Why Taemin Was First in SHINee to Go Solo

Taemin, member of popular boy group SHINee, debuted six years ago and has now blossomed into a solo artist. This summer, SHINee’s youngest member released his first solo album. Not only is it his first solo project, but Taemin is the first member of SHINee to have a solo album.

Six years ago, I don’t think anyone would have guessed that Taemin would go solo before his other group mates. Did you think this young kid…

Taemin Replay

… would turn into this grown man?

Let’s revisit Taemin as the first SHINee member to have a solo debut. First of all, Taemin’s solo was hush hush until the end of July when rumors speculated about a solo debut. SM Entertainment did later justify the rumor, but with little information given. Finally, a week before his debut, SM released his teaser photos (see photo gallery above).

Not much was provided in terms of build up for the debut. Maybe SM wanted to go with the element of surprise with this one. And who would blame them? If there was a lot of talk leading up to his debut, there would most likely be more people questioning why Taemin received a solo before Onew and Jonghyun, the main and lead vocals of SHINee.

Publicly talking about and acknowledging Taemin’s debut months ahead of the release also opens up the door for a lot of speculation and expectation from fans. Doing the project in as much secrecy as possible allows for an organic process with little interference from fans and others not involved in the project. It also creates a better experience for fans as they do not know what to expect and will hopefully be impressed with the entire project.

Since SHINee’s debut six years ago, people haven’t really noticed (for lack of a better word) or talked about Taemin until SHINee’s most recent comebacks. Most notably, Dream Girl, when he famously went from Taemin to TaeMAN. With each SHINee comeback, fans have seen him grow in age, maturity, and not to focus on looks, but in his looks as well. But the most notable improvement from the dance machine, has been his singing voice.


Again, starting with Dream Girl, Taemin received more singing lines, and when Jonghyun was out during their Why So Serious promotions, Taemin sang his parts during their live performances. Maybe this was SM’s brilliant idea all along. Give Taemin more singing parts so fans can see how much he has improved, and one day, we’ll give me a solo debut. But that’s just speculation…

The meat of this article is about Taemin and his solo debut. Initially, when it was announced that he would have a solo, I questioned it. I thought Jonghyun would be the first SHINee member to have a solo. BUT after watching Taemin’s music video and live performance of Danger, I realized SM made a great decision.

Taemin has many qualities that make him a suitable artist for a solo debut. First, he can dance. We all know this. Since debut, that kid could dance. Obviously as he’s gotten older his dancing has improved and matured. He’s always fun to watch during the dance breaks in the music videos and at live performances. SHINee as a whole are AMAZING dancers, but Taemin just has that extra oomph that puts him above his hyungs. Although he is the best dancer in SHINee, he doesn’t brag about it or flaunt it. Yes, he usually shows how to do the dance moves before the other members, but he doesn’t go around stating he is the best dancer in SHINee. He’s humble, and that is what makes a great solo artist.

Second, Taemin has grown up. It’s hard to imagine what a 15-year-old boy will look like at 21. And Taemin clearly has good genes because he has grown into a handsome young man. Aside from being handsome, he has a tall and thin frame. And although he is thin, he doesn’t look fragile or weak. Instead, he is elongated and elegant, which adds to his powerful and impressive dancing.

Third, Teamin can sing. He is finally past puberty and actually has a great singing voice. It may not be very powerful or soulful, but that doesn’t matter because it’s own sound that’s different from others. In order to have a solo debut, it would serve that person best to have their own sound that isn’t like anyone else’s. Not only that, but he sings live while hitting his dance moves hard. That is talent.

Finally, when you watch Taemin perform his solo songs, it’s clear he is doing this for the love of music. The choreography for his songs are perfect for him. He puts his all into every dance move and makes the whole dance his own with his charisma and overall dancing skills. After watching his Danger music video (in the above playlist), it is also clear that Michael Jackson was the inspiration for the choreography, outfits, and even some of the singing in the song.

