pop
When you hear “Hallyu,” the first thing that generally comes to mind is K-Pop, right? I mean, the Korean Wave’s poster child has to be Korea’s number one cultural export. Wrong. As Euny Hong points out in her book, The Birth of Korean Cool, and at the Hallyu Culture Shock panel, in which she participated, Korea’s main cultural exports are video games, not K-Pop. This came as a surprise for an audience who was used to the association of “Hallyu” and “K-Pop” together. Truly eye-opening, indeed.

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Playlist Sunday: All Guys

We already went over our favorite girl group songs, so why not move on over to the guys for this week’s Playlist? The ladies definitely hold their power in the K-Pop industry, but let’s not forget about the guys who also demonstrate powerful vocals and release addicting songs! Here’s our picks for what we’re currently listening to for male idols:

VIC‘s (Oyster) is not only emotional, but it shows off his amazing vocal skills and accompanies quite a depressing music video. It’s such a shame that he’s not an extremely popular artist, because I can’t seem to find the translation of these lyrics! This doesn’t take away from the powerful feelings of anger and anguish you get from VIC, though. I remember when I first watched this; I didn’t know why, but it hit something inside, and I ended up with moist eyes afterwards. I have a special place in my heart for this song, even if I can’t really understand it, and I think that’s one of its best attributes.


    Last week, I finally downloaded Crush‘s Crush on You album, and I have been listening to one song on repeat since then. Hey Baby featuring Zion.T is (so far) my favorite song off of the album. The song begins with Crush beat boxing and his beautiful falsetto. Then the beat comes in and suddenly I feel like I’m listening to an 80s Michael Jackson track. As you listen to the song it is clear that Crush was influenced by MJ for this track. At one point Zion.T even says “MJ baby”.

    Crush’s vocals are amazing in anything he sings. Zion.T adds his flair throughout the song as well. I love this pairing of Crush and Zion.T. This song is super upbeat and a fun song to listen to and sing along to. I’m never disappointed with anything Zion.T does and Crush has already proved to me that he’s an extremely talented artist and producer.

    — Tara

    A lot of people know Seo In Guk as an actor, but I’ve liked him ever since I heard My Baby U. I’ve lately found myself listening to his romantic song Tease Me, for no apparent reason other than the fact that it’s playful, yet the melodious sound is exactly what I think a good song should sound like. Seo In Guk’s smooth vocals asking to fall in love slowly is absolutely beautiful.

    The music video depicts Seo In Guk as a stuntman who falls in love with the lead actress, who ignores him. He thinks they’re a perfect fit, but she teases him because they’re so far apart in the film industry. However, when he performs a stunt where his car overturns, the audience, and singer, sees that she actually likes him also. The nervousness in the confessor’s voice as he sings repeated lyrics makes it clear that this isn’t a song just about a stuntman and an actress; Tease Me is a song for anyone who’s ever felt that they’ve been teased by someone they’ve had a crush on.


    One day, while binge watching all of 2PM’s Youtube videos, I stumbled upon Jang Woo Young’s solo Sexy Lady, and instantly fell in love with it. The song might not be much vocally, but the beat, catchy chorus, and dance moves lured me in on the first listen (or watch, for that matter). Moreover, there’s just something about a guy singing about lusting over a sexy woman over a demure one that just gets to me! And strangely, I completely dig that blonde look on Woo Young; he looks like a sexy man himself.


    After watching B1A4 at KCON 2014, I fell more in love with them. Each members’ personalities really stand out and they are very funny. That’s why I love their comeback song Solo Day. If you tie in the video, the choreography, and the song, it’s a perfect combination. The video is very funny and has a quirky ending. Their vocals in the song are very soothing and make the upbeat ballad lift you up and lets you know it’s ok to be solo. Beware, after you listen to this song you will end up doing the whistle and singing along to the addicting chorus.


