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Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: February 2015 Releases

February has been a busy month for K-pop; companies debuted a few solo artists and several groups shone with long-awaited comebacks, resulting in a lot of new fashion for fans to admire. Beloved idols like f(x)’s Amber debuted while showcasing her well-known fashion sense and style, and girl group 4MINUTE got the chance to express a new badass attitude with their fashion. Let’s take a look at the best fashion featured in some of the K-pop music video releases of February 2015.

VIXX Love Equation


VIXX came back with Love Equation, a remake of R.ef’s track Farewell Formula. VIXX is known for interpreting the themes and concepts of their music very well and this time around they didn’t disappoint. The song fits perfectly with the styling of the members as the upbeat ballad calls for very cute and trendy boy next door outfits, sporty chic outfits, and custom made uniforms. The color palette is very on trend and accurate for the season and makes the boys look very hip and cool. Ravi, in particular, looks stunning with his bleached blonde hair. VXX proves once again that they look amazing on everything they get styled for.

Zion T. Just (feat. Crush)


Zion T. collaborated with solo artist Crush for his newest single, Just. The music video for the track was filmed beautifully and gave off a very mysterious feeling. The black and white through the whole video really enhances the styling of the two artists. Zion T. and Crush wore outfits inspired by the ‘90s and ‘70s, pairing oversized blazers with wide legged trousers and various ‘70s silhouettes. The combination of this two eras made a very interesting and modern look for both men. This is a perfect example of a great and inspiring styling that surely will have many fans trying to recreate their looks.

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AMBER Shake That Brass (feat. Taeyon)


International fan favorite Amber of f(x) debuted as a solo artist with her track Shake That Brass. Her fellow label mate, Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation joined her, as did many of her famous friends on her music video. Amber is known for her tomboyish and laid back style that fits perfectly with her persona and for the song. The stylist this time was able to convey the fun and quirkiness of the song, providing Amber with a lot of fun and very colorful clothing. The pieces are from Moschino by Jeremy Scott, KTZ, and 10 Deep Ceremonies. For the scenes with Amber and her friends, each celebrity got styled in a very cool formal outfits that showcased each of their own individual personalities very well.

Rubber Soul Life (feat. Madclown)


Rubber Soul is a new hip-hop girl group that debuted this year with their song Life. The styling for the video is amazing and is a great representation of the health-goth aesthetic. Health-goth comes from the nostalgia for the ‘90s while having an appreciation for technological fabrics like neoprene, as well as a fascination for the Internet. The styling fits perfect for the ‘90s vibe of the song and the hip-hop style of the group. The girls look very modern and edgy, and really convey this fashion style perfectly.

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4MINUTE had a chance to shine in February with an amazing song, and the styling for their comeback track Crazy was on point. The styling of the girls was done by none other than member Gayoon and has a mixture of health-goth, grunge, and punk. The girls are paired with custom made bucket hats, ripped shorts, cropped tops, and various activewear. This style goes very well with the girls and doesn’t seem forced as some may think with the fashion in other music videos, a la Girls’ Generation in I Got A Boy. Don’t get me wrong, the styling in that music video was great but it didn’t fit the image that Girls’ Generation usually appeared with. 4MINUTE’s appearance in Crazy, on the other hand, felt refreshing and the members totally adapted the style as it doesn’t vary that much from what they had previously worn. It is a change from what we have been used to seeing them in, but not a total 360 turnaround. The girls sport brands like Stussy and even some of Chromat’s pieces, an experimental brand that has been previously worn by Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

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