Playlist Sunday: Bad Girls Club

The good, cute girl image seems to be the norm and a favorite among the female K-Pop groups, but what about those who take a walk down the bad side? For this week’s playlist theme we chose groups and solo artist who aren’t scared to explore and show their bad girl images.

The Bad Girl image isn’t necessarily one you associate with K-Pop darlings Girls’ Generation, but that’s exactly what they tried to do back in 2011 with their Japanese single. Soshi went the cliché route by dressing in lots of pleather, posing in motorcycles, and dancing in an empty garage. But whether the concept was successful or not, there’s no denying that Bad Girl it’s an incredibly addicting song because of the repetitive “oh’s” in the hook.

The lyrics talk about being “bad” for a guy –the most perfect he’s ever seen, actually. You could even say it’s a complete 180 turn from Genie; the first is about dominance while the second is about compliance. Girls’ Generation might not have stuck with the naughtier image, but Bad Girl will always be “that time the girls went bad,” and who doesn’t like a good girl gone bad?


Brown Eyed Girls is definitely a group that epitomizes the Bad Girl theme. Their songs often depict mature content as seen in their music videos and choreography, and heard in their lyrics. For this week I chose BEG’s Kill Bill. The song has a story version music video as well as a performance version, both of which show off BEG’s “bad girl” personalities.

The lyrics are about a girl finding out about the unfaithfulness of her lover. Throughout the story version music video, each member is involved with the killing of a man and eventually themselves. Along with the lyrics and music video plot is the provocative choreography. The mature idols show off their sex appeal and that they are comfortable with themselves through the choreography for Kill Bill. BEG is the queen of mature and bad girl content.


Good girls become bad girls for a reason, and NS Yoon-G isn’t staying quiet about who is to blame for the dramatic change. The Reason I Became A Witch is not only a great song, but the music video is perfect for October, with NS Yoon-G wearing her Halloween appropriate black-and-white tights. She starts the video behind a curtain of white, showing her demure self, before she turns into some S&M goddess who could be playing Catwoman in a Batman (or a female version of Fifty Shades of Grey). In The Reason I Became A Witch, NS Yoon-G doesn’t just bring sexiness, she brings fierceness and shows how a good-girl-gone-bad will never be controlled by a guy ever again.


Ladies Code Bad Girl talks about a man that mistreats a woman. The man keeps telling his lover that she is weak and pitiful, so the girl is ready to be alone, but he just doesn’t want to leave her. After continuos name calling, she becomes strong and tells him that she is not that girl, that she is actually a bad girl and demands him to start calling her that. The video has the girls styled beautifully and accompanied by many men. The video is serious at times, but then It gets really fun, especially when they are putting makeup and wigs on the guys. It’s so cute and funny.

— Alejandro

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Playlist Sunday: Fall Songs

With summer coming to an end, we decided to choose a few fall songs for this week’s Playlist Sunday. But, what exactly are “fall songs?” Truth is, there’s no definite answer. Each writer interpreted that concept and came out with these songs, which are a mix of heartbreak, warm, and laid-back songs.

Touching lyrics aside, Super Junior’s A ‘Goodbye’ is a chillingly wonderful song. The Korean title is literally “the day of the break up,” and the calm, melodic approach of the speaker to the heartbreak is what makes this song so memorable. The shift between softness and a more upbeat sound is unsettling, which reminds me a lot of an autumn day, where the weather is chilly one moment and then the sun starts shining the next.

The song also functioned as leader Leeteuk’s farewell song when he joined the Korean army, which he joined during the fall of 2012.


Clazziquai Project’s Come on and Go with Me has an extremely laid back and smooth sound that is perfect for fall. The duo’s vocals are also soft, but powerful in their own right. Come on and Go with Me is a great song to listen to as you’re walking through the park with the beautiful leaves falling all around. The chill song will put you in a great mood every time you listen to it.


When I think about a song for fall, I couldn’t think of any other than 2NE1’s It Hurts. The song is a very sad ballad, but it has a very soothing feel to it. Bom’s voice really stands out on this track accompanied by the beautiful piano and bass guitar. Not only the song but also the video give you the perfect portrayal of fall. The girls stand on a rooftop while leaves start to fall while styled in gothic lolita outfits. As the song’s title says, it really hurts listening to this song. They emotions really flow through the song and with the video those sad emotions increase. Sorry to get your mood down, but this song is just perfect for the fall.