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    Playlist Sunday: All Girls

    K-Pop is a genre mostly dominated by the male idol groups or soloists. It’s hard to find girl group fandoms as dedicated and loyal as ELF or VIP –unless you’re Blackjack or SONE. But K-Pop girl groups are so much more than just Girls’ Generation and 2NE1, even though we also love them. So for this week’s playlist, we’ll focus on girl groups that need a little more love and attention.

    This week I cannot get enough of f(x)’s Milk, their lead-off track on their Red Light album. The songs starts out kind of quirky with the sounds of a cat meowing and a dog barking, as the cat swats at the dog and it whimpers. We also hear glass break and then we hear a gun being cocked. From there we go right into the vocals. The song has a chill, laid-back vibe in the beginning. The girls’ vocals compliment each other extremely well, especially during the harmony parts.

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite part of this song. The whole thing is so different and interesting from the other K-Pop songs out there that I haven’t tired of listening to it yet. And I don’t foresee that I will tire of it anytime soon. At first listen, it may seem a bit strange, but trust me when I say that by the end of the song, you’ll most likely hit the replay button.


    Right when Miss Korea began with the smooth guitar riff, I knew I was in love with Lee Hyori‘s comeback last year. It’s a perfect blend of classy and sexy, along with an interesting style in clothing. The music video is grayscale and brings up a retro feeling, especially with some of the outfits and dance sequences that she uses. The chorus is addicting, and the entire song is absolutely mesmerizing. I definitely love and prefer her sultry tone! What makes this even more marvelous are the lovely drag queens she performs with in one of the scenes.


    If Girls’ Generation and f(x) where to have a child, the result will be SM’s newest girl band Red Velvet. They just debuted this week, and I can’t get enough of the group’s song! The title is Happiness, and it suits the track very well. I find myself feeling very happy and bubbly when I listen to this song.

    I really love Happiness because it’s very easy to listen. Seulgi’s rap is very good and doesn’t show up in the song randomly. I also really like the whole seapunk feel of the track. The tropical sounds and drums give it a very unique feel. From the bridge and into the chorus there is a perfect transition, and that chorus is so catchy.They barely debuted and I feel like I already fell in love with these girls.


    When it comes to speaking about the girls, I can’t help but think of Girl’s Day’s Female President. One of the most empowering songs out of K-Pop in recent years, Female President reminds women that there’s a female president in South Korea, so why shouldn’t every girl do whatever she wants? There’s no reason to be coy, or play hard to get; just take what you want.

    The video breaks all of the stereotypes of most K-Pop songs, with the members stripping in silhouette in the beginning, and then two of the members dressing up as a couple questioning its relationship. The whole thing was extremely shocking at the time of its release, portraying Girl’s Day as both sexy and powerful women. And if that wasn’t enough, Yura’s dress gave the misconception that she was actually naked.

    Female President’s catchy sound and message led to the song being a major success. Take a listen, and try to resist standing up and thinking (male or female) that you can do every and anything that you want.


    I’ve never been a big fan of miss A, despite them having better messages in their lyrics than most girl groups. But once they released Hush, I began paying them more attention. That’s how one day while listening to Seoul FM, I spotted a miss A song that I now play regularly on my own playlist, Lips.

    I like how their voices sound very sultry throughout the song as they fantasize about kissing the boy they like; it makes for a very sexy song to sway your shoulders to while singing. Moreover, the chorus and bridge are very easy to follow. My favorite part is the boom boom la la li lala negero, but the whole song is great, really.


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    Fantasy Vs. Reality: Performances at KCON 2014

    If you’ve ever been to KCON, or any concert event with many different artists, you’ll know that groups generally only sing a couple of songs from their extent and loved repertoire. The ones performed are generally the most famous, or the most recent, leaving behind lots and lots of fan favorites.

    With this year’s KCON 2014 right around the corner, we thought we’d play a little game of fantasy versus reality. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s list a few songs we can expect the artists at KCON will perform as opposed to those they probably won’t, but we would absolutely love if they did. And, while the artist roster for the concert is bigger, we’ll only be focusing on six acts.

