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What’s Up With Rome & C-Clown?

c clown c-clown crown the clown romeEarlier this week fans of C-Clown‘s leader, Rome, were shocked when he tweeted a message to fans and drastically altered his Instagram account. Nothing has been officially released from Rome, C-Clown, or Yedang Entertainment, but his recent social media behavior left us to speculate about a few things.

Rome is the charismatic, Korean-Australian leader of C-Clown. He is known as one of the rappers of the group and is notorious for his superb dancing and b-boy skills. In fact, followers of Rome’s Instagram account will remember seeing video clips of his freestyle dancing and killer b-boy moves. There were days where Rome would post several video clips of himself and his members on Instagram, updating the fans on his and C-Clown’s whereabouts; he even made a public Facebook page in which he used as a universal platform to socialize with the Crowns (C-Clown’s fanclub) and SALTs, (Rome’s personal fanclub’s name from his b boy days back in Australia).

C-Clown last released a single in the summer of 2014. Let’s Love showed off more of the boys’ singing, rapping, and dancing talents. It was a good step in the right direction for more commercial success for C-Clown, and it allowed them to take another step towards stardom. But there was no follow-up, unfortunately. Since July, there hasn’t been any big events involving C-Clown. Even Rome, who was usually quite active on Instagram, was quiet and not sharing as much with his fans (SALTS).

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The hiatus definitely left room for speculation, seeing how it was a bit odd for someone who was as active as Rome on social media to die off and leave the fans hanging. He stopped filming and posting his CTC (Crown The Clown) series on C-Clown’s official YouTube Channel, although he had stated that he was going to air a new season, and when he would post on social media, the messages were vague.

C-Clown shares a brotherly bond; a majority of the time, if Rome isn’t featuring one of his members in his videos or photos, then one of the members would be sharing photos that they took with their leader on their social media platforms. But with the passing months, that no longer seems to occur.

It wasn’t until April 21 (KST) that Rome reappeared on Instagram, but with a different name, Christian Yu. Not only was his name different, but all of his previous posts were deleted. As of today, there still are no posts. Moreover, his Twitter handle was changed to @neva4get_urself with Christian Yu as his name. With the changes on Twitter and Instagram, it came as no surprise that Rome then tweeted the following:

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Did something happen to their bond? Did Yedang abandon C-Clown? Clearly something happened that may have resulted in the leaving of Rome from C-Clown or the disbandment of the group as a whole. Even if C-Clown is not in his future anymore, Rome, or Christian, has his start up production company, DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), which includes artists such as V. Hawk, Taehyun, and Roscoe, who all three used to be apart of now disbanded boy group Wonder Boyz and Dabs also known as LIVE.

Hopefully everything will work out for everyone in the end, whether Rome continues with C-Clown or decides to go a different route and focus on DPR. Either way we wish nothing but the best for both Rome, Ray, Siwoo, Kangjun, T.K, and Maru.

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