Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: July Releases

The end of July is here, a month that all K-Pop lovers will sadly say goodbye to. This month brought great K-Pop releases, where many artists showed a new side. Whether it was a sexier or a goofier side, the fashion that they showcased in their music videos was amazing. This time we will focus on the best music video fashion from the July releases.

6. Let’s Love– C-CLOWN


When I first saw C-CLOWN’s video for Let’s Love, I fell in love with the styling. The hip-hop and varsity inspired outfits throughout the video go very well with the urban feel of the song. Their mixture of textiles and patterns was very on point. Their styling is very on trend and appeals to many fans out there. You can even look at the extras in the video and their outfits are coordinated very well.

5. Good Bye Bye– Nu’EST

nu'est outfits

Nu’EST came back successfully with Good Bye Bye this month. They truly showed us a new side; the boys became men and the styling was a perfect reflection of that. The video contains very dark undertones, and the predominant color palette in their clothing is black and white.

This group made it on our list because of the dancing sequence outfits. The all black ensembles makes the members look mature and very manly. If you pay attention to each members shirts, they all have stripes, but what I love about them is that they are see-through, which makes it very sexy.

4.  Red– HyunA 

hyuna red

This girl knows what she’s got and she’s not afraid to show it. HyunA’s new solo song Red was one of the last tracks released in July, and her sexy outfits fitted perfectly with her personality. If you want to be sexy and look really good while doing so, take some notes on her outfits on this video.

Yes, there are a few costumes here and there, like the gold Playboy bunny inspired (which you should pause to take a look at all the style lines in the design; they are amazing!), but there are some that you could use on a night out with your friends.
My favorite look from the video is the one with ripped boyfriend jeans, the faux fur coat with a smiley face on the back, black cropped top, and leopard print pumps. With this look you would surely turn heads anywhere you go given that it emphasizes how confident you are in yourself and how you are not afraid to express how sexy you are.

3. Red Light– f(x)

f(x) red light

Despite f(x)’s Red Light comeback being cut short due to Sulli’s leave of absence, the video delivered great fashion. The girls were decked out in cool military outfits, but my favorite looks are the big hats and menswear inspired clothes à la Saint Laurent. I like this look because it’s very different from the bubbly and colorful styling that we are used to see Amber, Krystal, Luna, Victoria, and Sulli in. I just love how they look like very powerful women who are not afraid to take a stand on what they believe in. I really wish Krystal keeps her blonde hair, it looks amazing on her!

2. Solo Day– B1A4

B1A4 solo dayFrom the second that B1A4’s video for Solo Day started, it caught my attention. My eyes went straight to the purse and hat that Sandeul wears; two of the most coveted pieces in fashion this summer from Moschino’s by Jeremy Scott Fall 2014 collection.

I love how this video has a different character for each member and the styling fits perfectly with each one of their roles. The rest of the video, we see the boys in very boy-next-door clothes, but if you look closely, there are some creative quirky elements in each members styling The video is one of the most interesting, funny, and unexpected videos I’ve seen in a while.

1. HER– Block B


Block B showed us a completely new side. They left their bad boy image and became goofy boys on their newest release, HER. This video is one of the best styled videos, not only this month but, –I could dare say– ever in the K-Pop industry.

They wear Juun J, Versus by Versace, Huf, and Golf Wang. Even Taeil sports the infamous Vivienne Westwood mountain hat made famous by Pharell! Their quirky antics combined with the styling and makeup make very beautiful visuals. We were used to see Block B wearing ghetto-glam looks by KTZ, and suits with crazy hair. This time, they left the dark side and entered a new colored world.

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