Best K-Pop Music Video Fashion: February 2015 Releases

February has been a busy month for K-pop; companies debuted a few solo artists and several groups shone with long-awaited comebacks, resulting in a lot of new fashion for fans to admire. Beloved idols like f(x)’s Amber debuted while showcasing her well-known fashion sense and style, and girl group 4MINUTE got the chance to express a new badass attitude with their fashion. Let’s take a look at the best fashion featured in some of the K-pop music video releases of February 2015.

VIXX Love Equation


VIXX came back with Love Equation, a remake of R.ef’s track Farewell Formula. VIXX is known for interpreting the themes and concepts of their music very well and this time around they didn’t disappoint. The song fits perfectly with the styling of the members as the upbeat ballad calls for very cute and trendy boy next door outfits, sporty chic outfits, and custom made uniforms. The color palette is very on trend and accurate for the season and makes the boys look very hip and cool. Ravi, in particular, looks stunning with his bleached blonde hair. VXX proves once again that they look amazing on everything they get styled for.

Zion T. Just (feat. Crush)


Zion T. collaborated with solo artist Crush for his newest single, Just. The music video for the track was filmed beautifully and gave off a very mysterious feeling. The black and white through the whole video really enhances the styling of the two artists. Zion T. and Crush wore outfits inspired by the ‘90s and ‘70s, pairing oversized blazers with wide legged trousers and various ‘70s silhouettes. The combination of this two eras made a very interesting and modern look for both men. This is a perfect example of a great and inspiring styling that surely will have many fans trying to recreate their looks.

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VIXX & its Successful Use of Themes

In 2012, VIXX were just one of a multitude of new groups in Korea. The amount of group debuts that year was approximately double from 2011. Competition for attention and sales was fierce. Some groups had the backing of a big company, like EXO, and others used strange gimmicks, such as AOA’s half angel concept. However, most were forgotten as they had little marketing coming from a small company (Phantom, Skarf), were too generic to stand out (Tahiti) or were just not good enough (Two X). So how did a group from a relatively smaller company at the time, with a low-key debut end up with eight music show wins and upcoming solo concerts in Chicago and New York?

The answer to that is theme. Or rather VIXX’s use of themes in their songs. Most groups take a concept with each new release, like a sexy, aegyo, hip-hop or dark, and use it as their visual scheme. But very rarely does it influence the rest of their song. VIXX on the other hand, starting with On and On took a theme and expressed it in every aspect of their release. The music, lyrics, costumes, choreography, and delivery are all tied to one theme. This offers a thoroughly satisfying and cohesive song whereas we are used to snippets of a concept.

What they did was to take a dark fantasy concept and built upon themes based on this niche. This helped them first of all to stand out from the crowd of boy groups doing powerful concepts like Beast or hip-hop concepts like Big Bang, but it was the clarity of their themes which raised them above in terms of quality.

Starting with On and On, we see the much used vampire concept. This concept does not exactly inspire great confidence as a start. However, VIXX’s execution of the concept did, as we were seeing vampires as more than just a costume. The theme started with the visual, which was instantly striking as all the members wore contact lenses for the video and their performances. This set the other worldly feeling they were looking for, and they followed through with all other aspects.

As soon as you start listening to the song it is compounded with a sample of the theme song from Phantom of the Opera which not only sets the tone but fits thematically with the lyrics. These are about a dangerous woman whom VIXX cannot stay away from. They are willing to become vampires just to be with her. This mirrors the story of the Phantom of the Opera as it also revolves around a dangerous relationship similar to On and On.

With nearly every one of the lyrics, they match the choreography along with it too. For example, Leo sings, ‘She pokes me again and runs away’ as an arm stabs through him. In one line of a performance, everything comes together: music, lyrics, visual. and choreography. This is well thought out pop music. This happens many more times in the one performance, like in the chorus when they sing the line ‘I’m on my knees and ready to get hurt,’ where all the members except Hongbin are on their knees while he mimics ripping his heart out, ready to be hurt. There is even some vampire imagery in the dance, the hands across their chest as if they are in a coffin and Leo going to bite Ken in the neck as the other members crowd around him. It is this consistency of theme which makes VIXX’s performances so satisfying to watch, but it may not be obvious all the time

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On and On brought VIXX into the eye of the public and was their biggest selling single at the time. It was an obvious choice to continue with this type of concept. What we expected was a lesser version of the same thing, but what we got was so much more.