    1. G-Dragon
    RealityWho You? G-Dragon performed at KCON last year at the eve of his then upcoming album, Coup d’Etat. Since it hadn’t been released yet, he only played Niliria (with Missy Elliot joining him on stage) and tracks from his One Of a Kind EP. This means that G-Dragon will focus on his latest album, and, since Who You? was the last song he promoted, we can expect to see him jumping around the stage while jamming to this.

    Fantasy: Heartbreaker. Ah, one can dream, right? G-Dragon has said in interviews how the music video for Coup d’Etat shows how much he’s grown as an artist since his Heartbreaker days. Taking this and the fact that the song has been scrapped from the tracklist in BIGBANG shows, it’s safe to assume KCON 2014 attendees will miss out on GD dancing more intrinsic choreographies.

    2. Girls’ Generation
    Reality: I Got a Boy. The last time Girls’ Generation had a show in the U.S., The Boys was already an old song. Since then, they’ve had two comebacks in Korea, which means they will perform I Got a Boy without a doubt. However, despite I Got a Boy’s concept being so different from Mr. Mr.’s, I think they’ll perform in something more similar to the latter’s style. It’ll be interesting to see the contrast in the choreographies in their signature very feminine glam outfits.

    Fantasy: Hoot. Girls’ Generation is one of those groups with an extent repertoire of loved songs that make it impossible to cater to the fans’ wishes. Their older songs will definitely take the hit, especially the ones that weren’t so big, such as Hoot. This song would be awesome to see live, because its sound is so different to everything else that Girls’ Generation has done.

    3. CNBLUE
    Reality: Can’t Stop. CNBLUE recently played in Los Angeles at the L.A. Korea Festival back in April, where they performed their latest song, Can’t Stop. This will most likely happen again, as they haven’t released any new songs in Korea lately. So those of us that went to that event (and are planning on attending KCON as well) already know that this song will be performed in the main stage with a huge piano. Nevertheless, a great sight to see again, indeed.

    Fantasy: I’m a Loner. Festival types of concerts have shown time and time again that the older a group is, the probability for them to perform their debut song decreases. This is CNBLUE’s case. The band has released many hits since I’m a Loner that typically get chosen over it. Taking the absence of this particular performance at the L.A. Korea Festival, it’s predictable that it will happen again at KCON. It’s a shame attendees will miss the chance to sing that incredibly catchy chorus. Sigh

    4. BTS
    Reality: Boy In Luv. Following the trend of the most recent releases, BTS’ Boy In Luv will surely be performed at the concert. The song had great response at BTS’ Show and Prove show in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, so the guys will probably deliver a stronger stage due to the larger audience.

    Fantasy: N.O. BTS’ debut concept dealt with a lot of defiance and nonconformism. This changed with their latest comeback, which is more conventional to K-Pop. N.O is a great anthem for youth to stand up for themselves, and the performance conveyed the same energy. But since this song wasn’t as popular as, let’s say, We Are Bulletproof, fans won’t get to see the performance.

    5. Teen Top
    Reality: Rocking. At last year’s KCON, Teen Top debuted Rocking. However, this is their latest release. It’s weird to picture them performing the same stage, but since they have no new songs, it’s expected to see them perform this piece again. Although it would be the greatest surprise to have them debut a new track at this year’s concert, or switch things up with completely different songs.

    Fantasy: Supa Luv. Yet another example of the debut song being pushed aside. It would be very interesting if they changed the concept of Supa Luv to make it something new — especially since this song was scoffed last year too.

    6. Eric Nam
    Reality: Ooh Ooh. Eric Nam recently made his comeback with Ooh Ooh, so this is definitely happening. Too bad INFINITE is not part of the KCON 2014 artist roster for Hoya to join him onstage, kind of like Henry and f(x)’s Amber’s last year performance of 1-4-3.

    Fantasy: Eyes, Nose, Lips cover. Eric hasn’t had a long career, so he doesn’t have many releases. Despite this, the probability of him singing a cover is slim, even though that’s how he was first discovered and what he continues to do on his Youtube account. But, to take this fantasy scenario up another notch, let’s picture Eric and BTS’ Jimin singing it as a duet.

