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K-Pop Quick News 08/28/14-09/02/14

This rendition of K-Pop Quick News is a bit extent, for a lot of important things happened in the last six days in the industry. From scandals, to tragic accidents, to concerts abroad, KPOPme has you covered with this list compiling and summarizing the latest happenings in K-Pop.

August 28th

YG Family Heading to Beijing in October
YG Family concert will be held in Beijing on October 19th. [Allkpop]

Kim Hyun Joon Might Enlist Next Year if Delay Request is Approved

Key East Entertainment confirmed Kim Hyun Joong plans to enlist into mandatory military service next year after requesting a postponement on his enlistment date. They also stated that this came before the assault case came into light. If the delay is accepted, his October 7th enlistment date will be pushed to next year. [Soompi]

August 29th

MBLAQ Possibly Gearing Up for a Comeback
J.Tune Camp tweeted a picture with the message, I’m not a monster. Coming soon 2014.9., making fans think the agency is teasing an MBLAQ comeback. [Allkpop]

mblaq 2014 comeback

2PM’s Nichkun Will Play a Lawyer in Chinese Drama
2PM’s Nichkun is filming the Chinese drama Looking for Aurora, and his still cuts are out. The idols plays the character Wang Yi Lin, a promising lawyer who has a warm personality. The drama is about the love of a couple and family who try to find the meaning of life. [Allkpop]

August 30th

[No interesting news this day, boo!]

August 31st

SPICA Will Debut Subunit ‘SPICA.S’
SPICA will debut SPICA.S, a subunit conformed of all members except Boa on September 12th. [DaebakKpop]

spica.s debut

Shin Sung Woo Will Leave ‘Roommate’
Following Bom, Lee Sora, and Ga Yeon, the next cast member to leave Rommate is “Mama Shin,” Shin Sung Woo. In broken English and then in Korean, the singer revealed through his Twitter the reason behind his departure, being that he feels it’s his time to go since lots of cast members have left and he feels it would be difficult to become close with the new additions. [Kpopstarz]

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Rumored to be Dating Rookie Singer Ami
According to TVReport, industry insiders revealed that Son Ho Young and Ami started dating four month ago. Both singers used to be under the same label (Ami left). He is nine years her senior. Son Ho Young’s denied the reports saying their relationship is hoobae-sunbae. [Soompi]

September 1st

Lee Byung Hun Reports 2 Women Blackmailing Him, Police Investigation Ensues
Actor Lee Byung Hun reported two women in their 20s to the Gangnam Station police for blackmailing him for 5 billion won ($5 million). According to the police, the women filmed a cellphone video which features the actor with them drinking and telling obscene stories. The women have owned up to the crime and have been arrested, with one of the culprits being an idol. [Allkpop]

TVXQ Will Hold a 5 Dome Tour in Japan to Celebrate 10th Japanese Debut Anniversary
In order to celebrate 10 years since their Japanese debut, TVXQ will hold a five dome tour in Japan, starting in Fukuoka on February 7th, and then moving onto Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka. They will have a total of 12 performances there. [Soompi]

BESTie Reveals to Have Been In Car Accident
After pre-recording Inkigayo, girl group BESTie suffered a minor car accident on August 31st. While the car was significantly damaged, the members weren’t badly hurt. Luckily, they were rushed to the hospital following the crash. No doubt their Label will find the best car accident lawyers to get compensation for the damage done to the members and their car. Not many details regarding the incident have come to light. In the meantime, BESTie’s fans are wishing them a good recovery. [DaebakKpop]

September 2nd

Ladies’ Code’s EunB Passes Away in Car Accident, 2 Members in Critical Condition
YTN News revealed Ladies’ Code member EunB passed away while Sojung and RiSe are in critical condition after their van slipped driving down a rainy road. At around 1:20 a.m. in South Korea, the can ran into a protective wall on the Yeongdong Expressway in the direction of Incheon. Six passengers were injured and were rushed to the hospital. The remaining two members and two stylists sustained minor injuries. Police are currently investigating for more details. [Allkpop]

eunb ladies code death

GLAM’s Dahee Acknowledges Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun & Apologizes
Big Hit Entertainment released a new statement about GLAM’s Dahee involvement in blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun owning up to the crime, saying the idol apologized for her actions and that they would be observing the results from the issued arrest warrant against her. [Allkpop]

Kim Hyun Joong Makes First Media Appearance Since Assault Case Scandal Broke
Kim Hyun Joong made his first appearance before the media following the news of his assault case while heading to the police station for investigation. The idol silently walked through the crowd and made no comment when asked about the charges and case by reporters. His lawyer and manager refused to comment too. [Allkpop]

MBC Reveals Pictures of Ladies’ Code Car Accident
MBC released further details on Ladies’ Code fatal car crash and pictures from the accident. [Koreaboo]

GLAM’s Dahee Named as 1 of Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers, Arrest Warrant Issued
After news broke about actor Lee Byung Hun reporting two women to the Gangnam Station police for blackmailing him, one of the names of the blackmailers was revealed being Dahee from GLAM. The idol and the other women, a model friend, were summoned for investigation. [Allkpop]

glam's dahee blackmail

Kim Hyun Joong Admits to 1 Count of Physical Abuse, Denies it Being Habitual
Kim Hyun Joong admitted to one out of the four assault charges against him by his ex-girlfriend. He recognized that they had a fight while breaking up that turned physical, but denied the violence being habitual and said he wasn’t aware of the fractured rib. [Koreaboo]

Ladies’ Code Agency Reveals Sojung & RiSe are in Surgery
Polaris Entertainment spoke to TV Report about Ladies’ Code car accident, and confirmed EunB’s death along with the news that members Sojung and RiSe are in critical condition undergoing surgery. [Allkpop]

2PM Announces World Tour
Following the news of their upcoming comeback and teaser pictures, 2PM revealed details of their upcoming world tour which will start in Seoul and include stops in China, Thailand, Indonesia, the U.S., and more. [Allkpop]

2pm world tour 2014

YG Announces New Boy Group, 3 Team B Members Included
YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk announced he will debut a new boy group called iKon that will include Team B’s B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan. The rest of the members will be selected on another competition show, Mix & Match, where six more will battle it out to form part of the group. Only four will make it onto iKon with the other selected members. The pool of possible members include three new trainees as well as Team B’s Song Yoon Hyung, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Goo Joon Hee. Mix & Match starts on September 11th. [Soompi]

SPICA.S Teams Up with Brave Brothers for Debut
SPICA’s subunit SPICA.S teamed up with Brave Brothers for their upcoming debut with Don’t Want to Give You Up. The music video drops on September 5th. [Allkpop]

YG Entertainment Launches New Youtube Channel
YG Entertainment launched YG Music, their new Youtube channel. The new channel includes previews of songs by the company’s acts, such as Taeyang and WINNER. [Koreaboo]

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