Korean fashion magazines love featuring K-Pop idols in their pages and showcase the latest trends on them. Fashion plays an important part on K-Pop idols’ lives; whether these be through their stage outfits, press events, magazines, or airport fashion.

Korea sets trends that are later adopted on a global scale by big fashion houses. And even though a stylist coordinates their outfits when an idol appears on a magazine, and sometimes these looks seem too “out there” for the “real world,” they can work with the proper adjustments.

If you wish to emulate K-Pop summer trends, you can always apply them to your everyday style. Be trendy this summer with these different trends that are the season’s “musts.”

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Upgraded basics, monochromatic, and black and white

Basics are one of the standout trends for this summer since they are a very easy trend to apply. This is because everyone has at least a couple basic items in their closets. These are simple, much neglected items that can be easily upgraded, such as a solid sweater, T-shirts, skirts, and blazers. When choosing something to wear, some of us prefer a graphic T-shirt to a solid black shirt. Remember that black solid T-shirt or tank top you bought just to wear it as under garments? Well, they might come in handier now.

If you are a girl: Cut it up and make it a crop top and pair it with a simple circle skirt (which look great if you have wider hips). Take Nana for example, where the stylist paired it with a long printed maxi skirt that gives it a more upgraded and sophisticated look.


If you are a boy: Get that tank top and pair it like they did with Super Junior’s Donghae, with a white pant (roll up your cuffs, of course) and amazing sandals; you’ll be ready for the hot summer days!


Basics are actually great to create monochromatic (using only one color) outfits. But if this is too monotonous for you, use different shades of the same color. These can play important roles in your full ensemble. Also, a monochromatic outfit can be very sophisticated. It dwells into minimalism and it could be perfect for any occasion. It can be easily dressed up with heels or dress shoes, and dressed down with trainers or flats. The key for achieving the monochromatic look is to pair different pieces together.


If you are not ready for an all-white look (or the color you choose) you might want to try the black and white trend. It’s almost the same as the previous, but you decide on a statement piece that will have the accented shade, either black or white, such as this look by Suzy from Miss A, where the stylist paired a black crop top and circle skirt with a white blazer.

Suzy B&W Outfit


Flowers, stripes, and statement graphics

Mixing prints is a craft that needs practice in order to make the perfect combination. Some folks have innate talent for this, but other might need more help in this department. Trendy prints for the season are flowers, stripes, and bold graphics. This is one of the trickiest trends to re-create, but most retailers like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 already have amazing prints on their racks. They even sell different pieces (shorts, shirts, T-shirts, jackets) with the same print ready for you too mix and match.

You can make an all-print look ( just apply the monochromatic tips I gave you) or you can make a print be your statement piece. Stripes are very easy to combine with other basic items you have. You can even pair it up like the stylist did with Eric Nam. Simple black shorts, a striped tie, and a short-sleeve dress shirt with a wave print.


Or if you are feeling a little more like an avant-garde fashionista, try it like BEAST’s Doo Joon, where the stylist mixed tropical flowers with black and white stripes.


This trend can be applied more easily to women, so that is why I focused more on the men for this section.


’90s revival and metallics

The ’90s were all about mixing styles; from hip-hop to grunge to preppy. Ripped jeans, overalls, platforms, over-sized clothing, caps, wide pants, varsity-inspired items, and sportswear (like tracksuits for men and women) are crucial elements to achieve the look.

By the end of the decade, the new millennium promised a new future by adding metallics onto our outfits. Any of the aforementioned elements will help you create the perfect ’90s revival outfit. Just make sure to add a few newer elements to create a modern look. BEAST’s newest music video for “Good Luck” showed us a good interpretation of the ’90s revival trend.


Need further inspiration? Do it like the stylists did to BIGBANG’s Taeyang. Get a hold of metallic pants, throw on some creepers , a graphic T-shirt and a biker jacket. This look can apply to either male or female. Just change those pants for a metallic skirt, throw on a baseball cap, and you are good to go.


If you really think about it, you can really create a lot of outfits if you incorporate all the trends. They seem to go hand-in-hand and all of the elements could be used to create a very original and trendy K-Pop inspired look.

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