Brave Brothers and the Culture Industry

K-pop exists in a strange musical universe in which the biggest labels can afford to take creative risks and produce the most diverse range of music while the smaller labels have to play it safe and bet on already successful names. While the big three companies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) often buy songs from foreign songwriters (SHINee’s Lucifer, Girls’ Generation’s Run Devil Run) or use in-house producers, all the smaller labels rely on outside Korean hitmakers to write and produce potential chart toppers. While there are benefits to both methods, the reliance on using the same third party producers is having a negative effect on the creativity of the industry.

In recent times, Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul) has been one of the most successful of third party Korean producers. Ever since Sistar’s Alone in 2012, he has been the most prolific and profitable. This song, which promoted Sistar from a lower tier girl group to the top tier of Korean girl groups, gave him a template to work off in order to continue creating commercially and critically successful music. That template is one of a simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure with similar melodies and usually some sort of hook with “oooohs.” With this template Brave Brothers has led K-Pop into a conveyor belt system.

This may not seem strange to any regular viewer of pop culture as all other pop music markets are the same, but the timing of this for K-Pop makes it even more disheartening. The music landscape of South Korea had been going in an interesting direction with the trend of songs that played with the structure and average traits of a pop song instead of simple “template” songs.

SM were the leaders of this direction with EXO’s Mama, Wolf and Girls’ Generation’s I Got A Boy amongst others. These were songs that required and rewarded repeat listens. They played with the idea of what a pop song could strive to be and saw something so much more than just another cookie cutter production. When they were jarring, they were meant to be so in order to make the listeners actually think about what they were hearing. Even when they weren’t jarring, it was because the songs were produced so masterfully that it was not as noticeable but still always there. They were songs with no obvious chorus or hook, the exact opposite of what Brave Brothers produces.

This style of pop song is not one that is ever consistently popular, however. The fact that this trend lasted over a year in Korea was really exciting. One could see a possible changing of the industry with songs that did not conform to a factory accepted product, somewhere where creativity was put ahead of economy. This was all wishful thinking however, as the paying public did not agree and the companies reverted back to tried and tested ways. Focusing just on SM Entertainment we can see where this failure came from. I Got A Boy was a small seller in terms of the Girls’ Generation giant and received a lot of backlash from fans while EXO experienced their biggest hit with Growl, which was a more standard kind of song compared to Wolf and MAMA.

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At the same time as this progression, Brave Brothers’ regression was also happening. After the success of Sistar, songs like Gone Not Around Any Longer by Sistar19, Love Options by BESTie and 4minute’s two singles, What’s Your Name? and Is It Poppin? (which sound somewhat different but are in fact structurally the same with a few new bells and whistles) were the biggest hits for these groups’ careers. The simple structure and catchiness of these songs were the final forewarnings before his total takeover in 2014.

AOA’s Miniskirt and Short Hair, BTOB’s Beep Beep, Hyorin’s One Way Love, and Hyomin’s Nice Body were all big hits for these singers. Even JYP Entertainment succumbed to the trend, with Sunmi’s Full Moon bringing rave reviews. SM’s most trendy group, EXO, released another simple song Overdose and was again hugely successful at the same time as F(x)’s more ambitious Red Light faltered in terms of sales in comparison.

You might think this is not so bad. These are mostly great songs but there is something deeper going on here and this can be explained with help from German philosopher and critic Theodore Adorno. A little bit of history first. Adorno was part of the Frankfurt School, which was a Marxist school of theorists who wrote about many ideas regarding society but mostly centred on media and communications, which was active from around the 1920s to 1950s. Adorno was a major figure in the school and wrote extensively about popular culture and its effect on society at large. He wrote about pop culture as a culture industry, in that it had ceased to be an artistic endeavour and became a purely money making business.

This is where Adorno connects for us. We have seen that this is where K-Pop has reached finally but that is still not the most troubling thing. Adorno’s theory continues to say that this culture industry eventually does more than just make money but also serves the state in keeping the masses in line with their views. In musical terms this means that these songs are being created in an identical way in order to stop us from critically thinking about them and in turn nullifying our ability to critically think about any aspect of our lives.

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For me the work of Brave Brothers falls directly into this category. His recent work has had a profound influence on the rest of the industry and continues to be some of the most recognized. This is a direct problem for the state of music in South Korea and indicative of the conservatism of the country itself.

