Playlist Sunday: Lazy Summer Songs

Playlist Sunday: Lazy Summer Songs

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is lounge around and do absolutely nothing? With summer coming to a close, those lazy days seem to happen more often expected. What do you usually have playing as your background music as you kick back and relax? Here are some songs that the writers at KultScene enjoy listening to on our less than productive, lazy summer days.

Kim Sungkyu of INFINITE is one of my personal favorite vocalists in K-pop, and his recent EP “27” is pure gold. “Daydream,” featuring Tablo and JW (also known as Jong Wan of Nell; the pair is also known as Borderline), is my very idea of a song to listen to while taking it easy. With a retro electronic sound and a looping piano melody, “Daydream” is literally dream-inducing. Tablo’s raps and Jong Wan’s vocals play off of both the rhythm and Kim Sungkyu’s breathy, auto-tuned style, pulling everything together. Yes, auto-tuned. Instead of using the audio fix as a way to mask less-than-perfect vocals, Kim Sunkyu makes auto-tuning into an element of his song. Listen to “Daydream,” then listen to all of “27” for one of the best K-pop albums this year.


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People affliate the word “coffee” with caffeine, meaning it’s something that’s meant to wake you up and keep you alert but B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop” brings an entirely different meaning to the word “coffee”. There’s a sense of comfort and gentleness in the members voices, especially vocalists Daehyun and Youngjae, that quickly diminishes any stressful thoughts that may be on your mind. Rather than waking you up, “Coffee Shop” does the complete opposite as the melody slowly relaxes your mind, washing away your worries and as it cradles you to sleep. In need of a song that’ll ease your mind and allow you to enjoy our lazy summer day? Take a listen to “Coffee Shop” and you’ll thank me later.


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Really, what better way to end the summer than with F(x)’s “Goodbye Summer” featuring EXO’s main vocalist D.O? The back and forth between the angelic voices of members Luna and Krystal with the soothing addition of D.O is an appropriate euphonious blend for such a warm song, which describes the feeling of loving a friend in secret during the last few days of school together. On raps, we also have member Amber spicing up what would have been yet another boring K-ballad with her laid back verses and harmonizations. As the bittersweet tune progresses, the emotions behind their voices build up, and by the final cadences of the song, they eventually overpower the acoustics and piano accompaniment altogether. And just like the summer that is slowly coming to a close, the track concludes and fades out with a final mellow chorus of la la’s, leaving listeners in a rhythmic sway. In a little over three minutes, “Goodbye Summer” perfectly encapsulates what it means to bid adieu to a memorable time of one’s life or to that special someone.


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