Weekly K-pop Faves: April 24-30

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This week, some of the major contenders for K-pop’s biggest boy and girl group acts from the new generation made comebacks. As summer nears in, the competition is just starting. And while we may or may not be feeling these comebacks, here are our faves from this week we can’t stop listening to.

“This Love” cover by GOT7 (Apr. 28)

This. Performance.

Yep, I’m ready to renounce GOT7’s cute and playful concept if they go the sexy beast route they displayed on their cover of SHINHWA’s “This Love” on “M! Countdown.” This would’ve been everything had JB been on it (he’s recovering from a hip injury), but the rest of the kids still pulled off an amazing performance without him. However, JB’s exclusion was a great opportunity for the rest of the members to shine — and boy did they! Youngjae was indisputably the star vocalist, since he got all of the high pitches and harmonies leading up to the chorus. Yugyeom also got some velvety croons in there and while Jr. left much to be desired vocally, I forgive him since his main task was body rolling. I can see what they were going for having Jackson sing in a deep, raspy voice, but he still has a long way to go vocally. And as for Mark………………. Y’all, I’m just going to say he killed it. Bam Bam also, both choreography and rap-wise.

While it was only a cover, I can only hope we see more of this sexy, “If You Do” spin that we NOW know works with them. Their JYP sexiness a la 2PM is finally showing, and I love it.

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— Alexis

“Exquisite” by CocoSori (Apr. 29)

That Babymetal influence. CocoSori a female duo made up of….Coco and Sori look like your average cutesy group, but thanks to an injection of heavy metal they have their own flavour. “Exquisite” straight looks and sounds like Orange Caramel but halfway through the first verse the screaming starts with some clips of a weird cat. Even without the screamo parts, this is an aggressively hypnotic track. Guitars withstand the whole song and the vocals while cute most of the time are delivered at unintelligible speeds. The song and video were made to get across everything about this group in three and a half minutes. In reality, nothing about this group justifies having heavy metal a part of their concept. All it does is help them stand out alongside their their hyper videos that feature giant cats with shiny eyes, lots of cosplay, and space warps.

— Joe

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“Tinker Bell” (April 26)

While April hasn’t really managed to stand out amongst the fierce competition of K-pop girl groups, “Tinker Bell” changed that for me. While I wasn’t expecting much during my first listen, I was caught off guard by a build around 50 seconds into the song that for some reason resonated with me. April is still very much a girl group (emphasis on the girl), but “Tinker Bell” comes off as sweet and fitting for the spring weather without being too juvenile or overly saccharine. The song falls safely into the genre of bubblegum pop, but has electronic influences and string elements that combine together to create a bright song that is perfectly suitable for the bright fairies of April. And, as for the video, I absolutely adore the Disney themes and that choreography with the star is just inspired.

— Tamar

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Playlist Sunday: OST Favorites

Whether Korean dramas got you into K-Pop or the other way around, one thing’s for sure: they’re both inevitable gateways into each other. Maybe your favorite idol was in a drama, or maybe that group you’re listening to participated on an OST. Since K-Pop is mainstream music in Korea, it comes as no surprise when idols sing OSTs, even if they don’t act in them.

And since we’re all K-drama addicts at KPOPme this week’s Playlist Sunday is dedicated to a few of our favorite OSTs.

When Jonghyun’s (CNBLUE) character was introduced in A Gentleman’s Dignity, I did not expect the My Love OST. The scene of him playing guitar and singing on the street is the first time we hear the song. As soon as I saw this scene and heard this song I was hooked. My Love showcases Jonghyun’s gentle and innocent vocals. It’s a beautiful song performed by a beautiful man with beautiful vocals. I can’t get enough of the song and as soon as I heard it in the drama, I loved it.


Few dramas tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings like Rooftop Prince, and Ali’s song Hurt is one of the songs that helped set the tone. Ali’s deep voice portrays the emotions of someone full-heartedly in pain, making the melancholy ballad the perfect backdrop to the pain and suffering of the couple in both Joseon and present times.

