K-Pop Comebacks We Need NOW

With the recent debuts and comebacks of new and some older artists, there are always certain groups that you just need new material from. More likely than not, they are artists who have been in the industry for some time. The following artists have been together for many years, but have not had a decent comeback in some time. It’s time for them to warm up their vocal chords and get to work.


In all honesty this whole article could be devoted to the first group I am about to name: BIGBANG. Seungri, GD, and Taeyang have all had Korean solo albums since BIGBANG’s last album. Daesung recently released his third Japanese solo album and T.O.P is heating up the box office with his acting (and his abs). Obviously fans are excited that each member is doing something outside of the group, but after two years of solo activities, we need a follow up to Alive, stat.

Winner debuted over the summer, iKON will debut in a few months, and now YG is throwing all these new collaborations at us. All of this is a pretty good indication that Big Bang is not quite ready to release a new album. Nonetheless, it needs to happen by the end of 2015. We need another Fantastic Baby, but on a different level.


Sticking with the boy group theme, the next artist that needs to make a comeback is SHINee. Understandably, the guys are taking a break for many reasons. First, in 2013 they released two full-length albums and one mini album. That’s a lot of music in one year. Then this year, Onew had throat surgery and Taemin had his solo debut. But now, it’s time for the boys to get back into the studio to make more SHINee magic and come back to their fans.


Staying in the SM Entertainment family is TVXQ. Spellbound was their last single, and in all honesty, they did not pre-promote as heavily as I think they should have. The duo flew slightly under the radar with that release. The song was great, but we need something more impactful and noteworthy. The jazz/swing sound and overall concept from both Something and Spellbound suits the boys well, but they need to amp up the promotions to make a lasting impression.

Wonder Boyz

Now for a group that is not as well known or publicly acknowledged as the previous groups, Wonder Boyz. Their last single was Tarzan, which they released in May of 2013. The song’s beat, choreography, and story and dance versions of the music video all made this song amazing.

It will be hard to beat Tarzan, but I think Wonder Boyz are capable of doing so. The boys have kept low profiles since 2013. The most recent thing from them is that one of the members, K, did a dance cover of Chris Brown’s Fine China. Let’s hope they come back soon with another hit.

Roh Ji Hoon

Roh Ji Hoon is in dire need of a comeback. His debut song Punishment had a catchy hook and dance that showcased his wonderful vocals. Since then he has had one other single, A Song For You, that still has not catapulted him into commercial success. His songs, live performances, and attitude as a solo artist prove that Roh Ji Hoon is meant to be a commercial success. Maybe he’s working on something spectacular that will finally be his big break; he definitely has the star power to make it big. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls last released a song in 2013, Kill Bill. Their music instantly piqued the listener’s interest based on their addictive beats and hooks and lyrics. Brown Eyed Girls always bring the sexy to everything they do, and showcase their provocative choreography with confidence, proving that women in their 30’s can still be sexy and singers. The fact that three of the four members are in their 30’s also is a good indication that the songs’ lyrics are more mature and regarding adult situations. These girls need to give us some of that ASAP.

miss A

miss A also released their last single Hush in 2013, coming back with a very sexy and mature sound and look. I hope they continue to develop those themes and concepts more as they grow in maturity and as artists. And even though JYP revealed that the group would make a comeback next summer, even just a digital single in the meantime would do the trick. You know, just something to keep fans wanting more. In all honesty, miss A deserve at least a comeback a year. Their music is always good and their vocals and dancing skills are unbelievable. Every member equally pulls their weight in the group.

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