Breaking Down KCON ’15 LA’s Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet fashion is always fun, but when it comes to a K-pop red carpet, we never know what we are going to expect. With no assigned dress code on KCON’s red carpet, the interpretation of fashion was open to the imagination of the artists’ stylists. Some opted for classic suits, while some looks seemed to come out of fashion editorials and others simply wore their performance outfits for that night of the “M! Countdown” concert. Here is this year’s break down of KCON ‘15 LA Red Carpet looks.

The Classic Suits

The easiest look for men on a red carpet is to go with a classic suit, but there are always some things you can add to make you stand out. Roy Kim kept it simple with a navy suit and paired it with a grey mandarin collar shirt and white sneakers. It was a very safe choice that transitioned perfectly onto his performance in the concert.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Son Ho-Jun, for his part, opted for a classic dark navy suit. The jacket had black detailing under the lapel that offered a modern take on the classic look. He paired it with a white shirt that featured a black collar and kept it crisp with a white skinny tie. The actor looked very happy and confident with his outfit, and made all the fans of “Reply 1994” scream and shout for him.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

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Eric Nam’s bright and contagious personality really shone through his clothes. He wore a blazer and dress pants, but sported them with a casual shirt and sneakers, making him look fresh and modern but still appropriate for a red carpet. Eric is known for this kind of look, so this was no surprise for his adoring fans. Eric looked sharp and very handsome and created a great atmosphere on the red carpet that made everyone in the audience have fun and enjoy his three minutes in the spotlight.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

In SHINHWA’s case, the group’s stylist made bolder choices. From Eric’s red jacket, and pairing black trousers with blue blazers on Jun Jin, the choices were daring but very fun. The member’s perfectly tailored suits looked incredible on them and made all of the Shinhwa Chanjos (SHINHWA’s fans) go crazy after their long wait to see this legendary group.

When Super Junior came out, everybody in the audience went nuts! The boys looked incredibly handsome and chic in their suits. The black suits fit well on each member, and everyone added their touch of their own personality to it. Heechul added his trademark style with a face mask that read SUPER JUNIOR” and paired it with amazing shoes that featured gold metal accents. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun were the only ones that sported red bowties that made them stand out from the other members. Moreover, Ryeowook was the only one who wore a different jacket with a white trim on the lapel, but it still managed to look cohesive with the rest of the group’s styling. Super Junior was definitely one of the best dressed at KCON’s red carpet.

We all already know that Daniel Henney is a gorgeous man. But with the look he sported on the red carpet, he made everybody in the audience fall in love with him even more. The cream suit paired with a white shirt and black patent leather loafers was a risky choice, but it turned out to be a home run for Henney. He managed to look elegant and casual at the same time by opting out of a classic bow tie or wearing a tie. The look was minimal and clean, and it clearly made a fashion statement in the red carpet.

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

Photo Alejandro Abarca for KultScene

There’s really not that much to say about Kim Soo Hyun; he is simply perfect! For his very short appearance in the red carpet, his stylist dressed him in a beautiful classic three piece black suit. He looked like a prince out of a fairy tale. His hair was pulled up, letting us see his gorgeous eyebrows and facial structure. Plus, the oversized black bow tie added a little fun to his look.

True To Their Concepts

In comparison to the men who were generally decked out in suits,girl groups usually dressed in costumes or their current concept of the album that they were promoting. SISTAR sparkled in their red carpet outfits. Hyorin, Bora, and Soyou opted for sequin daisy dukes in silver, gold, and emerald green, while Dasom sported a sequined long sleeve crop top, making the girl group look cohesive and performance ready. SISTAR wore these outfits to the concert and, literally and metaphorically, shined on stage.

Following their recent concept for their comeback “Heart Attack”, AOA sported their cheerleading outfits. The orange V-neck crop top with white and black trim was balanced perfectly with the circle wrap skort with orange piping. The outfits flattered each member and the color combination (even if it was a very Halloween palette — made the girls stand out.

The ladies of Red Velvet went a more casual and normcore route in their styling. They all wore tennis skirts in different colors, paired it with school athletic tees. Seulgi and Wendy wore baseball caps that made them look really cool. The pastel color palette looked great on the members and made them look very relatable and down to earth. They managed to look fun and young while still following their “Ice Cream Cake” concept.

The Fashionistas and Avant-Gardists

BLOCK B’s stylist really had fun with each member. Everyone was dressed in a different style that still showed each boys’ personality and fashion sense. Jaehyo wore one of the most coveted fashion items for this season, a Moschino by Jeremy Scott soda sweater. Zico wore a Thrasher jacket full of patches, tank top, and sweatpants, making him effortlessly cool. P.O. looked amazing in his suit and B-Bomb rocked the culottes in a very cool way.