— Alejandro

It may be because the weather’s colder, but fall makes you want to have someone to hold, like EXO sings in Moonlight. The song has a very warm feeling, being a plea for the girl to not leave. The softness behind D.O and Baekhyun’s voices give the track a nice flow that also makes it feel sincere. And even without reading the translation of the lyrics, you can feel the longing in Moonlight, making the vocalists successfully transmit the message through emotions rather than words.


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Playlist Sunday: Summer 2014 Hits

It’s the last day of summer for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, so the KPOPme staff is dedicating this week’s playlist to the songs that came out this past summer. Some of these songs are from the very start of the sunny season, while others were released within the past few weeks. But from 2PM to Big Byung, these songs will always make you reminisce about Summer 2014.

Even though Big Byung was just a project group for the MBC show Hitmaker, Stress Come On was the one summer song that realistically spoke to me. Composed and written by Weekly Idol’s MCs Defconn and Jung Hyun Don, Stress Come On is a, loosely, gangster rap-style song about everyday stresses. Chicken with no cola? Parents pressuring you to get married? Unequal pay for the same job? Yeah, we can all relate to those!

Moreover, I really liked seeing a new side to BTOB’s Sung Jae, and VIXX’s N and Hyuk, since they are not rappers in their respective groups like GOT7’s Jackson. In the show, you could see that rapping didn’t come as natural to the VIXX members, so it was great seeing that they pulled it off in the end product. The song, music video, and especially the reality show are all very funny. However short-lived the project group was, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and aspect of it.


Yes, we talked about BEAST’s Good Luck more than a few times, but it’s such a good song that we just can’t help it. With this week being about the bests songs of the summer, I couldn’t pick any other song other than Good Luck. If there’s a song that is my summer jam, it’s this one. It was definitely my favorite from all the releases of summer 2014.
The song itself is quite addicting, and that intro with Yoseob’s beautiful voice melts your heart away. The video, the song, the styling, and the synched choreography all came together to create a spectacular production by BEAST. Can’t wait for their comeback!


For our ode to Summer hits this week, I’m choosing 2PM’s Go Crazy!. The song and the video, as the title states, are both crazy, but extremely fun and entertaining. To me, that’s what summer is all about. We have the chance to take more vacations, hang out in the sun, break it down on the dance floor, and of course, for those of age, hitting up the party scene.

The good thing about Go Crazy! is that although it was technically released in Summer, it isn’t a Summer-specific song. If I play Go Crazy! in the middle of January with sub-degree weather and snow up to my waist, it won’t feel out of place. In fact, it will make me dance and therefore warm up. No matter what season, Go Crazy! is a great party song to listen to.

— Tara

The summer’s pretty much over, but I’m still listening to the refreshing song Cup Of Water by B1A4. The quintet always has fun songs that I can’t help but sing along and dance to. After seeing B1A4 perform the song at KCON, using super soakers to spray the crowd with water, I just can’t help but think of a hot, sunny summer day and a nice water fight when I listen to this song. The refrain is really catchy, and even if you don’t understand the lyrics, it’ll get stuck in your head.

And the best thing? The song was originally called Cup Of Alcohol based on the similarity between “mul” (water) and “sul” (alcohol,) but B1A4 wanted young fans to be able to enjoy the song.


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Playlist Sunday: Sleepy-Time Songs

Don’t let the title of this playlist fool you. The songs below do not make us fall asleep because they are boring. Instead, they aid us as we try to relax and unwind from a strenuous day. Or when we just feel like being taken away to another, peaceful world.ep. For some music inspiration, this week’s songs are all mellow in their own way, and we invite you to enjoy our collection of easy listening K-Pop songs as we get ready to start a new work and school week.

Even when I want to fall asleep, the normal lullaby bores me. However, No Min Woo’s song Can I Love You? from the Midas soundtrack is the perfelend of softness with a slightly-rock sound. Starting off with a simple piano accompaniment to No Min Woo’s heartfelt vocals and lyrics, the song grows to include simple guitar chords and light drum beats, making it mimic the complexity of a relationship where the two people don’t love one another the same way.