— Tamar

Boys Over Flowers was the first Korean drama that I ever watched, and SHINee was the first K-Pop band that I fell in love with. So naturally while watching the drama and heard the song, I was hooked. Stand By Me really brings out the softness in Onew’s vocals. They may not be as powerful as in other songs, but for this type of song, it was perfection. Jonghyun, Taemin, and Key lead you perfectly to the chorus, and once you hear this song, the soothing melody will make you never forget it.


Monstar was one of those dramas with idols who are in a fictitious band. This time, said idols were BEAST’s Junhyung and BTOB had a few scenes since they were in the band, but not relevant to the story. After Time Passes was the song that played anytime there was a bittersweet moment. And what makes this song stand out from others in the drama is that Junhyung sings rather than raps in it. The lyrics talk about still being hung up on a girl, but anticipating getting over it and thinking less and less of her as time passes. The track is very mellow, making it an easy listen for whenever.


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Playlist Sunday: Bad Girls Club

The good, cute girl image seems to be the norm and a favorite among the female K-Pop groups, but what about those who take a walk down the bad side? For this week’s playlist theme we chose groups and solo artist who aren’t scared to explore and show their bad girl images.

The Bad Girl image isn’t necessarily one you associate with K-Pop darlings Girls’ Generation, but that’s exactly what they tried to do back in 2011 with their Japanese single. Soshi went the cliché route by dressing in lots of pleather, posing in motorcycles, and dancing in an empty garage. But whether the concept was successful or not, there’s no denying that Bad Girl it’s an incredibly addicting song because of the repetitive “oh’s” in the hook.

The lyrics talk about being “bad” for a guy –the most perfect he’s ever seen, actually. You could even say it’s a complete 180 turn from Genie; the first is about dominance while the second is about compliance. Girls’ Generation might not have stuck with the naughtier image, but Bad Girl will always be “that time the girls went bad,” and who doesn’t like a good girl gone bad?


Brown Eyed Girls is definitely a group that epitomizes the Bad Girl theme. Their songs often depict mature content as seen in their music videos and choreography, and heard in their lyrics. For this week I chose BEG’s Kill Bill. The song has a story version music video as well as a performance version, both of which show off BEG’s “bad girl” personalities.

The lyrics are about a girl finding out about the unfaithfulness of her lover. Throughout the story version music video, each member is involved with the killing of a man and eventually themselves. Along with the lyrics and music video plot is the provocative choreography. The mature idols show off their sex appeal and that they are comfortable with themselves through the choreography for Kill Bill. BEG is the queen of mature and bad girl content.


Good girls become bad girls for a reason, and NS Yoon-G isn’t staying quiet about who is to blame for the dramatic change. The Reason I Became A Witch is not only a great song, but the music video is perfect for October, with NS Yoon-G wearing her Halloween appropriate black-and-white tights. She starts the video behind a curtain of white, showing her demure self, before she turns into some S&M goddess who could be playing Catwoman in a Batman (or a female version of Fifty Shades of Grey). In The Reason I Became A Witch, NS Yoon-G doesn’t just bring sexiness, she brings fierceness and shows how a good-girl-gone-bad will never be controlled by a guy ever again.


Ladies Code Bad Girl talks about a man that mistreats a woman. The man keeps telling his lover that she is weak and pitiful, so the girl is ready to be alone, but he just doesn’t want to leave her. After continuos name calling, she becomes strong and tells him that she is not that girl, that she is actually a bad girl and demands him to start calling her that. The video has the girls styled beautifully and accompanied by many men. The video is serious at times, but then It gets really fun, especially when they are putting makeup and wigs on the guys. It’s so cute and funny.

— Alejandro

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Playlist Sunday: Fall Songs

With summer coming to an end, we decided to choose a few fall songs for this week’s Playlist Sunday. But, what exactly are “fall songs?” Truth is, there’s no definite answer. Each writer interpreted that concept and came out with these songs, which are a mix of heartbreak, warm, and laid-back songs.