Considering pop music’s effect on society and how it reflects society is crucial for understanding and helping it grow. Right now, K-Pop is in a precarious position of completely yielding to the Brave Brothers template and being forever stuck with it. If the answer is not in I Got A Boy or Red Light then there is another way out there which we have probably seen before. It could be the melding of western and eastern styles we see so often or in the trot tradition of South Korea itself. Ultimately though, I don’t think there is an answer that can truly change the status quo.

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The Colors Of K-Pop: Red

K-Pop is a musical genre that is as colorful as music can be. There are a lot of bright colors in music videos, K-Pop acts with color in their name, etc. Here are some of the most popular songs in Korea that have the color red in their name.

HyunA Red

You may know this song. It has over 16 million views on YouTube, and Hyuna’s Red made a lot of headlines for its sex-filled concept. Red reached number one on several music charts, and the music video stayed atop of China’s Yin Yue Tai V-Chart for four days. The rapid-fire rap, HyunA’s twerking, and electronic-EDM-hip-hop elements seems like a mess at first, but Red is an enthralling song, filled with red-related passion.


One of SMTOWN’s from 2006, multiple SM Entertainment artists including TVXQ, BoA, Kangta, The TRAX, Super Junior etc. lent their voices to the song. Some of the artists are no longer active or have since left the company (the three members of JYJ, ex-Super Junior members, The TRAX, Black Beat, CSJH The Grace,) but the song is still an upbeat summer song that will make you want to head to the beach and enjoy the sun. Fun fact: Pre-Girls’ Generation SM Entertainment had only less than ten active female singers.

Shinhwa Red Carpet

Shinhwa may be one of the longest running groups in K-Pop, which made its comeback in 2012 after a four year break. On that comeback album, The Return, Red Carpet stood out as a strong dance track. The song was written by member Minwoo (known as M,) and is a synth-dance mix up that emphasizes Shinhwa’s vocal line.

f(x) Red Light

One of the most experimental songs out of SM Entertainment in years is f(x)’s hit song Red Light. The song is an electronic house song with a rhythmic beat that is addictive. Red Light‘s promotional period was cut short due to member Sulli going on hiatus, but it still did well on multiple music charts, including reaching the top 5 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

IU Red Shoes

A song meant to show the transition of IU from Korea’s little sister to a more mature singer, Red Shoes describes a woman trying to find her way. Red Shoes uses a big band sound, evoking swing and jazz music. It, and other songs from IU’s Modern Times album, won multiple awards and gained much acclaim in South Korea.

Heyne Red Lie

Not to be confused with Hyuna, Hyene is an up-and-coming solo singer. Her cute voice may be typecast to sickeningly sweet love songs, but Red Lie is anything but, with lyrics like “love please go away.” The song and cinematography of Red Lie are really unique and definitely worth listening to. Fun fact: There’s very little red in the video. Perhaps a shout out to red being the color of lies, as the title suggests.

Son Dambi Red Candle

Composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun, Son Dambi’s Red Candle is a sophisticated track that depicts celebrity life. The gentle intro into the song seduces the listener to the gentle Latin-fusion style that’s different than Son Dambi’s typical dance song. Dance is prevalent and the music video is absolutely beautiful with a black-and-white film noir feel to it.

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K-Pop Comebacks We Need NOW

With the recent debuts and comebacks of new and some older artists, there are always certain groups that you just need new material from. More likely than not, they are artists who have been in the industry for some time. The following artists have been together for many years, but have not had a decent comeback in some time. It’s time for them to warm up their vocal chords and get to work.


In all honesty this whole article could be devoted to the first group I am about to name: BIGBANG. Seungri, GD, and Taeyang have all had Korean solo albums since BIGBANG’s last album. Daesung recently released his third Japanese solo album and T.O.P is heating up the box office with his acting (and his abs). Obviously fans are excited that each member is doing something outside of the group, but after two years of solo activities, we need a follow up to Alive, stat.

Winner debuted over the summer, iKON will debut in a few months, and now YG is throwing all these new collaborations at us. All of this is a pretty good indication that Big Bang is not quite ready to release a new album. Nonetheless, it needs to happen by the end of 2015. We need another Fantastic Baby, but on a different level.


