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Playlist Sunday: Get Lucky

South Korea might have lost to Algeria today at their World Cup game, but that doesn’t mean we’re not cheering and wishing them luck for their upcoming game against Belgium (Park Chu-Young, fighting!). So to continue the high spirits of luck, this week’s playlist revolves around that. Whether it’s wishing an ex-lover luck on their life, considering oneself lucky for having that special someone in our lives, or just having it, we’ve recompiled the luckiest songs in K-Pop.

If there’s one song that got the entire KPOPme staff excited this week, it’s BEAST’s Good Luck. Where do I even begin? The styling, the choreography, the song itself with its lyrics and beats… *sigh* Sheer perfection, I tell you. I can’t stop doing the initial dance move in the chorus –it’s applicable to pretty much any situation where you want to brush someone off with dignity.

Written by Junhyung, Good Luck is a break-up song where the guy still loves the girl even though she dumped him, and ultimately he’s left with nothing but to wish her the best. Even though the track is bittersweet (more bitter than sweet, to be honest), it’s a great dance tune to enjoy while doing anything. Like I mentioned before, we’re all obsessed with the song and it’s been on repeat all week!


When I first heard Super Junior-H‘s Good Luck, I didn’t realize that it was about dating. Based on the title, I thought it was some motivational song made for students, since Korean idols often do that. Once I learned more Korean, I realized it was a song being sung by friends trying to set up a couple who have had a hard time dating in the past.

Even though I may have missed the meaning behind the lyrics, Super Junior Happy’s song, (yes, the “H” is for “Happy,”) really cheered me up. The sweet melody starts softly and then goes up through the octaves, building up the meaning of the song, as if the Super Junior members were really cheering the listener on with each new verse of the song.

— Tamar

This song brings me back so many memories of watching my first K-drama, the little known cult-favorite Boys Over Flowers (I’m obviously kidding). Those romantic moments when Lucky by Ashily came up had me singing along to the song and thus addicted. However, the songs talks about a different kind of luck, being the luck of having the love of your life. And me being the hopeful romantic that I am, this corny lovey-dovey song gets me every time I listento it.


Every time I listen to EXO-M‘s Lucky, I feel enlightened. This is a pretty sweet song, although I could stand without some of the cheesy lyrics, but Luhan’s voice makes up for it. What’s so great about this is that it shows the vocal talents of some of the rappers! While I enjoy their rapping, I also enjoy hearing them sing. I feel quite lucky to have been able to fall upon this piece!


Kim Hyun Joon’s Lucky Guy is an upbeat, fun song. The actor/singer doesn’t shy away from expressing how extremely happy he is when this woman comes into his life. The music video is fun while it goes between scenes of Kim Hyun Joong dancing and scenes of him interacting with this mysterious woman. But if you’re a fan of SBS’ The Roommate, the actress might not be such a mystery, for she is Hong Soo Hyun!

Throughout the video, Hyun Joong is clearly just living his life and having a good time throughout the video. Even in the end when he gets caught, he still has that ridiculously gorgeous smile on his face. The song may be titled Lucky Guy, but let’s be honest, Soo Hyun’s character is the lucky one.


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