K-Pop Fashion Icon: SHINee’s Key

SHINee‘s Key is already a K-Pop Fashion Icon among international fans since he’s definitely one of the most avant-garde fashionistas who stand out in the industry.

And even though most of the idols’ looks are curated by fashion stylists (Choi Minhye has been in charge of SHINee’s styling for a few years now), Key is one of the few that you can genuinely tell loves fashion. But can we really say that Key has his own style, even if it was advised by a stylist?  Yes, we can!  Not everyone has the opportunity to have a stylist advising them and he surely takes advantage of its perks. So how can we define Key’s style?

Key Wearing Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson Sweater

Throughout the years, we have always seen Key stand out from the rest of his band members. When he’s not part of a performance or music video, he always takes the fashion runways to the streets. Key’s style is a perfect mixture of new and old trends, and he not only follows them but sets them. Key is not afraid of mixing a classic Burberry coat with ripped denim jeans, a KTZ shirt, and Underground creepers. He loves to mix different styles like punk, preppy, and Gothic together to create a very fun and original look.

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In order to properly define his style, one word does not suffice for he’s constantly changing and mixing his looks. He loves his androgynous features and embraces his feminine side. He is not afraid of wearing women clothes and making them his own.

Key’s wardrobe contains many designers that he loves. You can always spot him wearing Jeremy Scott, KTZ, Givenchy, Moschino, Cheap Monday, CassettePlaya, and many more.


SHINee’s busy schedule never stops Key from attending Fashion Week.  He even walked the Jarret show at Seoul’s Fashion Week alongside his on-screen wife Yagi Arisa. 

Every time I see a new episode of We Got Married Global Edition, or SHINee at the airport, I can’t wait to see what Key is wearing.  He has become a fashion icon for many fans around the world. There are series of Tumblrs and fan pages dedicated to his style and many fashionistas acknowledge him as an inspiration.

The mixture of styles in his looks makes it easy for anyone to recreate them. Websites like YesStyle and Virgin Black carry amazing Korean fashion at very affordable prices.

key at fashion show

When it comes to his hair, Key has done it all. From pink to blonde, from black to brown, and every other color of the rainbow. And not only does he change the color of his hair constantly, but he is always changing his hair styles.  My personal favorite one is the blonde parted in the middle look à la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.


He even dyes his own hair sometimes. Here’s footage from SHINee’s One Fine Day:

Need more proof of Key’s undeniable fashion icon status, or just want to delve in cool pictures of him? Check out this gallery of my favorite looks:

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There is no stop for Key! His fashion is so fun, and we can’t wait to see how his style continues to evolve!

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