Sticking with the boy group theme, the next artist that needs to make a comeback is SHINee. Understandably, the guys are taking a break for many reasons. First, in 2013 they released two full-length albums and one mini album. That’s a lot of music in one year. Then this year, Onew had throat surgery and Taemin had his solo debut. But now, it’s time for the boys to get back into the studio to make more SHINee magic and come back to their fans.


Staying in the SM Entertainment family is TVXQ. Spellbound was their last single, and in all honesty, they did not pre-promote as heavily as I think they should have. The duo flew slightly under the radar with that release. The song was great, but we need something more impactful and noteworthy. The jazz/swing sound and overall concept from both Something and Spellbound suits the boys well, but they need to amp up the promotions to make a lasting impression.

Wonder Boyz

Now for a group that is not as well known or publicly acknowledged as the previous groups, Wonder Boyz. Their last single was Tarzan, which they released in May of 2013. The song’s beat, choreography, and story and dance versions of the music video all made this song amazing.

It will be hard to beat Tarzan, but I think Wonder Boyz are capable of doing so. The boys have kept low profiles since 2013. The most recent thing from them is that one of the members, K, did a dance cover of Chris Brown’s Fine China. Let’s hope they come back soon with another hit.

Roh Ji Hoon

Roh Ji Hoon is in dire need of a comeback. His debut song Punishment had a catchy hook and dance that showcased his wonderful vocals. Since then he has had one other single, A Song For You, that still has not catapulted him into commercial success. His songs, live performances, and attitude as a solo artist prove that Roh Ji Hoon is meant to be a commercial success. Maybe he’s working on something spectacular that will finally be his big break; he definitely has the star power to make it big. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls last released a song in 2013, Kill Bill. Their music instantly piqued the listener’s interest based on their addictive beats and hooks and lyrics. Brown Eyed Girls always bring the sexy to everything they do, and showcase their provocative choreography with confidence, proving that women in their 30’s can still be sexy and singers. The fact that three of the four members are in their 30’s also is a good indication that the songs’ lyrics are more mature and regarding adult situations. These girls need to give us some of that ASAP.

miss A

miss A also released their last single Hush in 2013, coming back with a very sexy and mature sound and look. I hope they continue to develop those themes and concepts more as they grow in maturity and as artists. And even though JYP revealed that the group would make a comeback next summer, even just a digital single in the meantime would do the trick. You know, just something to keep fans wanting more. In all honesty, miss A deserve at least a comeback a year. Their music is always good and their vocals and dancing skills are unbelievable. Every member equally pulls their weight in the group.

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5 Overlooked Female K-Pop Singles

Is there anything worse than discovering a song and then realizing that it has not received the love and support it deserves? In short, yes, but for the purpose of this article, no, there is nothing worse than that discovery. Below is a short, and by no means complete, list of overlooked K-Pop singles by female artists. Theses ladies, in most respects, get shafted quite a bit and we wanted to shed light on a few hidden gems of the K-Pop music scene.

HELLOVENUS- What Are You Doing Today?

HELLOVENUS’ What Are You Doing Today? was released in December 2012. Even though it is a fun song that may not be everyone’s style, the peppy, synth-dominant music will grab your attention during your first listen. But, the girls’ vocals will either pull you in more or make you turn and run the other way. Make sure to give the song a chance! The song perfectly embodies the phrase, “bubblegum pop;” the sweet, innocent vocals are prominent throughout the chorus. Leading up to the chorus, the girls only give listeners a small fraction of the sweetness they are about to unload.

About two-thirds of the way through, the song starts to get repetitive. But there is a saving grace, the rapping. In a song like this rap verses are not expected. The rapping is perfectly placed. It breaks up the monotony of the song and adds rock guitar to the instrumental. HELLOVENUS’ What Are You Doing Today? is a fun song that should be in everyone’s music library.

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Kiss&Cry- Domino Game

From the opening musical and vocal notes, it’s clear that Domino Game and Kiss&Cry are different from the mainstream female K-Pop acts. There’s something familiar about the style of Domino Game, yet one cannot put a finger upon what it is. The music utilizes horns on top of a pop, ballroom dancing-style beat. This creates a sound that is current, but not widely used in K-Pop.

The ladies’ vocals sound great together and individually. But together they create a force of power that rings through the speakers. Domino Game is a song that does not sound like any other K-Pop song. The use of the horns, the guitar, and ballroom dancing-style music helps make the song stand out. It’s so unfortunate that the group has disbanded.

