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Playlist Sunday: Tribute to Ladies’ Code

For this week’s Playlist Sunday, we wanted to pay homage to the group Ladies’ Code upon their terrible tragedy. Countless tributes have been delivered, from celebrities to music shows to the overall media. KPOPme wants to remember the girls through their incredible work at much happier times.

Here’s a list on our favorite songs by Ladies’ Code, and may EunB and RiSe be in better and more peaceful place.

I’m going to be completely honest… Before EunB and RiSe’s passings, I had never listened to a Ladies’ Code song. So when the tragedy happened, I wanted to see for myself what the world was missing out on. As I clicked through Youtube videos, I was surprised to see that the girls are all pretty talented vocalists. However, I especially liked their heartfelt performance on Hate You.

The music video is very pretty aesthetically, with its dark undertones that highlight the despair behind the song’s message, while the pops of color romanticize it at the same time. Similarly, the styling was on point with a sartorial glam concept that the girls pull off flawlessly. I didn’t really understand what was up with the dolls, but it definitely makes for an interesting plot.


Like Alexis, I too had never listened to Ladies’ Code. As I was listening to their songs, their debut track Bad Girl stuck to me for a few reasons. The beginning of the song starts off with a piano introduction played by member Sojung. The production of the song is appealing in that they incorporate strings and the big band sound with the horn section into the song. The ladies’ vocals are amazing and I love, love, love their outfits. This is great debut song for the talented group that really showcases their vocals.

— Tara

I listened to Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty after hearing it included in a SHIMMixes song. Even though only a few short words were included in the remix, the song caught my attention and I became addicted. Ladies’ Code’s powerful vocals surprised me from the first listen, and I wanted the girl group to be successful.The song’s a declaration about girls being pretty since birth, and, in a weird way, is empowering- girls so often worry about their looks that I thought Pretty Pretty was a nice change of pace.


Ladies’ Code released Kiss Kiss this past August, and the song is really fun and bubbly. It’s really reminiscent of their song Pretty Pretty; even the music video has similar colorful contents! Their great vocals really stand out on the bridges of the song. Moreover, the chorus is very addicting especially when they go, “Oh Oh Kiss Kiss”.

The girls are battling in their minds that they really want to kiss the guy but it’s not time yet. I love this song because of that, it’s a very relatable situation and the girls delivered it very well. The art direction in the music video and the styling are also beautiful. They really make you pay attention to every detail of the music video, thus making it very entertaining.


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