The poignant lyrics of the song are heart wrenching, including lines like, “May I love you? Can I embrace you?” It’s not a simple love song, but someone who is unsure if they’re even allowed to love. Hearing No Min Woo’s soft doubting question turn into a powerful statement (the last lyrics are “I will protect you, I love you”) is the perfect thing that lulls me to sleep.


CNBlue’s Sleepless Night will, unlike the title, help you fall into a blissful and peaceful sleep. Yonghwa’s vocals start off soft and are soothing and calming. Typical of a CN Blue song, we are presented with rock elements throughout the song, but nothing that will affect you as you drift into dreamland. The mellow music and vocals put me into a relaxed state as I fall into the song. Even if you aren’t asleep after Sleepless Night, you at least listened to a great song.

— Tara

When I think about soothing K-pop songs, I tend to go the road less traveled: outside of K-pop. Everything about Eddy Kim’s The Manual is tender and easy. From the uncluttered music video sailing on a boat in a river and roaming through Amsterdam to the sweet lyrics talking about his love interest. The music video is so simple and romantic that it allows Eddy’s soothing voice to shine through. Furthermore, the lack of clutter continues with The Manual only using one instrument, the guitar. I love listening to this song when I write or when I just want to relax, but it could definitely send me off into REM sleep with ease too.


SHINee’s Sleepless Night is a beautiful and soothing ballad that makes you feel that they are just whispering in your ear. The boys did an outstanding job while recording the song; you can really hear the power in their beautiful vocals. The song talks about the feelings of wanting to be back with the one you love. Despite of all the bad times, you still miss them and are longing to be with that person again.

Everytime SHINee releases a ballad, they are beautiful. Onew and Jonghyun’s vocals really shine on ballads, and this is one of my favorite by SHINee. Take a look at their live performance of this, so you can hear their powerful vocals sans the studio editing.


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Playlist Sunday: Tribute to Ladies’ Code

For this week’s Playlist Sunday, we wanted to pay homage to the group Ladies’ Code upon their terrible tragedy. Countless tributes have been delivered, from celebrities to music shows to the overall media. KPOPme wants to remember the girls through their incredible work at much happier times.

Here’s a list on our favorite songs by Ladies’ Code, and may EunB and RiSe be in better and more peaceful place.

I’m going to be completely honest… Before EunB and RiSe’s passings, I had never listened to a Ladies’ Code song. So when the tragedy happened, I wanted to see for myself what the world was missing out on. As I clicked through Youtube videos, I was surprised to see that the girls are all pretty talented vocalists. However, I especially liked their heartfelt performance on Hate You.

The music video is very pretty aesthetically, with its dark undertones that highlight the despair behind the song’s message, while the pops of color romanticize it at the same time. Similarly, the styling was on point with a sartorial glam concept that the girls pull off flawlessly. I didn’t really understand what was up with the dolls, but it definitely makes for an interesting plot.


Like Alexis, I too had never listened to Ladies’ Code. As I was listening to their songs, their debut track Bad Girl stuck to me for a few reasons. The beginning of the song starts off with a piano introduction played by member Sojung. The production of the song is appealing in that they incorporate strings and the big band sound with the horn section into the song. The ladies’ vocals are amazing and I love, love, love their outfits. This is great debut song for the talented group that really showcases their vocals.

— Tara

I listened to Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty after hearing it included in a SHIMMixes song. Even though only a few short words were included in the remix, the song caught my attention and I became addicted. Ladies’ Code’s powerful vocals surprised me from the first listen, and I wanted the girl group to be successful.The song’s a declaration about girls being pretty since birth, and, in a weird way, is empowering- girls so often worry about their looks that I thought Pretty Pretty was a nice change of pace.


Ladies’ Code released Kiss Kiss this past August, and the song is really fun and bubbly. It’s really reminiscent of their song Pretty Pretty; even the music video has similar colorful contents! Their great vocals really stand out on the bridges of the song. Moreover, the chorus is very addicting especially when they go, “Oh Oh Kiss Kiss”.

The girls are battling in their minds that they really want to kiss the guy but it’s not time yet. I love this song because of that, it’s a very relatable situation and the girls delivered it very well. The art direction in the music video and the styling are also beautiful. They really make you pay attention to every detail of the music video, thus making it very entertaining.