Touching lyrics aside, Super Junior’s A ‘Goodbye’ is a chillingly wonderful song. The Korean title is literally “the day of the break up,” and the calm, melodic approach of the speaker to the heartbreak is what makes this song so memorable. The shift between softness and a more upbeat sound is unsettling, which reminds me a lot of an autumn day, where the weather is chilly one moment and then the sun starts shining the next.

The song also functioned as leader Leeteuk’s farewell song when he joined the Korean army, which he joined during the fall of 2012.


Clazziquai Project’s Come on and Go with Me has an extremely laid back and smooth sound that is perfect for fall. The duo’s vocals are also soft, but powerful in their own right. Come on and Go with Me is a great song to listen to as you’re walking through the park with the beautiful leaves falling all around. The chill song will put you in a great mood every time you listen to it.


When I think about a song for fall, I couldn’t think of any other than 2NE1’s It Hurts. The song is a very sad ballad, but it has a very soothing feel to it. Bom’s voice really stands out on this track accompanied by the beautiful piano and bass guitar. Not only the song but also the video give you the perfect portrayal of fall. The girls stand on a rooftop while leaves start to fall while styled in gothic lolita outfits. As the song’s title says, it really hurts listening to this song. They emotions really flow through the song and with the video those sad emotions increase. Sorry to get your mood down, but this song is just perfect for the fall.

— Alejandro

It may be because the weather’s colder, but fall makes you want to have someone to hold, like EXO sings in Moonlight. The song has a very warm feeling, being a plea for the girl to not leave. The softness behind D.O and Baekhyun’s voices give the track a nice flow that also makes it feel sincere. And even without reading the translation of the lyrics, you can feel the longing in Moonlight, making the vocalists successfully transmit the message through emotions rather than words.


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K-Pop Songs to Start Your Morning

An array of K-Pop songs to get your weekday morning started off right. The following tune selections are upbeat and will get you moving during the morning hours. Because as we all know, it’s extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially when school and/or work are the reasons for doing so. All of these songs will get the blood pumping through you and get you out of bed and excited to tackle the day.

Neon Bunny – Oh My Prince

Neon Bunny’s soft vocals are the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. The bass and club-inspired music of Oh My Prince will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head. It’s a great song to listen to as you begin to wake up in your bed. The song will get you out of bed and moving around. Oh My Prince isn’t too intense that it startles you as you start to wake up. Instead, it will aid in your level of coherence and it will help put you in a good mood to start the day.

BTS – 여기 봐

For a little Pharrell/ Neptunes-inspired tune, just turn to BTS’ 여기 봐. The song is made up of elements that will put you in a great mood. The tune, the music, the instruments, the vocals, the rapping, all of it flows together effortlessly and has an upbeat and carefree vibe. Blast 여기 봐 as you make your coffee and breakfast and dance around the kitchen. It might also be a good idea to pick out your outfit for the day since you will be in an euphoric state due to the relaxed feeling of 여기 봐.

History – It’s Alright

It’s Alright is quite different from the previous tracks on this list. But, the song has a great beat, and how can you deny a song that states “It’s Alright” throughout the chorus? A great way to start your day is by already telling yourself that everything is alright. If you’re familiar with History, then you are aware of their vocal abilities and flawless harmonies. It’s Alright is another upbeat song that puts you in a good mood, which is the best way to begin your day. It’s Alright also utilizes musical elements from numerous genres and eras, such as funk, the ’80s, and others. The different sound will enhance your mood.

Kanto – Fly High ft. Olltii & Sik-K

This next tune may seem like a buzz kill at first. And in comparison to the songs listed above, it kind of is… But Kanto’s rapping and vocal tone are captivating. The song builds upon itself, and although it starts out slow, you won’t want it to end. While listening to this song you become engrossed in the beat, music, and rapping. Not to mention that the chorus offers an inspirational phrase to start your day:

We can fly

When Fly High ends. you will feel like you can take on the world. And who doesn’t want to start their day off feeling like that?

