Female K-Pop Artist Who're Non-Conventional Pretty

4 Female K-Pop Idols With Unique Beauty

There’s one image that comes to mind when we think about female K-Pop idols: super skinny and very feminine. And while we may like and respect the predominant image in the genre, there are also other women who stand out for their unique beauty and are equally loved and accepted by the public.

Of course, not all artists want to be role models for fans, but being an idol comes with responsibilities, given that they have influence over large groups of impressionable kids. Here’s a list of four women who set good examples in terms of embracing their unique and natural beauty:


f(x)'s Amber tomboy

In an industry plagued by the über feminine and lady-like image, f(x)’s rapper stands out for being a tomboy and one of the very few you’ll ever see in the field. You will always find Amber wearing shorts or pants with loose shirts and short hair, even when the rest of the group members wear short skirts and heels.

Amber not only stands out within f(x), but in all of K-Pop.

Coming from the same company that produced Girls’ Generation, I find it fascinating how SM Entertainment decided to show the llama’s personal style and personality as is, rather than overwrite it completely and sell us something generic. Amber goes against the conventional K-Pop female idol image, “what works,” and guess what? She’s one of the most popular members among international fans! She’s the perfect example that there’s a market for every style and that individuality also works.


Wassup's Nada Curvy

This rookie group’s company also decided to go against the current and debut a group who dances, sings, and looks different than most. But the one who stands out the most is Nada, Wassup’s rapper. This girl was blessed with an S line even Western artists can envy. Moreover, she flaunts what her momma gave her with flattering, form-fitting ensembles that are also very badass.

And this might not be twerking per se, but she does make movements with her booty no other female group attempts yet.

Let them haters hate and eat their hearts out.

Sadly, WASSUP deals with the scrutiny of a culture that doesn’t fully embrace sexy images and is often slut-shamed. But just as one equally criticized and fierce diva once said,

Can’t nobody stop the fire. Let them haters sit n’ stare.

So grab your popcorn and pick a comfy seat because it doesn’t seem like the group’s stopping anytime soon. Curvy Korean girls can now be represented in the K-Pop sphere without having to turn to Western artists who might resemble them better.


ga in smokey eye

Ga In has lots of things going for her, including a great body and being very sexy. In a country where getting double eye-lid surgery is equivalent to getting a new iPad in the West for good grades, Ga In embraced her small eyes by opting out of the procedure and showing off her iconic smokey eyed makeup.

Her eyes are adorable and convey as much emotion of those with double eye-lids.

While this woman is not shy in flaunting her sexiness, she joins Soo Hyun in promoting self-image acceptance, which is crucial for young fans who look up to them.


Lee Soo Hyun Looks

I fully understand that the K-Pop Star winner is only 15-years-young and she still has a lot of growing up (mentally and physically) to do, but it seems like she and her brother have a good idea or the route they want to embark within the music industry.

Akdong Musician revealed on an interview the plastic surgery clause in their contract with YG Entertainment. Chan Hyuk, Soo Hyun’s brother, commented that they amended their contract to include that they would not undergo any plastic surgery. And while there really isn’t anything wrong with K-Pop idols with plastic surgery, it’s really refreshing to see artists with enough self-esteem to accept how they look naturally. Soo Hyun’s super cute as is right now and she still has to finish puberty, but the fact that she’s taking precautions with the possibility of her agency making her alter her looks is commendable.

Precious and perfect just the way she is.

The siblings’ success goes beyond their looks, for they have just formally debuted and have slayed all of K-Pop with their hits “200%” and “Play.” Soo Hyun is the best example of how talent triumphs looks any day.

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  • dajfredesco

    Good article

  • RudiF14

    I agree with this list, especially GaIn! Her beauty and sex-appeal is off-the-roof! She really has that “je ne sais quoi” quality to her.

  • nico

    Koreans do NOT give their kids double eyelid surgery as a gift for good grades or anything as a common practice. At all. Please trust me. You obviously have very superficial knowledge of this culture and are relying heavily on exaggerated stereotypes. Frankly, you should be embarassed. You are perpetuating untrue and harmful information of these people.Try to also understand that actual Koreans stumble across shit like this and are offended and dismayed.
    I’m sorry, why is it that people are so intensely negative and critical of Korea and can diss the country with such ease? I dont see this with any other culture. Apparently we are freakish plastic surgery wielding, robotic, conformist , sick,sexist, racist, backwards, unhealthy and disgusting excuse for a nation and everyone should feel entitled to criticizing us and acting like we are uniquely horrid. Right.

    • Numi

      As we all understand where you are coming from, your comment takes a hostile approach at correcting the author. You could have simply stated her mistake and explained why you are a reliable source.(Are you a reliable source?) Plus, most people can assume her exaggeration.

      She wasn’t being extensively negative or critical of Korea. She wasn’t dissing the country. She never said that there was anything wrong with surgery(clearly stated in the section with Soo Hyun). A lot of those sad stereotypes(some of which I have never heard) weren’t even addressed anywhere in the author’s article. I am unsure of your goals that you are trying to reach, but you should spread your negativity else where.

      Stereotypes are never a good thing, but every country has them. I had a Korean friend(exchange student) who thought most American people were fat, blonde haired and blue eyed, and he didn’t understand much about the different races that existed. He didn’t know about black people and their skin. He didn’t understand that not everyone had straight hair. He though American people hated Koreans. I am pretty sure there are many more stereotypes that he has had, but you get the concept. So you should be more open-minded. Please stop getting offended so easily and ranting about topics that don’t relate. Just enjoy the article, or press the red “x” in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

  • nico

    It also disturbs me that the reasons stated for these artists being “good” is because they are essentially not typical of Korea. Like anything deviating from godawful Korea is great .

    • Numi

      She never said this is what made them good as an artist…. The title of the article is unique beauty. She is just mentioning what sets them apart from the typical and conventional standards of beauty in Korea. Please don’t be offended.