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Playlist Sunday: Super Junior Edition

With the long-awaited release of Super Junior’s Mamacita, there was unanimous agreement that this week’s KPOPme Playlist Sunday would be dedicated to the super group. With seven studio albums since debuting in 2005, Super Junior has something for everyone, and KPOPme’s staff members each have our own favorite song.

Super Junior was and remains my favorite Korean group ever since 2009 when I listened to It’s You. This song was the follow up track to Super Junior’s hugely successful track Sorry Sorry, which I thought was extremely catchy, but wasn’t what did it. It’s You‘s sound, mixing a dance track with a melodious, heartfelt melody, is one of Super Junior’s most underrated songs. Each member of the group has his own time to shine, with clear, distinct vocals that blend into the chorus of the song when they all come together to create a beautiful sound.

This song is also dear to my heart since it’s the last music video that features Super Junior’s 13 primary members (Sorry Sorry Answer was released afterwards, but filmed prior to It’s You). Kim Kibum appears as an actor, and this is the last song that Han Geng (known then as Hankyung) promoted with Super Junior. The song’s poignant, yet dramatic, sound perfectly suited the end of an era for Super Junior.


In all honesty I do not know a lot of SuJu songs, but I do enjoy their sound. I chose Superman for this week’s playlist for a number of reasons. To begin with, that intro… whoa, so strong and great. It immediately draws you into the song. The beat throughout it is constant and fits perfectly with the guys’ deep voices.

Superman keeps it simple musically so we can fully appreciate the array of vocals throughout the group. Every time I listen to this song I turn up the volume and bob my head to the beat. It may not be their best song vocally or production-wise, but it is definitely worth a listen or two.


The first time I roamed through Youtube watching K-Pop videos, all it took for me to become a hardcore fan was one Super Junior music video. I mean, 10+ guys dancing and wearing awesome clothes? Yes please! This groups is definitely my favorite in the genre, and while it’s hard for me to pick favorites, I just have to go with Bittersweet from their previous album Sexy, Free, & Single.

All it took for me to get hooked on this song were Kyuhyun’s breaths at the beginning. Oh my god, my feels! This song is KRY at its best, complemented by Sungmin, of course. Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun are some of the best vocalists in all of K-Pop, and deliver a powerful, heartsick ballad with Bittersweet. Even if you don’t understand Korean (or have read the lyrics’ translation, for that matter), you can feel the heartache conveyed in the song. And that’s what singing is all about!


Super Junior has a very special place in my heart. Even if they are not my favorite boy band out there, I truly love what they do. In their recent comeback album MAMACITA, there’s a song that really captured my attention, Evanesce. The song is an uptempo ballad that got me right away.

The start with Kyhyun’s beautiful voice gives me chills, and the chourus comes into the song very smoothly. You can hear in their vocals their suffering when they sing, “tell me why, don’t know why!” The instrumental for the song is amazing –very ‘90s R&B. And that synthesizer really gives me life, which is why I love this song so much.


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Playlist Sunday: Danger

KPOPme’s Playlist Sunday series features different themes, and this week, we picked a single word to describe these songs: Danger. Every once in a while, we all feel it, a sense of danger.

This summer’s releases from BTS and SHINee’s Taemin were both called Danger, so there was no avoiding this week’s theme. In addition to the two recent releases, KPOPme‘s staff included songs by 2PM, f(x), and BoA that aptly fit into the theme.

Being a die-hard Shawol, I got very excited when SM Entertainment announced that Taemin from SHINee was their next artist to get a solo album. ACE is the name of his first mini-album, and his first single, Danger, was the perfect track for Taemin. He has always been a fan of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, and I love how this songs and video is almost like an homage to him.

The song has a very cool beat, and there are different genres mixed in that create a very unique sound. We all are used to see Taemin as the cute maknae from SHINee, but here, he gives us a very cool bad boy image. His incredible dancing talent really makes the amazing choreography shine, and you need to see the live stage for this song to fully appreciate it! The “Bbam, bbam, bbam” part is very addicting. And as he says in the song “It’s my showtime,” and it definitely is. Taemin’s time to shine is here.


Continuing on with the theme for the week, my choice is BTS’ DangerThe boys perfectly continue the theme from Intro: What Am I Yo You as they explore more of their relationship woes in Danger. The song begins will a somber piano and a haunting chorus, and then, all of sudden, we get BTS’ hip-hop with some beat boxing.