    Honorable Mention
    Fantasy: Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun’s Banmal Song. Yes, I’m one of those people; I can’t get over shipping Yongseo, I just can’t! This song is so cute, and it melts everyone’s heart every time they sang it on the show. But this idea is not so far fetched. Oh no. When We Got Married was on air, the fictional couple performed the song at a festival they both attended — so it’s not completely off the table, right? Right? Well, once again, one can dream.

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    Win an Autographed Crayon Pop CD!

    Remember last week when KPOPme brought you coverage from Crayon Pop‘s first USA Fan Meet and opening performance at Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Ball? Well, besides putting together reviews, pictures, and video from both events, our staff managed to bring yet another surprise: an autographed copy of Crayon Pop’s The Streets Go Disco CD.

    And while we’re all Crayon Pop fans here and would love to keep the copy, we decided to give it away to our loyal readers. Yes, you read that right: we’re giving away an autographed copy of Crayon Pop’s The Streets Go Disco!

    crayon pop signing

    This will be an open giveaway, meaning anyone from anywhere around the world can participate (don’t worry, we’ll take care of shipping costs). There are a few rules, of course, but they’re quite simple. The widget further down this post is self-explanatory, but we’ll fully explain so there isn’t room for confusion.

    In order to participate to win the CD, we ask that readers like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our site, and tweet a message about participating in the contest. And that’s it! Easy, right?

    The giveaway is running from July 29th at midnight through August 9th at midnight as well. The dates and times will be in Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be chosen at random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

    [Update 07/30/14: Incomplete entries will result in immediate disqualification. We will check] 

    Once the contest is over, the widget on this post will display the winner, who must contact us within two days at If we don’t get a message from the winner, we’ll have to redraw to keep it fair for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Enter to win an autographed Crayon Pop CD!

    Crayon Pop Giveaway

    Here’s a little video for proof:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Playlist Sunday: Goofy Tunes

    In an industry where highly processed and staged music videos are the staple, it’s refreshing to see something with a goofy plot or props. That’s why for this week’s playlist we’re going the funny route, check it out!

    Nothing get’s me more excited than the beat for Crayon Pop’s Uh-Ee; it has something that makes me really happy (I even have it set up for my alarm). Crayon Pop always makes the goofiest and most fun dances, and I love how easy they are to follow. After meeting Crayon Pop in their 1st USA Fan Meet and watched their opening performance for Lady Gaga, I feel more in love with them. They give out so much energy in their performance and they are really nice. The video that accompanies the song is also very funny and I find myself cracking up every time I watch it.


    Bigstar’s Run&Run is a song and video that I can never get sick of. The first time I saw the video, I instantly fell in love with Bigstar. It was the first video I had seen of theirs, and the fun video and song got me hooked. In general, I’m a sucker for bright colors and patterns, and the music video for Run&Run has all of that more. It’s a fun and quirky video that almost everyone can relate. The video shows the aftermath of a night of epic partying, all complete with a catchy chorus and an impressive dance routine.


    Not only did this song stalk me throughout my stay in Seoul, (I wish I was joking), it is one of the weirdest, most hilarious songs that K-Pop has created in a long while. While Orange Caramel is meant to be slightly odd, B1A4 turned out to be a goofball of an idol group just by having the members acting like themselves. The song is catchy for it’s random lyrics and tune, with breaks that seem a bit atypical for the song but actually match the whole feeling.

    The music video involves the B1A4 acting as the directors of a love relationship. But this isn’t just a normal romance; the man and woman wear masks that make them appear creepily like Barbie and Ken dolls. The title What’s Happening is very apt, considering that the music video is bizarre and confusing, but it’s definitely one of my favorite songs.


    Rather than Super Junio-Happy, this Super Junior subunit should be called “Cute.” And it is because Pajama Party is an explosion of cuteness that it is consequently goofy: I mean, seriously, here you have some of the “manliest” members of the group living in a comic book and being scared of a gorilla who’s trying to get into the apartment!

