miss A only you music video song mv review

miss A “Only You” Music Video & Song Review

It’s been a long wait for all the Say A’s out there considering it’s been 16 months since miss A released their last single, Hush. But the four ladies are back with a fun dance track titled Only You. Within less than 72 hours, the music video has already garnered over two million views, which is a first for miss A, and the song achieved a perfect all kill on the music charts.


miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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There’s always that one person who we encounter in our lifetime who makes us go haywire, act foolish, makes our heart beat way beyond the normal speed, and yet we still want them regardless of all that. The moment that this particular person enter our lives, it throws our regular lifestyle in for a ride and irregular things start happening, things that didn’t happen in our daily routine before.

miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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I’m different from other women
I don’t like banal love
Doesn’t matter that I love you more
You are all I need
You are different from other men
Please take my heart now.

A lot of us are used to seeing miss A sing about being independent and not needing a man, I Don’t Need A Man concepts, so it was a bit different seeing them transform into these grown, sexy women who know what type of man they want and chase after him. They’re on a mission to seize the attention of a guy who fits the bill of what a man should be. Although these ladies are out there trying to capture this guy, miss A is also letting it be known that they’re not easy targets, and that they are different than all the other women out there. miss A wants these guys to know that they’re the real deal and that just because they’re the ones chasing and doing the work right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ladies won’t cut them off at any given moment.

miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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There’s a unique tune that plays throughout the song, especially during Fei’s parts, which helps build up the anticipation going towards the chorus. The harmony is melodious and jazzy, and you’ll find yourself humming along to it even after the song is done. All the parts that surrounds the chorus gives off a chill and mellow vibe, and then it suddenly transitions to this fast paced cheery boost of a chorus. Although the entirety of the song is fun and toe-tapping worthy, I find that the chorus is probably the catchiest part of it all. Only You reminded me a lot of American singer-songwriter, Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock, in a sense that it’s upbeat, cheerful and gives off positive energy.

miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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This music video had a few shock factors for me, first being that I got a bit excited when the music video started and they showed scenes filmed in New York, because as some of you may already know, many K–pop music videos are filmed inside, in dolled up sets, but of course it was a false alarm, as they were only using the city scenes to indicate that miss A were city ladies. Second shock factor, which I’m sure surprised a lot of the viewers, was the risqué concept, especially so early on in the video. There was indeed a lot of skin from all 4 members, but it wasn’t over the top, overly scandalous, or slutty. The focus of the music video wasn’t skin exposure, but the women themselves, so that didn’t take anything away from the rest of the music video. Instead of coming off as miss A trying to show skin like some other girl groups do, it just seems natural that strong, sexually active women would walk around their home comfortably.

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There were certain points throughout the video where I wish Jia and Min could’ve broke out into their own little dance segment because although the choreography for this video was fun, it was lacking power, which is Jia and Min’s strong points. Not to take anything away from the delightful and fun choreography in Only You, but I think as viewers and fans, we’re used to miss A’s more commanding and compelling choreography. I could definitely see Min breaking out in a dance battle with Jia in the club. In fact, I feel as though that club scene depicts the already awesome and laid back lifestyle that those two already have!

miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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miss A definitely delivered in this department for Only You. They brought a very stunning, sexy, charismatic and cute look to the set while doing so in a very natural, professional manner. There were a lot of colors involved in this production; a whole lot of pink with Moschino’s S/S 2015 and Simone Rocha’s Fall 2014 pieces, which was a bit surprising since miss A’s concepts usually involves more neutral, earth-tones and dark colored clothing, whether it be for their past music videos or live performances. miss A wore a number of bodacious outfits in this music video but my favorite would have to be the nighttime electric blue outfits that they wore when they were dancing in the streets. The blue gave off a mature yet still feminine vibe; it went great with their already darker hairstyles.

miss A Only You Music Video & Song Review

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Overall Thoughts

Along with the lack of miss A activities in 2014, the group’s comeback gained attention since it came so close to the announcement of Suzy’s relationship with Hallyu star Lee Min Ho. Fans have been discussing the relationship in the comment section of the video, showering support for both the couple and miss A, and congratulating Suzy for her good luck with her love life and miss A’s latest song.

From start to finish, miss A looked like they were genuinely having a ball filming this video and when the artist is able to portray that through the screen, it just makes it all the more believable and fun for the audience. Besides the fact that the main guy in this music video is technically a peeping tom, the video and song was overall refreshing and extremely enjoyable.

miss A 'Only You'

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