10 Songs To Celebrate A Decade Of Super Junior

Super Junior "Sorry Sorry"After a special anniversary album (“Devil” and repackaged album (“Magic”) released earlier this year, it’s hard to believe that Super Junior’s anniversary hasn’t arrived yet but today’s the day. November 6, 2015 officially mark Super Junior’s decade in the K-pop music industry. As one of the longest running groups (and the personal favorite of several KultScene staff members,) here is a playlist of some of Super Junior’s best songs to help you celebrate.

Disclaimer: These songs are not listed in any order. If you have a problem with our choices, comment and tell us why.

1. “Miracle”

No song says it better. After years of struggling, scandals several line-up changes, a major lawsuit, members going in and out of military service, the fact that Super Junior is still around is shocking. Super Junior wasn’t supposed to survive and was originally built as a group where members would graduate after a certain time, but ten years later, the “Miracle” of Super Junior is still around, with all but two of its members still in the group.

2. “Sorry Sorry”

There’s no way this couldn’t be on the list. This is the song that made Super Junior who they are today. Every title song that Super Junior has released since has been compared to “Sorry Sorry,” and for good reason. The catchy dance song is iconic, and without it Super Junior may have very well fell by the wayside as just another K-pop act. But you know the dance, and you know the chorus, and you know that this is Super Junior at its best.

3. ”It’s You”

If “Sorry Sorry” showed off how good Super Junior was at doing the pop-dance tunes, “It’s You” really revealed how good Super Junior is at singing. While still a dance track, “It’s You” is the more heartfelt, more vocally expressive sibling track of “Sorry Sorry.” It was also the last music video that the group filmed with all thirteen members of the core group before Kim Kibum went on hiatus (he left the group formally earlier this year) and a lawsuit that resulted in Hankyung (Han Geng) leaving the group.

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4. ”Why I Like You”

Ask just about any long term Super Junior fan what their favorite songs are, and “Why I Like You” is likely to turn up. Something about “Why I Like You” resonates with fans as one of Super Junior’s most underrated songs. It’s from the same time period as “Sorry Sorry” and “It’s You,” and the dance-ballad expresses why a man loves a woman.

5.”Midnight Blues”

Super Junior’s “Midnight Blues” is a sultry song that helps the group show off their more mature side. The song’s R&B sound is just as sexy as the title suggests; in Korean, “Midnight Blues” is called “Dance the dance,” and the dance to match this song is absolutely perfect.

6. “Bittersweet”

A tender love song with the members singing about their “Bittersweet” love, the song makes the most of Super Junior’s more vocally inclined members, particularly the members of unit group K.R.Y, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. The lyrics are extremely touching and they are definitely the highlight of the touching song.

7. “Super Girl”

Super Junior-M’s “Super Girl” is one of the Chinese unit’s best songs to date, which makes sense considering it is one of their last songs with former leader Hankyung, Super Junior’s first Chinese member. Super Junior-M has always had a bit funkier, more fun songs than the main title tracks, and the catchy, electro-infused track “Super Girl” is definitely that.

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8. ”Marry U”

Maybe this isn’t Super Junior’s technically most perfect song, but it’s definitely one of their most poignant. The song is an early beauty from Super Junior, and just a beautiful ballad expressing the love of a man towards the woman he wants to marry.

9.”A Cha”

Another intense dance song from the group that finds it’s roots firmly in “Sorry Sorry,”
“A Cha” is a fun, powerful track that will get everyone moving. Every member of Super Junior is given their chance to shine in “A Cha,” as the song keeps Super Junior doing what it does best, a catchy tune with fun dance moves.

10. ”Stars Appear”

One of the songs from Super Junior’s special anniversary album, “Stars Appear” is a beautiful, building ballad. The song is also about Super Junior’s ten years together, comparing Super Junior’s fans, ELF (EverLasting Friends) to stars. “You are my light, like it always has been,” Super Junior sings, celebrating their survival in a whirlwind industry by expressing their love for the fans who have always been there for them.

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