All of these qualities are what make Taemin a solid choice for a solo artist. The numerous videos SM posted of his dance practice with Ian Eastwood and the full choreography, and his Ace video concept show that he is a true performer. His stage presence is unbelievable, which he has had six years to craft and he surely has done that.

As fans and non-fans listen to Ace in it’s entirety, it’s clear to hear that this mini album is Teamin’s style. The vocals, the beats, the music, everything feels like a perfect fit. These are the types of songs Teamin was meant to sing and he does so with confidence and gusto. He has proven once and for all that he is more than just an exceptional dancer and a handsome maknae. He is a vocalist and I can’t wait to see his role in SHINee’s next comeback, whenever that may be.

Until then, listen to Taemin’s solo debut mini album Ace and you will see why Taemin is the first SHINee member to have a solo debut. What is your favorite song from Taemin’s mini album? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 09/07/14-09/13/14

Each week, KPOPme compiles a list of K-Pop and overall Korean releases so that you don’t have to look far to find new music. This week, 2PM and T-Ara made comebacks this week, as did several other artists. SM Entertainment surprised everybody by releasing a song by its producer, Hitchhiker, and SPICA.S released its first song as a sub unit (without member Kim BoA, who is rumored to be releasing a solo song).

Also, YG Entertainment released a song by its Team B members, some of whom will be debuting with iKON sometime in the future.


2PM – Go Crazy

T-Ara – Sugar Free
Ver. 1

Ver 2.

Hitchhiker – 11

John Park – U

Lyn – Thank You My Dear

Spica.S – Give Your Love

Jay Kidman – Reboot

Ma.Hyun- The Day The Wind Blows


Team B- Wait for Me

Ji Young of A.KOR- Love Over A Thousand Years

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K-Pop Stand Out Remixes

What’s really amazing about K-Pop remixes is that they give you a new view on a song. They transform a dance song to a more acoustic version or make it ready for a dance party or a club. Sometimes they even make you wish the original version of the song was the remix. There are a lot of K-Pop remixes out there, but only a few stand out; from fans to recognized artists, the remix list is endless.

  1. SHINee-Hello (Glen Check Remix)

 SHINee’s track Hello is on of their most loved songs in their roster. It was without a doubt a great choice by K-Indie band Glen Check to create a remix of this song. This remix takes us back to the time when Electro was at the peak of the electronic music scene. Glen Check managed to take SHINee’s song and recreate it in a very unexpected way. Full of hard basses and electro beats, this remix really has a life of it’s own.

  1. G-DRAGON – Who You (Jake K Remix)

 G-Dragon’s song Who You talks about how much a man feels bad and really misses their ex lover. The original track itself is very fun but sad at the same time because of the lyrics. Jake K managed to make the song happier, thus creating mixed emotions for the listener. The song was made to a more upbeat sound while still managing to get the song’s message across. Add it to your Breakup Playlist and cry while dancing to this remix.


  1. 2NE1- I’m The Best (HUGLIFE Remix)

 2NE1’s staple song I’m The Best is already a very powerful song. Convert it to a Trap song and it totally brings out the fierceness of the song. The bass is so strong, and the drops followed by the “Oh my god” are amazing. This was really a great remix by HUGLIFE for 2NE1’s song. It would even fit perfectly as part of their show, really. It fits their strong personas perfectly.


 4. EXO- Growl (Sakana-P Mellow Remix)

 There is no doubt that EXO’s Growl is one of the best K-Pop songs released in the past  few years. Sakana-P’s mellow remix gives a more vibrant sound to EXO’s song while still keeping the wow factor of the original track. It was a really bold move to remove the distinctive sound at the beginning of Growl, but the piano is beautiful and goes very well with the song.


  1. Red Velvet- Happiness (Lee JeSup Remix)

 Lee JeSup’s remix of Red Velvet’s Happiness is truly outstanding. It’s completely ready for the club, and it managed to keep the song’s happy mood. He brilliantly keeps the intro (which lets face it, nobody likes) but lowered the volume of it so it wouldn’t stand out as much. The electronic beats of the remix track mixes well with Red Velvet’s vocals, and them being a very young group, the remix fits them well.