D-UNIT- Talk To My Face

There is a lot going on music-wise and in the music video, but somehow it all works. If you just listen to Talk To My Face you will notice there are a lot of sound effects and layers of music throughout the song. Although there is a lot musically, the vocals are never compromised. Even when watching the music video, which also has a lot going on, the vocals and dancing are still the highlight of the video.

Talk To My Face is a song that will make you get up and dance. You simply can’t sit still while listening to this song. The music video adds to the song, but the song is also capable of standing on its own. The music video has a fun video concept, a lot of bright colors, and a fun dance. When Talk To My Face first came out, I was surprised and impressed. The vocals are not overly sweet, but they aren’t fierce either. They fit the group’s image for this particular song and create a pleasant listening experience.

퍼펄즈 (Purfles)- 1,2,3

Who is 퍼펄즈 (Purfles) you may ask? To be honest, we’re not really sure here at KultScene. They just appeared out of no where and debuted with this amazing song. 1,2,3 showcases these talented ladies’ vocals as well as gives K-Pop fans, and music fans in general, a strong dance track.

From the opening acapella notes to the strong club beat, 1,2,3 is a diamond in the rough of constant releases of K-Pop songs. These ladies are fierce and show it through their powerful vocals and their dancing in the music video. 1,2,3 is a song that will be on repeat.

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Mamamoo ft. Bumkey- Don’t Be Happy

Mamamoo is one of the most underrated girl groups to come out of K-Pop. Although their debut was only this year (2014), they deserve much more recognition and popularity, hopefully in time.

Don’t Be Happy was a pre-debut release single and is actually different than the album version (Bumkey has a more prominent role on the album version). Don’t Be Happy showcases the ladies’ soulful and powerful vocals. Mamamoo’s style is different than other K-Pop groups and songs currently out. Swing and jazz are major influences,which add to the refreshing style of the quartet. I really cannot say enough about Mamamoo or Don’t Be Happy. And once you listen to the song and hear their amazing vocals, you will understand why.

There are many female K-Pop singles that have been overlooked throughout the years. What are some that you enjoy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.

5 Super Easy Last-Minute K-Pop Halloween Costumes

October 31 is a day for costumes and candy, but sometimes people are too busy to put together extraordinary costumes that need tons of planning. If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, or heading to an exclusive K-Pop themed Halloween party, then you’ll need a great costume that’s simple, and that you can make from what you have in your closet.

An oldie but a goodie, Gee.

For many people, Girls’ Generation’s Gee was the song of 2009, and is still one of the most iconic songs in K-Pop. But the outfits that the nine members of Girls’ wear are so simple, just about every girl has something to work with inside her own closet. You have two options here- You can go the minimal look that Girls’ Generation dances in by wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a solid color pair of shorts and white shoes. Blow dry your hair straight, or throw in some soft waves.

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment

Or, you can go the skinny-jeans look. All you need is a graphic t-shirt, preferably with cap sleeves or no sleeves at all, and a a colored pair of skinny jeans. Throw on one iconic accessory, – a long necklace, a costume pilot’s hat, a fedora, a sequined hoodie etc- add a pair of killer heels and you’re all done. Britney Spears outfits in music videos can also be used as an inspiration to create an outfit and might make you look like a bombshell!

Costume ease level – 5/5
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5

Crayon Pop’s helmet look from Bar Bar Bar.

For this one, you need a polo shirt, a short skirt, a pair of leggings that are the same color of your shoes and preferably the skirt (try all black if white is not an option,) and throw on a bike helmet. Add some white gloves from your winter closet, or else run to a local pharmacy and buy a pack of medical gloves. Put multiple ponytails into pigtails to get Soyou’s look. Finishing touch? Put your name on your chest and on your back with some name tag labels or use a safety-pin to clip paper to your shirt.

Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment

Costume ease level – 4/5, helmets aren’t always easily accessible
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 3/5, but people may theink you’re Yony and Zony, the two twins who appeared on Ellen rather than Crayon Pop.

