Weekly K-pop faves: June 5-11

The boy bands cometh! Seriously, though, this past week had the KultScene team falling in love with a lot of new music courtesy of some old, new, and TBD K-pop acts. We enjoyed songs from idol bands FTISLAND and DAY6, and solo songs from two of B.A.P’s members as well as some music from this season of Produce 101. Take a listen and comment below to let us know what song of the week was your fave.

“Open Up” by KNOCK of Produce 101 season 2 (Uploaded June 8)

I think I’ve made my obsession for Produce 101 season 2 pretty clear throughout these lists since the show began. Last week, I chose “Never,” a concept evaluation song from the show, as my fave because it was the one that resonated with me the most. The dance and overall sexy concept, however, definitely went to “Open Up,” but I chose to go with musicality over thirst. So when M! Countdown gave me the opportunity to cheat the system and go for another Broduce song, I took it. KNOCK, the name the team made up for this evaluation, ultimately won on the show and got to perform “Open Up” on M! Countdown. And while, other than hairstyles, they didn’t change mostly anything, it was still a sultry performance. We already know Dongho (aka Baekho of Nu’est) has the sexy thing down, with his velvety smooth vocals. The surprise, however, was Daniel, who hadn’t shined vocally. “Open Up,” to me, sounds like Nu’est’s last album. Dongho singing the chorus is a big part, but musically, it could blend right in. At a time when a lot of boy groups are going the cute route, it’s nice to see the darker concepts are still alive and well.

— Alexis

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“Shadow” by Daehyun of B.A.P & “Try My Luck” by Jongup (Released June 8)

After receiving much positive feedback of their solo performances from their ‘Party Baby!’ World Tour this past spring, B.A.P vocalists, Daehyun and Jongup released a collab album for their fans, titled “DaehyunxJongup Project Album – Party Baby”. This special album includes two self written tracks, Daehyun’s “Shadow” and Jongup’s “Try My Luck”.

Daehyun is B.A.P’s first member to release a solo single and to perform it live on music programs (including Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo.) There was a sense of newness seeing him going with a more dance focused track, considering how fans are used to hearing Daehyun belt out his high notes and killer falsettos, which were not the main focus but he still tried incorporating them into this single. “Shadow” has an addictive beat with narrative lyrics. “If I try to touch you, just as a dream I had yesterday, you start to become faint”, a love that is fading, a love that more or less becomes a shadow. Not only did Daehyun steer away from the expectant ballad but by featuring youngest member and rapper, Zelo, he added a distinctive tone to the song.

With Jongup’s well known admiration for Chris Brown’s music and dancing style, it was no surprise to see him release an R&B track. “Try My Luck” has a beautiful mixture of both hard and soft melodies with a few unexpected transitions (like everytime he starts rapping!) The lyrics are direct and bold, “I know that feeling, I know what you want. Only the two of us can do it, you know how I’m feeling” and along with hiss passionately infused odic voice, it’ll make anyone get weak in the knees. Jongup went from having very few lines in B.A.P’s songs, to now writing his own music and very much slaying at it.

Both “Shadow” and “Try My Luck” allowed Daehyun and Jongup to truly show off their depth, range and versatility as singers, outside of B.A.P. Hopefully there’ll be another project album in the future, this time with more solo tracks and from the other members!

— Tam

“I Smile” by DAY6 (Released June 7)

After six months of non-stop single releases, DAY6 finally dropped their first full album, “Sunrise” comprising of the 12 new tracks they released this year and two remixes of their previous title songs, “Congratulations” and “Letting Go.” Needless to say, given the fact that the album is literally made up of ¾ title track worthy songs, it is such a musical delight to listen to. The title track of the album, “I Smile”, in particular, is such a bittersweet and heart wrenching song disguised beneath its cheery sounding title. I may be wrong about this but this song is one of the band’s more musically complex tracks, with chord shifts occurring so quickly and the song constantly moving in an unexpected direction (that instrumental section!!!) The members definitely killed it with the vocals this time, especially Sungjin, who set the tone for the song right off the bat. The accompanying music video is also beautiful, both aesthetically and in terms of its meaning, and I’m proud to say that the members have really picked up some subtle acting skills since their debut. Overall, this has got to be my favourite DAY6 release of the year and maybe of all time, and I hope with this album people will start waking up to their talents.

