Playlist Sunday: Junk Food Edition

If we’ve learned anything from watching variety shows is that K-Pop idols love eating. And while Korean food ranks among the healthiest, it doesn’t make for great pop songs. That’s why while picking a theme for this week’s <b>playlist</b> we took the wrong turn in terms of nutritional value and went for <b>junk food</b>. Because no matter how good kimchi is, it will never taste as comforting as a milkshake.

Woolim rookies Lovelyz burst onto the scene with the candy themed Candy Jelly Love. As always, it is not explicitly about candy but a metaphor for love or something a little bit more racy, if that’s how you interpret it. Anyway, it’s the production of this song what makes it truly candy-like. The twinkly J-Pop influenced sound reminiscent of early Kara is instantly satisfying and sweet combined with the dreamy, innocent vocals make this worthy of the food Lovelyz are singing about.


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f(x)’s Lollipop is a fun, flirty, and addictive song. The beat, the vocals, and the featuring artist, SHINee, all make this a timeless song. The sugary sweet song is fun to listen to with the volume turned up, especially in the summer. I wish there was a music video for the song; it would be fun to see both f(x) and SHINee do a video for Lollipop. I can’t even imagine what their outfits and sets would look like. The song has everything, female vocals, male vocals, harmonies, catchy hooks, what more could we need (beside a music video)?

— Tara

BIGBANG and 2NE1 released a song together on 2009 called Lollipop. At first, the song starts with the girls of 2NE1 singing in a very cute voice, which get’s the listeners confused because none of these bands are known for being cute. But then G-Dragon comes in and says “Nah, that’s not how we do it,” and the song changes to their signature YG Entertainment hip-hop swag. Both 2NE1 and BIGBANG are styled with very fun ensembles and crazy hair, specially Dara. This collaboration makes me want to see them release a song together.


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Even though we already picked a f(x) song for this week’s playlist, they make a second appearance because, among girl groups, they always come up with the most interesting albums music wise. This time pick is Milk, a confusing song about healing a broken heart with cold milk, but with great Middle Eastern beats, which blend effortlessly with the girls’ vocals and harmonies. Milk is a flawless production of pop music; every aspect of it is perfect. The track, just as milk itself, is a tall glass of freshness.


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