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No More Dream-era of BTS

While Hood By Air clothing that BTS wears may be a bit hard to get last-minute, but you can definitely pull off the look. Anything black and white that you own, layered with gold jewelry and/or bandanas, the more athletic-looking the better. If you have a varsity jacket or athletic jersey, you just owned this outfit. For your feet, black-and-white tube socks pulled up rather than rolled down with black and white sneakers complete the outfit. Surround your eyes with thick black eyeliner, and, if you want, add a baseball cap or bandana. If you’re trying to be Rap Monster, sunglasses are a must, but if you don’t have his intense-visor type, just wear a black headband over your eyes.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment

Don’t forget to walk with swag! (But do so carefully if you’re wearing a headband over your face!)

Costume ease level – 4/5, it sounds easy but putting the outfit together and layering properly can be difficult.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 1/5, people may think you’re just trying to be a random rapper, which is also cool.

Orange Caramel’s My Copycat

Again, two options here. Take a solid color dress, or tight shirt and shorts/jeans combination in the same color, and put large graphic stickers on them. Ideally, iron on stamps would be great, but then you’d ruin your clothes. Add white sneakers, cream eyeshadow with coral lipstick, a faux pearl necklace, bracelets, and big earrings– you’re ready to imitate the copycats. If you want to really rock it, match your nails to the color of your outfit.

Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment

Alternatively, put on a short jean skirt and a horizontal red-and-white striped shirt for the look from the end of the video. If you have overalls or a jean romper, that’s even better. Add a striped bow headband, and you’re all set. Don’t have one? Use paper and draw stripes, then attach it to your headband. Not ideal, but it works! Don’t forget the dark red lipstick!

Costume ease level – 2/5, the decals are a bit annoying
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 2/5, people might think you’re Where’s Waldo.

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby has an intense concept, and you’re going to have to tone it down a bit. The first thing about G-Dragon’s outfit is the hair, which may seem like a problem, but it can actually be pretty easy. You may have to run to a drugstore for some hair extensions or, if you have long hair, red hair spray. You may need both, let’s be honest. Unless you have a black-and-white pinstriped suit, you’re not going to be able to do G-Dragon’s most iconic outfit. But there’s another one that will definitely do! Pull on a black beanie or winter hat, with a red jacket, a white/beige t-shirt, gray pants, and gym shoes. Red and white shoes would be best, but hey, there’s not much you can do last minute so just go with it!

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment

As for accessories, bedazzle (or put gold stickers/tape) on an umbrella, and put on some intense bracelets and necklaces.Add a smoky eye, with eyeliner on the lower lid, and the rest of the face pretty clean of makeup, and you’re going to be a great GD!

Costume ease level – 5/5, other than the umbrella, the costume’s pretty simple.
Costume recognizability to non K-Pop fans- 4/5

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5 Overlooked K-Pop Singles

Have you ever been extremely excited when a K-Pop group releases a great single and then disappointed in humanity when it doesn’t become as popular as it deserves? Well, we’re right there with you here at KultScene and below are only a fraction of K-Pop singles that deserve much more love. So read on to see if your favorite overlooked single made list, and hopefully we can introduce you to some new tunes as well.

Artist: Ajax
Album: 2MYX
Song: 2MYX

Let’s start this article with some ‘80s throwback music. Ajax’s 2MYX is laden with ‘80s sounds musically, and I absolutely love it. The beat, the synths, the drum beat, everything is great. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the members’ vocals are pretty impressive as well. The music reminds me of a Michael Jackson tune along the lines of Why You Wanna Trip On Me. The rapping fits well with the song; there’s a slower part with the accompaniment of an electric guitar that continues throughout the remainder of the song. All in all, 2MYX is a great jam if you’re feeling like a throwback day musically.

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Artist: Roh Jihoon
Album: The Next Big Thing – EP
Song: Punishment

I thought Roh Ji Hoon was going places, and I’m surprised he hasn’t had a comeback recently. Punishment showcases his single abilities beautifully and that handsome face of his. Aside from his handsomeness, the piano in Punishment sets the tone for the song and is prominent throughout. Roh Ji Hoon beautifully executes his notes and manages to put emotion into Punishment.

The video views from Cube’s channel and 1thK’s channel add up to around 1.5 million views, which makes Punishment the most viewed video on this list. But it didn’t catapult him to stardom like I anticipated it would.