— Anna

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“No Better Days” by FTISLAND (Released June 7)

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of FTISLAND. So when I heard “Wind” as their 10th anniversary track, paired with a remake of their debut single “Love Sick,” I was a bit disappointed. Then I listened to it in earnest and was excited by the amazing instrumentals at the end. But I don’t want to talk about the title of FTISLAND’s anniversary album. Nope, I’m all about the first track, “No Better Days.” The power of the track is no joke and it’s exactly what I wanted. Powerful drums, soaring vocals– not just from vocalist Hongki but also from Jaejin while the other members provide backup harmonies– this is one of the most dramatic songs on the album. And I love it.

— Tamar

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Playlist Sunday: Game Day

12714112_10156740816255019_181376715_nIf you’re anywhere in the world, Sunday is pretty much always game day. But yesterday, if you’re in the United States or a fan of American football, you know that it was Super Bowl Sunday. There’s no way to avoid it, even if you don’t like the sport, there’s the likelihood that you went to (or hid from) a Super Bowl party. In honor of Super Bowl 50, we’re going to dedicate this KultScene Playlist Sunday to Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars.

Just joking!

This Playlist Sunday is all about the K-pop songs and music videos inspired by sports and sports uniforms.

EXO’s “Love Me Right” concept photos are practically perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, baseball hats aside. The upbeat song is all about being in love and loving someone in the right way, but the music video is all about the group, their teamwork, and the locker room. (Seriously, though.) EXO’s members are a little bit on the scrawny side when compared to the average football star, but maybe they’d be good quarterbacks? But, luckily, that’s not a concern, because EXO is killing the dance and music routine of “Love Me Right” in a way that definitely makes them win the game.

— Tamar

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I am very much not a sports person. I am, however, into sportswear. Despite it being very dated now, when “Oh!” came out, Girls’ Generation rocked the hell out of those outfits. Those cropped varsity jackets were cute af — how did this oppa only see them as little sisters? So if you’re like me who doesn’t really care for sports but likes looking cute at all times, “Oh!” is the perfect song since the girls were just being their fabulous selves while the game is happening.

— Alexis

True to style, Orange Caramel didn’t use sports to look cool or athletic. They took table tennis/ping pong, nearly hobby more than a sport, and applied it to a fight for love. In cute matching uniforms, Nana, Raina, and Lizzy compete against a number of opponents to impress their crush. Their acrobatic skills are unprecedented as they crush them one by one. It’s a quirky use of the sport and is shot more like a level of Street Fighter than a sport, but it works perfectly thanks to it. It has boss battles, special moves, and Lizzy’s killer expressions. The song bears the same quirky touches to Orange Caramel’s original formula too. A more quirky effort with its bouncing europop synths and talkative chorus.

— Joe

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Never would I have thought I’d obsess over a cheesy of a music video as I did with MyB’s “My Oh My.” Their cheerleading choreography is simple and easy on the eyes; from their quick one-two steps to their high kicks, nothing too flashy, with clean cut and smooth transitions. It almost looks better than some of the dance routines real cheerleaders in the NBA and NFL put on. This group really took the idea of uniforms to a whole another level with their cute loose cropped tops, pale pink jackets and matching blonde hairstyles! Usually, my brain only allows itself to take in a very small percentage of the girliness that comes from these ultra high energy Korean girl groups, and luckily, at no point during this video did I feel the usual sense of queasiness I normally would, which means they did well.


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Playlist Sunday: Halloween Edition

kpop songs halloween

It’s here, the week that many people around the world wait for all year. Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time for all of the spooky tunes to get you in the mood for the day of dress up and candy. Which means that this week’s KultScene Playlist Sunday is filled with the creepiest K-pop songs that our writers could find.