    From their cute pajamas, to the cute choreography, to their cute expressions; there’s just no way you can take these guys seriously in this setting. Pajama Party is just a fun song to dance and sing along to. It’s safe to say that the music video is a huge fan service to ELF, similar to everything they do on their Super Shows and thus why I love them ( ˘ ³˘)❤.


    Who else is goofier in their music video than G-DRAGON singing CRAYON? From his outrageous outfits to his equally crazy antics and the addicting get your CRAY on chorus, there’s not really much that isn’t strange in this video. At some parts, he’s sports a devilish grin, and at others? Well, he’s just… loopy! There’s also nothing wrong with being quirky, either, because it’s completely hilarious watching him goof off. I kind of want to join in, because it looks like he’s having a bunch of fun! Why should life be a total bore when you can let go and not be so serious?


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    Playlist Sunday: Love Edition

    When it comes to love, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t come in a packaged, conventional way. No; love has many shapes and forms and can’t be restricted to just one definition. It can be big and boisterous for a higher power, or small and growing for a significant other. For this week’s playlist, we chose songs that talk about overall love, whether it’s love confessions, feeling desperate over it, or just embracing and rejoicing it.

    After seeing BTS at their free showcase, Show & Prove, in Los Angeles this week, they became my current obsession. So naturally when I found out about the theme for this week’s playlist, I automatically thought of their song, Boy In Luv. This is one of my favorites from BTS; it’s cute, but it still showcases their tough side. The beginning is the part that I love the most: telling the girl “I want to be your oppa” is just too cute coming from them. They are in love with a bad girl, and they don’t know what the girl wants or what to do to be with her. Poor guys; the girl just keeps playing and teasing them! The music video is very fun and has the group looking very cute and sexy with school uniforms. Get ready to get addicted to the song’s chorus; it’s very catchy.


    Ailee‘s Evening Sky isn’t a typical love ballad about a couple; her composition actually brings up her faith and devotion to her religion and God. While that isn’t a romantic sort of ordeal, the song is still a wonderful example of another kind of love that can exist. She showcases her beautiful voice and amazing control in this piece, as she goes from soft and soothing to powerful vocals seamlessly.

    Her lyrics are also extremely poetic, as she struggles with keeping a personal attachment to God despite sharing the faith with many other people. Even if you look past such allusions, it’s not difficult to see that this is a sweet song of adoration, confusion, trust, and acceptance. What else do you need in love? You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this, and that’s just another reason why I picked Evening Sky for this week’s playlist.


    One of the most tender songs I’ve ever heard is Falling In Love With A Friend by Beige, featuring Super Junior‘s Ryeowook. Although it’s a featured song, the two really are collaborating, singing each part of the couple that’s struggling to make the jump from being good friends to something more. The confession itself is beautiful, depicting the nervous anticipation of friends who have reached this point.

    Rather than being a slow, soft ballad to depict the anxious emotions, Beige and Ryeowook’s duet has an upbeat melody that helps portray the happy feelings of each other as they realize that they want to be closer. The music video is also well done, partially being a behind-the-scenes look while the two recorded, but it also features the two as friends in circumstances where they bond and grow more fond of each other. All in all, it’s an adorable song about reaching out and confessing to your beloved.


    I don’t remember when or how I first heard 15&’s Can’t Hide It, but, from the opening lines, I immediately knew this would be on repeat for a while. The chorus of the song is mostly in English ,and the girls sing “I’m in love” throughout it. I’m in love with this song! Can’t Hide It is a perfect spring and summer love piece.

    The beat and music is reminiscent of ’90s and early ’00s R&B. Jimin and Yerin’s voices are perfect for this genre. The ladies’ power vocals carry the notes effortlessly, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s always on my car playlist, and, every time it comes on, I blast it and sing along enthusiastically. I have to admit that I try to convince myself that I sing as well as the talented duo (which I clearly don’t). These girls own their live stages, too, which is amazing. If you haven’t heard Can’t Hide It, then I suggest you listen to it and then go buy it; you won’t regret it, I promise!