Artist: Able
Album: Able의 1’St 앨범
Song: 미스테리 (Mystery)

To be honest, I’m not sure how I found this song, but I’m happy I did. Mystery has the ‘90s boy band backing music and vocals. The English may not be as clear as it could be, but that doesn’t matter. The guys sing the song very well and the style of the song is quite enticing. The quick beat and pace of the song will also keep listeners interested until the end. Mystery is just a fun song with a great beat. You may forget about it after listening to it, but when it pops up on your shuffle it’s a must to listen to.

Artist: Bigstar
Album: Hang Out EP
Song: Run&Run

Yes, Bigstar’s Run&Run is the second most popular song on this list in terms of video view counts. However, they just have over 1,00,000 views in over a year since release. When Run&Run came out, not many people knew about it and it took awhile to gain some popularity. Bigstar is a talented group and this song showed their fun, goofy side as a group. The video is fun to watch and the chorus and choreography (the easier parts) are extremely addictive.

Run&Run is one of those songs that needs to be listened to while watching the music video (at least once) so listeners have an idea of what is going on in the song. The video helps to clarify the story within the song.

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Artist: Wonder Boyz
Album: 타잔 Tarzan – Single
Song: Tarzan

Tarzan is my favorite Wonder Boyz song. It was the first time that I really noticed them. I had their previous mini album, but didn’t pay much attention to them. This song boasts great music, a great beat, great vocals, and great rapping. The flow of the song is quick and memorable. Not to mention the choreography in the video is also pretty great. Moreover, the English lyrics are easy to sing along to and follow as well.

The dance version of the music video only has over 600,000 views, and it deserves much more. There are two music videos for the song, the dance version (below) as well as the story version. Both of which are quite enjoyable. Tarzan is an extremely catchy song that sounds amazing with the volume turned up as loud as you can handle.

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Best of the K-Pop B Tracks: Part 3

Are you ready for the next installment of our Best of the K-Pop B Tracks series? Part 3 introduces new artists to the series and talks about one or two artists from the original post and from Part 2. The majority of these songs are not single material, but nonetheless, they are great tracks to enjoy on their respective albums. The following seven songs share some similarities as well as differences with each other, but all of them are great tunes.

Artist: Miss A
Album: Touch
Song: Lips

We’re starting Part 3 of this series off strong with Miss A’s Lips. The song starts off with a strong beat and club/EDM-inspired music. The ladies’ vocals are strong and powerful during the verses. Then more feminine and soft when the chorus appears. The chorus is addictive and easy to sing along to, which helps listeners get into the song. Lips is the perfect song to dance to at the club on a Friday or Saturday night. Just unwind and let go.

Artist: SHINee
Album: Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You
Song: 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking

Next up of course is a SHINee song. 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking like Lips starts out strong with a synth and strong beat before and during Key’s intro. The music for 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking is insane. The almost overproduced beats seem like they would be too much, but somehow the music manages to work for the song.

The vocals and music are both quick, which keeps listeners interested. There aren’t any pauses in the music. Instead it slows down and thins out in some spots. The guys’ vocals are, as usual, flawless. The harmonies and falsettos are superb as well. 히치하이킹 Hitchhiking is a fun song to listen to when you’re feeling like hitting those high notes as you sing along.

Artist: LC9
Album: Skirmish
Song: Skirmish

LC9 came onto the K-Pop scene with Mama Beat and haven’t really been heard from since then. This next song is from their debut mini album titled Skirmish. The lead-off track is of the same name and one of my favorites. The beat and music are completely different from other K-Pop songs.

The music makes the song seem like it should be a hard-hitting song. But the vocals, especially in the beginning, are softer and inviting. After the chorus, the music becomes more minimal, and then builds again as the chorus approaches. The style of singing in Skirmish is what attracted me to the song. The members drag out their words and loop them together to give a wavy flow to the lyrics. Skirmish is a great song to bob your head to while listening to it with headphones.

Artist: Henry ft. Seul Gi
Album: Fantastic
Song: Butterfly

The next song is considerably different from the heavy EDM songs above. Henry’s duet with Seul Gi from his second mini album is a beautiful song that showcases both singers’ vocals. The two sound great together and the song, Butterfly, uses piano, guitar, and drums as the basis of the music.

It feels like a small lounge song with the duet singing to you in person. Butterfly is a pretty song that isn’t overpowered by the music and Henry’s and Seul Gi’s vocals compliment each other extremely well. When you feel like taking a break from the world listen to Butterfly.