Hyde was based on the character of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson, which is about a doctor who invented a serum that turns him into a huge hulking man. The story is associated with split personalities, and this is where VIXX takes their inspiration. The song is about a boy who said some nasty things to a girl but cannot believe he said them and begs the girl to believe that it was not the real him.

Again, the theme is fitted onto every element. The visual is one of black and white, usually split half and half between the six members. The choreography right from the start is in line with the lyrics and concept. At one point, Leo sings,

There’s no way I said those words
There’s no way I said I’d leave you

He utters these words as he looks at his hands as if it is the first time he has seen them and moves his body as if something is trying to get out.

Throughout the whole performance the duality motif is kept up. Most of the dance moves are mirrored on both sides by the two opposing colors. This means that when some of the choreography does not fit the theme that there is something still there going on to connect to. It’s utterly satisfying for a viewer and is just as much a reason for the quality of their performances as their powerful movement. The attention to detail is masterful and elevates VIXX above their contemporaries.

In contrast, G.R.8.U was a disappointing follow up to these two singles. VIXX had continued success with it, but the theme was not as well thought out. There was no real engagement with a theme to speak of at all. There was an interesting rewind effect in the video, but this did not factor into the performance in any real way. They delivered a snippet of a concept rather than a complete song.

For example, they reused a move from Hyde, where the members’ line up form a shadow like effect as they each move out a bit. In Hyde, this symbolizes VIXX’s change from the human Jekyll into the monster Hyde. In G.R.8.U, it is little more than a cool move. Also, unlike the previous two singles, the rest of the choreography does not back up any of the lyrics. This is by no means a requirement of every song, but it is somewhat disappointing considering what VIXX can achieve. If it was supposed to be a Jekyll version to Hyde, it also doesn’t work as there is no sense of darkness here.

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After that misstep, VIXX were back on thematic form with their preceding singles Voodoo Doll and Eternity. The theme of Voodoo Doll is obvious, but their use of a prop pin was the inspiration –before it was censored, of course. Their puppet-like dancing was perfect. On the other hand, Eternity was not as dark as the others, but stuck with a theme of time, and performed it excellently.

This leads us to today with Error, which VIXX have been promoting for the last few weeks. It feels like the culmination of their hard work as it is their highest charting single to date and comes right before their landmark concerts in the U.S.

This time VIXX are cyborgs who are trying to forget a past love. Hongbin laments:

I was afraid that I’d get cut by your sharp, knife-like words
I just need to breathe and eat to endure through this

It is almost as if he wished they were actual cyborgs because it would make everything much easier. The choreography of this part smartly helps this idea, as Hongbin seems to be a robot booting up and Ravi sticks his arms through Hongbin’s as if they were a robots.

Like their previous singles, the robot motif sticks throughout the rest of the song and dance. It blends seamlessly with their choreography and, thankfully, never delves into cheesy robot dances.

These are rare complete performances from VIXX, tonally and thematically, as they hit the mark on every aspect of their song while connecting them all together. This type of craft is rare in pop music, let alone just K-Pop. Themes are so important to all forms of art. How a piece engages with a theme conveys to us what that piece really wants to say.

While pop music is not expected to be a politically striking, there should still be an engagement and commitment to themes. This is what VIXX has been doing; creating pieces of music which can be enjoyed on every level and the use themes to infuse each of these.

If any of you are lucky enough to see them in Chicago or New York, try taking some time to notice this. A lot of hard work has gone into it, and it’s a big reason why VIXX are standing on that stage.

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5 Reasons to Attend VIXX’s Chicago & NYC Concerts

After holding a successful set at KCON this past summer, VIXX is back on U.S. soil to hold two concerts, and one is not in Los Angeles! Unlike other K-Pop groups, the cities graced by VIXX’s presence will be Chicago and New York City, and tickets are selling fast.