Furthermore, GOT7 graced the red carpet with looks especially created for them by designer Ko Tae Young, who held a mini fashion show with the group during the convention. Bam Bam wore an amazing coordinated bomber jacket and shorts that were styled over ripped jeans a longline T-shirt and amazing Chelsea boots. JB looked very handsome with his hair up, oversized sunglasses, and patched military jacket. Mark stood out in a sleeveless jacket, showing off his arms, and paired with white culottes. While the rest of the members were styled in similar fashion, the group looked cohesive and ready for a fashion editorial.

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MONSTA X is another case like Block B. Each member had a different styling that showed their personalities really well. They had a more urban and streetwear inspiration for their styling, which made them look edgy and cool. The best look was Hyungwon’s long parka with the amazing Raf Simons for ADIDAS sneakers. Wonho and Minhyuk almost looked like twins, but still managed to bring out their personalities through their styling; Minhyuk looked cute, while Wonho looked sexy. Jooheon looked handsome with his red hair and a pink snapback. Shownu, Kihyun, and I.M.’s styling was a little bit more simple than the rest of the members, but still made them stand out and look cool.

Zion T. & Crush were two of the coolest men to grace the red carpet. And even if Crush’s look was a little bit more casual, the one who stole the show was Zion T. We all are accustomed to the amazing avant-garde looks and silhouettes he presents with his daring fashion choices. He looked simple yet fashion forward with his wide legged black culottes, a simple black T-shirt layered with a printed dress shirt (which had the same print as Crush’s dress shirt), an oversized blazer, Vans sneakers.

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How To Get Girls’ Generation’s “Party” Music Video Summer Looks


Summer is here and it’s time to go out to your favorite vacation spot, to the beach, hit those endless pool parties and barbecues with your friends, and have the best time of your life. Summer is the time when you can look effortlessly chic with your fashion and have fun with bold colors and patterns and cool statement pieces. Girls’ Generation just released their new music video for “Party” embodying just that, with the girls showing different looks for this summer. And because who wouldn’t want to look as fresh as them, here’s how to get the Girls’ Generation’s “Party” looks.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

Finding the right bikini can be difficult. But when you find the one that you fell in love with, you will feel like a superstar on the beach or the pool. There are many retailers and online stores out there with great swimwear, like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Missguided, YESSTYLE, and many others, to find tropical and edgy bikinis to mimic Girls’ Generation’s pool and beach looks. In the video, the girls wore different styles, from high-waisted bottoms to ruffle tops, so you can pick the one that best suits you. You can go a little bit more edgy and sexy like Sunny and Hyoyeon with a high waisted bottom and wired cup top. Or be a little bit more feminine and fun with ruffles and tropical motives like the other girls did.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

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Crochet is one of the hottest trends for this summer, and they can double as bikini cover ups or as a cute breezy top for this hot season. Wear your bikini under your favorite crochet dress or with a beautiful crochet top and compliment it with high waisted denim shorts, preferably ripped to give you an edgier vibe that will contrast very well with the crochet top of your choice. If you are lucky enough, you could try to find a beautiful crochet maxi dress like the one that Seohyun is wearing on the music video.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

As far as accessories go, you can’t go wrong with tropical or flower necklaces. There are beautiful options for necklaces that will add that pop of shine and color to your outfit. In the music video the girls wear a lot of flowers not only on their necklaces, but on their hair. If you are going to do a flower crown, make sure it’s subtle and that it looks as if you grabbed some small flowers from the garden and put them very delicately in to your hair. Big Lana Del Rey flower crowns are a no for this season, but smaller flower crowns are a great accent to your prefered hairstyle.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

Speaking of hairstyles, did you notice that all the girls sported a beautiful textured beach hair? It varied from loose waves to beautiful beach braids. Taeyon’s hair was my favorite, with that strawberry blonde shade and pink ombre, which can be easily imitated. If you have lighter hair, color hair chalk will look great, but if your hair is on the darker side, colored hair spray will do the trick. To get that beach texture, a texturizing spray will work the best. One of the best products to get those beachy waves are the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe series, which are made with sea salt and sea kelp. Just spray it after you dry your hair and run your fingers through your hair to get the desired texture. If you can’t get a hold of any of those products, towel dry your hair making sure it still has some moisture and squeeze your hair with your fingers in an up and down motion while you dry your hair with a hair dryer. This will create natural waves but make sure to add some hairspray if you hair is naturally straight.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

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For a summer night party, the girls opted for shiny sequin outfits. The looks were very simple, but the sequin really pops and adds a lot of fun to the outfit. You can choose from a beautiful sequin dress and pair it with your favorite heels, or if you want to be super comfortable, take a look at Hyoyeon with amazing sequin boyfriend jeans and crop top. Not only does she look edgy, but she looks amazing and suits her style really well.