Taeyang – Body

The final song to get your morning off on the right foot is none other than Taeyang’s Body. Just take the final 3+ minutes of your morning and revel in the vocals of Taeyang. This song will get you pumped up and ready to tackle the day and you will feel beautiful and loved throughout the day. That is the power of Taeyang. Aside from the lovable lyrics, Body is an extremely catchy song with a great beat and overall feeling.

These are only a few K-Pop tunes to get your day started. Let us know if you have a favorite song that gets you pumped up to start the day. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Bloglovin’ so you can keep up with all our posts.

Best of the K-Pop B Tracks: Part Two

Have you ever listened to a K-Pop group or artist’s comeback/debut song and liked it, but then found one or more songs that you liked even more on their album? This list continues to highlight some of the best B tracks from various artists. For more amazing B tracks check out the predecessor to this article, Best of the B Tracks.

Similar to the previous article on the Best of the B Tracks, we’re starting this one off with some SM Town love.

Artist: EXO-K
Album: Overdose
Song: Thunder

We start out the list with EXO’s Thunder. D.O.’s strong and soulful vocals lead us into the song and form there it only gets better. Thunder is a different pace for the sextet in that the production is slightly more scaled back compared to some of their other songs. The guys’ vocals all compliment each other and the style of the song very well. The chorus will surely have you singing along as soon as you hear it. Moreover, at the end of Chanyeol’s part of the rap toward the end of the song, the harmonies are brilliant. It’s a short bit, but it definitely adds depth to the song and reminds fans of the vocal abilities of EXO-K. Thunder is my favorite song off of their Overdose mini.

Artist: EXO-K
Album: Mama
Song: Machine

Although EXO isn’t that old of a group, they have an extensive music collection. So I had to add this song to the list as well. Machine is probably my favorite EXO song. The harmonies, the beat, everything about it is amazing! Although I cannot speak Korean, I find that I can sing the entire song. Now whether or not I am actually saying anything is another question.

Regardless, this song keeps a quick beat and, again, shows off the guys’ harmonies and singing abilities as a group. There must be something about EXO and the parts right after the rap verses, because Baekhyun and Suho’s lines are some of my favorites in the song. The song slows down as Baekhyun’s vocals take over, as Suho’s higher pitched part builds into the final stretch of Machine.

Artist: Taemin
Album: Ace
Song: Pretty Boy

Continuing on with the SM family is none other than SHINee’s Taemin. Taemin’s debut song Danger was a great song, but one of his B sides really stuck out to me. As his promotions for Danger got underway, Taemin performed Pretty Boy along with Danger on a few music shows, and I’m glad he did.

Pretty Boy begins with a trumpet and a swing/big band feel. In all honesty, for me, the song doesn’t really begin until the hook and the chorus. That’s when Taemin picks up the pace and adds more depth and passion to his vocals. Aside from being extremely catchy, Taemin’s use of English makes the chorus ideal for singing along to if you’re not fluent in Korean.

Artist: MBLAQ
Album: 100% Ver.
Song: 아찔한 그녀

For this next song, we’re going back a couple of years to MBLAQ’s fourth EP. What I like about 아찔한 그녀 is the beginning. It starts with a conversation between a man and a woman, and it’s clear that the girl is annoyed with her boyfriend. The music is light-hearted and the perfect paring for the short conversation and the backbone of this song. Every time I listen to 아찔한 그녀, I feel happy. MBLAQ’s vocals, the music, and the overall feel of the song is cheery and gleeful. The guys’ harmonies throughout are spectacular, and G.O’s high notes at the end… beautiful.

Artist: BTS
Album: Dark & Wild
Song: 2학년

Let’s bring it back to 2014 now. The beat, the rapping, and the overall vibe of 2학년  is what makes me love this song. It’s the second to last song on BTS’ full length album Dark & Wild. The song opens up hard with an addictive beat and getting right into the song. Rap Mon further increases the face value of the song with his rap before the vocalists take over for the build up to the chorus and the actual chorus.

My favorite part, or parts, of this song are the rap verse by Rap Mon, J-Hope, and Suga. Listeners can clearly hear the guys’ different styles as they rap, and each one perfectly fits the song. During Suga’s rap, the music completely changes, which makes you pay closer attention all of sudden before you were lost in the music and knew what to expect. Then, BTS throws Suga’s part for a little depth and to keep their listeners on their toes.

