KPOPme Playlist Sunday

Playlist Sunday: Provocative Tunes

Some K-Pop songs are cute, some K-Pop songs are sexy. And there are a few that stand out for their sexy, provocative messages. The KPOPme staff sat down and picked of their favorite provocative tracks ,and this is the playlist we came up with.

When I first saw the teasers for Red Light, I was very surprised. The girls of f(x) were looking very strong and very sexy. Then I read the tittle of their comeback song, Red Light, and I instantly thought, ” Wow, this is gonna be provocative”. Giving that there is a Red Light District in Amsterdam, I thought the song was going to be about prostitution.

But then the song was released and after watching and reading the English translation of the song, I realized that I had been deceived. Nevertheless, I love this song and I love the different sounds in it. And for me, this is a very refreshing track (specially the parts with trap) . I always love how f(x) always miles real instruments with electronic beats. And I can’t take the, “Ay ay is a red light” out of my head. I love this song and I can’t stop listening to it.


One of the first K-Pop music videos I ever saw was TVXQ‘s Mirotic. And, wow. If The Wonder Girls hadn’t done it for me, those five handsome men would have. TVXQ’s last Korean music video as a quintet was banned because of the suggestive dance and seductive lyrics. “I’ve got you, under my skin,”  is still one of the most famous K-Pop lyrics nowadays for its desirous meaning.

Not only was the song provocative with it’s alluring video and lyrics, but the song actually provoked quite a response from the Korean Commission of Youth Protection, which determined that Mirotic was dangerous to the youth of Korea. SM Entertainment had to change the lyrics to TVXQ’s song. And that’s why we love it so much.


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I can’t really remember when I first heard Trouble Maker‘s Trouble Maker, but I can surely remember I was in shock. I was new to K-Pop, and while the music video would be standard protocol for Western artists, I had learned that outright sensuousness had little presence in the genre, so this music video caught me off guard.

Performed flawlessly by Cube Entertainment’s staple sexy duo, Hyuna and Hyunseung, Trouble Maker is a song about lusting over someone and not wanting to repress said feeling. A provocative choreography accompanies the equally provocative music video and song, which, of course, the media had a field day criticizing it. Despite this, Trouble Maker succeeded in the market and was highly parodied by other artists on variety shows.


Brown Eyed GirlsSixth Sense comes to mind when we talk about provocative; from the sexy outfits and choreography to the deeper conflicts between North and South Korea, this music video brings forth many emotions. Ga-In starts off the first verse, sitting on a throne and crooning words like touch, bitch, and guilty. Combine Ga-In with scantily clad Narsha, close-to-drowning JeA, and rebel leader Miryo, and what do we have? The perfect combination of provocative!

I could feel the anger and the tension coming from these ladies as they faced their opponents, and their powerful vocals further added to these strong emotions. That high note not only was breathtaking, but it also seemed to represent an inner cry for war! This group never fails to impress me.


I first heard After School‘s Dressing Room a few months ago, even though the song is over a year old. The beat of the song got me hooked right from the beginning. Naturally, I looked up the lyrics and discovered the song is about a secret love taking place in the dressing room… scandalous!

It was probably a smart choice not to choose Dressing Room as a promotion song because it’s a safe bet to say that their lyrics would have to be altered for being too provocative. Especially this part:

Take me, come to me, feel me closer
Wherever your hand touches, make me so hot.

One can only imagine what the choreography would be if this song had a video and that would most likely also have to be changed for censorship purposes. Although After School didn’t promote this song, it’s still one of my favorites on their First Love EP.


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