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Playlist Sunday: I Wanna Dance

You know those songs that just make you get up and move? Well, for this week’s playlist we have each picked K-Pop tunes that always make us move our feet. Whether it’s BIGBANG or Ailee, there are plenty of dance-worthy K-{op tunes out there for all to enjoy. Here are our picks for this week.

If there’s a song I love blasting on my laptop while getting ready to go out, it’s Orange Caramel’s Bangkok City. Even though I’m not a big fan of the rave concept with the clown hair and outfits, it’s a great song to dance and sing along too. Plus, this is probably the group’s song that showcases Nana’s voice the best without making it cutesy fake to fit their overall concept. And that’s another thing! Even though they wear the little top hats and oversized bows, Bangkok City is probably the least cute song they have. Don’t get me wrong, I love Orange Caramel’s weirdly cute concept, but it’s refreshing to see another side to them while still remaining true to their brand.


I Will Show You is one of the most fun, powerful songs that I’ve heard in a while. Ailee‘s powerful vocals and the beat are amazing, and the revenge message of “I will show you,” is extremely empowering. Ailee’s change from a bit of a nerd to a sexy woman to prove to MBLAQ’s G.O that he shouldn’t have broken up with her (once he got hot) is comical, but it’s something that many people with broken hearts probably feel like doing.

However, I do have one small problem. At the end, G.O wants her back, but not because he realizes that he likes the old Ailee, but instead because he likes the new Ailee. Not cool. Love her for everything she was and is, not just what she’s changed into. The song is great, but the ending message is a bit lacking. Sure, Ailee knows she has him wrapped around her finger, but what about when she gets a bit old and can’t fit into those shiny dresses?


f(x) is one of my favorite girl bands, and listening to their newest album Red Light, I fell in love with 뱉어내(Spit It Out). Everytime f(x) releases a song like this, it makes me remember why they became one of my favorite bands. They always have songs that make me want to blast them in my room, and of course, dance along and create my personal choreography to the song. This song has the element that I love about them, the way they blend different music genres together. The track has a lot of electronic and dance elements, and the way they all sing together at the chorus is what makes an f(x) song. My favorite part is when Amber yells “Spit it out” right before the beat goes up. Get your dancing shoes and get ready to dance!


A surefire way to get everyone up and jamming is to blast BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby and watch the party begin. The eccentric fashion and totally hypnotizing lyrics (BOOM SHAKALAKA, anyone?) pulls you into this music video, and the addicting beat and chorus (Wow, Fantastic Baby) come in to make you stay. Every time this song comes up on my iPod, I get to have a little moment to myself and dance a little.

Who could also resist TOP’s mesmerizing role as the vocal bass, or Taeyang’s powerful voice that lies in the bridge, tying the verses and the chorus together? Whether you’re a big fan of BIGBANG or not, it’s difficult not to move along when Fantastic Baby comes up!


One song I can’t stop listening to is Jump by BTS. I first discovered the song during the showcase for their Skool Luv Affair album and haven’t stopped listening to it since. The rapping is what makes this song.

Aside from great rapping from Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Mon, the overall tone of the song is upbeat and energetic. If you turn on Jump there won’t be anyone standing around. The whole song keeps an upbeat and fast tempo, which gets me in such a good mood and so energized and excited to do whatever I’m about to do. I listen to Jump almost every morning on my way to work to get my day started off right and to give me energy for the day.


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