VIXX has always been well known for their dark and unique concepts but to me, no other concept of theirs is as horrifying as the one for “Voodoo Doll.” In fact, the music video for this song was so scary and gory that another clean version had to be released. The entire video is eerily fascinating however, and showcases some wonderful acting from the VIXX members, along with a tight choreography and a catchy song. Be warned though, the music video is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

— Anna

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon caused a stir with this highly controversial music video from his 2009 album, “Heartbreaker.” In “She’s Gone,” GD assumes the role of a crazed psychopath from the Victorian era who kidnaps a former love interest, after she spurned him for another man. G-Dragon’s character keeps the girl tied to a chair, but somehow she manages to escape. Carrying a knife, he sets off in purposeful pursuit of her through a dimly lit labyrinth of corridors, then exacts his brutal revenge near the video’s conclusion. In his warped perception, this drastic course of action is the only means he has of keeping his ex girlfriend forever, or at least preventing anyone else from having her. Finally, the murderer is seen with his hands and clothes covered in blood and a sinister smirk on his face, implying that he has achieved his objective. An already disturbing character is made all the worse for being played by the baby-faced G-Dragon!

— Eve

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I’m probably one of the very few who people who don’t get excited for Halloween. Don’t get me wrong; growing up I absolutely enjoyed dressing up in scary costumes but it only seems as though what started out as a holiday of trickery and the occasional treat has become an opportunity for people to get dressed up in rather trashy outfits. Whatever happened to the monstrous themes, face makeup and extreme hairstyles? 100’s “Beat” takes after a Frankenstein theme, each member sporting heavy eye makeup, colored hair, and armored clothing (if any at all). Even though that movie always crept me out when I was younger, I wouldn’t mind it one bit if I saw a bunch of guys that looked like 100% walking around on Halloween; even with their hearts dangling out. Well, maybe not the heart part.

— Tam

In a a political take on Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Seo Taiji’s “Christmalo.Win” takes us all to a town filled with ghouls, witches, and pumpkins. The iconic Korean singer enters the town to begin singing as a little girl finds that her mother and friends are missing. The music video and the pop-rock song are sinister companions to one another, with dramatic flare to spare (check out his band!) Seo Taiji is a consummate performer and artist, but it’s the content that puts the viewer into the Halloween mood. Watch the whole video to take a look of the eerie tale of a Halloweentown girl looking for her mother in a Christmas town. Not all is as black and white as it appears, and the differences between the poor and rich, the weak and the power, is very clear, even within the holiday packaging of a war between the holidays.

— Tamar

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Playlist Sunday: K-Pop Point Dances

Playlist Sunday In order for a performance to be memorable, the choreography has to be strong. Luckily, K-pop is never short of strong dance moves, given that most groups dance and, at least most of the members, kill it. But with so many songs, groups, and performances getting released every week, it’s difficult for anything to stick. That’s why choreographers tend to place a few point dances within the performance that will make viewers take notice and even emulate them. So for this week’s playlist, we’re listing some of our favorite K-pop point dances.

This is the song that started it all for me, both because of its unique use of chairs and because of the sensual dance choreography that fitted perfectly with the song. Though not the best song in terms of musicality, it’s certainly one that I love to dance and sing along to. It’s 2PM’s “A.D.T.O.Y” (All Day I Think Of You), and my personal favorite performance of this song would be during 2013 SBS’s “Gayo Daejun”, when the boys used roller chairs for the dance instead of their ordinary stationary chairs. It was definitely more dangerous but it made it all the more interesting and enjoyable.

— Anna

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A fast-tempo, synth-heavy track, SHINee’s “Lucifer” is one song which never fails to make me dance. The impressive sharp, almost robotic, choreography is very fitting for the processed song, and what I love most about the dance is how seemingly complex it is. It may not feature flips like a 2PM routine or fancy footwork like a Teen Top production, but the series of rather basic hand tutting of “Lucifer” might as well put this performance on par was them. After watching “Lucifer” performed live, SHINee definitely moved up in my books for best dance group.