Artist: Mamamoo ft. Geeks
Album: Hello
Song: Heeheehaheho

Mamamoo is a rookie group that deserves much more recognition. The soulful ladies have amazing vocals and great songs. Heeheehaheho is from their debut mini album Hello and is a little slower than the other songs. But it beautifully showcases the ladies’ vocal talents. Heeheehaheho is a R&B song that slows down life for a few minutes. It’s a simple song that brings out the soul in each members’ voice.

Artist: 2PM
Album: 미친거 아니야? GO CRAZY!
Song: Mine

2PM’s Fall release, 미친거 아니야? GO CRAZY!, gave us the likes of Go Crazy!, a crazy party song. But a few more tracks into the album we get Mine. Mine is a song that starts out with strings, piano, and funk, jazz-inspired music. Jun.K kicks off the vocals with his soulful tone and draws you into the song. The music is simple and provides a strong beat for the 70s-inspired vocals. We get soul, falsetto, Taec’s rapping and of course some 2PM flair.

Artist: Clazziquai Project
Album: Blink
Song: Life etc.

The final song for this installment of Best of the K-Pop B Tracks, is Clazziquai Project’s Life etc. from their Blink album. Alex does all of the singing in this song while Horan adds backing vocals. There’s a lot going on musically, but it does not distract from the song, it adds to it. Alex’s calm and soothing vocals makes a perfect pair with the zealous music.

The music may seem chaotic but it is essentially the main star of the song. Alex does sing throughout the song, but there are a lot of musical breaks where the listeners can just jam to the music. Alex adds to the story with the lyrics and his vocals. Life etc. is a fun song to listen to whenever you need a quirky pick-me-up.

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2PM’s Music Video Evolution

2PM, the original Beastly idols, has graced the K-Pop scene for the past six years and fans have watched the members grow and mature into artists throughout that time. They debuted with a strong image that showcased their masculinity and mature song themes. As the years have gone by, 2PM has come back with stronger and more mature material that prove they are transforming into artists.

Who remembers 2PM’s debut song 10 out of 10 in 2008? The music video highlighted their acrobatic abilities as well as their masculine outfits to further promote the beastly image. The song itself is catchy, and the video is comical with an entertaining story that shows the members daydreaming about a woman. It’s a fun and upbeat song that only hinted at the dorky and fun-loving personalities of each member of 2PM.

Fast forward a year to 2009, when 2PM released Again & Again. The video, again, showed 2PM’s dancing skills and their masculine image with all black outfits and simple hairstyles. The song focused on the mature theme of ending a relationship and the longing to be with the girl one more time. Again & Again also showcases the vocal abilities of the group more than their debut song.

Later in 2009, 2PM made its comeback with Heartbeat. It wasn’t until this comeback that 2PM truly showed its beastly image. The guys were dressed in suits, wore minimal makeup, and stayed with their natural hair color. And how can we forget the live performances where they showed off their impressive muscles? The video is oozing with masculinity in the choreography and within the members’ facial expressions. This was also the first song since Jay Park left the group.

Next up is I’ll Be Back from 2010. It wasn’t until this single that 2PM’s members started to add their input and songwriting skills into their albums. I’ll Be Back continues with the dark concept and introduces heavy eye makeup for the group. The song also went back to their debut concept where they showed off a lot of acrobatics, which were not present during Again & Again and Heartbeat.

2PM’s second studio album gave fans the lead track Hands Up. The music video showed 2PM enjoying the lap of luxury, which included yachts, private jets, expensive cars, and of course, spending the evening at a hip night club. Hands Up was one of the first looks into 2PM as a fun and energetic idol group. The group’s previous singles were all about showing their manly images and dealing with the struggles of love. Hands Up was 2PM having a good time and sharing it with their fans (as well as a prelude to Go Crazy! perhaps?).

After promoting in Japan for a couple of years and doing other activities, 2PM finally made their Korean comeback in the spring of 2013. Come Back When You Hear This Song, although a long English title, introduced fans to a new version of 2PM. The mature, grown-up and manly 2PM.

The music video focuses on the seven deadly sins and how each member embodies those sins as they progress in their relationship with a woman. The song showcases the members’ singing abilities, their mature, gentleman style, and a different musical style than their previous promotions.

