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Playlist Sunday: Fall Songs

With summer coming to an end, we decided to choose a few fall songs for this week’s Playlist Sunday. But, what exactly are “fall songs?” Truth is, there’s no definite answer. Each writer interpreted that concept and came out with these songs, which are a mix of heartbreak, warm, and laid-back songs.

Touching lyrics aside, Super Junior’s A ‘Goodbye’ is a chillingly wonderful song. The Korean title is literally “the day of the break up,” and the calm, melodic approach of the speaker to the heartbreak is what makes this song so memorable. The shift between softness and a more upbeat sound is unsettling, which reminds me a lot of an autumn day, where the weather is chilly one moment and then the sun starts shining the next.

The song also functioned as leader Leeteuk’s farewell song when he joined the Korean army, which he joined during the fall of 2012.


Clazziquai Project’s Come on and Go with Me has an extremely laid back and smooth sound that is perfect for fall. The duo’s vocals are also soft, but powerful in their own right. Come on and Go with Me is a great song to listen to as you’re walking through the park with the beautiful leaves falling all around. The chill song will put you in a great mood every time you listen to it.


When I think about a song for fall, I couldn’t think of any other than 2NE1’s It Hurts. The song is a very sad ballad, but it has a very soothing feel to it. Bom’s voice really stands out on this track accompanied by the beautiful piano and bass guitar. Not only the song but also the video give you the perfect portrayal of fall. The girls stand on a rooftop while leaves start to fall while styled in gothic lolita outfits. As the song’s title says, it really hurts listening to this song. They emotions really flow through the song and with the video those sad emotions increase. Sorry to get your mood down, but this song is just perfect for the fall.

— Alejandro

It may be because the weather’s colder, but fall makes you want to have someone to hold, like EXO sings in Moonlight. The song has a very warm feeling, being a plea for the girl to not leave. The softness behind D.O and Baekhyun’s voices give the track a nice flow that also makes it feel sincere. And even without reading the translation of the lyrics, you can feel the longing in Moonlight, making the vocalists successfully transmit the message through emotions rather than words.


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