Playlist Sunday

Playlist Sunday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Snowstorms in the Middle East and Texas are not exactly normal, even in January, so this week’s Playlist Sunday is dedicated to everyone suffering from the unusual cold weather. Here are some songs that will definitely warm you up or remind you of the coldness in the world.

Even though it’s cold outside, ice eventually thaws. Nobody knows that better than TVXQ in Love In The Ice. The song is not only one of TVXQ’s most vocally impressive ballads from pre-2009 split, but relates feelings to the seasons; that narrator of the song sings about wanting to melt his lover’s heart that is frozen from past failed love. “A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness,” sings the quintet, which can apply to both heartbreak and the dark, cold winter months.


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If you’re going outside in this terrificly cold weather remember to wrap up well like Brown Eyed Girls in the video for their song L.O.V.E. The warm feeling of this song will also help as you walk through bitter winds with your headphones on. L.O.V.E, like the majority of Brown Eyed Girls songs, is a masterclass in line distribution. Each member is perfectly suited to their parts and pull them off accordingly. They have some of the best vocalists in all of K-Pop with Jea’s showstoppers, Narsha’s falsetto and Ga-In’s huskier tones. Yet, Brown Eyed Girls are the type of group with enough range that they can let their rapper, Miryo, take the majority of a song like in L.O.V.E and it still be great.


Eric Nam’s Melt My Heart is a very fun upbeat ballad that will surely melt your heart and keep you warm. In this track, Eric serenades a girl that he loves but it’s not part of his life anymore. Every winter reminds him of her, when the snow falls he just can’t help to think of her. He wants to know if this girl still feels the same as he does. Even though the song’s lyrics are sad, the track keeps a very happy beat. Eric’s vocals and cute looks will surely keep anyone warm specially if his serenading you in your ear.


Akdong Musician’s Melted describes instances of cold, ice, frozen feelings, shadows, gray skies and more in a metaphoric way. Either way, the song and the music video portray people who are cold toward each other. The somber violin throughout the song lends to the feeling of being sad, lost, and confused. The duo’s vocals perfectly depict the characters’ (of the song) feelings. They sing, “If the ice melts, a warmer song would have come out. But why is the ice so cold? Why is it so cold?” In the music video, the old man’s drink in the beginning is full of ice as he looks out over the city. We then see his experiences as a younger man, and at the end, he finally found compassion and thoughtfulness from someone. As we flashback to the current old man, his ice has melted in his drink as he thought of the kind man who helped him. During these cold months, remember that there is warmth all around us in many forms.

— Tara

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Coldness is probably one of the best metaphors to describe an aching heart post break up, and that’s exactly what 2NE1 use in Missing You. The music video in itself evokes a cold and somber feeling by utilizing dark colors, and the styling is also winter themed. Also, the snowing throughout several scenes is the most explicit sign of coldness. The lyrics, for their part, talk about yearning over a past lover inspite of feeling negatively towards him. When Bom and CL sing in the chorus, “My cold heart is still missing you” we get a raw, heart wrenching confession of the complicatedness of the break up. Furthermore, the girls’ demeanor throughout the video is also cold and distant, as if trying to not appear sad and heart broken. All of this serves as the perfect metaphor of describing how a relationship turns cold when it meets its end and how the effect lingers even after some times passes.


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