G.Soul Wants You to Stop Running From Love

G.Soul Love Me Again EP Beautiful Goodbye Stop Running From Love

Kim Jihyun better known as G.Soul is a man of little words but he’ll charm his way to your heart with his confidence and melodic voice. Since debuting in January of this year, after training under JYP Entertainment for 15 years, with his first EP “Coming Home”, promotional wise, G.Soul’s been very quiet.

With the recent release of his second EP “Love Me Again” on June 29th, G.Soul’s growing fan base, including this KultScene writer, is hoping to see one or two potential music videos and a great deal of live performances. Because he doesn’t promote his music on television and radio shows, there’s little that we as listeners, know. Why is G.Soul so mysterious? Let’s take a listen to G.Soul’s velvety voice as he sings about romance, heartache and the beauty of love and goodbyes, with a featuring of his first English track and my analysis on it all.

1. “Love Me Again”

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone and that can be applied in many different situations and scenarios. For a number of people, it hits home when that phrase is applied towards a relationship. There can be a lot of deciding factors that comes into play with one’s relationship; whether it ends up being an everlasting love or ends up with either one or both of you heart broken.

I didn’t know love back then
Baby love me again.

There’s usually always a reason as to why a relationship goes sour and/or abruptly ends. In rare cases, the break up can be a mutual decision or maybe you two were too young and tried condensing five years worth of experience and love all into a matter of months or a year. Granted, depending on how long you’ve been with your significant other and how young or old you were during the time period of that relationship, may or may not decide on how much havoc it’ll cause when it ends.

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What if the relationship did indeed blow up in flames? What if the last things you were able to say to one another were distasteful phrases like “I hate you” or “don’t ever talk to me again”? But what if that’s not what you really meant? What if you bump into this person again, years down the line, and realize you never settled and put your feelings away? Would you try to re-pursue, even if they were already in a new relationship? Are you willing to set your pride aside and ask them to love you again?

2. “Beautiful Goodbye”

Are you usually the first to break things off in a relationship? There must be an underlying reason somewhere as to why, so what is it? Why are you giving up? Did the fire burn out? Did you find interest in someone else?

Tell me that you love me, I know you don’t.
Tell me that you still want me, I know you don’t.

If you’ve ever broken up with someone before or have been the one broken up with, are you usually the type to hold on for as long as you can while trying to beg for them back or do you take it as it is and carry on with life? Some of us are better at saying goodbye than others. And then, there’s some of us who are more receptive to farewells and are better at moving on. But how do you know when it’s really over? Do you wake up one day and realize that the love that was once there, no longer exists? When’s the right time to let go?

Sure these questions can be answered with a few words, but realistically speaking, there’s usually so much more that goes into the withdrawal from a relationship than just a simple “because I just can’t do this anymore.” At times, the only way to receive closure is by getting an in-depth truthful explanation, whether you want to hear/give it or not. If you’re lucky, then you might be able to walk away from that relationship in a calm manner and stay as friends but more times then few, it might end disastrously. If only it was always easy to have a beautiful goodbye.

3. Stop Running From Love

Cause if you never take a chance
You’ll never find true love.

Even after all the chaos and hardships you might’ve experienced from love, at the end of the day YOU need to be the person that picks yourself back up. No one’s going to do it for it; you have to have the will and want to get back up on your own. Don’t let one or even multiple failed relationships wreck you and keep you down. You can’t let something like that take over your life and you also shouldn’t assume that things wouldn’t get better. How will you know what’s left out there waiting for you if you don’t give it a go?

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As a natural human instinct, we tend to run away when things get too hard or begin to be “too good to be real.” But who came up with that concept anyway? Who decided that just because something is “too good to be real” that people shouldn’t obtain it? Why hold yourself back from love? Why don’t you take that leap of faith and take a chance? Sure, things might not work out but wouldn’t it be better that you gave it a try versus letting that opportunity pass and then continuously asking yourself all these “what if’s” all the time about what could’ve been? Sure, you’ve had your share of hurt but it’s time to stop running, take that chance, and give your heart the opportunity that it deserves and be open to finding love again.

Although the “Love Me Again” EP only consists of three songs, “Love Me Again”, “Beautiful Goodbye,” and “Stop Running From Love,” they all carry out strong individual messages. G.Soul wrote a short story, portraying three very important chapters and milestones that you’ll probably encounter one day, if you haven’t already in your love life. Just close your eyes and let his smooth and tranquilizing voice make all the worries and heartache go away.

G.Soul's 'Love Me Again'

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