— Shelley

I’m not that huge of a girl group fan, but one song that got me into Girl’s Day (or at least got me paying attention) was “Expectation.” Not only is the track really cool and infectious, but their choreography is all around on point as well. Never had I dug sexy girl group dances before this one. Because even if I found the suspenders tacky, I loved the point dance with them and without them. And that wasn’t the only one, the whole chorus and bridge are filled with a few key moves that make the performance memorable. Every time this song comes up, I dance along attempting to emulate them. “Expectation” is definitely my favorite song by this group, and the choreography is one of the reasons why.

— Alexis

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Out of the many dance focused music videos Korean artists are known for, I personally feel like B.A.P‘s “One Shot” has one of the most aggressive and catchy point choreographies. From their floor work, which includes some intense push up moves, to their floor air body thrusts, to their “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” fancy arm and leg work and mid air jump, B.A.P makes this all look effortless, but as a viewer it’s almost exhausting to watch. Hopefully we’ll be able to see B.A.P perform more impactful music videos in the future!


When it comes to point dances, there are a lot of really memorable K-pop dances, but I don’t think there is anything more iconic for a single K-pop group than INFINITE’s so-called scorpion dance from “Before The Dawn (BTD).” Most popular Korean songs have a dance move that is iconic, and performed during the chorus, such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” horse-riding dance. INFINITE’s “BTD” has its own dance during the chorus, but it’s the dance move that comes at the end of the song that shot INFINITE to fame for being a group that tries incredibly complex dance moves. The scorpion dance brings all seven of INFINITE’s members to the ground for a second before kicking up and rising in perfect unison. The complexity of the dance, and INFINITE’s ability to perform the difficult move, makes this point dance from “Before The Dawn” one of my favorite K-pop dances.


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Playlist Sunday: Boy Groups Covering Girl Groups


Fan service has to be the greatest invention in K-pop. For some reason, fans go especially crazy with the type of fan service where male idols act cute or dress up and dance to girl group songs. We can’t really explain the psychology behind it and won’t try to. Instead, we’re just going to list our favorite instances of boy groups covering female groups for this week’s playlist.

Putting together the divas of multiple K-pop groups and having them perform the biggest hit of the day is brilliant. Having a group of male idols from different groups perform one of the biggest Korean hits ever is pre-genius. Way back in the day, members of 2PM, Super Junior, SHINee, and 2AM performed Girls’ Generation’s Gee and it was fabulous. 2AM’s Jo Kwon and SHINee’s Key shone in their spastic dancing, while all the other performers also joined in on the fun. This is also a little bit poignant, as took place before Jay Park’s departure of 2PM.

— Tamar

It came as no surprise when I saw GOT7 cover A Pink’s Mr. Chu, which was titled Ms. Chu for their stage at Music Bank’s end of the year show in 2014, I was ecstatic. GOT7 is naturally cute, so it was only right that they covered this bubbly song. Not only did they stick to the original concept by keeping the performance delightful and youthful, they also incorporated their own charm into it: Jackson’s little sexy wave, Mark flying midair flip, and BamBam’s reference to their Stop Stop It choreography. It’s a shame the guys didn’t perform this at their recent stops on their fan meeting tour in the USA. I’m sure all the iGOT7’s (fan club name), would’ve all fallen over due to their bewitching charisma!


Jo Kwon’s second job is covering girl band songs, but that can’t be said for the rest of 2AM. When it comes to male groups covering the girl ones, you can’t expect them to take it completely seriously, especially when they do it for a variety show. That’s why their interpretation of miss A’s Bad Girl, Good Girl, but in this case Bad Boy, Good Boy, is awesome, because even if they wore similar outfits, sang, and did the choreography, they were acting a fool the whole way through. The cherry on top of the sundae? miss A was right there to watch them slay their song.

— Alexis

These two groups are popping out all throughout this playlist, but 2PM& 2AMare undeniably good at girl group covers. This parody/cover of Brown-Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra is hilarious, because the members of both groups really go all the way out in imitating BEG, be it in acting out the music video storyline or in the costumes that they don. They even went on to name themselves Dirty-Eyed Girls as a parody of BEG.


