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Playlist Sunday: Christmas Edition

We’ve made it a tradition to come up with playlists for Sunday Playlist holiday themed when they’re approaching, and of course one of the major ones couldn’t be bypassed: Christmas. For this edition, we’ve come up with a few songs that set the perfect mood for Christmas parties or the actual 25th. Our picks are songs that get us in the Christmas spirit while still having fun.

There are many western Christmas classics open for K-Pop groups to cover around the festive time to show their spirit. These songs are such a big part of Christmas in the west that it’s fun to hear the odd Korean version. SHINee chose the ever popular Last Christmas by British duo Wham. Although as you start listening you might be mistaken that it actually is a cover since the production has been nearly completely changed to a strange twirling electronic sound. The pronunciation is all ok but helps the endearing charm of it all. I say let’s have some more weird covers of classics, that’s the true spirit of Christmas.


White Confession (Lately) is an original song by INFINITE to express the warm spirit of the holiday season. White Confession is a song about remembering old relationships around the holidays and the desire, but also embodies the feeling many people have around this time of year. The song uses INFINITE’s typical retro style with bells that are reminiscent of holiday tunes, creating a sweet song for the winter months.The video music shows the seven members of the idol group shopping for one another and enjoying time together in the winter, when people come together to spend time with their loved ones.


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Super Junior’s White Christmas talks about the important stuff to worry about during Christmas: presents and snow. Or at least that’s half of what I think about during these holidays (no snow in SoCal *sigh*). The song is upbeat and fun, a now staple concept for this group of derps, and is refreshing because it’s not a dull ballad. I picture this song in a playlist along with Jingle Bell Rock and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. It’s the perfect song to get everyone in a cheery mood.


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