  1. KARA- Mamma Mia (Lee JeSup Remix)

 KARA’S comeback with Mamma Mia is so fun. It’s a very cool ode to the ‘80s, and Lee JeSup kept that same vibe on the remix. The clapping sound that he added makes the listener feel like if you are watching a live performance from KARA. It makes you want to stand up, get your disco pants, and start dancing.


  1. Got7- A (‘collapsedone’  Acoustic Remix)

 Got7’s A is a very cute and addicting song. An official remix by ‘collapsedone’ appeared on Got7’s GOT LOVE mini-album as an acoustic remix. The voice track that is used doesn’t have an acoustic arrangement, but ‘collapsedone’ managed to add an acoustic track to the song. Close your eyes while listening to the song and imagine the members from Got7 playing guitar and singing to this song; it’s magical!


So there you have it, a few stand out K-Pop remixes. And because mashups remixes are always fun here, we say goodbye with a mashup of SHINee’s Lucifer and Super Junior’s Bonamana.

 Which one was your favorite remix? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

The Double Standard of Guns & Murder in K-Pop

The latest netizen outrage out of the K-Pop world surrounds rapper Swings’ perceived insensitivity for posting a video recreating an execution just for fun. The internet critics say it is reminiscent of the recent executions of American journalists by the terrorist group ISIS, and that the timing is disrespectful towards Ladies’ Code’s tragic accident. Netizens have a reputation of blowing things out of proportion, and this is not an exemption. Was the video in poor taste? Yes. Should Swings be scrutinized for it? Probably not if you condone and/or disregard murder and guns in music videos by your favorite artists. The truth is, the whole incident and the exaggeration of it is one big double standard for K-Pop fans.

In the controversial video in question, Just Music rappers C Jamm and Swings kneel at the edge of a swimming pool while Giriboy stands over them and mimics pulling gunshots to their heads, making C Jamm and Swings fall into the pool, and floating face down as if dead. Netizens claim that the execution-like prank is similar to those actually carried out by ISIS recently and done too soon since people are still mourning RiSe and EunB’s deaths. Had this video happened at another time where it couldn’t be contrasted with these two events, netizens probably wouldn’t have said a thing. But alas, it did.

swing execution guns

So following these netizens’ logic, executions, guns, and murder are tasteless, and for doing that, those involved are apathetic, immature, and —what was that other thing they were spouting on the comments? –oh yeah, psychotic. And while the term psycho was probably just thrown in there for emphasis, the only true demented thing behind this ordeal is the undeniable double standard most of these netizens have.

Again, following the logic, murder and guns are not acceptable only in cases following a tragic episode in the world’s history. But if murder and guns are not making headlines worldwide, then, by all means, it’s fair game. Because acting out murder and executions are only distasteful if a major incident happened recently, right? Kind of like when Infinite took out the plane crash scene in their Destiny music video because it was too soon to the Asiana Airlines crash. If that version would’ve been released a month prior, it would have been totally fine, right? But I digress… Netizens nitpick which idol and situation they blow out of proportion, since violence has never stopped in the world… ever (just now, think Syria or Gaza)…

Adding insult to injury, another problem here is the normalization and glamorization of murder and guns in pop culture. Opposite to the United States, Korean civilians can’t bare arms. It’s a common thing in American culture and music to hype up firearms and feature them in videos as if they were one more accessory on set. In Korean music videos, the use of guns generally follows spy or gangster plotlines. But then we have the was that really necessary? instances. No one linked BTS’ No More Dream choreography when Suga symbolically blows V’s brains out to any school shootings anywhere, even if the song is about not wanting to follow the path your parents set up for you and the setting is, well, in a school.