    Earlier this week when watching ASC After Show, Eric Nam and GOT7’s Jackson and Mark danced to their song, I Like You. I instantly had it stuck in my head all week. The backup vocals repeating nan niga joha, niga joha had me doing the elbow swaying dance as I jammed along. Some people in my household (who will remain unknown) said that it was annoying, but I love it! I dig that all the boys got to showcase their talents –Yugyeom, Mark, Jackson, and Bam Bam with their fierce rapping while Jr., JB, and Youngjae with their powerful yet soothing vocals — to the max. I Like You is the boys’ love confession to a girl, complimenting her on everything they like about her. It kind of made me draw parallels between this track and One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful. I listen to it while driving or writing (or pretty much all the time). The music doesn’t overpower their vocals, making them the true stars of the song and not just the producer.


    What’s your favorite K-Pop love song? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter,
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    Fan Fashion: BTS Show & Prove in Los Angeles

    Every time there is a new concert, especially a K-Pop one, I start thinking what outfit I’m going to wear. Being a fashion aficionado, one of the first things I do when I get to the concert is to check out everyone’s outfits. So naturally, when we attended BTS Show & Prove at Troubadour in Los Angeles on July 14th, that’s one of the first things we checked out. The concert was free, and while we waited for the show to start, we chatted with some fans and took street style photos of our top picks for best Fan Fashion.

    First off, I want to start by saying how much I appreciate to see when men take time and really think of what they are going to wear; attention to detail is a very important key to give a very unique taste to your look.

    Fan Fashion BTS 1

    Here he made emphasis on the different prints, almost creating an ombré effect. His accessories were simple statement pieces that matched well with the overall look . The look was obviously inspired by BTS and gave a very KTZ and Givenchy feeling.  

    Check out these cool articles around the web

    I love when girls mix masculine elements with feminine ones. These girls really knew how to implement this style very well. Flowers (which are  one of the hottest trends for summer) were their main point of focus.

    Fan Fashion BTS 2

    She was definitely one of my favorite looks. Mixing white lace with the flower circle skirt was very on-point. The black crop-top created a great contrast for the look.  Her ying-yang chocker necklace and backward hat was a cool nod to the ’90s. And those sandals! Those sandals! Good, good job!

    As we were about to leave to have lunch,  I spotted this cutie. Even though her dress is an eye-catcher, I went straight to her shoes. I love creepers with monk straps and this is one of my favorite styles of shoes to wear.  The print of her dress not only features flowers, but also really cool looking angels (they are even wearing sunglasses!). Her gold accessories and hat gave her a really badass look!

    Fan Fashion BTS 3


    Fan Fashion BTS Shoes Monk Strap

    There is nothing wrong with wearing kids plush toy backpacks, epecially if it is a Pikachu (one of my favorite characters of all time). This obviously caught my attention. Moreover, her blue hair was really cool, and her pop of color with the varsity orange cropped top was paired very well with her black ripped jeans. Remember when I talked earlier about attention to detail? Look at her necklace! It makes you want to read the word in her shirt with the word in her necklace creating “Perfect Faith”.

    Fan Fashion BTS 4

    These next two ladies had different styles, but both of them were very chic. The  girl on the left reminisced the grunge scene while making it her own with those pretty platform sandals. Usually for a grunge look, people pair boots or something tougher. But she made it look very chic with her choice of footwear.

    Shift dresses are very wearable for summer since they are comfortable and can look very well-put together. The girl on the right chose a leopard print but in gray and black, making the print a little more demure. The gladiator sandals with gold buckles are the only accessory she needs.

    Fan Fashion BTS 5

    After having lunch and heading back to the park, we sat down to rest and I spotted these ladies. They both were wearing pieces that I would love to have in my closet. That tropical varsity jersey was beautiful (I am already thinking of how many ways I can style the jersey). And the cherry on top was the customized classic ADIDAS with the platforms. I really really want them! If you are the girl on the right and are reading this, please let me know where you customized them or found them!


