K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 07/27-08/02/14

Once a week, KPOPme will post a list with all the latest music videos and singles released. We will aim to recompile every single song  each week, but between the multitude of K-Pop groups and OSTs released weekly, sometimes we’ll miss something. Please let us know if we do! We aim to please.

Here are the release from the end of July and the first few days of August. Some of the biggest names (JYJ, HyunA) made comebacks, and some interesting debut songs (HA:TFELT, Red Velvet) were also released this week. Check them all out!

[Music Video]

JYJ Back Seat

Red Velvet Happiness

HA:TFELT (Yeeun) Ain’t Nobody

Clazziquai Project Madly

Sunny Hill Once In Summer

Tae Wan Good Morning feat. Vebal Jint

BESTie Hot Baby

4L Move

LC9 East Of Eden

HyunA Red

High4 A Little Close feat. Lim Kim

Sonnet Son Love Again


Davichi It’s Okay, That’s Love [OST It’s Okay, That’s Love]

Bob Girls Oh My Boy (Summer Edit)

Sunny Days Half Of The World Are Men

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