When your favorite boy band covers your favorite girl band it could be the most hilarious thing ever. Thankfully when BIGBANG covered 2NE1’s I Love You for the YG Family concert, they gave us a very funny rendition of the song. From their sexy girl dance moves to T.O.P.’s screams, the boys were having the best time of their lives. Taeyang’s vocals were so on point that it made us even want a real studio version of this cover. Since BIGBANG and 2NE1 are label mates and friends they weren’t afraid to make fun of the song and have a lot of fun with it. This is one of my favorites covers of all time.


Maybe I’m picking this cover because half of it is Girl’s Day performing Something as supremely as they usually do. Or maybe I’m picking Boy’s Day because it gives NU’EST’s Ren a chance to show off his true colours. I mean that boy is a beautiful woman, no doubt about it. The hair and makeup are flawless and the dress seems to fit his figure perfectly. Even his movements and expressions are quintessentially feminine. Ren completely outshines the rest of the boys which even includes VIXX’s Hongbin who is also known for looking pretty in drag. Unfortunately it is lip synched but at least it lets them concentrate on performing the dance.


Playlist Sunday: Kisses

Kisses and kissing aren’t always openly talked about in the K-pop music scene. But there are many songs about first kisses and kissing in general. They can be as innocent as a peck on the cheek or as steamy as a full on lip-to-lip, tongue-to-tongue contact. Sometimes these kissing songs aren’t as blatant as others, but one thing we know for sure is our K-pop idols love to sing about kissing.

Like many before her, Jeon Hyosung used her solo career as a way to show off her large, um, charms. Her solo venture turned out to be just as successful as bandmate Jieun’s but offered something completely different. Goodnight Kiss is an hypnotic trap lullaby for a boy whom Hyosung sings to goodnight. Yet she clearly doesn’t really want to go to sleep but to just kiss and kiss him. Updating fairytales and lullabies is popular these days and this song does a better job of it than most. The song comes off as a reworked lullaby to perfectly suit Hyosung’s sexy image. It starts off relatively innocent but becomes sexier with each part before finally hitting that trap drop. We forget about the lullaby element after a while as it becomes stranger and sexier. It all comes together to create something quite sophisticated and shows that given the right material Hyosun could become a soloist on par with Ga-In.

— Joe

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Dara’s Kiss is filled with ridiculous yet catchy engrish lyrics, yet there’s one line that I’ll occasionally find myself singing to in public; I just wanna kiss, I never wanna miss. Kiss is a fun and rather playful song whereas the music video, which features actor Lee Minho and if you look closely, Kim Woo Bin is also featured, is rather on the dramatic side; I guess that’s what happens when you feature actors in your music video, it suddenly turns into a short drama! Aside from the dramatic acting from both Dara and Lee Minho, the overall production was entertaining and to me, it felt like a commercial!

— Tam

If we talk about kisses, what’s better than a french kiss? Hyuna’s song French Kiss recounts a story at a scandalous party. Hyuna meets a guy and it;s like love at first sight, or maybe lust at first sight. Right then and there she wants to be only with him, alone. The chorus is very addicting and the part where Hyuna whispers “Let’s french kiss” sounds so seductive and sexy. It almost makes the listeners feel that you are the man she lusts over and she is whispering those words to them. The song has a great beat and it’s a great song to just dance let loose and make out.

— Alejandro

Rather than celebrating love, Super Junior‘s My Love, My Kiss, My Heart mourns it. The song is the classic tale of missing an ex lover post break up while reluctantly trying to move on. You know, when it still hurts. The boys lament the love lost, saying they will bury their love, kiss and heart through a heartfelt ballad.

— Alexis

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X’s are for kisses, sings EXO in XOXO. The song is an adorable, upbeat, jazzy ode to the woman EXO loves, filled with sweet lines about dreaming of hugging and kissing the one you love. EXO’s vocals really shine in the song, with enough lines for EXO’s multitude of members to express their own individual vocal colors.

— Tamar

miss A’s Hush actually uses the word ‘kiss’ in the chorus. The ladies sing about their steamy wants and desires. And at the top of the list is kissing, which is a great way to get to know someone intimately. Hush takes things a few steps further than kissing, but the sexy ladies of miss A know what they want and clearly depict all of that in this song. Aside from the content of the song, Hush has an infectious chorus and sultry dance moves perfectly executed by the quartet.