    Fan Fashion At BTS ADIDAS Platforms

    I met this lady last year at KCON while she cosplayed as Crayon Pop with her friend and they looked amazing. But this time she seemed like a female member of BTS back when they were promoting in all red outfits. I forgot to take a picture of her Totoro backpack, but her Rilakkuma purse was really cute too.  I loved how she added the blue tights; it made the outfit look so much more fun.

    Fan Fashion BTS 7

    The BTS show was a blast. One of the best concerts I have been in a while. Make sure to check out KPOPme’s review of BTS free showcase in Los Angeles to find out how it went.

    Make sure to put on your best outfit so you can be featured in the next Fan Fashion. Don’t forget to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagramTumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

    Playlist Sunday: I Wanna Dance

    You know those songs that just make you get up and move? Well, for this week’s playlist we have each picked K-Pop tunes that always make us move our feet. Whether it’s BIGBANG or Ailee, there are plenty of dance-worthy K-{op tunes out there for all to enjoy. Here are our picks for this week.

    If there’s a song I love blasting on my laptop while getting ready to go out, it’s Orange Caramel’s Bangkok City. Even though I’m not a big fan of the rave concept with the clown hair and outfits, it’s a great song to dance and sing along too. Plus, this is probably the group’s song that showcases Nana’s voice the best without making it cutesy fake to fit their overall concept. And that’s another thing! Even though they wear the little top hats and oversized bows, Bangkok City is probably the least cute song they have. Don’t get me wrong, I love Orange Caramel’s weirdly cute concept, but it’s refreshing to see another side to them while still remaining true to their brand.


    I Will Show You is one of the most fun, powerful songs that I’ve heard in a while. Ailee‘s powerful vocals and the beat are amazing, and the revenge message of “I will show you,” is extremely empowering. Ailee’s change from a bit of a nerd to a sexy woman to prove to MBLAQ’s G.O that he shouldn’t have broken up with her (once he got hot) is comical, but it’s something that many people with broken hearts probably feel like doing.

    However, I do have one small problem. At the end, G.O wants her back, but not because he realizes that he likes the old Ailee, but instead because he likes the new Ailee. Not cool. Love her for everything she was and is, not just what she’s changed into. The song is great, but the ending message is a bit lacking. Sure, Ailee knows she has him wrapped around her finger, but what about when she gets a bit old and can’t fit into those shiny dresses?


    f(x) is one of my favorite girl bands, and listening to their newest album Red Light, I fell in love with 뱉어내(Spit It Out). Everytime f(x) releases a song like this, it makes me remember why they became one of my favorite bands. They always have songs that make me want to blast them in my room, and of course, dance along and create my personal choreography to the song. This song has the element that I love about them, the way they blend different music genres together. The track has a lot of electronic and dance elements, and the way they all sing together at the chorus is what makes an f(x) song. My favorite part is when Amber yells “Spit it out” right before the beat goes up. Get your dancing shoes and get ready to dance!


    A surefire way to get everyone up and jamming is to blast BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby and watch the party begin. The eccentric fashion and totally hypnotizing lyrics (BOOM SHAKALAKA, anyone?) pulls you into this music video, and the addicting beat and chorus (Wow, Fantastic Baby) come in to make you stay. Every time this song comes up on my iPod, I get to have a little moment to myself and dance a little.

    Who could also resist TOP’s mesmerizing role as the vocal bass, or Taeyang’s powerful voice that lies in the bridge, tying the verses and the chorus together? Whether you’re a big fan of BIGBANG or not, it’s difficult not to move along when Fantastic Baby comes up!


    One song I can’t stop listening to is Jump by BTS. I first discovered the song during the showcase for their Skool Luv Affair album and haven’t stopped listening to it since. The rapping is what makes this song.

    Aside from great rapping from Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Mon, the overall tone of the song is upbeat and energetic. If you turn on Jump there won’t be anyone standing around. The whole song keeps an upbeat and fast tempo, which gets me in such a good mood and so energized and excited to do whatever I’m about to do. I listen to Jump almost every morning on my way to work to get my day started off right and to give me energy for the day.


    What’s your favorite dance song? Share your opinion with us! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.