Jun Jin’s ‘Wow Wow Wow’ Music Video & Song Review

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After a six year hiatus from his solo activities, Shinhwa’s, Jun Jin, popped back onto the music scene with his newest song and music video titled “Wow Wow Wow,” which also features fellow member Eric. Due to the lengthy wait, fans all over rejoiced in excitement at the announcement of his comeback. Many hoped to see how much Jun Jin had matured musically since the release of his first solo debut single back in 2006, dating to his last solo project in 2009 before he left for his military enlistment. With the wait finally over, let’s dive right in with this KultScene writer as she reviews the long awaited Jun Jin comeback.


Hearts stopped beating and quickly came back to life from the moment Jun Jin started the song with the “looking at looking at looking at you” along with the overlapping of Eric’s sexy whispers of “I’m looking at, I’m looking at you”. When was it ever okay (but in fact it really is okay) for an artist to start a song in such a seductive manner as Jun Jin and Eric did in “Wow Wow Wow”?

Jun Jin WOW WOW WOW Music Video & Song Review

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Although the lyrics are a bit generic, the song itself carried a strong, catchy and addictive beat, which quickly entrances the listeners, regardless of what Jun Jin may be singing and rapping about. Even though it may seem as if the lyrics are being a bit overplayed, since most of the song revolves around the lines “looking at looking at looking at you” and “wow wow wow”, in the end it works out for the better since these lines are the climax build ups. When you’re listening to Shinhwa’s music, occasionally in some songs, it’s a bit difficult trying to pinpoint when Jun Jin’s singing. His voice is a blend of members Hyesung and Dongwan, therefore it might be a bit hard to spot in a song. We already know Jun Jin can rap but there were parts in “Wow Wow Wow” which really showcased his seasoned and textured singing voice.

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Going into this song, there were some high expectations for Eric’s featuring, simply because his raps are always on point. However, little was I expecting for his fierce rapping to knock me over the way that it did. There was definitely some build up prior to Eric’s verse but then the way the beat would drop and build back up in that one verse alongside his commanding tone, without a doubt blew all the fishes out the water.


The existence of the female actress in the music video isn’t necessary but you can’t blame her for wanting to creep on a suave looking man like Jun Jin. What is that makes him this dark and mysteriously attractive man? Could it be his all black attire? How about the way his eyebrows flex and his pupils dilate when he’s looking at you? Or could it be that the first minute in the music video barely had any lighting? So you know, on top of Jun Jin’s already dark but mighty sophisticated outfit, the fact that there was minimal lighting in what’s usually the most important part of the music video, probably added to the mysterious side of things. But maybe that was the whole concept?

In addition to the already entrancing concept, the music video had some trippy camera angles at times, especially whenever the screens would switch between Jun Jin and the flashing of words on jumbotron. But with darkness aside because eventually the video lit up, literally, all the extra face screen time that Jun Jin had could truly make one weak in the knees. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the close ups but there should be some warning signs ahead of time just so that people can prepare their hearts. Are you ladies with me on this or what? I’ll answer on your part and scream a mighty loud YES!

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And that exit? Jun Jin, you can’t just give that look and then casually walk away. You’re breaking hearts worldwide!

Jun Jin Wow Wow Wow Music Video & Song Review

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As one of the choreographers for a number of Shinhwa’s dance pieces, it came as no surprise when Jun Jin started to break out into his sexy sleek dance moves. He may not be the best singer or rapper but he definitely owns his title as a dance machine. Every hand gesture, leg movement, mini chest pumps, shoulder leans and down to the flick of the suit, was filled with powerful energy. Every time Jun Jin broke out in choreography, you could automatically sense that those moments were his proudest, they seemed like they were the most fun filled moments for him. There’s already a lot of anticipation for the live performance for “Wow Wow Wow”, a lot having to do with fans wanting to see Jun Jin really break it down and show people that this 35 year old still has it going on!

Jun Jin Wow Wow Wow Music Video & Song Review

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Overall Thoughts

The song was an ear grabber and the music video was enjoyable to watch since it contained such eye candy. As the rappers in Shinhwa, Eric and Jun Jin already have such a great dynamic when working together, which can be seen and heard in this song and music video even though Eric isn’t actually present. Here’s to hoping for Eric to be present during Jun Jin’s promotions! But really though, why wasn’t this song titled “Looking At You”?

Jun Jin 'Wow Wow Wow'

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