— Tara

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Playlist Sunday: YOLO

Life can get overwhelming real fast –that’s no surprise. But in the midst of it all, we shouldn’t forget to unwind, let loose, and live in the moment, you know, just say YOLO from time to time. That’s why for this week’s Playlist Sunday we’ve decided to carpe diem –seize the day– and compile a list of songs talking about exactly that.

2PM’s single Go Crazy! is the perfect example of living for the moment. The song is a party song accompanied by a party music video. Sometimes you just have to let go all of the stress and work and negativity and let loose. Their lyrics urge you to let it all go and enjoy yourself: “Go crazy, Tonight, We are determined to go nuts, Just for one night, go all out.” And if 2PM’s lyrics aren’t enough to get you in touch with your crazy side, then their music video will surely inspire you to have an unforgettable night complete with an arsenal of stories to tell for years to come. So go out and enjoy yourself and go crazy!

— Tara

JYJ’s In Heaven may seem a bit depressing, but along with being vocally beautiful, the message of the song and music video are really “live for the moment.” The music video is about a man, played by member Junsu, who is in love with a woman. But he is so wrapped up in his work that he doesn’t have time for her and doesn’t notice her enough, leading to her walking in front of a car and dying. But then time rewinds, and he is given a second chance. Things take an interesting turn, but at the end of the day, everyone is happy because they did what they wanted instead of what they did the first time around. We don’t all get second chances, so let’s learn the lesson from In Heaven and live our life to the fullest!

— Tamar

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BEAST is a group that brings us the best heart-wrenching break up songs; it’s like their staple or something. So of course a party song by them is a bit odd, but absolutely fantastic. And there’s no better message for a party song than to let loose and live in the moment like in We Up. Sure, the song is directed at a specific girl, but still, we can just imagine the boys are singing this to us personally, telling us to go wherever without thinking of manners and etiquette and be the night’s heroine. Moreover, BEAST also performed this song during Good Luck promotions, and their performance was always fun and infectious; they even interacted with the dancers in a playful manner (I’m looking at you, Doojoon!). Groups mostly always look almost robotic when performing, but with this song, BEAST let loose and actually had fun with it, and what’s more YOLO than doing your own thing at a music show?


Having fun with your friends and going all out with no regrets is one of the best feelings in the world. There’s nothing better than the feeling of letting go, we only live once after all and we have to live our lives to the fullest. The perfect track to go crazy with is G-Dragon’s Michi Go. BIGBANG’s leader is the king of crazyness and knows how to belt out a perfect party song. The crazy beats in the track create a very chaotic sound that fits perfectly with the feeling of the song. And who can forget that, “Dirty nasty as f***” that he spits out subtly throughout the song. As soon as you press play to this song it will instantly make you want to get up and dance like crazy.


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If you’re really going to go all out YOLO on a night, it is a priority to have some killer tracks at your disposal. Up and Down by Korean producer Smells is a perfect addition to this playlist. As was the trend last year Up and Down is a dance track by way of the British house scene in the 1990s. He mixes this with commercial synths, which sound straight out of Ibiza, to create an exciting, danceable, and euphoric track. Son Seung Yeon features to provide some typically generic but soulful, effective vocals. It all comes together to form something typically Korean in that it mixes old and new, west and east to create the ultimate modern club banger. As a bonus the video features a group of people in a bedroom, YOLOing it to the max, which you can take your cue from.


What are your dreams and aspirations? Have you thought about how you’re going to go about making it happen or are you too nervous at the thought of possibly failing? B.A.P’s One Shot is a reminder to us all that even if the high walls try to block you, jump over it all, even if you fall every time. How will you ever know what the outcome might be like if you’re too scared to give it a try? This is the present, you’ve got to grab that opportunity right then and there and seize the moment!