Photo via SM Entertainment

Photo via SM Entertainment

There are many trends that are in for this summer, and Girls’ Generation’s stylist really nailed it for this music video. Usually, the girls are in coordinated uniforms that seem to come out of outer space or an airline. This time, the girls were styled very naturally with trendy clothes for the summer, which makes the girls very approachable.

Take a look at the items below, they are the perfect match to any of the looks in the music video.

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Best Music Video Fashion: April 2015 Releases

March had great music video releases, with too many having amazing fashion that if we had done the best fashion for the month, the list would have been huge. But April just ended and we narrowed down the best of the best. From legendary duo Jinusean exploring different eras through clothes, to boy next door looks by Niel from TeenTop, onto sexy hooligans like BTS. The fashion was great and here are our picks for the best music video fashion for the releases for April 2015.


Niel Spring Love

Photos via Top Media

Niel from TeenTop had amazing success with his first solo debut album. For the repackage of his first album, he released a music video for his new track Spring Love. The styling of the music video was crisp, paired perfectly with the simple and romantic song. The music video is full of bright colors and the stylist kept Niel’s outfits in pastel tones that didn’t clash with the colorful locations. The singer looks like a boy next door but with an edge that is added with his jewelry and the choice of his footwear. Pale pink blazer, blue checkered button ups, striped jeans and Dr. Marten’s chelsea boots are the perfect looks for this spring.



BASTARZ Zero For Conduct

Photos Via CJEN Music

When it comes to Block B stylists, they are always on point. The have very creative ideas that even if they have been seen before, they seem fresh and new. Their mixture of high end pieces with streetwear gives a very avant-garde and modern look to BASTARZ, the new Block B sub-unit. The styling in their music video for Zero For Conduct has an array of different trends and styles mixed in. There is a little bit of punk, glam-rock, goth, and classic suits in every look, thus creating a very unique look for each member. The boys come off fierce with duster coats, fur jackets, and dungarees, and even their hairstyles look amazing.



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Jinusean  Tell Me One More Time

Photos Via YG Entertainment


Jinusean gave a total throwback to every era in their music video for Tell Me One More Time. From the ‘70s to the ‘90s, they showed different looks that even if they are meant to be more like costumes, you can still wear any outfit today (sans the costume wigs and props) and it will look modern and on trend. Their ‘90s looks are my favorites with the track suits and bucket hats. But the one that stole the show in the styling department was Jang Hanna. She looks beautiful with blonde long hair and the head-to-toe Moschino by Jeremy Scott crop top and pencil skirt ensemble.



Lim  Kim Awoo & Love Game

Photos Via 1theK

As we talked about it before with Niel’s styling for his Spring Love, the stylist for Lim Kim went the opposite direction for her music video for Awoo. All the sets have a pastel and demure color palette, while Lim Kim’s looks are full of dark clothing and bright neons. This creates a very cool contrast with the feel of the music video that pairs well with the track. The song is a little dark but it’s also fun, and the way the stylist interpreted it with the looks was perfect. Simple tops and skirts that contain no graphics or patterns but have bold colors that make a statement.


On the other hand, for her other music video released in April, Love Game, the sets are bright and so are her clothes. This time around the clothes do have graphics and textures that stand out with the scandalous sets.


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BTS I Need U


Photos Via 1theK

BTS’ stylists, like Block B’s, always surprise us with the looks they create. And on BTS’ music video for I Need U, the stylist made the boys look like London hooligans. It seems like they took inspiration from movies like Trainspotting and overall looks worn by skinheads. The styling had a mixture of punk and mod that many men are trying to emulate with their styles these days. Bomber jackets, harnesses, Fred Perry polos, ripped skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots are some of my favorite pieces worn through the music video. BTS are known for being the cool, bad boys, and with these outfits they fully embodied that image.


Which one was your favorite music video fashion for the month of April 2015? Did we missed your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: February 2015 Releases

February has been a busy month for K-pop; companies debuted a few solo artists and several groups shone with long-awaited comebacks, resulting in a lot of new fashion for fans to admire. Beloved idols like f(x)’s Amber debuted while showcasing her well-known fashion sense and style, and girl group 4MINUTE got the chance to express a new badass attitude with their fashion. Let’s take a look at the best fashion featured in some of the K-pop music video releases of February 2015.

VIXX Love Equation


VIXX came back with Love Equation, a remake of R.ef’s track Farewell Formula. VIXX is known for interpreting the themes and concepts of their music very well and this time around they didn’t disappoint. The song fits perfectly with the styling of the members as the upbeat ballad calls for very cute and trendy boy next door outfits, sporty chic outfits, and custom made uniforms. The color palette is very on trend and accurate for the season and makes the boys look very hip and cool. Ravi, in particular, looks stunning with his bleached blonde hair. VXX proves once again that they look amazing on everything they get styled for.

