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INX’s ‘Alright’ music video & song review

NA Entertainment’s five member rookie boyband, INX, debuted on August 1st with “Alright.” Sang Ho, Jun Yong, Bon Kuk, Ji Nam, and Win garnered a lot of attention prior to their official debut via promotional appearances in China, as well as showcasing their slick choreography in a dance cover of BTS’ “Fire,” which was uploaded […]

HISTORY Talks Teamwork & Upcoming Releases [INTERVIEW]

K-pop boy band HISTORY wowed British fans at their concert in London on February 21. But even before the show began, KultScene caught up with the Loen Entertainment quintet. Despite their tight schedule the members sat down with us and, with the help of an interpreter, opened up about their career, upcoming releases, and their […]

Fans Go ‘Psycho’ At HISTORY’s London Concert

We all know how passionate K-pop aficionados can get about their stars, but when Korean boyband HISTORY came to London on Sunday, February 21 the enthusiasm of the fans bordered on hysteria. By 11 that morning, a humored crowd had assembled outside the O2 Academy Islington and were singing the band’s hits, as well as […]

Get Excited For History’s Live Tour In Europe

Following a slew of K-Pop groups that embarked on European tours in 2015 comes Loen Entertainment’s five member boy band, History. Comprised of Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyung, Jaeho and Yi Jeong, History debuted in April 2013 with the critically acclaimed “Dreamer.” A supremely talented quintet, History’s unconventional sound and bold concepts make them stand out in the […]

5 Underrated K-Pop Rookie Songs

K-pop companies introduce rookie groups at such a ferocious rate each year that numerous idols are vying for the spotlight at any one time, with the ultimate ambition of becoming A-listers. This heated competition means that talented performers can sometimes slip under the radar, so without further ado here are my personal choices for the […]

Dynamic Duo’s ‘Jam’ Music Video & Song Review


Rating It’s been just over two years since Dynamic Duo‘s last solo offering and they are back with a brand new song and music video, entitled “Jam,” released on November 16th. Amoeba Culture’s Gaeko and Choiza, two of the coolest rappers on the Korean hip-hop scene, have dispensed completely with their sharply dressed and mean and […]

Artist Spotlight: Boys Republic

In an oversaturated market of male K-Pop idols, many aspiring boy bands face intense competition every year to make an impact. One such group currently vying for success is Happy Tribe Entertainment and Universal Music Korea’s five member boy band, Boys Republic. The group comprises leader and eldest member Won Jun, main vocalist Sun Woo, […]

Topp Dogg’s ‘The Beat’ Album Review

Following the recent shock departure of Gohn and Kidoh, Hunus Entertainment’s ten member rap group Topp Dogg staged a comeback on October 19 with their fourth mini album, The Beat. It is the group’s first release in a year and shows a marked maturity, not only in terms of vocal accomplishment, but also the choice […]

Pungdeng-E’s ‘Ppi Ppi Ppa Ppa’ Music Video & Song Review + Autographed Album Giveaway

Perfectly timed to coincide with their appearance at the 42nd Los Angeles Korean Festival, Doma Entertainment’s Pungdeng-E released “Ppi Ppi Ppa Ppa” on October 1. This comedic, three-piece girl group, whose name translates in English to “beetle,” debuted in December 2013 with the unique concept of performing in different Korean regional dialects. Pungdeng-E’s over-the-top musical […]