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Playlist Sunday: International Women’s Day

Say what you will about pop music, but people all around the world look to mainstream music and artists for role models. And while we’ll always find negative messages and images, it’s important to highlight the positive ones. That’s why for this week’s playlist, we’re honoring the empowering K-pop tunes to celebrate International Women’s Day (which is today!).

Very few K-pop songs talk about being yourself, so when 4Minute came out with their latest release Crazy about, well, being your crazy self and not giving a damn, it quickly became one of those rare female empowerment songs within the genre. Crazy generalizes the term “crazy” as not normal, and embraces individuality by saying it’s ok to be like that. And what better message is there for women of all ages to just be themselves on International Women’s Day? Also, the song’s overall sound (and choreography, mind you) is very appropriate for everyone to let loose, go crazy, and express themselves.

— Alexis

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Nothing is as empowering to women as one of their own gaining the highest rank in government. In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to highlight Girl’s Day’s response to the election of South Korea’s first female president, Park Geun Hye. Political reasons aside, a woman made huge strides in a very traditional society, and Girl’s Day took their song Female President to celebrate political and sexual empowerment of women.


I’ve been critical of Hello Venus in the past for being less than stellar female role models but they proved me wrong with the release of Wiggle Wiggle. A song inspired by the sexist anthem of Jason Derulo may not seem like much of an empowering song, but Hello Venus have made it so. Wiggle Wiggle is a call for women to dance in the club for their own enjoyment not for the male gaze. The cheap music video backs this up by showing the inauthenticity of everything. The song is brilliantly fresh from the usually generic Brave Brothers. The hip hop bass and bubbling synths make for a surprisingly low-key but infinitely danceable track. The best part being Seoyoung’s battle cry over drums for all the girls of the world to werk.


We must talk about Lee Hyo Ri if we’re talking about women empowerment… The U Go Girl music video highlighted plastic surgery, which can be a touchy subject in many parts of the world, but in Korea, it’s widely accepted and commonly practiced. Many people will have different point of views in regards to this concept, but if changing the way you look will help with your overall self-esteem, go for it. But like the lyrics state, whatever it may be, you need to face it straight on and go in it with full confidence. Why base such things as, how you should do your hair, makeup, what you should wear, off of other people when you’re the one that has to do it? This could’ve been a much more serious subject, but instead of taking it down that road, Lee Hyo Ri turned it into an cheery, bubbly, and fresh song so audiences could digest it better.


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SPICA’s summer 2014 single, I Did It is all about the ladies. The quintet sing about spending an evening with their girl friends to unwind and enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work. Their ladies’ vocals are amazing and the peppy beat and sing-a-along chorus will have any girl pumped up for a night out with their friends. I Did It makes a point of saying that men are not necessary to enjoy one’s self. Instead, do what makes you happy with the people that make you happy.

Every woman ’round the world, hear me
Throw your hands in the air if you feel me
Stand tall, real strong, so let’s go
Show my best tonight

They share a message of empowerment and strength and courage for being yourself and loving yourself; words we can all live by. It also doesn’t hurt that I Did It is completely sung in English as well.

— Tara

CL from 2NE1 released her first solo track The Baddest Female the moniker that she had clearly made it her own, and quickly became an anthem for female empowerment. At the climax of the song, CL spits out a message to all the women in the world, telling them to be themselves and always be the best they can be.

This is for all my bad girls around the world
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know
Let’s light it up and let it burn like we don’t care
Let em know how it feels damn good to be bad

The song talks about being the fiercest you can be without caring for what people and society think. This is the perfect song to feel empowered to and everyone can relate to the message of the song, even if it’s intended for women.

— Alejandro

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Playlist Sunday: Favorite February Releases

The month of February has given us a plethora of K-pop releases. From veteran artists such as Shinhwa to rookies such as Rubber Soul, it has been a busy month for music. We feel it is important to show the shortest month of the year some love and now that February is over, it’s time to take a look back at some personal favorites by KultScene’s staff.

