Which GOT7 Member Are You? [QUIZ]

got7, got7 member quizThere was a point in my K-pop life, sometime in early 2014, where I found myself saying “no more rookie groups, you don’t have time for this!” However, that quickly changed when GOT7 decided to nonchalantly stroll into my life and destroy (I mean this in the most positive way) me. Some people don’t realize this but it’s one thing when you’re becoming a fan of a group that has, let’s say, four to five members, versus a group with seven or more members. Then you have to decide whether or not if you’re really serious about them or if they were just a temporary distraction.

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Got7’s wasted no time as they climbed my never ending bias list and comfortably landed themselves in my top four. Was it their overflowing atomic charisma? The number of diverse members? Or maybe their savvy and fresh skills that got me hooked? Who am I really kidding, it was all of the above (curse those eye smiles for making my heart and knees weak)! From that point, it was a lot easier learning about the members, especially seeing how impressive their people skills were for a rookie group like themselves.

The group is considerably aggressive (while still maintaining appropriateness) whenever they appear on a variety or music broadcast. Each member of Got7 boasts such unique and distinctive qualities about themselves that it’s hard not to be attracted and intrigued. Like any other group, I’m sure personalities surely clash and, at times, may even be explosive; sometimes that can either make or break the group.

In Got7’s case, even though the members carry such different characteristic traits, they seem to be able to draw the fine line between when they need to simmer down and put hostile feelings aside and when they can act a fool. With such foolishness and undoubtedly cute and delightful charms, one can’t help but want to be best friends with JB, Mark, JR, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. With such witty and various personalities, which member do you think you relate the most to?

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Don’t forget to check out GOT7 as they perform for not only one but two nights at TORONTO KPOP CON at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd, 2016 8:30pm.

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