kpop Sunday Playlist

Playlist Sunday: Sleepy-Time Songs

Don’t let the title of this playlist fool you. The songs below do not make us fall asleep because they are boring. Instead, they aid us as we try to relax and unwind from a strenuous day. Or when we just feel like being taken away to another, peaceful world.ep. For some music inspiration, this week’s songs are all mellow in their own way, and we invite you to enjoy our collection of easy listening K-Pop songs as we get ready to start a new work and school week.

Even when I want to fall asleep, the normal lullaby bores me. However, No Min Woo’s song Can I Love You? from the Midas soundtrack is the perfelend of softness with a slightly-rock sound. Starting off with a simple piano accompaniment to No Min Woo’s heartfelt vocals and lyrics, the song grows to include simple guitar chords and light drum beats, making it mimic the complexity of a relationship where the two people don’t love one another the same way.

The poignant lyrics of the song are heart wrenching, including lines like, “May I love you? Can I embrace you?” It’s not a simple love song, but someone who is unsure if they’re even allowed to love. Hearing No Min Woo’s soft doubting question turn into a powerful statement (the last lyrics are “I will protect you, I love you”) is the perfect thing that lulls me to sleep.


CNBlue’s Sleepless Night will, unlike the title, help you fall into a blissful and peaceful sleep. Yonghwa’s vocals start off soft and are soothing and calming. Typical of a CN Blue song, we are presented with rock elements throughout the song, but nothing that will affect you as you drift into dreamland. The mellow music and vocals put me into a relaxed state as I fall into the song. Even if you aren’t asleep after Sleepless Night, you at least listened to a great song.

— Tara

When I think about soothing K-pop songs, I tend to go the road less traveled: outside of K-pop. Everything about Eddy Kim’s The Manual is tender and easy. From the uncluttered music video sailing on a boat in a river and roaming through Amsterdam to the sweet lyrics talking about his love interest. The music video is so simple and romantic that it allows Eddy’s soothing voice to shine through. Furthermore, the lack of clutter continues with The Manual only using one instrument, the guitar. I love listening to this song when I write or when I just want to relax, but it could definitely send me off into REM sleep with ease too.


SHINee’s Sleepless Night is a beautiful and soothing ballad that makes you feel that they are just whispering in your ear. The boys did an outstanding job while recording the song; you can really hear the power in their beautiful vocals. The song talks about the feelings of wanting to be back with the one you love. Despite of all the bad times, you still miss them and are longing to be with that person again.

Everytime SHINee releases a ballad, they are beautiful. Onew and Jonghyun’s vocals really shine on ballads, and this is one of my favorite by SHINee. Take a look at their live performance of this, so you can hear their powerful vocals sans the studio editing.


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