However, at least BTS was playing the typical teenager who hates life and their parents in their music video. 2NE1 with their video for I Am the Best, on the other hand, is one big question mark. These ladies are synonymous with fierceness within K-Pop, and the song is about being better than everyone else and no one measuring up to you. Apparently, being the best equates power which, it seems, also equates guns. What exactly was the purpose of this scene? Nothing. Just everyday glamorization of guns in a country where they could not have done that outside the set.

Was there any outrage? No, because this is normal for everyone and is also seen as cool…

But the double standard goes beyond just netizens and reaches the heads of television companies. Entertainment companies bend over backwards to accommodate the guidelines set by the TV companies so their artists can promote on their music shows. The raunchier songs on a given album are generally pushed to the b-sides, never being singles so the same TV companies won’t ban them. But you know what the crazy thing about this is? Companies that are so invested in protecting youth from seeing U-Kiss have implied threesomes or Trouble Maker grind on each other are ok with them seeing murder.

B.A.P doesn’t just wave guns in the air for their One Shot music video, it actually follows the gangster plotline. However, there’s a scene where we actually see thugs shoot and kill Youngjae. There’s blood everywhere, there are guns being used unsafely, you can see they guy’s face as he dies of gunshot –but no, that doesn’t corrupt a child’s mind like sex does… TV companies also didn’t ban One Shot or asked for the choreography involving a gunshot à la BTS be readjusted.

However, the point is not to ban these types of scenes and behaviors, for censorship is never the answer. The point is for netizens to stop nitpicking particular incidents and judging them under extraneous standards if you’re not going to do so with e-very-thing out there. Remember, separate is not equal. Swings’ video was indeed unnecessary, but it didn’t deserve the outrage it got from people who would probably have let it slide if done by bigger artists.

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K-Pop Quick News 09/06/14-09/09/14

For this round of K-Pop Quick News, the top stories from the past four days have been little, but meaningful. For this edition, we have more news about the Ladies’ Code tragic accident, new and chart topping music, and TV shows.

Every three or four days, KPOPme compiles a list of K-Pop’s top stories so you don’t have to look around to find them or just in case you missed something.

September 6th

Ladies’ Code’s RiSe Passes Away
After being in coma for several days, Ladies’ Code’s RiSe died on September 7th at 10:10 a.m. at 23-years-old. [Allkpop]

ladies' code's rise passes away

Fire Department Reveals Sojung, RiSe, & EunB Were Inside the Car when they Reached the Accident Site
The Fire Department revealed that Sojung, RiSe ,and EunB we all still inside the car when they arrived at the site and not ejected from it during the crash as it was speculated. [Allkpop]

September 7th

SBS’s ‘Roommate’ Will Be Rebranded for 2nd Season as ‘It’s Ok Roommate’ + Cast Changes
SBS’s show Roommate will undergo major changes for season two, with a new name to It’s Ok Roommate and new addition to the remaining cast members. The new concept of the show will focus on individuals and their lives rather than living as a group under the same roof. [KdramaStarz]

2PM Releases Tracklist for ‘GO CRAZY!’
2PM released the tracklist for their comeback album GO CRAZY!, including seven songs and four additional for the GRAND EDITION. [Soompi]

2pm go crazy teaser

September 8th

RiSe Will Have Funerals in Both Korea & Japan
RiSe’s Korean funeral will take place on September 9th, but the family will hold another in Japan, where she will be laid to rest. [Allkpop]

People Pay Respect at RiSe’s Funeral Procession
Ladies’ Code members, family, friends, and even fans paid their respects to RiSe at her funeral procession on September 9th. Member Sojung, who was unable to attend EunB’s funeral due to surgery, made her way from the hospital in a wheelchair, for she is still recovering. RiSe will be put to rest in Japan. [Allkpop]