To add to the sweetness that was 2PM’s Korean comeback, JYP decided to release another music video from 2PM’s Grown album. A.D.T.O.Y. was the definition of beastly idols. The guys were dressed in everyday wear, their hair and makeup were the most natural of any of their promotions, and they all had intimate scenes with a woman.

A.D.T.O.Y. was 2PM’s declaration to their fans that they are now mature adults.The black and white video and chair choreography adds to the masculine and charismatic image 2PM showed with this comeback. Grown also showcased more of 2PM’s songwriting abilities with four out the six members contributing to the album’s lyrics.

Where do you go from A.D.T.O.Y.? Well, according to 2PM, the crazy, fun, party route! Go Crazy! at first watch and listen will more likely than not make you question what you just watched and listened to. But then you realize that Go Crazy! is a brilliant song with an equally brilliant music video.

Jun.K wrote the song and it shows that 2PM is comfortable being quirky, dorky, and eccentric. They don’t always need intense, manly songs to showcase their talent. Go Crazy! shows 2PM’s true personalities. The members always having a good time, and don’t really care what they look like or what happens while doing so. They are comfortable with themselves, as a group, and as artists to experiment with a wild and crazy song.

Go Crazy! is like a part two to Hands Up. Three years later, it shows the growth of 2PM’s experience with drinking and club culture. 2PM go all out for Go Crazy! Their glittery and crazy outfits, their motorcycle-inspired choreography, and the overall feel of the song and video create a carefree world where having fun is the only priority.

To further promote Go Crazy!, 2PM participated in 1theK’s #hashtag series where their honesty gets the best of them. Themes for discussion include Go Crazy!, drinking, and, naturally, hangovers.

2PM as a group has grown from beastly idols with catchy tunes, acrobatics, and intense themes to manly idols (with some beastly qualities thrown in) with mature, intimate, and wild & crazy themes. To see how much 2PM has evolved from their debut to now makes the anticipation build for their future comebacks.

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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 09/07/14-09/13/14

Each week, KPOPme compiles a list of K-Pop and overall Korean releases so that you don’t have to look far to find new music. This week, 2PM and T-Ara made comebacks this week, as did several other artists. SM Entertainment surprised everybody by releasing a song by its producer, Hitchhiker, and SPICA.S released its first song as a sub unit (without member Kim BoA, who is rumored to be releasing a solo song).

Also, YG Entertainment released a song by its Team B members, some of whom will be debuting with iKON sometime in the future.


2PM – Go Crazy

T-Ara – Sugar Free
Ver. 1

Ver 2.

Hitchhiker – 11

John Park – U

Lyn – Thank You My Dear

Spica.S – Give Your Love

Jay Kidman – Reboot

Ma.Hyun- The Day The Wind Blows


Team B- Wait for Me

Ji Young of A.KOR- Love Over A Thousand Years

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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/31/14-09/06/14

Each week, KPOPme compiles a list of K-Pop and overall Korean releases so that you don’t have to look far to find new music. Orange Caramel made a comeback, and project group Nasty Nasty made an interesting debut. This past week also gave us alternative versions of popular music videos from Super Junior,  B1A4, INFINITE, EXID, Sunny Hill, and more, as well some interesting comebacks by senior celebs like Kim Jong Min, Skull, and Ulala Session.

Tragically, Ladies’ Code also released a review of its final KISS KISS performance, which, we now know, is the last that the five-member group will perform due to an unfortunate accident that took two members’ lives.

Ladies’ Code Memorial Tribute

Orange Caramel – The Gangnam Avenue

Kim Jong Min – Sali Go Dali Go

Super Junior – Mamacita Drama Ver.

Ulala Session – You & Me

Nasty Nasty (ZE:A Kevin, 9M– USES Kyeong Ree, & So Jin) – Knock

SKULL – Because I Was Selfish

Gilme – Success (Don’t KILL my Vibe)

INFINITE – Last Romeo Dance Practice Ver.

Sunny Hill – Monday Blues Performance Ver.

Puer Kim – Bank

Jung In & Gary – Bicycle

MC Sniper – Cola Bottle feat. Bumkey

The VinylHouse – Bye & Bye

B1A4 – Solo Day Japanese Ver.

EXID – Up & Down Sexy Dance Ver.

BESTie – I Need You Dance Ver.


Thunder (MBLAQ) – Monster

Woo Taewoon (SPEED) – Zico Hyung [Taewoon is BLOCK B’s Zico’s older brother]

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