Which TWICE Member Are You? [Quiz]

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Competition reality show “Sixteen” aired its finale 2 weeks ago and amidst much controversy, JYP’s new girl group TWICE was formed. The group was designated from the start to have seven members, but at the end of the competition two previously eliminated members were added, resulting in the group to have a total of nine people. TWICE is slated to debut later this year, and in an effort to further promote the members, JYP Entertainment have given the group their own social media accounts and even created an online show titled “TWICE TV”, of which two episodes have already aired.

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The members consist of Na Yeon(20 years old), Jungyeon (19 years old), Momo (19 years old), Sana (19 years old), Jihyo (18 years old), Mina(18 years old), Dahyun (17 years old), Chaeyoung (16 years old) and Tzuyu (16 years old). As per the norm of JYP groups having members with a mix of races, ⅓ of the members in the group are Japanese (Sana, Mina and Momo) while Tzuyu is from Taiwan.

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The members are diverse not in their races and personalities but also because they each have their own specialities and talents, making their debut a highly anticipated one. Notable examples (from “Sixteen”) include:

Dahyun’s famous eagle dance

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Mina’s ballet dancing

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Sana’s “cooking mama” abilities

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If you didn’t watch “Sixteen” but want to know more about the TWICE members, Kultscene has a great solution for you! Find out which TWICE member you are the most similar to and discover their unique and fun personalities through our quiz now!

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