Update on Dal Shabet’s Subin’s Recovery
Happy Face Entertainment updated fans on Dal Shabet’s Subin’s recovery from her May car accident. The agency said that the member might be able to resume her activities with the group by the end of the month and that a comeback might happen until next year. [Koreaboo]

dal shabet subin accident

Yoon Mi Rae, Park Bo Ram & Zico, & Sistar top Instiz Chart
For September’s first week, Yoon Mi Rae, Park Bo Ram featuring Zico, and Sistar have the top slots on the Instiz chart. Other artists on the list include WINNER, Bobby, and Ladies’ Code. [Allkpop]

Bumkey Responds to Criticism Following his Comments on RiSe & EunB’s Deaths
Similarly to SPEED’s Taewoon, Bumkey tweeted a message saying he was thankful to the girls for their passings as they taught the public an important lesson, angering netizens. [Dinklik]

1.5 Million Audiences Have Watched ’Tazza 2’ Since Release
Not only was Tazza 2 number one on the box office on its release day, but it stayed on top throughout the weekend, reeking in 1.5 million viewers so far. [Allkpop]

September 9th

[No relevant news today, boo!]

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4 K-Dramas That Discuss Korean Social Stigmas

Many casual viewers of K-dramas complain about the redundancy: The love triangles, the amnesia, the chaebol who falls in love with a hardworking girl who he starts out hating, etc. Everything seems a bit trite at times, with no real substance being important except the romantic relationships.

But then there are a few dramas that discuss social stigma issues within Korean society. And even though not all of them have gained enough recognition for their forward-thinking plotlines, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Life Is Beautiful, Cunning Single Lady, and Marriage Not Dating all make this list.

[Disclaimer: This article might contain some spoilers. Continue reading at your discretion.]

It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014, Currently airing on SBS) – Mental Illness

The drama heavily discusses mental health issues. In South Korea, mental health isn’t broadly broached, and it’s almost taboo to discuss having one or having a family member with a mental illness, even depression. The topic is definitely becoming more publicly addressed, and recently gained a lot of attention with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but It’s Okay, That’s Love is the first drama with not only both of its main characters to have severe mental illnesses, but also to discuss multiple issues throughout the show.

It's Okay That's Love

Ji Hye Su, played by Gong Hyo Jin, is a psychiatrist who treats patients in a hospital, giving the audience a chance to see a variety of situations. She also suffers from intense anxiety, which leads to her self-destructing all of her romances.

This changes when she meets Jang Jae Yeol, played by the sexy Jo In Sung, who also has his own health issues that seem relatively minor (OCD) but turn out to be major illnesses.

Life Is Beautiful (2010, SBS) – Homosexual Relationships

Perhaps this is the least popular drama on this list… Life Is Beautiful aired on SBS in 2010 and is the most groundbreaking Korean drama in the past few years. It’s a family drama, with 63 episodes, so extremely daunting, but it focuses on a family in Jeju Island and their relationships. Including the eldest son who is gay and in a devoted relationship.

Life Is Beautiful Taesub

What is this? A drama with a prominent gay relationship? Several dramas have had gay characters or gay couples in recent years (City Hunter, Answer Me 1997, etc.) but Life Is Beautiful takes everything to another level. Song Chang Eui won the SBS best actor award for his portrayal of Yang Tae Sub, who struggles with coming out while dating a divorced man, played by Lee Sang Woo. The relationship caused a lot of outrage in Korea, but SBS aired the drama anyway, representing the relationship as just one of many love lines on the show.

Marriage Not Dating (2014, tvN) – Confucian Ties and Sex

This drama stands out for two reasons: frank discussions about sex (which are becoming more and more popular, particularly in cable dramas), but more importantly, the rejection of traditional Korean Confucian ideas. The drama hints at it the entire series, where the mother’s role is in the house, to make the father and children’s lives comfortable, but it takes a real turn at the end of the show.

Marriage Not Dating

Kim Hae Sook plays the mother (and she also plays the amazing mother in Life Is Beautiful), who the audience is meant to both hate and sympathize with for going along with what is considered “appropriate” rather than what she personally wants. Many dramas have children breaking away from their parent’s tradition, but it’s fascinating to see it from the elder generation’s point of view.