The song is calling out their so-called girlfriend like no one but BTS can do. They hit hard right from the beginning with Rap Monster’s hard-hitting rap, and Jungkook adds some verses as well. It then goes into Jin’s gentle vocals, as the builds throughout Jimin’s part, and then we get the hook/chorus, the meat of the song, with rock-inspired instrumentation. At first listen, Danger was not what I expected. But as I listened to it a second time, the song grew on me immensely, and the video shows off BTS’ amazingly in sync dance moves.

– Tara

f(x) definitely was in danger when they released Pinocchio, as they fell victim to the throngs of love and fascination with their sweetheart. The song’s title seems to refer to their inability to confess the truth of their obsession with their love, and that’s quite a dangerous situation. Besides the meaning behind this song, it’s quite addicting and just a great listen, especially if you need a quick picker-upper for your day.

The music video might not make that much sense, but the dance is really fun! It’s not the most difficult choreography, especially in the chorus, so it’s an enjoyable experience trying to follow along. While the fashion styling was a little interesting at some parts, the ladies still rocked this concept and it’s one of their most iconic songs.


Taking the danger concept a little further, what about dangerous people and situations? This week, I picked 2PM’s Dangerous out of their album Grown, which showcased a more mature side of the guys than in previous releases. Dangerous talks about how much they want a girl, and how this desire is, well, dangerous. .

The track is an easy listen not cluttered with over-produced sounds. It complements the guys’ vocals and image perfectly –that whole tough guy with a soft heart concept, that is. I definitely enjoy this song when I want something more calm than, say, Hands Up.


In celebration of her tenth anniversary in 2010, BoA released her album Hurricane Venus, and on that album is one of my favorite BoA songs, Dangerous. The electric style of the song was conducive for the singer to show off her amazing dancing skills. With a heavy beat, BoA’s throaty voice declares how she learned from her “dangerous experience” with a guy.

BoA exudes power during the performance, with her dance moves being both feminine and powerful. The song is heavily auto-tuned, but with solo artists, it’s usually easier to tell when someone is singing live. That’s the case with this performance; BoA’s live singing feels almost electric, as if the song’s style is just meant to meld with her voice. When people say that K-Pop’s girl groups are just sexy or cute, BoA’s Dangerous definitely make it clear that female singers can perform just as powerful stages as any male idol.


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Playlist Sunday: Co-Ed Duet Version

Since we focused on girls and guys the past couple of weeks for Playlist Sunday, we thought this week we would merge the two and showcase some of our favorite duets by male and female artists. Our list goes from power ballads to up-tempo jams, but all in all, some great picks from even greater performers.

Eric Nam and SPICA’s Boa Kim paired up for a simple yet beautiful cover of A Great Big World’s Say Something at the beginning of this year, and it’s definitely my pick for this week. From the somber video to the great combination of their voices, what’s not to like about this pair? I really like how their vocal tones, while different from A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s, still retain the feeling of the song. They add just a hint of that uniqueness that brings this piece together in their own special way. Also, they’re really cute at the end of the clip, so that’s a bonus!


G-Dragon and Jennie Kim sing about the dark side of love in Black. There are two versions of Black on GD’s Coup D’Etat album, the second with Sky Ferreira, but I prefer the version with Jennie Kim. To me, her voice carries more raw emotion, which is a perfect fit for this song. GD’s frustrations are apparent as he raps the verses. This song is simple in musicality and at first glance in vocals as well. But both GD and Jennie Kim carry in their voices the emotions needed for this song.


7989 is a sad love song that combines two of SM Entertainment’s top voices, Kangta and Taeyeon, to tell the story of a couple that is in love with one another but doesn’t confess. The lyrics are heartfelt, addressing a situation where both is aware of his/her own emotions, but not confident enough to say that they want to spend more time together with the other, that they don’t want the other looking at anyone else. Their evocative vocals make the confusing yet touching situation clear, even if the listener is unaware of what the lyrics mean.

Although the two never released a music video for the song, they have performed it together, and Kangta has performed it at several SMTOWN concerts with various artists (including f(x)’s Sulli and Go Ara). Fans probably want to now see Taeyeon perform it with her boyfriend, EXO’s Baekyeon, but the song is firmly Kangta’s, so it seems a bit unlikely. Regardless of who is singing it, the song is a beautiful one that any listener can enjoy.