And while fans already know why going to a VIXX show is worth it, non-fans and/or people not acquainted with them might not know what they are missing out on. So if you’re on the fence or simply not feeling this group yet, here are five reasons to sway you into liking VIXX and attending either their NYC or Chicago shows:

1. New Set

VIXX is no stranger to holding shows in the U.S. This past summer, they opened KCON’s first night, and last year they held concerts in Texas and L.A. What’s more, they also participated in Otakon and KCON in 2012. This means that with every American show held, they’ve had new material to show fans, and this time is not an exception.

The boys recently made their comeback with Error from their mini album by the same name. In addition to all the favorite singles, VIXX will perform their newest work for American fans –so why miss that chance?

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2. Their Dark Concept

Let’s be real. Voodoo, Hyde, On and On and pretty much all of VIXX’s music videos are weird and dark –but that’s what makes them so good! Their concept, if you can call it such, is that they’re robots in a dystopian world. VIXX definitely stands out from the rest of the guy groups because they don’t do what everyone else does; they’re unique.

vixx chicago new york city

via Kpopbreak

3. Powerful Performances

“Powerful” is probably the most used adjective to describe guy groups’ performances. But when you take that and add VIXX’s dark, robot concepts, it takes it to another level. Moreover, there’s also an element of theatricality that also enhance the overall picture. On stage or music videos, the boys always convey passion through their choreographies and facial expressions that tap into fans’ emotions, and that’s what makes their performances “powerful” and successful.

4. Cater to Fans

While meet and greets would be awesome, they can be awkward given the language and cultural barriers between the K-Pop artists and the fans. However, the alternative to that are the high touch events. These consists on having a given group stand and having a line of fans stroll past them to give them a high five, and VIXX is holding this event at their shows. What’s more, due to its popularity, the organizers just released more spots! You can find the information here.

With this and the fact that VIXX has performed in the U.S. at least once per year since debut, we can say that the guys acknowledge and have an interest in catering to American fans. A group that consistently comes to the U.S. with every release to make up for the fact that they can’t meet their fans here like they do in Korea is unprecedented in the industry and is bound to deliver a great show.

vixx new york city chicago

by hyukson via rebloggy

Moreover, the KultScene team saw lots of fan service by VIXX at KCON 2014 and have the pictures and video to show it!

5. They’re Personally Inviting You

In order to announce their Chicago and NYC shows, VIXX recorded videos for each date inviting fans. And even though the videos are not subbed (sigh), we understand the point and the sentiment behind them. VIXX is known for being caring with starlights, and even just by looking at their eyes, you can tell that they look forward to seeing those shows packed.

Here are the Chicago and New York City videos:


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Don’t miss out on an awesome and high energy show with VIXX. The boys will be in Chicago at the Star Plaza Theater on November 22nd and you can purchase tickets here. For their NYC, their show will be at Terminal 5 on November 23rd, tickets over here. For more information, be sure to check Limelight Entertainment regularly.

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K-Pop Release Cheat Sheet 08/03/14-08/09/13

In case you may have missed some of the latest released songs and music videos, KPOPme has you covered. Here’s a look at all of the K-Pop releases from the first week of August.

This week has given us songs by artists including SPICA, VIXX, Lyn, Brown Eyed Girls, seen debuts by Rok Kiss and Songhaye, as well as some performance MVs, including a re-release of INFINITE’s Back.

[Music Video]

LYn, LEO of VIXX Blossom Tears

San E Body Language feat. Bumkey

VIXX Ken My Girl

Ladies’ Code Kiss Kiss

Park Bo Ram Beautiful feat Block B’s Zico

THORNAPPLE 시퍼런 봄 Live Version


Songhaye My First

Jo Sung Mo 사랑합니다 끝없는사랑

Su Youn Tell Me Why

G.NA, The One, A.KOR’s JiYoung, Kim Woo Joo, Lee Ye Joon Miracle


INFINITE Back Performance Ver.

Buzz The First Summer in 8 Years

HEYNE Red Lie Dance Ver.


Brown Eyed Girls Hush

Crush Night I Can’t Fall Asleep feat. Punch

A.T Good MorningRoommate OST

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