Cunning Single Lady (2014, MBC) – Divorce

A fun drama starring Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook, Cunning Single Lady seems pretty inconspicuous and not that different from other dramas about couples that break up and then fall in love again.

But the portrayal of the response to the female divorcee in Korea is heartbreaking-Lee Min Jung’s character goes out of her way to ensure that her coworkers don’t know that she’s divorced. She also takes the blame for her divorce multiple times before the show addresses that both were truly at fault.

Cunning Single Lady

Divorce is still heavily stigmatized in South Korea and many other places around the world too, and this shouldn’t be acceptable in today’s society. Many people now seek assistance from a manhattan divorce lawyer (and others depending on where you’re located) to guide them through the difficult process, along with supporting those who are stigmatized because of divorce. But, just as the other stigmas in this list, it is thankfully becoming more accepted.

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What To Expect From ‘Mix & Match’

It’s been only a month since YG Entertainment debuted their new boy band Winner, and a new one might be debuting soon already. In a recent interview YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed that a new survival competition Mix & Match will start airing on September 11th, 2014 on MNET. Six lucky winners from Mix & Match will debut in the company’s newest boy band named iKON. So what can we expect from YG’s newest competition show Mix & Match?

The show will see nine competitors, where only three of them are already confirmed to be members of iKON. The three members that are already part of iKON are Team B’s B.I., Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan. The rest of the group will be formed by the rest of Team B, Song Yun Hyeon, Koo Jun Hoe, and Kim Dong Hyuk, plus new trainees Jung Jin Hyeong, Jung Chan Woo, and Yang Hong Seok, who will compete for their spot.

mix and match comfirmed ikon membersteam b members battling on mix and matchnew trainees mix and match

If the show is similar to WIN: WHO IS NEXT? (as it seems to be on the teaser for the first episode), the competition will be as hard as YG’s previous survival show. In the first teaser, we can already see them training really hard, and even shedding a few tears.

Team B is, of course, already familiar with a competition like this. They previously won most of the challenges on WIN: WHO IS NEXT?, and they will definitely be tough competition for the three new trainees.

Furthermore, YG released a short video, Mix & Match- The Beginning, which features Chance The Rapper’s track Everything is Good. In the short video, we can finally take a quick look of the whole cast for the show.

And in case you’re still wondering what will happen on the show, here’s a list based on what we have seen from Team B on WIN: WHO IS NEXT? and the teasers for the first episode to let you what we can expect from Mix & Match.

1. Great Dances

Team B created and executed very intricate choreographies during WIN: WHO IS NEXT?. With three additional members to the team, we can expect even more amazing performances from the potential iKON members.

2. Great Camaraderie and Great Music

YG just released a second teaser for the first episode where we can see a lot of camaraderie from the boys. They seem to have created a very close bond with each other and have great team work. This will eventually lead to a difficult competition because they will have to battle against friends.

This great camaraderie has already bloomed into something really good; the nine cast members produced and composed the show’s theme song. By self producing and composing their own tracks, it makes their work very special. It also lets the viewer create a very intimate bond with the contestants’ music by knowing that they personally worked on them. Team B always had very modern and fun songs, and if they continue with this route, they will relate to many of fans out there.

3. Tears, tears, and more tears

Do you remember when they announced Team A as the winner of WIN: WHO IS NEXT? If you answered yes, then you might need some tissue papers close to you for this show too. Even in the first teaser we can see some of the cast members shedding some tears. Not only will you need them at the end of the show, but throughout it as well. I mean, three contestants won’t make it to the final iKON roster.

Mix & Match will surely be a very intense competition. Once again, we will witness the growth and the hardships that iKON will be put through before their debut. Team B had an amazing run during the past survival show, and they well-deserve their debut, but let’s see how these rookies do too.