The first time I heard My Ear’s Candy was at this year’s L.A. Korea Festival. I had no idea who Baek Ji Young was, but I knew I wanted to go to the restroom before, let’s say, INFINITE or 2PM came out. But then, the latter’s Taecyeon came out wearing a plastic-y hot pink button down shirt, ridiculous but hot at the same time, I just had to stay and watch the performance.

The plot of the video seems to be set in the future, judging by Taecyeon’s series of similar futuristic ensembles that highlight his hotness. My favorite look is the white suit with silver lipstick, swoon! Oh, and Ji Young looks lovely too… Moreover, the duo seems like they’re close, so the dance moves where they caress each other don’t seem awkward.

Despite the video and even beat seeming incredibly dated by now (song came out in 2009), it still has a good ring to it and is as catchy as ever. Besides, the hook where they alternate saying “I love you” in four different languages is fun to sing along to.


Henry’s 1-4-3 (I Love You) brings me back so many good memories. Not only did I love that song when I first heard it on the album, but then, it was announced that he was doing a duet with one of my favorite f(x) member Amber. I got really excited. Both of them have amazing personalities, and, at that time, I thought it was going to be an amazing match.

When the song first came out, I blasted it out loud every weekend in my car. Then KCON 2013 came and I had the chance to witness the live version of the song. Even if Amber only comes at the end of the song to rap, it is a very memorable duet to me. I really love the beat and how well both of them compliment each other.


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Playlist Sunday: All Guys

We already went over our favorite girl group songs, so why not move on over to the guys for this week’s Playlist? The ladies definitely hold their power in the K-Pop industry, but let’s not forget about the guys who also demonstrate powerful vocals and release addicting songs! Here’s our picks for what we’re currently listening to for male idols:

VIC‘s (Oyster) is not only emotional, but it shows off his amazing vocal skills and accompanies quite a depressing music video. It’s such a shame that he’s not an extremely popular artist, because I can’t seem to find the translation of these lyrics! This doesn’t take away from the powerful feelings of anger and anguish you get from VIC, though. I remember when I first watched this; I didn’t know why, but it hit something inside, and I ended up with moist eyes afterwards. I have a special place in my heart for this song, even if I can’t really understand it, and I think that’s one of its best attributes.


    Last week, I finally downloaded Crush‘s Crush on You album, and I have been listening to one song on repeat since then. Hey Baby featuring Zion.T is (so far) my favorite song off of the album. The song begins with Crush beat boxing and his beautiful falsetto. Then the beat comes in and suddenly I feel like I’m listening to an 80s Michael Jackson track. As you listen to the song it is clear that Crush was influenced by MJ for this track. At one point Zion.T even says “MJ baby”.

    Crush’s vocals are amazing in anything he sings. Zion.T adds his flair throughout the song as well. I love this pairing of Crush and Zion.T. This song is super upbeat and a fun song to listen to and sing along to. I’m never disappointed with anything Zion.T does and Crush has already proved to me that he’s an extremely talented artist and producer.

    — Tara

    A lot of people know Seo In Guk as an actor, but I’ve liked him ever since I heard My Baby U. I’ve lately found myself listening to his romantic song Tease Me, for no apparent reason other than the fact that it’s playful, yet the melodious sound is exactly what I think a good song should sound like. Seo In Guk’s smooth vocals asking to fall in love slowly is absolutely beautiful.

    The music video depicts Seo In Guk as a stuntman who falls in love with the lead actress, who ignores him. He thinks they’re a perfect fit, but she teases him because they’re so far apart in the film industry. However, when he performs a stunt where his car overturns, the audience, and singer, sees that she actually likes him also. The nervousness in the confessor’s voice as he sings repeated lyrics makes it clear that this isn’t a song just about a stuntman and an actress; Tease Me is a song for anyone who’s ever felt that they’ve been teased by someone they’ve had a crush on.


