Which Song from BTS’s ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ Albums Are You? [QUIZ]

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By Sana Parvayz

BTS, aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, has risen to fame within a short span of time, especially coming from a small entertainment company. The group debuted with “No More Dream,” on June 13, 2013, and since then, they have accomplished a lot. Last year, the group came back with their fourth mini album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2,” a follow up to part one of the series released six months prior. Divided in two, both EPs emphasize youth. Part one portrays the difficulties, insecurities, and issues faced by youngsters. Whereas part two expresses the adventures and joys of being a young adult. “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” portrays the intensity of emotions youth feel, either happiness or sadness, and how being a young-adult is the most pleasing moment in life.

These albums proved to touch upon the inner feelings of fans and overall youth, given that their fourth mini album stayed on the top of Billboard’s World Albums Chart for straight four weeks. And with two flawless albums, Bangtan Boys definitely deserved it. The songs on these albums range from euphoria to desolation, narrating through several emotions that an average adolescent and young adult goes through. And since they’re about youth, we can all pick one we can relate to. However, we’ve taken the liberty of finding that out for you. Take the quiz to see which one of the songs from both EPs best embody you.

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Which K-Pop Male Rookie Group Are You? [QUIZ]

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If anything, 2015 has been the year for rookie male K-pop groups as many fresh groups such as iKON and DAY6 have made their successful debuts. Armed with both youthful energy and high-level performance skills, these groups are likely to become big hits and household names in the K-pop industry in the future. From synchronised dancing to powerful rapping, each group has their own strengths and has showcased their individuality well through their respective releases, earning themselves strong fan bases despite their recent debuts.

Have you ever wondered which rookie male group your personality is most similar to? Here’s Kultscene’s latest quiz to help you find out more about these groups and yourself!

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Which TWICE Member Are You? [Quiz]

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Competition reality show “Sixteen” aired its finale 2 weeks ago and amidst much controversy, JYP’s new girl group TWICE was formed. The group was designated from the start to have seven members, but at the end of the competition two previously eliminated members were added, resulting in the group to have a total of nine people. TWICE is slated to debut later this year, and in an effort to further promote the members, JYP Entertainment have given the group their own social media accounts and even created an online show titled “TWICE TV”, of which two episodes have already aired.

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The members consist of Na Yeon(20 years old), Jungyeon (19 years old), Momo (19 years old), Sana (19 years old), Jihyo (18 years old), Mina(18 years old), Dahyun (17 years old), Chaeyoung (16 years old) and Tzuyu (16 years old). As per the norm of JYP groups having members with a mix of races, ⅓ of the members in the group are Japanese (Sana, Mina and Momo) while Tzuyu is from Taiwan.

twice jap grp

The members are diverse not in their races and personalities but also because they each have their own specialities and talents, making their debut a highly anticipated one. Notable examples (from “Sixteen”) include:

Dahyun’s famous eagle dance

via feeltouchcross on netizenbuzz

Mina’s ballet dancing

via Jazzzz on onehallyu

Sana’s “cooking mama” abilities

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If you didn’t watch “Sixteen” but want to know more about the TWICE members, Kultscene has a great solution for you! Find out which TWICE member you are the most similar to and discover their unique and fun personalities through our quiz now!

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Which ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ Contestant Are You? [QUIZ]

If you’re like us, you’ve been keeping up with Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar and are obsessed with it. All of the contestants are immensely talented and the differences in their personalities have made viewers pick their favorites. You have your sweet ones, like Kisum and Jimin, and then the badasses Cheetah and Jessi. Of course, there are other dimensions in between and beyond that spectrum. So, if you were to be one of the Unpretty Rapstar contestants, we created a quiz in order to know exactly which one you’d be.

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