Are you excited for Mix & Match? Let us know what you expect from the show in the comments below. We’d love to hear you thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Playlist Sunday: Tribute to Ladies’ Code

For this week’s Playlist Sunday, we wanted to pay homage to the group Ladies’ Code upon their terrible tragedy. Countless tributes have been delivered, from celebrities to music shows to the overall media. KPOPme wants to remember the girls through their incredible work at much happier times.

Here’s a list on our favorite songs by Ladies’ Code, and may EunB and RiSe be in better and more peaceful place.

I’m going to be completely honest… Before EunB and RiSe’s passings, I had never listened to a Ladies’ Code song. So when the tragedy happened, I wanted to see for myself what the world was missing out on. As I clicked through Youtube videos, I was surprised to see that the girls are all pretty talented vocalists. However, I especially liked their heartfelt performance on Hate You.

The music video is very pretty aesthetically, with its dark undertones that highlight the despair behind the song’s message, while the pops of color romanticize it at the same time. Similarly, the styling was on point with a sartorial glam concept that the girls pull off flawlessly. I didn’t really understand what was up with the dolls, but it definitely makes for an interesting plot.


Like Alexis, I too had never listened to Ladies’ Code. As I was listening to their songs, their debut track Bad Girl stuck to me for a few reasons. The beginning of the song starts off with a piano introduction played by member Sojung. The production of the song is appealing in that they incorporate strings and the big band sound with the horn section into the song. The ladies’ vocals are amazing and I love, love, love their outfits. This is great debut song for the talented group that really showcases their vocals.

— Tara

I listened to Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty after hearing it included in a SHIMMixes song. Even though only a few short words were included in the remix, the song caught my attention and I became addicted. Ladies’ Code’s powerful vocals surprised me from the first listen, and I wanted the girl group to be successful.The song’s a declaration about girls being pretty since birth, and, in a weird way, is empowering- girls so often worry about their looks that I thought Pretty Pretty was a nice change of pace.


Ladies’ Code released Kiss Kiss this past August, and the song is really fun and bubbly. It’s really reminiscent of their song Pretty Pretty; even the music video has similar colorful contents! Their great vocals really stand out on the bridges of the song. Moreover, the chorus is very addicting especially when they go, “Oh Oh Kiss Kiss”.

The girls are battling in their minds that they really want to kiss the guy but it’s not time yet. I love this song because of that, it’s a very relatable situation and the girls delivered it very well. The art direction in the music video and the styling are also beautiful. They really make you pay attention to every detail of the music video, thus making it very entertaining.


What’s your favorite Ladies’ Code song? Be sure to share it and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/31/14-09/06/14

Each week, KPOPme compiles a list of K-Pop and overall Korean releases so that you don’t have to look far to find new music. Orange Caramel made a comeback, and project group Nasty Nasty made an interesting debut. This past week also gave us alternative versions of popular music videos from Super Junior,  B1A4, INFINITE, EXID, Sunny Hill, and more, as well some interesting comebacks by senior celebs like Kim Jong Min, Skull, and Ulala Session.

Tragically, Ladies’ Code also released a review of its final KISS KISS performance, which, we now know, is the last that the five-member group will perform due to an unfortunate accident that took two members’ lives.

Ladies’ Code Memorial Tribute

Orange Caramel – The Gangnam Avenue

Kim Jong Min – Sali Go Dali Go

Super Junior – Mamacita Drama Ver.

Ulala Session – You & Me

Nasty Nasty (ZE:A Kevin, 9M– USES Kyeong Ree, & So Jin) – Knock

SKULL – Because I Was Selfish

Gilme – Success (Don’t KILL my Vibe)

INFINITE – Last Romeo Dance Practice Ver.

Sunny Hill – Monday Blues Performance Ver.

Puer Kim – Bank

Jung In & Gary – Bicycle

MC Sniper – Cola Bottle feat. Bumkey

The VinylHouse – Bye & Bye

B1A4 – Solo Day Japanese Ver.

EXID – Up & Down Sexy Dance Ver.

BESTie – I Need You Dance Ver.