Zion T. Just (feat. Crush)


Zion T. collaborated with solo artist Crush for his newest single, Just. The music video for the track was filmed beautifully and gave off a very mysterious feeling. The black and white through the whole video really enhances the styling of the two artists. Zion T. and Crush wore outfits inspired by the ‘90s and ‘70s, pairing oversized blazers with wide legged trousers and various ‘70s silhouettes. The combination of this two eras made a very interesting and modern look for both men. This is a perfect example of a great and inspiring styling that surely will have many fans trying to recreate their looks.

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6 K-Pop Airport Fashion We Want To Wear

It is well-known that K-pop artists look fabulous and their style is on point when they step on an airport ready to board their next flight. With the airports filled with reporters, paparazzis, and raving fans, their stylists, and sometimes even themselves, put on the extra effort to make them look effortlessly chic. K-pop airport fashion has been constantly making headlines due to the idols’ unique looks. Sometimes they even outfit them in the same styles as the one they are promoting for their newest comeback or show a more crazy editorial look, like BIGBANG’S G-Dragon who seems to be coming out of a runway in Paris. Once they have scheduled their private charter flights, and from the moment they step foot in the airport ready to board the plane that will take them to destinations all over the world, the idols already know that their looks will surely create a new trend and inspire many fashionistas out there. Let’s take a look at six K-pop airport fashion that we want to wear.

6. 2NE1’s Dara

Dara has a mixture of masculinity and femininity in her looks all the time, Ccreating a very tomboy chic style that fits her fun and crazy personality perfectly. She is always spotted at the airport wearing cool jeans, designer T-shirts or head-to-toe prints that make her stand out. The look that caught our attention was an all-black ensemble. Dara is not only wearing a Maison Martin Margiela beanie and Comme des Garçons skirt pants, but she is showing support of her fellow band mate and leader CL. She sported CL’s T-shirt for her first solo single The Baddest Female that features CL’s eyes and lips. She paired this look perfectly with platform converse and oversized sunglasses and bag.

Dara Airport Fashion

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5. WINNER’s Seunghoon

Seunghoon perfectly exemplified how to dress up a T-shirt, even if that Givenchy T-shirt is no way an ordinary nor simple! The complete look resembles London’s mod era with the black trousers and beautiful chelsea boots. He completed the look by tucking the shirt in to show the amazing statement belt, a half-up ponytail and black rim glasses. He looks cool, very modern, dapper, and, of course, very sexy.

Seunghoon Airport Fashion

4. Orange Caramel’s NaNa

NaNa is known for her airport fashion. Her look is also very tomboy (as we seen on SBS’s Roommate), but a little bit more refined than Dara. NaNa is always seen mixing jeans and simple shirts with statement jackets or shoes that make her effortless look very chic. In this particular instance, NaNa wore pushBUTTON‘s Zig Zag faux-fur jacket and paired it with a white T-shirt and gray jeans. She let the jacket be her statement piece and didn’t let any other pieces from her outfit outshine it. The only thing that could outshine that beautiful jacket is NaNa’s beauty; she is gorgeous!

NaNa Airport Fashion

3. SHINee’s Key

Key is already known for being a fashion icon. He is one the idols that loves to have fun with his outfits. His airport fashion doesn’t change from his looks we are used to see on variety shows and on stage. His looks in the airport have always interesting pieces and give a very good inspiration to fashionistas out there. Key’s outfits can easily be worn by a woman, and this one is totally on trend for this season. Ripped jeans are a must in everyone’s outfit, a red flannel in the waist, trainers, a biker jacket, white cap, and a simple long line white T-shirt create the perfect cool rocker chic outfit that can be easily recreated.

Key Airport Fashion

2. BEAST’s Junhyung

Not only is Junghyun and amazing rapper and producer, but he also has an amazing fashion sense. He is always showing outstanding looks for his airport fashion, but the look that caught our attention this time is one of our favorites yet from him. Trainers are still on trend and you can basically pair them with everything. Jonghyun let his trainers be the statement pieces and paired them with black and white pieces that coordinate very well. His wide brimmed hat paired with oversized sunglasses, coated jeans with a zipper detail, a long line white shirt, and a blazer makes a perfect example of how to dress up trainers. Even if he is wearing very common pieces, he manages to make it look fresh and avant-garde and made it to our list with this amazing look.

Junghyun Airport Fashion

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1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

The number one spot is for the king of airport fashion, G-Dragon. He has transformed airports around the world into his personal fashion runways. Everytime G-Dragon is spotted, he seems like he is walking out of a fashion editorial or any fashion week runway. His outfits are amazingly curated by his stylist and has him making headlines for his outrageous fashion sense. G-Dragon paired his Givenchy dress shirt and jumper with leather joggers, Chrome Hearts shoes, and accessories that added a very cool edge to his look. Layering is a very easy thing to do and you can make it look very modern by adding different textures and prints like on G-Dragon’s look. He has not only escalated to one of the best artists in Korea but has now become a fashion icon not only in his mother country but all over the world.