I’m not going to lie, I may or may have not spent the entire month listening to songs released by the competitors of No.Mercy. But while picking a song for this playlist, while trying to convince myself that I should probably not force my taste on other people, I discovered Kris Leone’s The End and I’m absolutely obsessed. Kris Leone is South Korea’s rock princess, the daughter of Boohwal’s Kim Tae Won. Kris Leone’s The End is the perfect answer for someone looking to take a break for a few minutes from bubbly K-pop. With crisp instrumentals and Kris Leone’s powerful vocals, The End is hopefully this singer’s beginning.


The legendary Shinhwa is back! This is a rather dark concept for the group, one in which they stepped outside the box and dared to try something completely different than what we’re all use to seeing from them. Every member displays a sexy and mature vibe, reminding the audience that although they’re in a “boy band” they’re fully grown men who mean business.

Moreover, each member had his own peculiar and bizarre role. You have cool guy Eric whose smoking a cigar, Minwoo crotched between his leading lady’s legs, Dongwan who is apparently up to no good in his ‘lab,’ Junjin walking into a room to a girl sitting on top of a table, Andy who’s playing guard with his cane, and Hyesung who doesn’t show his aggressive side until the end. The members are able to portray each individual persona, and because these are men are in their 30s, that makes it all the more believable. This recent comeback has taken everyone by surprise; I can only imagine what else they have in store for us!


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In all honesty, I didn’t really keep up to date on the comebacks for February. Is it because there wasn’t much promotion from companies and groups beforehand or was I just not paying close enough attention? One comeback I was surprised about was NU’EST. They haven’t released anything in a while, and then all of a sudden I see they have a new music video on YouTube. When did this happen? The group will celebrate their third anniversary together on March 15th, hence the digital release. Their R&B styled song I’m Bad was released on February 27th. The slower tempo shows off the guys’ soft and sultry vocals and rapping. Unfortunately, Baekho does not sing on the title track due to the fact that he was still recovering from surgery, but he does sing on the B track. Although February is a short month, and I somehow missed the majority of the comebacks for the month, there are a lot of good songs that came out throughout February. NU’EST’s comeback is definitely a welcomed one.

— Tara

It took me a few listens to really like Rubber Soul’s debut track Life. But after a few plays and listening to their debut album, I started to notice these girls’ potential. Choi Cho, Lala, and Kim show their rapping skills throughout the song, but Choi Cho also shows us her soulful voice. The three member girl group is clearly inspired by ‘90s hip-hop and rap and give us ‘90s lovers a nostalgic feeling while listening to the song. Madclown starts the song by spitting out his rap followed by the girls. The chorus is extremely addicting and very uplifting. Every time I sing along the chorus “Life is like a song of happiness” it instantly brings a smile to my face.


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Even if the format of Unpretty Rapstar sucks a bit, there’s no denying that the girls are absolute badasses and incredibly talented. And out of all the contestants, the two baddest females, in my opinion, who are the best are Cheetah and Jessi, who won the second challenge and thus got to release a collaboration song with M.I.B’s Kangnam. On their M! Countdown performance, the ladies looked like accessories to the guy — but don’t get it twisted. On the original performance of My Type on Unpretty Rapstar was all about the girls’ verses. Jessi and Cheetah both exude confidence that comes with being a strong female rapper. A real one, none of that K-pop star thing. So even though the performance on the music show was a bit weak (remember these girls aren’t tained idols), they both slayed the song. Here’s to hoping more flawless releases from these rappers.


Rainbow finally came back after over a year away in February with their mini album Innocent. I liked the single off it Black Swan but the highlight of their comeback is another track from Innocent. Pierrot mixes danchall and Europop to great and weird effect. Its transitions have little build up but seem to work because of the quality of each part and Woori’s rap. It also marks the first ever time I’ve heard Rainbow make good use of No Eul. Her visual and voice are uncommon in K-pop but here her sympathetic voice fits the pre chorus so perfectly.


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Playlist Sunday: Villains

When people initially think of K-pop they picture bubblegum pop, bright colors, and lyrics as sweet as sugar. Whether it comes as a surprise or not, K-pop actually offers much than the saccharine coated lyrics. Villains make their appearance in many forms and styles throughout K-pop songs. For this week’s Playlist Sunday we pay ode to those villainous songs.

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