Artist: Rain ft. Epik High
Album: It’s Raining
Song: My Groove

Now we’re really going back with Rain’s My Groove. I’m taking it back to my ’90s/’00s R&B and hip-hop days. My Groove reminds me, musically and production-wise, of a late ’90s, early ’00s R&B track. I love when songs remind me of growing up and bring on the nostalgia. Obviously, when you have any song with Rain’s sultry vocals and Epik High’s beats and rapping, it’s bound to be a good listen. And My Groove does not disappoint. The song may be repetitive, but there are a lot of English lyrics, and, as I mentioned, I can’t really complain about a song that musically brings me back to the 90s and ’00s.

Artist: Primary ft. Jinbo & Dok2
Album: Primary and the Messengers
Song: Mine Tonight

Primary’s Mine Tonight starts out with a strong beat. Listen to this song with head phones and you’ll really be able to tell. The music throughout the song obviously the driving force, but it doesn’t take away from Jinbo or Dok2. Jinbo’s smooth and laid-back vocals brings Mine Tonight to life. This song really doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why it’s great. Just take a listen and you’ll be able to tell for yourself. You might wonder how a rap can be incorporated into a song like this, but when Primary and Dok2 are in control, it will work out and it definitely does in Mine Tonight.

Artist: Crush ft. Zion.T
Album: Crush on You
Song: Hey Baby

If you haven’t listened to any of Crush’s music before, I suggest you do. He is an incredibly talented producer, musician, and vocalist. His voice is smooth as honey and has a quality that entices you to listen to him. Hey Baby is my absolute favorite song from his Crush on You album. And even if Zion.T wasn’t featured on the song, it would still be my favorite. The fact that two of my favorite Korean vocalists are on a track together makes me itch for more collaborations from the duo.

Hey Baby begins with an ever so addictive beat boxing introduction. The entire song is reminiscent of ’80s Michael Jackson and some modern Justin Timberlake. Crush’s and Zion.T’s vocals bring this song to life. The beat is super catchy and it’s easy to sing along to and best to do so with volume turned up all the way.

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Best of the B Tracks

During an artist’s debut or comeback, they promote one or sometimes two songs from their recent release. I find more often than not that there are songs on the album that I enjoy much more than the title song, or songs that I think warrant the same amount of popularity as the promoted track(s). I will highlight a few of my favorite B tracks found in my K-Pop collection. This is by no means a definitive list; it is solely based upon my opinion and the styles of music I tend to gravitate towards.

There is no rhyme or reason as to how I chose these songs. If I enjoy the beat, vocals, instrumentation, etc. then the song is most likely on the list. I also looked at how many plays these songs have on my iTunes. That’s a pretty good indication of if I really like the song.

Artist: SHINee
Album: Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You
Song: Spoiler

When I first heard Spoiler I thought my iTunes somehow messed up the first song. I thought it re-downloaded Sherlock (Clue + Note). I rewinded the song a few times before I decided to keep listening to see if it really was Sherlock. SHINee got me good with that one. I realized after the first 10 seconds that it was indeed a different song. When I first listen to a song, I tend to listen to the beat and the music of the songs as opposed to the lyrics. For K-Pop, that’s really all I listen to since I don’t understand 98% of the lyrics. Anyway, Spoiler has a sick beat. There’s no way around it. There are so many different elements in the song, but they all fit together and don’t take away from the song or overpower the vocals.

Speaking of vocals, all five guys have a dark tone to their voices throughout the song, and especially leading up the chorus. This was the first SHINee album where everyone’s vocals really shined and impressed me. Obviously, Jonghyun and Onew always had great voices, but Key, Taemin, and Minho have all improved tremendously and Spoiler gave fans a hint of what to expect, vocally, on the rest of the album. I already loved the song, but after I found out that Jonghyun wrote it, and that it was a song that introduced the songs on their Misconceptions albums, I fell more in love with Spoiler, which is aptly named.