G-Dragon Airport Fashion

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Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: November Releases

November saw many releases, but in the K-Pop world there are a lot of styles and fashion that are often recycled. This month’s list is short but it features an array of different concepts, such as Cross Gene’s more mature look, to the playful and futuristic styling of Got7, and the simple yet vulnerable look for Kyhyun’s solo debut. Here are the best fashion seen in this month’s music videos releases.

KyuhyunAt Gwanghwamun

Kyuhyun Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via SM Entertainment

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun finally had his well deserved solo debut album. His first single At Gwanghwamun features the singer looking handsome in three simple outfits. The stylist was able to enhance the sadness of the song with the styling by dressing him in a color pallette that evoked nostalgia. The nude sweater paired with the white trousers creates a sense of vulnerability that goes well with the theme of the song and with the storyline of longing for his lost lover. While the styling is very simple, everything is paired with the beautiful photography and creativity of the video, making the simple fashion stand out. And can we take a moment and appreciate how handsome he looks?

CROSS GENE – I’m Not a Boy Not Yet a Man

CROSS GENE Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via Amuse Korea Entertainment

CROSS GENE released their music video for I’m Not a Boy Not Yet a Man on the second week of November. The boys came back with a styling that enhanced the members’ maturity and blended very well with the song’s concept. For the two different group shots, the boys were styled in white suits with black window panels and black suits with a print that features gold embellished crosses. In their individual shots, every member was styled according to their character on the music video and their personalities.

HI SUHYUN – I’m Different (feat. Bobby)

Hi Suhyun Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via YG Entertainment

Lee Hi previously stated that she felt weird performing alone and that she would love to have someone to perform with. While Suhyun from Akdong Musician is no stranger to be in a duo, these two YG Entertainment vocalists, the company that loves to be different, came together on an amazing unit. The title of their debut single is I’m Different and features the amazing rapper and boy wonder Bobby from the upcoming rookie group iKON. The music video has the two ladies falling hard for the handsome Bobby to the point where they even stalk him everywhere almost becoming sasaeng fans of the boy. The girls are styled in girl next door outfits and cute uniforms. However, Bobby’s styling is completely different than what have seen him before, with the varsity outfits. Both the girls and Bobby look beautiful, but Bobby takes the credit for best dressed. He made us swoon here at KultScene when we first saw his solo part on the music video; that all black suit and tennis shoes make him look very sexy.

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GD X TY Best Music Video Fashion

Photos via YG Entertainment

YG debuted its first hip-hop project in their new sub-unit by G-Dragon and Taeyang. GD X TAEYANG is their sub-unit name and they delivered a video full of neon, accompanied by the boys’ amazing fashion and their amazing party jam. The pair proves us once again why they are the fashion kings of Korea. G-Dragon and Teayang are not afraid of having fun with fashion. Their unique fashion choices by their stylists have turned these guys into true fashionistos. The music video is full of amazing British punk reminiscent looks, ‘90s hip-hop fashion, and high-end pieces that make every fashion aficionado burst with envy.

Got7 – Stop Stop It

got7 stop stop it fashion

Got7 took us to the future with their comeback song Stop Stop It, out of their first album, Identify. The styling is full of interesting pieces, starting with JB’s outfit at the beginning. The asymmetrical striped shirt with one sleeve and zipper paired with the baggy drop crotch overalls. As each member starts to have their own camera time, the viewers can appreciate how much attention to detail went into each look. Their haircuts and pieces they wear give a feeling of a distant future. The stylist played with different silhouettes and proportions that created a very unique look for the Got7 members. There are no favorite looks on this video, all of them are similar, but they all look unique in their own way.

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Which one was your favorite fashion of the music video releases in K-Pop for the month of November? Did we miss your favorite? We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: September Releases

September came to an end, and the fashion in the K-Pop music video releases for this month really left us wanting more. Most music videos released had fashion that looked very dated and out of style. However, September also saw a very fun comeback from 2PM and the debut of a new sub-unit, SPICA S., where they both showcased really cool fashion. Check out our picks for the best music video fashion from the September releases.

SPICA S. – Give Your Love

spica s best music video fashion

SPICA S. is the new sub-unit from SPICA, with Park Juhyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung. They debuted with Give Your Love, and not only are the song and video sexy, but also the styling of the girls. There are some parts where they wear lingerie and show a lot of skin, but it’s done tastefully and not vulgar at all. Each member is styled differently in their individual shots, and Jiwon wears a beautiful pastel color cutout dress. When they all are wearing the nude coat dresses, they look so sexy with the thigh high stockings. If you look closely, each member has a different design, and they look so good!