    One day, while binge watching all of 2PM’s Youtube videos, I stumbled upon Jang Woo Young’s solo Sexy Lady, and instantly fell in love with it. The song might not be much vocally, but the beat, catchy chorus, and dance moves lured me in on the first listen (or watch, for that matter). Moreover, there’s just something about a guy singing about lusting over a sexy woman over a demure one that just gets to me! And strangely, I completely dig that blonde look on Woo Young; he looks like a sexy man himself.


    After watching B1A4 at KCON 2014, I fell more in love with them. Each members’ personalities really stand out and they are very funny. That’s why I love their comeback song Solo Day. If you tie in the video, the choreography, and the song, it’s a perfect combination. The video is very funny and has a quirky ending. Their vocals in the song are very soothing and make the upbeat ballad lift you up and lets you know it’s ok to be solo. Beware, after you listen to this song you will end up doing the whistle and singing along to the addicting chorus.


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    Playlist Sunday: All Girls

    K-Pop is a genre mostly dominated by the male idol groups or soloists. It’s hard to find girl group fandoms as dedicated and loyal as ELF or VIP –unless you’re Blackjack or SONE. But K-Pop girl groups are so much more than just Girls’ Generation and 2NE1, even though we also love them. So for this week’s playlist, we’ll focus on girl groups that need a little more love and attention.

    This week I cannot get enough of f(x)’s Milk, their lead-off track on their Red Light album. The songs starts out kind of quirky with the sounds of a cat meowing and a dog barking, as the cat swats at the dog and it whimpers. We also hear glass break and then we hear a gun being cocked. From there we go right into the vocals. The song has a chill, laid-back vibe in the beginning. The girls’ vocals compliment each other extremely well, especially during the harmony parts.

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite part of this song. The whole thing is so different and interesting from the other K-Pop songs out there that I haven’t tired of listening to it yet. And I don’t foresee that I will tire of it anytime soon. At first listen, it may seem a bit strange, but trust me when I say that by the end of the song, you’ll most likely hit the replay button.


    Right when Miss Korea began with the smooth guitar riff, I knew I was in love with Lee Hyori‘s comeback last year. It’s a perfect blend of classy and sexy, along with an interesting style in clothing. The music video is grayscale and brings up a retro feeling, especially with some of the outfits and dance sequences that she uses. The chorus is addicting, and the entire song is absolutely mesmerizing. I definitely love and prefer her sultry tone! What makes this even more marvelous are the lovely drag queens she performs with in one of the scenes.


    If Girls’ Generation and f(x) where to have a child, the result will be SM’s newest girl band Red Velvet. They just debuted this week, and I can’t get enough of the group’s song! The title is Happiness, and it suits the track very well. I find myself feeling very happy and bubbly when I listen to this song.

    I really love Happiness because it’s very easy to listen. Seulgi’s rap is very good and doesn’t show up in the song randomly. I also really like the whole seapunk feel of the track. The tropical sounds and drums give it a very unique feel. From the bridge and into the chorus there is a perfect transition, and that chorus is so catchy.They barely debuted and I feel like I already fell in love with these girls.


    When it comes to speaking about the girls, I can’t help but think of Girl’s Day’s Female President. One of the most empowering songs out of K-Pop in recent years, Female President reminds women that there’s a female president in South Korea, so why shouldn’t every girl do whatever she wants? There’s no reason to be coy, or play hard to get; just take what you want.

    The video breaks all of the stereotypes of most K-Pop songs, with the members stripping in silhouette in the beginning, and then two of the members dressing up as a couple questioning its relationship. The whole thing was extremely shocking at the time of its release, portraying Girl’s Day as both sexy and powerful women. And if that wasn’t enough, Yura’s dress gave the misconception that she was actually naked.

    Female President’s catchy sound and message led to the song being a major success. Take a listen, and try to resist standing up and thinking (male or female) that you can do every and anything that you want.


    I’ve never been a big fan of miss A, despite them having better messages in their lyrics than most girl groups. But once they released Hush, I began paying them more attention. That’s how one day while listening to Seoul FM, I spotted a miss A song that I now play regularly on my own playlist, Lips.

    I like how their voices sound very sultry throughout the song as they fantasize about kissing the boy they like; it makes for a very sexy song to sway your shoulders to while singing. Moreover, the chorus and bridge are very easy to follow. My favorite part is the boom boom la la li lala negero, but the whole song is great, really.


    What’s your favorite girl group song? Be sure to share your thoughts and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.