Artist: SHINee
Album: Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You
Song: Punch Drunk Love

I want to highlight another song from this album. Initially when I started to compile this list, I wanted to stay away from repeating an artist and definitely stay away from choosing more than one song on the same album. But as I went through my K-Pop collection I had to choose Spoiler as well as Punch Drunk Love. They are two songs that I will never skip over in my K-Pop collection. Alright, Punch Drunk Love. Listen to it with headphones. That bass is brilliant. The entire musicality of the song is a blast from the 60s, 70s, and a few elements from every era afterwards.

The instruments used and sound of the song was one reason I was initially drawn to Punch Drunk Love. The whole thing was different from the K-Pop songs out at the time (and even now a year and a half later). But the main element that made me fall in love with this song, aside from the super upbeat and funky vibe, was the harmonies of these amazing men. You can hear their wonderfulharmonies throughout the song, but it isn’t until the last 5 or seconds that the music cuts out and all we’re left with are the angelic voices of SHINee. Definitely the best 5 seconds of that song.

Artist: f(x)
Album: Red Light
Song: Dracula

Keeping it in the SM Town family, my next B track favorite is f(x)’s Dracula. Before I ordered their Red Light album, I listened to all of the songs online to make sure I enjoyed the majority of the album. I’m one of those people who tends to only like a small amount of songs on an album. But Red Light’s songs were all different and enticing in their own way. Dracula was one that stood out to me for a few reasons.

The first reason is the amount of English lyrics in the song. Obviously there are two native English speakers in the group, but I couldn’t help noticing and appreciating how good Luna’s, Victoria’s, and Sulli’s English pronunciation is.

The different tempo changes throughout the song all work really well together. The song starts off with a deep, dark voice and then goes into an uptempo beat. The transitions connect each tempo change perfectly. The leadup to the chorus brilliantly showcases Luna’s and Kyrstal’s voices. And that chorus, so simple, yet so so memorable. The song overall has a catchy beat throughout and an easy chorus to sing along to, and that stays stuck in your head (in a good way). Honestly, how can you go wrong with a song titled Dracula? Well, I’m sure you could, but f(x) certainly did not.

Artist: Zion. T
Album: Red Light
Song: 지구온난화 (Feat. 양동근)

Zion.T. I could leave my explanation for this choice at that. But I will elaborate. Zion.T has a unique voice that I absolutely love. It’s so smooth and has a tone I haven’t heard before. Every song he sings and features on is amazing. I love hearing his voice and 지구온난화 gives fans a different side on Zion.T. The song is heavily influenced by reggae, which is one musical genre that I love. Pair a reggae track with Zion.T’s voice and you win. Hands down win. The song has a chill vibe that will have you swaying and falling into Zion.T’s vocals.

Artist: 2PM
Album: Grown [Vol. 3]
Song: 오늘부터 1일 (First Date)

This song is in the top 5 of my Top 25 Most Played Songs playlist on iTunes. And that is saying something. 오늘부터 1일 (First Date) starts with a piano and Nichkhun’s attractive vocals. The piano is prevalent throughout the song and keeps an upbeat tone as the guys sing of their love. We’re able to hear everyone’s vocals throughout song, along with Taecyeon’s rap. The piano is paired with horns as the song gets to the chorus, which adds another layer and more texture to the sound of the song. It’s a fun and cute song that fits with any season and always makes me happy when I listen to it.

Artist: Beast
Album: Good Luck
Song: We Up

Alright, alright. I’m breaking my own rules with this one. Beast did promote We Up with Good Luck, but I couldn’t overlook this song. For starters, the beat. I mentioned it before and I’m sure you have noticed, but if a song has a solid and catchy beat, I’m already into it. And if Junhyung’s “Give it to me now” in the very beginning doesn’t pull you into the song then his singing definitely will. Whenever I listen to We Up I find myself moving my head and shoulders to the beat.