Thunder (MBLAQ) – Monster

Woo Taewoon (SPEED) – Zico Hyung [Taewoon is BLOCK B’s Zico’s older brother]

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8 K-Pop Jams For Your Next Workout

This article will focus on about 30 minutes worth of energy-pumping, adrenaline-rushing, endorphin-enducing K-Pop music. Hooray! Although beach season may be coming to a close soon, that doesn’t mean we should neglect our beach bodies.

These eight K-Pop songs will get you through your next 30-minute workout without any trouble, so let’s dive in.

1. M.I.B. – Men in Black
The first song on your new K-Pop workout playlist is none other than M.I.B’s Men In Black. The song begins with a catchy beat and Young Cream’s rapping. It’s the perfect song to get you started on your workout. From the beginning, it’s not too intense, and eases you into your workout and gets you pumped up for the next 30 minutes.

2. VIXX – On and On
Song number two on your new playlist starts along the lines of Men In Black, in that the beginning of the song is a little lighter. The beat throughout Vixx’s On and On is perfect to set a decent pace as you workout. Listening to those harmonies as you sweat buckets makes the whole process a little bit easier. There are a few pauses throughout the song where you can either test yourself to see if you can keep your current pace or slow it down or if you’re really daring, speed it up. Remember though, this is only song number two of eight, so pace yourself.

3. BTS – Jump
You can’t complete a workout without a BTS song. The song of choice is Jump. The beat is not as quick as the previous two songs, but you deserve a little break for your hard work through the first two songs. And despite the beat may not be as fast, there is rarely a moment of silence or a pause throughout the entire song. BTS will continuously encourage you to keep at it with their rapping and singing. During the breakdown part with Suga and Rap Mon’s raps, slow it down to match the beat, but get ready to pick it up with the next song.

4. Supernova – Addicted
Number four, we’re halfway there! Supernova is a group made up of Koreans who mainly promote in Japan. So this next song choice is J-Pop, but it’s, as the title suggests, addicting all the same. Addicted is a get-up-and-jump type of song. The beat stays constant and quick throughout the song and the chorus will have you singing along in no time.

5. Teen Top – Rocking
To keep your energy high, Teen Top’s Rocking is the next song of choice. This song is perfect for motivation during a workout. At the number four spot on the playlist, this song will keep your head in the workout and keep you pushing with all you have.

To help distract you mind (if you are like the author and need distractions while working out), imagine Teen Top’s intricate footwork to Rocking and their shiny and fun outfits in the music video. When they tell you put your hands up, go ahead and indulge, you’re more than halfway done!

6. BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby
You can’t have a K-Pop playlist without Big Bang. Fantastic Baby is perfect for the fifth song on the list. It starts a little slow, with breaks in the music, but once that chorus comes around you’ll be in overdrive. The beat throughout the song is perfect to help keep the end of you workout strong. Just listen to the boys as they sing and rap and all will be well.

7. B.A.P – Hurricane
The second to last song!! You’re almost there, you can see the finish line… There are many B.A.P songs to choose from, but Hurricane is winner for this playlist. Alike many of the songs on this list, Hurricane starts out slower. It gives you a chance to regroup and slightly catchy your breath before entering the frenzy that is the song. The beat and music isn’t constant throughout the song, but since it’s almost the end of the workout just try to enjoy this part. The chorus and the break down will definitely have you moving at your maximum level.

8. MFBTY – Sweet Dream
You made it, the final song! Just get through this and you’re done… MFBTY’s Sweet Dream, again, starts slow and gradually builds to a beat-busting song that is a perfect way to wrap up your workout.

You’ll start out much slower at the beginning of Sweet Dream than at the end of Hurricane. But you’ll soon be up to a decent speed as the song progresses. The ending of Sweet Dream is the perfect ending for a workout. As you come to the conclusion of your intense workout, a piano will serenade the end as you feel elated that you finished.

Congratulations, you just completed your 30 minute K-Pop workout! This playlist is perfect for a run outside or going to the gym or whatever else you wish to do during your workout.

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