Zion. T Eat mv music video song review

Zion. T’s ‘Eat’ Music Video & Song Review

Are you feeling tired and/or having a rough day? Don’t let those feelings defeat you. Instead, let Zion. T comfort you and sooth your uneasy heart with his latest single and music video, Eat.


You want to go home? Even though you are at home.

There will be days when you’ve had a lot on your plate and all you want to do is go home and relax in the comfort of your own bed. But what happens when you’re unable to leave the anxiety and stress at work, but instead bring it home with you? As if it wasn’t enough to feel some sort of way at work, but to have to bring those feelings home with you, can’t be too thrilling.

Do you ever get that feeling that even though you’re home and finally able to rest your head on your pillow at night and stretch out your toes, that there’s still something missing? Sometimes, it’s hard to express that feeling, but Zion. T does a fabulous job of summing up all those worries and feelings in Eat.

Zion. T's

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At times, life will be too difficult to bear. On occasion, it’ll cause us to forget to do even the most basic and simplest of things. And because we’re expected to live life a certain way, in order to keep up with the demands of this forever-changing world, we’ll work so hard that we’ll forget to take care of ourselves.

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But have no fear, Zion. T is here to save you! He has a way of relieving and melting away any stress that one might be feeling or have built up, with his melodic voice. As soon as he opens his mouth, all seems right in the world. He wants to remind you that “even though you are tired, eat breakfast and lunch”. Even with something as simple as remembering to eat, it can sometimes be forgotten when your lives are filled with so many on going hectic activities and emotions.

You don’t need to watch a music video in order to feel the emotions that Zion. T portrays when he’s singing. The softness in his voice goes well with the mellow melody in Eat and his comforting voice will wash all your worries away.


Simplicity is Zion. T and Zion. T is simplicity. However, no matter how plain jane his music videos may be, they always carry out a deep meaning. In this music video, he’s seen following a girl around; at times he’s sitting on and inside her fridge, underneath the pillows on the couch, laying on the on the ground, and behind a door in a separate room as to where she is. But why is he facing a different direction every time, versus facing her way? Can she see him? What does this all mean?

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The scenes eventually switch over, and instead of staying a human being, Zion. T turns into an iPhone, as music plays from it. He stays by this girl’s side, day in and out, as a reminder that even when things get tough, there’s always someone and/or looking out for you, making sure that things will be all right. So whenever things gets too crazy in your life, listen to his song, and it’ll make you feel better.

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Zion. T doesn’t change his hair color as often as Korean idols do, but whenever he does, the styles always looks marvelous on him, especially with the fiery red hair color for this comeback. There’s something about his physique that allows him to pull off even the strangest of outfits, and most outrageous shoes, like the pointy elf like ones in this video. No matter what his stylist puts him in, or even with what he chooses on his own to wear, Zion. T pulls it off well. He might not be a man of many words, but he let’s his clothing and style do all the talking.

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Overall Thoughts

Zion. T has a way of leaving his songs open ended, much like this one, where it ends before it even reaches the three minute mark. He probably does it on purpose so that the listeners can gauge their own endings. Eat, like his other songs Yanghwa BRDG and Two Melodies, will leave you in a trance and continuously wanting more. It’s hard not to smile while listening to Zion. T’s intoxicating voice. He carries such a sweet tune with this distinctive voice and always delivers with his heartfelt and endearing music.

Zion. T's 'Eat'

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