BTOB – You’re So Fly

btob best music video fashion

BTOB came back with You’re So Fly, and it’s one of their most fun comebacks yet. The video has very colorful sets, and the fashion in it is very fun. The boys are dressed in urban clothes that feature different prints. From KTZ to Saint Laurent, the members look very cool throughout the music video. The stylist definitely had a lot of fun with the styling and complimented each BTOB member very well.

Kidoh- Taxi On The Phone

kidoh best music video fashion

Kidoh from Topp Dogg released his solo song Taxi On The Phone this month. The video features his band mate Sangdo and comedian and Roommate cast member Lee Guk Joo as the female lead. Even though Kidoh only wears three outfits in the music video, they are styled very well. Two of the ensembles are classic men’s suits in which the stylist added statement accessories that gave a very unique look. All the cameos are great, especially Lee Guk Joo; she looks so fashionable with that high waist black skirt and white blouse.

2PM- Go Crazy

2pm best music video fashion

2PM came back with an amazing music video, styling, song, and choreography. Their comeback song Go Crazy really gave 2PM’s stylist a carte blanche to do really fun looks. The stylist was able to go crazy with their outfits and each outfit really portrays each member’s goofy personality. Even though Taecyeon is wearing the most simple outfit, his tennis shoes are amazing. He is wearing Raf Simons for ADIDAS and they are to die for. Then if you look at the party version for this song the stylist kept the fun vibe and craziness with their outfits. My favorite look is Junho with that holographic varsity jacket. Who wouldn’t want it in their closet?

TROY- Why Are We?

TROY best music video fashion

TROY had one of the best stylings in this month’s music video releases in K-Pop. Their music video for Why Are We? even gave us ‘90s boy bands nostalgia. The talented guys of TROY gave off a feeling of time travelling when they wore the all white outfits. It reminded us of Backstreet Boys on their Millenium album. TAnd when they’re all are styled differently, everything still looks cohesive.

Kanto and Chang Woo have the best stylings on the video; they look so handsome and cool. Take a very close look at each member, their hair styles are amazing –especially Jae Woon. He looks so manly with his hair slick back! TROY has many close ups where you can appreciate even the slightest detail in their outfits.

Which one was your favorite fashion of the music video releases in K-Pop for the month of September? Did we miss your favorite? We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: August Releases

August saw the beginning of long awaited debuts and comebacks in K-Pop. There weren’t that many releases this month, but the few ones that came out were enough. Rookies and veterans delivered not only good music, but also great fashion in their music videos. Let’s take a look at the best fashion in K-Pop’s August releases.

8. Sunny Hill – Monday Blues
sunny hill fashion

In order for a music video to be considered to have great fashion, it doesn’t necessarily need to be over the top or extravagant. The ladies of Sunny Hill gave us a different style than the ones we are used to in K-Pop music videos: powerful business woman fashion. Pencil skirts, a blouse, and great accessories are really all you need for a great business outfit. Not only do they look powerful, but they also look very sexy. At the end of the video, they change their clothes after a long day of work. The girls are ready to go party!

7. KARA – Mamma Mia
mama mia kara

KARA finally had a comeback with a very fun dance song Mamma Mia. The styling in the first part of the video is not an immediate attention grabber. But then they showed the girls in all white outfits, with Hara’s awesome puffy pigtails. Now that’s a cool statement!

Despite their all-white outfits being simple, their hairstyles and makeup are the main protagonists. Their ensembles are variations of the same design, but they are very well coordinated. Later on the video, Kara is coordinated in very trendy outfits with tropical prints which go really well with the song’s fun vibe.

6. Taemin – Danger
taemin danger fashion

SHINee’s Taemin released his first solo mini-album ACE, and the music video for his debut single, Danger, is fantastic. The song and video are not only homages to Michael Jackson, but the fashion in the video really reminisce the late King Of Pop. Sequence, funky suits, and crazy accessories enhance Taemin’s personality. Every single outfit makes him look very sexy (especially when he is dancing in jeans, a ponytail, and a leather motorcycle jacket with no shirt on). Taemin has surely left his cute maknae image behind in order to become an avant-garde fashionisto bad boy.

5. BTS – Danger
bts danger fashion

BTS has always had amazing styling since their debut. They recently came back with their newest release, Danger, and their fashion didn’t disappoint. Even if we are used to seeing this type of styling in K-Pop boy bands, their personalities really make the outfits stand out. The mix of grunge and ‘90s hip-hop fashion has become BTS’ style staple. They are decked out in Versace shirts and all those accessories are to die for (especially the hats and necklaces). They are not afraid of taking risks in their fashion; J-Hope even wears a skirt over leggings, further probing their fashion forward status.

4. Orange Caramel – My Copycat
orange caramel my copycat fashion

Orange Caramel has always been known for their quirkiness, and their fashion has always been very interesting. Their newest music video, My Copycat, makes you engage and interact throughout the video by spotting differences and finding the girls à la Where’s Waldo?

