Music Video Fashion: BEAST’s “Good Luck”

When it comes to BEAST‘s music video fashion, it changes for each songs’ concept. With their recent comeback with Good Luck, they nailed it with the styling. They really bring out the urban feel of the clothes and turn it completely into high-end fashion.


It’s already well known that throughout the past years BEAST reinvented themselves into fashionistas. They’re known for wearing the latest pieces by Givenchy and edgier Raf Simons, not only in real life, but also on their TV appearances and concerts.

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But let’s get to the point: When I first saw the video, I got instantly drawn to the fashion. Not only is the song good, but the styling is impeccable. We have already seen the varsity-inspired looks in other idols like EXO, SHINee, BIGBANG, B.A.P., and many more, but BEAST took it to another level.

The guys are decked out mostly in Hood By Air Spring 2014 collection. There are other designer pieces here and there, but this brand stands out the most. The band was very well coordinated and every outfit showcased each members’ personalities. There are mesh jerseys, dress shirts with the number 69, shorts paired with knee-high striped socks and amazing tennis shoes.

BEAST Music Video Fashion

Talking about shoes, which is one of my favorite topics in fashion, the boys wear a variety of brands, from commercial VANS and Converse, to high-end designer shoes like Rick Owens for ADIDAS. We also see Timberland classic boots that bring back the feeling of 1990’s hip-hop acts.

Many fashion houses around the world are being inspired by the 90s fashion. That particular era was full of sportswear, hats, and oversized clothing. The mixture of music genres also appeared in fashion, mixing hip-hop clothing with flashy pop dresses and grunge while creating unique styles.

Hyunseung Wearing Hood By Air
Now, lets take a look at the video:

styling, I’m really fond of the varsity style.  So this one is for all of our male readers out there. If you want to recreate a look similar to BEAST in Good Luck, here are some fashion tips and, if you want to shop the look, click on the pictures below:

Find a jersey or a shirt with numbers on it, put some gym shorts on (like the ones pictured below), find a cool looking snap-back, a faux leather vest, and the ever-classic creepers to get the look.

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