Which Generation of K-Pop Do You Belong In? [QUIZ]

Which Generation of K-Pop Do You Belong In Quiz Feat.

We are only a month into 2016, yet so far a lot has already happened: Legendary boy group H.O.T is reportedly preparing for their 20th anniversary reunion concert, SS501 sub-unit SS301 is making a comeback for the first time in seven years with their album “ETERNAL5,” and Teen Top recently returned with their seventh mini album “Red Point.” But never mind how busy 2016 is going to be; let’s focus on the extensiveness that is H.O.T, SS501, and Teen Top mentioned all in one sentence. It’s easy to forget sometimes that K-pop is in its third generation. Within twenty years, the Korean wave has crashed down on many countries worldwide, bringing us its beautiful culture and music that is constantly in flux.

Whether you just joined the K-pop fandom yesterday or been around since its early inception, be sure to celebrate its evolution by taking our latest quiz to figure out which era of K-pop best suits you!

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