In the music video, the girls wear really cool dresses, full of iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and some cute hearts. The styling makes Orange Caramel look really cute, quirky, and cool at the same time. Their styles will also make for awesome fan cosplay in the near future, especially Las Vegas showgirls one.

3. Red Velvet – Happiness
red velvet happiness fashion

SM Entertainment debuted their newest girl group and it didn’t disappoint. The bubbly song was paired with a fun and colorful music video that went hand-in-hand with amazing fashion. First off, the custom made cheerleader outfits were extremely cute. The stylist made it look a little bit edgier and modern by pairing them with creepers and platform shoes. Red Velvet had different looks throughout the video, but the one that stood out the most only made it into a few shots. They wore a mixture of white, silver, and pink. Unicorns and the mixture of textures in these outfits really made these outfits stand out. They took viewers back to 1996 with this awesome look.

2. Super Junior – Mamacita
super junior mamacita fashion

There’s really not that much to say about Super Junior that hasn’t been said already. They are one of the most talented and respected boy bands in K-Pop and they just had a long awaited epic comeback. Super Junior came back with Mamacita this week; a really catchy and fun song that showcases their well-known quirkiness, while also conveying a very manly and sexy image.

The styling for the boys in this music video is excellent. Each member has a different character, and they couldn’t have styled them any better. Who could say no to ten handsome and talented men in red suits? They look super sexy despite their looks being costumes!

1. Winner – Empty
best music video fashion winner

YG Entertainment finally debuted their newest, long-awaited boyband WINNER this month. YG’s attempt to introduce a new type of idol has really made them true winners (they keep winning every music show since their debut). WINNER’s debut song Empty shows the boys with a more mature image. Their whole album had the concept of a fashion show, and the looks didn’t disappoint. The styling is very simple and full of classic pieces like blazers, motorcycle jackets, and jeans, which makes them very relatable to every-day-men (or at least how we would like every-day-men to dress). The styling chosen also make it easier to try to emulate their looks, thus making them more relatable. With their debut, they definitely left their trainee image and became fashionistos.

Bonus: Song Mino (WINNER) – I’m Him

WINNER’s debut album also includes a solo song by one of their rappers, Song Minho. The song I’m Him is very powerful, and the styling in the video was very nostalgic, because he and the rest of the WINNER members (who make a cameo in the video) are styled like in their trainee days. The styling takes us back to when we were watching WIN: WHO IS NEXT? and we’re barely getting to know them.

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Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: July Releases

The end of July is here, a month that all K-Pop lovers will sadly say goodbye to. This month brought great K-Pop releases, where many artists showed a new side. Whether it was a sexier or a goofier side, the fashion that they showcased in their music videos was amazing. This time we will focus on the best music video fashion from the July releases.

6. Let’s Love– C-CLOWN


When I first saw C-CLOWN’s video for Let’s Love, I fell in love with the styling. The hip-hop and varsity inspired outfits throughout the video go very well with the urban feel of the song. Their mixture of textiles and patterns was very on point. Their styling is very on trend and appeals to many fans out there. You can even look at the extras in the video and their outfits are coordinated very well.

5. Good Bye Bye– Nu’EST

nu'est outfits

Nu’EST came back successfully with Good Bye Bye this month. They truly showed us a new side; the boys became men and the styling was a perfect reflection of that. The video contains very dark undertones, and the predominant color palette in their clothing is black and white.

This group made it on our list because of the dancing sequence outfits. The all black ensembles makes the members look mature and very manly. If you pay attention to each members shirts, they all have stripes, but what I love about them is that they are see-through, which makes it very sexy.

4.  Red– HyunA 

hyuna red

This girl knows what she’s got and she’s not afraid to show it. HyunA’s new solo song Red was one of the last tracks released in July, and her sexy outfits fitted perfectly with her personality. If you want to be sexy and look really good while doing so, take some notes on her outfits on this video.

Yes, there are a few costumes here and there, like the gold Playboy bunny inspired (which you should pause to take a look at all the style lines in the design; they are amazing!), but there are some that you could use on a night out with your friends.
My favorite look from the video is the one with ripped boyfriend jeans, the faux fur coat with a smiley face on the back, black cropped top, and leopard print pumps. With this look you would surely turn heads anywhere you go given that it emphasizes how confident you are in yourself and how you are not afraid to express how sexy you are.

3. Red Light– f(x)

f(x) red light

Despite f(x)’s Red Light comeback being cut short due to Sulli’s leave of absence, the video delivered great fashion. The girls were decked out in cool military outfits, but my favorite looks are the big hats and menswear inspired clothes à la Saint Laurent. I like this look because it’s very different from the bubbly and colorful styling that we are used to see Amber, Krystal, Luna, Victoria, and Sulli in. I just love how they look like very powerful women who are not afraid to take a stand on what they believe in. I really wish Krystal keeps her blonde hair, it looks amazing on her!