The chorus, which Dongwoon begins, draws you in with the opening word “tonight” then Yoseob finishes it off with his beautiful vocals. I really can’t explain why I like this song so much. All of the elements are there. The music, the vocals, the beat, the tempo, the overall feeling. I’m not sure what We Up really means, but this song always puts me in a good mood. It’s perfect for blasting in your car with the windows down, not a care in the world.

Artist: Yong Junhyung
Album: Flower EP
Song: Slow

My next choice I’m going to Slow it down (pun intended unfortunately). This song is off of Beast’s rapper Yong Junhyung’s debut EP. Slow showcases Junhyung’s delicate singing as well as his attractive rapping. I usually do not enjoy slower songs, but Junhyung’s producing skills clearly pull at my heartstrings. Somehow, he manages to make me listen to the entire song without a thought of skipping over it. And that, my friends, is a great feat. I love the song. The beat, I love the beat and the fact that Junhyung is singing as well as rapping (I love his rapping). It’s a good listen.

Artist: G-Dragon
Album: Coup D’etat
Song: 너무 좋아 (I Love It) Feat. Zion.T, Boys Noize

Zion. T makes another appearance on my list, this time with Big Bang leader G-Dragon and Boys Noize. 너무 좋아 (I Love It) is off of GD’s most recent album Coup D’etat. The first time I heard this song, I was in awe. I think I replayed it at least 5 times afterwards. The beat, piano, vocals, rapping, production, overall mood, everything are all amazing. All of these elements fit effortlessly into this song to come together and create one of my favorite songs. It’s not only my favorite song on this album, but from out of all of G-Dragon’s solo collections.

And, can we just take a moment to admire the gritty vocal tone of Mr. GD himself? I LOVE IT (the pun is obviously there but not intended, because I’m being sincere). The singing and rapping fit together like missing puzzle pieces and they create a beautiful end product. Zion.T’s vocal quality and tone added to GD’s gritty, raspy vocals creates a beautiful pairing that should be utilized many, many times in the future.

Artist: History
Album: Desire EP
Song: I Got U

If you read my previous article about History, you’ll know that one thing I love and admire about these boys is how well their voices go together. Their harmonies are impressive, and they sound like they have been together for years! I Got U is the leadoff track of their latest EP, Desire. History promoted Psycho, which honestly took more than a few listens to grow on me. But as soon as I heard I Got U, I was hooked. I don’t know if it would have been a better promotional song, but I’m glad I came across it. I Got U is one of the reasons I bought Desire.

History’s always-present harmonies are sprinkled throughout I Got U and, again, that beat. It always draws me in… Always! However, the bass is definitely what holds this all together; it’s strong and prevalent throughout the song. But, I can’t just write about I Got U without mentioning History’s vocal abilities. It seems like this song excels at it all: harmonies, falsettos, strong vocals, soft vocals, sexy vocals, deep vocals, and pretty much EVERYTHING. These guys deserve more recognition!

Artist: CNBLUE
Album: Can’t Stop EP
Song: Like a Child

To close out this article I leave you with CNBLUE and Like a Child. From the title alone, you know this song is about innocence and the beauty found in the simplest of things. CNBLUE melts my heart with the melody of this song and Yonghwa’s vocals. I actually also put this song on my “Easy Listening K-Pop Edition” playlist. The piano and strings blend perfectly with the drums and guitar and bass. Everything fits so well and the song makes me feel weightless and happy.

I picture CNBLUE performing this song in a lush, green field with a light breeze and the sun shining upon them. The English translated lyrics say:

Like a child, just like heaven, a melody to spread all over the world
Like a child, just like heaven, a melody to make you smile

How can one go wrong with the feeling of being a child again and the glorious elements associated with the belief of Heaven? Like a Child is a song that fits any season and any mood. This song can be played all day every day. If you’re feeling a little down, play Like a Child. If you’re in a great mood, play Like a Child. If you’re getting ready for a job interview, play Like a Child. It’s a mood changer and a mood maker; a beautiful song.

There are so many amazing B tracks out there and this is only a very (very) small portion of them. If you have suggestions of B tracks that I should check out, leave your choices in the comments below! I’m always looking to broaden my K-Pop horizons.

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