PRIMARY’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’ Music Video & Song Review

Primary AOA ChoA Iron Don't Be Shy

Let PRIMARY take you to a tropical place with his reggae track “Don’t Be Shy” off of his new single album “2-3.” Known as the producer in a cardboard box mask with a bird’s beak, it’s always interesting to see whom he’ll feature on his songs. With quite the unique pairing of AOA’s member and vocalist ChoA and rapper IRON, shall we venture into the latest summer jam?


Don’t be shy come to me,
Don’t worry too much.
There’s no more tomorrow for us.
Shall we cross the risky line.

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If you want something, seize that moment, even if it means it’ll just end up being a one night stand. The potential of the good outweighing the bad is relatively high, so why not just go for it, right? You can’t live hiding behind a curtain; you’ve got to see and experience all the endless possibilities that are out there. If you meet someone and feel an instant attraction, you go ahead and take that attraction, follow it, and see where it’ll take you. You’ve got to live in the moment because sometimes there’s no time to be worrying about the aftermath. Take that risk, make that jump and hope for the best.


Deny it all you want, but how often do we come across a Korean song with such straight forward and borderline provocative lyrics as that in “Don’t Be Shy?” Not only are the lyrics suggestive, but there’s something immensely addictive about the beat. You will find yourself swaying to its gentle rhythm and mesmerized and wrapped up in ChoA’s seductive voice. She’s able to sensualize the lyrics without being overly sexy.

PRIMARY 'Don't Be Shy'

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Although “Don’t Be Shy” felt more like ChoA featuring IRON, his voice played well with the reggae beat. And despite his part being short, he left a lasting impression and delivered an impactful message.


As soon as the music video started playing, I asked myself, what in the hell?! The concept is a bit on the peculiar side. It definitely differs from any other music video that’s come out this summer, or even this entire year. “Is this really what happens when girls have sleepovers?” you might ask. Well, yes and no. Yes in the sense that we do indeed tend to lay around, be lazy, and gossip, but no to us playing with Pokémon cards and voodoo dolls. This music video is so twisted and out of the norm, and because of that, there’s something that pulls you in and keeps you hooked onto the screen. As much as you may want to turn away, you can’t.

PRIMARY 'Don't Be Shy'

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Overall Thoughts

If one were to just listen to the song first without watching the music video, “Don’t Be Shy” would come off as a rather playful and teasing song with its provocative lyrics and steady flow. That is, until you watch the actual music video and start questioning everything. But regardless of all that, this was quite an interesting combination; from ChoA’s haunting and sultry voice, to the witchcraft, and IRON’s melodic rap, to the reggae beat. As weird and dark as the music video was, it was refreshing; it was different than all those other bright and bubbly summer comebacks.

PRIMARY 'Don't Be Shy'

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