2. Solo Day– B1A4

B1A4 solo dayFrom the second that B1A4’s video for Solo Day started, it caught my attention. My eyes went straight to the purse and hat that Sandeul wears; two of the most coveted pieces in fashion this summer from Moschino’s by Jeremy Scott Fall 2014 collection.

I love how this video has a different character for each member and the styling fits perfectly with each one of their roles. The rest of the video, we see the boys in very boy-next-door clothes, but if you look closely, there are some creative quirky elements in each members styling The video is one of the most interesting, funny, and unexpected videos I’ve seen in a while.

1. HER– Block B


Block B showed us a completely new side. They left their bad boy image and became goofy boys on their newest release, HER. This video is one of the best styled videos, not only this month but, –I could dare say– ever in the K-Pop industry.

They wear Juun J, Versus by Versace, Huf, and Golf Wang. Even Taeil sports the infamous Vivienne Westwood mountain hat made famous by Pharell! Their quirky antics combined with the styling and makeup make very beautiful visuals. We were used to see Block B wearing ghetto-glam looks by KTZ, and suits with crazy hair. This time, they left the dark side and entered a new colored world.

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Fan Fashion: BTS Show & Prove in Los Angeles

Every time there is a new concert, especially a K-Pop one, I start thinking what outfit I’m going to wear. Being a fashion aficionado, one of the first things I do when I get to the concert is to check out everyone’s outfits. So naturally, when we attended BTS Show & Prove at Troubadour in Los Angeles on July 14th, that’s one of the first things we checked out. The concert was free, and while we waited for the show to start, we chatted with some fans and took street style photos of our top picks for best Fan Fashion.

First off, I want to start by saying how much I appreciate to see when men take time and really think of what they are going to wear; attention to detail is a very important key to give a very unique taste to your look.

Fan Fashion BTS 1

Here he made emphasis on the different prints, almost creating an ombré effect. His accessories were simple statement pieces that matched well with the overall look . The look was obviously inspired by BTS and gave a very KTZ and Givenchy feeling.  

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I love when girls mix masculine elements with feminine ones. These girls really knew how to implement this style very well. Flowers (which are  one of the hottest trends for summer) were their main point of focus.

Fan Fashion BTS 2

She was definitely one of my favorite looks. Mixing white lace with the flower circle skirt was very on-point. The black crop-top created a great contrast for the look.  Her ying-yang chocker necklace and backward hat was a cool nod to the ’90s. And those sandals! Those sandals! Good, good job!

As we were about to leave to have lunch,  I spotted this cutie. Even though her dress is an eye-catcher, I went straight to her shoes. I love creepers with monk straps and this is one of my favorite styles of shoes to wear.  The print of her dress not only features flowers, but also really cool looking angels (they are even wearing sunglasses!). Her gold accessories and hat gave her a really badass look!

Fan Fashion BTS 3


Fan Fashion BTS Shoes Monk Strap

There is nothing wrong with wearing kids plush toy backpacks, epecially if it is a Pikachu (one of my favorite characters of all time). This obviously caught my attention. Moreover, her blue hair was really cool, and her pop of color with the varsity orange cropped top was paired very well with her black ripped jeans. Remember when I talked earlier about attention to detail? Look at her necklace! It makes you want to read the word in her shirt with the word in her necklace creating “Perfect Faith”.

Fan Fashion BTS 4

These next two ladies had different styles, but both of them were very chic. The  girl on the left reminisced the grunge scene while making it her own with those pretty platform sandals. Usually for a grunge look, people pair boots or something tougher. But she made it look very chic with her choice of footwear.

Shift dresses are very wearable for summer since they are comfortable and can look very well-put together. The girl on the right chose a leopard print but in gray and black, making the print a little more demure. The gladiator sandals with gold buckles are the only accessory she needs.

Fan Fashion BTS 5

After having lunch and heading back to the park, we sat down to rest and I spotted these ladies. They both were wearing pieces that I would love to have in my closet. That tropical varsity jersey was beautiful (I am already thinking of how many ways I can style the jersey). And the cherry on top was the customized classic ADIDAS with the platforms. I really really want them! If you are the girl on the right and are reading this, please let me know where you customized them or found them!


Fan Fashion At BTS ADIDAS Platforms

I met this lady last year at KCON while she cosplayed as Crayon Pop with her friend and they looked amazing. But this time she seemed like a female member of BTS back when they were promoting in all red outfits. I forgot to take a picture of her Totoro backpack, but her Rilakkuma purse was really cute too.  I loved how she added the blue tights; it made the outfit look so much more fun.

Fan Fashion BTS 7

The BTS show was a blast. One of the best concerts I have been in a while. Make sure to check out KPOPme’s review of BTS free showcase in Los Angeles to find out how it went.

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