5 K-Pop Songs To Help You Unwind from the Work Week

Whether you just finished a strenuous week of work or school, it’s time to unwind and enjoy the next couple of days of relaxation and no work. These fives songs will help you release your stress and frustrations from your busy week. So forget about the past and enjoy the present.

1. Mamamoo- Baton Touch

What better way is there to unwind than with a badass girl group who completely own with their vocal abilities and rapping? Mamamoo is such group. The quartet show off their powerful and oh so soulful vocals on every song of theirs, but Baton Touch has the quality of a swing/jazz club where all of the couples are on the dance floor enjoying life. The ladies portray an attitude of empowerment and enjoyment, which is how every person should feel at the end of the week.

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2. Epik High- Life Is Good

Epik High’s mellow song Life Is Good features Jay Park and is off of their Shoebox album. The song features an upbeat tempo and low-key instrumentals as well as synths that give a off a laid back vibe. Jay’s vocals work well with the tone of the song and the summery, chilled out music. Mithra’s and Tablo’s rapping is not hard hitting or abrupt. They both use softer vocal tones and draw out their words more than their hard hitting raps. Life Is Good is a great pick me up at the end of the week to remind you to enjoy your life even through the struggles and stresses.

3. Clazziquai Project- Still I’m by Your Side

A list of songs to unwind to would not be complete without Clazziquai Project. Still I’m by Your Side from their album Blink has upbeat and peppy instrumentals throughout the song. Alex and Horan’s light voices and falsettos perfectly depict the narrator’s feelings of sincerity and wanting to be back together. The song ends vaguely (in terms of lyrics), but the music video and Alex and Horan tell the story in a not-so-tragic way. Still I’m by Your Side may be about wanting someone that seems to push further away, but the overall feel of the song is one of promise (and it’s hard not to move along to that beat).

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4. Electricity Flowing- Empty Night

The electronic, synth, and disco-era sounds will take you to another time and place, away from the current stressors in your life. Electricity Flowing is made up of two musicians whose synth pop sounds are definitely different from mainstream music. But their other world feel will help your mind and body drift into realms untouched during the work and school week. The strong beat and airy vocals of Empty Night will get you ready for a fun night and a great weekend.

5. 2NE1- Do You Love Me

2NE1‘sDo You Love Me is a perfect song to end your work week and start your weekend. The party tune sets the tone for a fun-filled weekend full of friends, laughs, good music, and a lot of memories. The music video for Do You Love Me perfectly depicts how everyone’s Friday night should be after work; just one big party with the people you love and love to be around. Just let loose, enjoy everything, and do you.

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