K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/03/14-08/09/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the first week of August.

This week has given us songs by artists including SPICA, VIXX, Lyn, Brown Eyed Girls, seen debuts by Rok Kiss and Songhaye, as well as some performance MVs, including a re-release of INFINITE’s Back.

[Music Video]

LYn, LEO of VIXX Blossom Tears

San E Body Language feat. Bumkey

VIXX Ken My Girl

Ladies’ Code Kiss Kiss

Park Bo Ram Beautiful feat Block B’s Zico

THORNAPPLE 시퍼런 봄 Live Version


Songhaye My First

Jo Sung Mo 사랑합니다 끝없는사랑

Su Youn Tell Me Why

G.NA, The One, A.KOR’s JiYoung, Kim Woo Joo, Lee Ye Joon Miracle


INFINITE Back Performance Ver.

Buzz The First Summer in 8 Years

HEYNE Red Lie Dance Ver.


Brown Eyed Girls Hush

Crush Night I Can’t Fall Asleep feat. Punch

A.T Good MorningRoommate OST

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